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Defaulters list - part 2 - begining on the 1st october 2012 and ending on 31st december 2012

LIST COMPILED PURSUANT TO SECTION 1086 OF THE TAXES CONSOLIDATION ACT, 1997, IN RESPECT OF THE PERIOD BEGINNING ON 1 October 2012 AND ENDING ON 31 December 2012, OF EVERY PERSON – in whose case the Revenue Commissioners accepted a settlement of the kind mentioned in Section 1086. The list also includes cases in which a Penalty Determination was made by the Courts in respect of the same period.

Smf-131 traditions checklist from the a.a. grapevine

Service Material from the General Service Office TRADITIONS CHECKLIST from the A.A. Grapevine These questions were originally published in the AA Grapevine in conjunction with a series on the Twelve Traditions that began in November 1969 and ran through September 1971. While they were originally intended primarily for individual use, many AA groups have since used them as a basis for w

Pedigrees of australian cultivars

Pedigrees of Australian Cultivars 1978 Wesreo 1979 Wesway 1980 Marnoo AgVic 1980 Wesbell AgWA 1980 Wesroona AgWA 1984 Wesbrook AgWA Sv62.371/Zephyr//Norin20/3/Erglu/4/BJ168/Cresus-o-Precose 1986 Tatyoon AgVic 1987 Wesbarker AgWA Sv62.371/Zephyr//Norin20/3/Erglu/4/BJ168/Cresus-o-Precose 1988 Maluka NSWA Haya//Zephyr/Bronowski/3/Chisaya//Ze


Parasitol Res (2012) 110:335–339DOI 10.1007/s00436-011-2495-0Observations on effects of a neem seed extract (MiteStop®)on biting lice (mallophages) and bloodsucking insectsparasitizing horsesSaleh Al-Quraishy & Fathy Abdel-Ghaffar &Khaled A. S. Al-Rasheid & Julia Mehlhorn &Heinz MehlhornReceived: 26 May 2011 / Accepted: 10 June 2011 / Published online: 22 June 2011Abstract T


Annales Médico Psychologiques 162 (2004) 411–417 DOSSIER : LE TROUBLE OBSESSIONNEL COMPULSIF Approches thérapeutiques dans le trouble obsessionnel compulsif a Service hospitalo-universitaire de psychiatrie adulte, université de Rennes-I, Franceb Centre hospitalier Guillaume-Régnier, 108, avenue du Général-Leclerc, BP 226, 35011 Rennes cedex, France L’estimation de la prévalence

Pdl_2010_rev 20100101.xlsx

2010 Preferred Drug List (Standard Formulary) DEPRESSION INFECTION (cont.) OPHTHALMICS (cont.) RESPIRATORY (cont.) WOMEN'S HEALTH amphetamine salts / ER SSRI's Antimicrobials (cont.) Beta-2 Agonists Osteoporosis/HRT methylphenidate / ER citalopram cefadroxil metipranolol alendronate fluoxetine cephalexin ofloxacin

How much fluid should i drink during a marathon

IMMDA’s HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS FOR RUNNERS & WALKERS Writing committee: Lewis G. Maharam, MD.FACSM (chair), , Arthur Siegel MD, Stephen Siegel, MD, Bruce Adams, MD, Pedro Pujol, MD, FACSM and Paulo Alfonso Lourega de Menezes, MD Approved by IMMDA Body, March 20, 2010 Barcelona Spain As Medical Directors (IMMDA: International Marathon Medical Director’s As

Government of pakistan

NOTIFICATION S.R.O.574(I)/2012. - In exercise of the powers conferred by section 19 of the Customs Act, 1969 (IV of 1969), the Federal Government is pleased to direct that the following further amendments shall be made in its Notification No. S.R.O. 567(I)/2006, the brackets and letters “PACCS” shall be omitted; and in clause (a), for the expression “Ministry of Health”, the expres


Developing World Bioethics ISSN 1471-8731 (print); 1471-8847 (online) Volume 4 Number 1 2004 PATENTS AND ACCESS TO DRUGS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: AN ETHICAL ANALYSIS More than a third of the world’s population has no access to essentialdrugs. More than half of this group of people live in the poorest regionsof Africa and Asia. Several factors determine the accessibility of drugs indeveloping

006 allergisch voor corticosteroiden

Allergisch voor Corticosteroïden U bent allergisch voor corticosteroïden: Wat nu? Uw dermatoloog heeft aangetoond dat u allergisch bent voor (één of meer) corticosteroïden. Wanneer u hiermee in aanraking komt, kan dat aanleiding geven tot het ontstaan of verergeren van eczeem of andere allergische verschijnselen. Het is dus van groot belang dat u probeert om contact met dez

Lynn williams

LYNN WILLIAMS 2800 Hill Street New Smyrna Beach, Fl 32169 (321) 228-7541 EMAIL : [email protected] Millenia Psychiatry & Research F/K/A Ali A. Kashfi, MD, PA Orlando, Fl. 32829 October 2013 – Present (Clinical Research Director) Ali A. Kashfi, MD, PA Orlando, Fl. 32829 June 2011 – October 2013 (Clinical Research Director) Ali A. Kashfi, MD, PA Rating Scales: I hav


Die Behandlung der Tuberkulose T U B E R K U L O S E Kranke mit offener Tuberkulose werden auf geschlossenen Spitalab- Das Wesen dieser Krankheit teilungen von Pflegepersonen mit Mundschutz und Handschuhen be-handelt bis sie keine Bakterien mehr streuen. Danach werden sie am-Der Erreger dieser Erkrankung ist ein Bakterium, das Mycobacterium bulant weiter therapiert wie die Erkrankte


PROPOLIS AN OVERVIEW Prof. of Microbiology and Immunology, National Research Center Email: [email protected] // [email protected] Propolis, or "bee glue," is a well-known substance that beekeepers find in their hives. Propolis according to research has shown to be effective against a variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds. It has been shown to be a non-specific immu


Jesse Hutt, Amy Hewitt, Katherine (Jeffrey), Danielle Sullivan (fresh), Flow Wolf (fresh), Cate Smock, Jessi Kileene (frosh), Diane Gray (10th), Cari Harrison, Kristina Monroe,Meghan McGrath, Tiare Flora, Carin Garcia, Kate McGrath, Jane Katz, Lynn Arava, School Counselor – Report on Mental Health Survey Jake noted that we are in 5th year at AHS, and this is first year we have had a c

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DEPUTY SHERIFF - INSTITUTIONS Classification #: 181 FLSA: Non-Exempt GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Under general supervision, maintains close security watch and supervises inmates at county jail. Performs other duties as required. SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under supervision of higher-level officer who assigns work detail and reviews work for conformance to


Tests of the Fama and French Model in India* *We would like to thank Laura Stafford for research assistance. Tests of the Fama and French Model in India Abstract This study empirically examines the Fama-French three- factor model of stock returns for India. We find evidence for pervasive market, size, and book-to-market factors in Indian stock returns. We find that cross-sectional mean ret


Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed 420 TPA Bulk Drugs & Intermediates Manufacturing with R&D facility at APIIC Industrial Park, Annarugudem Village, Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh Executive Summary Sponsor : M/s. Varun Laboratories Private Limited, Hyderabad EIA Consultant: KKB Envirocare Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Tarun Plaza,

History new general patient (42

©2003. Sparrow Systems, Inc. Patent Pending. General Patient History Location of Worst Problem (if you are seeing us for more than 1 problem)Please describe your current problem? (If you are seeing the doctor for multiple problems, answer for the most severe)New Injury or problem (less than 3 months duration)Subacute problem (began slowly with no identifiable cause and progressively worsene


Appeal from the United States District CourtBefore BARKETT, ANDERSON and COX, Circuit Judges. Plaintiff Laurie A. Stupak appeals the district court’s grant of summaryjudgment to Defendants-Appellees Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. and RocheLaboratories, Inc. (hereinafter collectively “Roche”). Stupak brought a wrongfuldeath claim against Roche in the state of Wisconsin for the suicide death of h

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Notícias da AENDA Fevereiro 2013 MINISTÉRIO DA AGRICULTURA 01. ATOS SOBRE REGISTROS DE DEFENSIVOS AGRÍCOLAS Em fevereiro a CGAA publicou no Diário Oficial da União: -- em 07fev = o Ato 05 (04fev) referente a alterações diversas (10 itens) -- em 13fev = o Ato 04 (29jan) referente a pedidos de RET (14 itens) -- em 25fev = o Ato 06 (08fev) referente a pedidos de RET (1

La spiritualita di allegra

La spiritualità di fra’ Gabriele Allegra le sue Memorie alla luce degli Scritti di san Francesco A cento anni dalla nascita di fra’ Gabriele Allegra, aprendo appunto le celebrazione dell’anno centenario, ci soffermeremo a considerare un po’ lo scritto più biografico del nostro Venerabile: le cosiddette Memorie . L’opera – la cui nuova edizione abbiamo avuto l’onore ancorch


Prescription Drug Formulary VISTA’s Drug Formulary Brand vs. Generic These eight pages are a complete, alphabetical list Please note that once a formulary brand name patentof our Drug Formulary. In medical terminology, a preferredexpires, the generic will automatically become formularydrug list is called a Formulary. It contains both generic andonce it is available. If you contin


TOP OF THE SHELF | COMMITTEE PICKS The man who loved China / Simon Winchester The clothes on their backs / Linda Grant Battle cry of freedom / James M. McPherson The five people you meet in heaven / Mitch Albom Ugenia Lavender: she’s total y ingenious! / Geri Hal iwell My extremely good story col ection / Lauren Child Dr. Seuss’ tales to treasure / Dr. Seuss Tales of a Fourth Grade

american association for laboratory accreditation

SCOPE OF ACCREDITATION TO ISO/IEC 17025:2005 In recognition of the successful completion of the A2LA evaluation process, accreditation is granted to this laboratory to perform the following Electromagnetic Compatibility, SAR, HAC, Telecommunications, OTA, Battery, and Wireless testing of LTE, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA and AMPS wireless devices. Test Technology Test Method(s) Wireless

Erfahrungsbericht haubmann 04.doc

In diesem Bericht möchte ich hauptsächlich auf den Aufenthalt im Krankenhaus eingehen, weil ich denke das dies für viele auch eine Entscheidungshilfe für die Therapieform sein kann. Der Weg von den ersten Anzeichen bis zur entgültigen Diagnose SAA (Schwere Aplastische Anämie) dauerte ca. 2 Jahre. Mitte 2000 wurden bei einer Routineuntersuchung schlechte Thrombozytenwerte und nur leicht verm

Microsoft word - final paper 26 september 2012

Date: 26/9/2012 Imtiaz Cajee - Biography: I was born in August 1966 at my maternal grand-parents’ residence. As per Indian tradition, a first time mother is expected to return to her parents’ home for maternity, thus I was born in Roodepoort on the West Rand. However, forty days after my birth my mother returned to her matrimonial home in Standerton, the Eastern Transvaal (now Mpumalan

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Criminalidade informática Introdução Área incontornável numa discussão alargada sobre a Justiça em Portugal, é, sem dúvida a Criminalidade Informática, merecendo uma análise das nossas leis e da forma como são aplicadas. Este pretende ser, apenas, mais um contributo nesse sentido. Temos, desde 1991 uma lei “específica” - a Lei da Criminalidade Informática (109/91,

Free cardiac health monitoring in clinical trial for qualifying dogs with advanced (but stable) chronic degenerative valve dis

Free Cardiac Health Monitoring in Clinical Trial for Qualifying Dogs With Advanced (but Stable) Chronic Degenerative Valve Disease Study Name: Clinical evaluation of dogs treated with stable, chronic, degenerative heart valve disease (endocardiosis) Study population: Older dogs with loud heart murmur and substantial heart enlargement, but never had heart failure Disease or Con


The "Arterium" Corporation 01032, Kiev, Saksaganskogo Street, 139 Tel: (+380 44) 490 75 22 Fax: (+380 44) 490 75 17 Chief Executive Officer: Dennis Gartsylov The "Arterium" Corporation - one of the leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies, which operates in the industry that cares about the most important values - health and preservation of human life. Established in


KYRIE DIES IRAE La trompette, anormalement jette ses sons, conviant tous les hommes devant le trône. La Mort sera stupéfaite, comme la Nature, pour être jugée d'après ses réponses. qui sauvait, ceux à sauver, par votre grâce, Mes prières ne sont pas dignes (d'être exaucées,) mais vous, si bon, faites par votre bonté DIES IRAE (poème) Dies Irae est un célèbre p

Latvijas bibliotēkas attīstībā/latvia libraries in progress

7th Congress of Baltic Librarians DIVERSITY IN UNITY: BALTIC LIBRARIES IN THE EUROPEAN UNION ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jonna Holmgaard Larsen Chief Consultant, Danish National Library Authority / Editor, Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly NORDIC STRATEGIES FOR LIBRARY DEVELOPMENT Abstract This paper is a


Content-Based Search and Annotations in Multimedia Digital Libraries Laboratory of Interactive and Cooperative Abstract producing “knowledge centers” in which authoring, reading and viewing multimedia documents occur seamlessly along This paper describes a solution for the organization and with activities such as searching, annotating and linking for management of multimedia col


SAFETY DATA SHEET 1: IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE / PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY / UNDERTAKING Product Name: NITOMORTAR PE CATALYSED FILLER Filler component of two part polyester resin jointing and repair compound. Fosroc Limited Coleshill Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire. B78 3TL 2: COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS silica sands, inert fillers, benzoyl peroxide. All co

Etiology and management of chylothorax following pediatric heart surgery

Etiology and Management of Chylothorax Following Pediatric Heart Surgery Michael Milonakis, M.D., Andrew C. Chatzis, M.D., Nikolaos M. Giannopoulos, M.D., Constantinos Contrafouris, M.D., Dimitrios Bobos, M.D., George V. Kirvassilis, M.D., and George E. Sarris, M.D. Department of Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Surgery, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center,Athens, Greece ABSTRACT Background: Chyl

Microsoft word - octoba hoja-tovuti

MAJIBU YA HOJA ZA WADAU MBALIMBALI KWA MWEZI SEPTEMBA NA OCTOBA, 2013. Sekretarieti ya Ajira katika Utumishi wa Umma, inapenda kuwashukuru wadau wote waliotuandikia maoni pamoja na kuuliza maswali mbalimbali kwa njia ya simu, barua pepe na fecebook page kwa kipindi chote cha mwezi Septemba na Octoba, 2013. Pia tunapenda kuwajulisha wale wote waliotuandikia maoni na maswali wafungue baruape

Microsoft word - notice priligy.doc

NOTICE: INFORMATION DE L'UTILISATEUR comprimés pelliculés de 30 mg et 60 mg Lire l'intégralité de cette notice avant de prendre ce médicament. Gardez cette notice. Vous pouvez avoir besoin de la relire. Si vous avez d'autres questions, demandez à votre médecin ou votre pharmacien. Ce médicament a été prescrit pour vous. Ne le donnez jamais à quelqu'un d'autre. Il peut leur

Microsoft word - orientation health matters 2013_07_30

HEALTH MATTERS (and some other matters) Basic Immunizations & Malaria Prophylaxis You basically need to be up-to-date on your 'shots'. This would mean all the usual childhood vaccinations. In particular:  Tetanus: Have you had a tetanus booster shot within the past 10 years? Beyond that, there are others to consider, but probably not mandatory for a short-term mission ~  He


Orion Optics Unit 21-22 Third Ave, Crewe, Cheshire. 01270 500089 Price list from Feb 2005 OMC140 Tube Assembly with dovetail plate. 6x30 finder, 31.7mm star diagonal, 25mm Plossl eyepiece and Standard optics and coatings OMC140 Tube Assembly with dovetail plate. 6x30 finder, 31.7mm star diagonal, 25mm Plossl eyepiece and De-Luxe optics and Hilux coatings OMC140 Alumi

(microsoft word - la dysfonction \351rectile.doc)

Dysfonction érectile… et si on en parlait La sexualité est un élément de la vie du couple et même des relations humaines. Une sexualité satisfaisante joue un rôle tout aussi important pour le bien-être et l’équilibre que d’autres satisfactions familiales, sociales ou professionnelles. Devenu un des motifs de préoccupation et de consultation de plus en plus prépondérant tant e


Medical best practices for the treatment of torture survivors Richard F. Mollica, M.D.* Introduction cological problems. A head injury might be-Accurate identification of torture survivors, come evident during the neurological review including a history of the torture experi-and the physical sequelae of a burn injury ences and injuries, is essential for the medi-will emerge during

Oriental medicine intake form

PATIENT INFORMATION PATIENT INFORMATION INSURANCE Who is responsible for this account?___________________ Name_____________________________________ Relationship to Patient________________________ Address____________________________________ Insurance Co._______________________________ __________________________________________ Group #____________________________________ Is patien


Studies of Nipent(R) in Combination Cancer Therapies for Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Graft-versus Host Disease (GVHD) Presented at American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting DUBLIN, Calif., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SuperGen, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUPG) announced that abstracts from five studies of its anticancer drug Nipent® (pentostatin for injection) will be presented

Chemwatch australian msds 26-0813

AGRI WEST AW FEARSOME 500 FUNGICIDE Chemwatch Independent Material Safety Data Sheet Issue Date: 17-Mar-2011 CHEMWATCH 26-0813 NC317ECP Version No:2.0 CD 2011/1 Page 1 of 9 Section 1 - CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME AGRI WEST AW FEARSOME 500 FUNGICIDE PRODUCT USE Fungicide. SUPPLIER Company: Agri West Address: 42 Newmarket Street Hendra QLD, 4

Part ix · flue-cured tobacco insuring agreement

Part XIV · Ginseng Establishment Insuring Agreement A. General “shade structures” means the posts and shade material used to control garden temperature and light intensity in This Part applies to ginseng seedlings, as defined in this “shade material” means either wooden lath or Except where otherwise provided, the insurance polypropylene cloth used to shade ginseng gardens.

Workshop on analytical methods

Molecularly imprinted polymers for trace analysis Benoit Guieysse Biotechnology Dept., Lund University The analysis of trace contaminants almost always requires preliminary steps of sample concentration and purification. Concentration is often conducted by solid-phase extraction (SPE) using silica-based adsorbents, which at best select the contaminants based on their hydrophobic properties, an

Microsoft word - philippines.doc

Quelques précisions sur les Philippines - Langues : anglais, tagalog ou filipino (87 langues et dialectes). L'anglais est indispensable aux Philippines. Il s’agit de pouvoir comprendre cette langue et de communiquer avec les personnes que vous allez côtoyer. - Régime politique : démocratie parlementaire - Chef de l’Etat : Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (mai 2001) - Population : 8

Dp a4_les tortues

Synopsis: In a village in Iraqi Kurdistan, on the border between Iran and Turkey, the villagersdesperately seek for a satellite dish antenna in order to keep updated on theimpending attack of the Americans in Iraq… Coming from another village with hisyounger sister and her child, a mutilated boy has a foreboding: the war is getting Las tortugas también vuelan Sinopsis : En un pu


Original Contributions Primary Prevention of Acute CoronaryEvents With Lovastatin in Men andWomen With Average Cholesterol LevelsJohn R. Downs, MD; Michael Clearfield, DO; Stephen Weis, DO; Edwin Whitney, MD; Deborah R. Shapiro, DrPH;Polly A. Beere, MD, PhD; Alexandra Langendorfer, MS; Evan A. Stein, MD; William Kruyer, MD;Antonio M. Gotto, Jr, MD, DPhil; for the AFCAPS/TexCAPS Research Grou

Asbj comment to fasb ed fi_e_20100930 _2_.doc

Comment on the Proposed Accounting Standards Update “Accounting for Financial Instruments and Revisions to the Accounting for Derivative Instruments and Hedging Activities” We appreciate the FASB’s efforts to improve the accounting for financial instruments and welcome the opportunity to comment on the above Proposed Accounting Standards Update (hereinafter referred to as the �

The narrator (edward norton), addicted to self-help groups

Directed by David Fincher, written by Jim Uhis How can you not like a movie where half a dozen corporate skyscrapers are blown up and the explicit message the film delivers is: ―Things you own end up owning you‖? Easy, when the movie is Fight Club. Anti-consumerism may appear progressive, but what do you replace it with? Under David Fincher‘s direction, Fight Club endorses a peculiar kin

Microsoft word - 120603-mixed-pub.doc

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS, Ada Yonath A. Bashan, R. Zarivach, F. Schluenzen, I. Agmon, J. Harms, T. Auerbach, D. Baram, R. Berisio, H. Bartels, H. A.S. Hansen, P. Fucini, D. Wilson, M. Peretz, M. Kessler and A. Yonath, Ribosomal crystallography: peptide bond formation and its inhibition , Biopolymers , in the press (2003) R. Berisio, J. Harms, F. Schluenzen, R. Zarivach, H. A.S. Hansen, P. Fu

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The Role of Nutritional and Botanical Agents in the Management of Type II Diabetes Mellitus Featuring “ Diamend”—The Best Diabetes Product Diabetes is reaching an epidemic level not only in the US, but also world-wide. There are 26 million patients diagnosed diabetic in the US, and 87 million who are pre-diabetic; essentially, one out of every three people in the US are - or are

The effects of doxorubicin and pxd101 on diffuse large b-cell lymphoma cell lines db and su-dhl-4

The effects of doxorubicin and PXD101 on diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell lines DB and SUFirst of all, I would like to thank my research methods and biotechnology teacher at Tucson High Magnet School, Margaret Wilch for all of her support, mentoring, and guidance. She taught me basic laboratory techniques that were vital to my research, edited, and gave me suggestions on all of my research pap


Depletion of Mitochondrial DNA in Liver UnderAntiretroviral Therapy With Didanosine, Stavudine,Ulrich A. Walker,1 Jochen B¨auerle,1 Montse Laguno,2 Javier Murillas,2 Stefan Mauss,3 G ¨unther Schmutz,3Bernhard Setzer,1 Rosa Miquel,2 Jos´e M. Gatell,2 and Josep Mallolas2 The “D drug” HIV reverse-transcriptase inhibitors zalcitabine, didanosine, and stavudine are relatively strong inhibito


ALVERNON ALLERGY & ASTHMA, P.C.  www.alvernonallergy.com  □ 2902 E. GRANT ROAD, TUCSON, AZ 85716 • (520) 322-8361 □ HEATHER CASSELL, MD □ GEORGE MAKOL, MD □ 6261 N. LA CHOLLA, STE., 101, TUCSON, AZ 85741 • (520) 544-7580 □ DOUG MIN, MD □ KUDAGAL MURTHY, MD □ 9356 E. RITA ROAD, STE. 100, TUCSON, AZ 85747 • (520) 574-3409 □ LEONARD SCHULTZ, MD PATIENT INFO



Microsoft word - leitlinieanaphylaktischernotfall.doc

Leitlinie „Anaphylaktischer Notfall“ Definition und Basisinformation Der anaphylaktische Notfal bezeichnet eine Überempfindlichkeitsreaktion des Organismus, diebeginnend mit Juckreiz, Hitzegefühl und Bauchschmerzen stadienartig abläuft und bis hin zumanaphylaktischen Schock führen kann. Ursachen können iatrogen (spezifische Immuntherapie),aber auch natürlich zugeführte Al ergen

Microsoft word - spirometribroschyr 080407.doc

Spirometriundersökningar inom företagshälsovården vid medicinska kontroller av arbetsmiljöskäl. Förord. Innehållet i denna skrift är framtaget av docent Hans Hedenström vid avd. för klinisk fysiolo-gi, Akademiska sjukhuset, Uppsala i samarbete med docent Maria Albin, Yrkes- och miljö-medicinska kliniken, Universitetssjukhuset i Lund, överläkare Leif Aringer, Arbetsmiljöver-


Exercise and stretch regularly while seated inflight comfort SEATED EXERCISES LONG-DISTANCE FLYING can be demanding, as your body deals with different time zones and disruptions tonormal sleeping, eating and exercise patterns. Altitudemay make your body more sensitive to the effects of alco-hol and caffeine. Sitting in one place for a long time canbe uncomfortabl

Jasper art5.0 #1

Challenges in Formulating Adhesives for Transdermal Drug Delivery Wiliam G Meathrel, Adhesives Research, Inc The recognized benefits of the transdermal for solid-dose formats coming off patent protection. patch (Figure 1) as a viable means of drug Drug developers also are investigating the patch plat- delivery is driving the development of new forms form as an alternative deliv


Hola. Con este documento quiero hacer l egar mis vivencias y experiencias con esta enfermedad de relativamente reciente aparición en nuestros aviarios e intentar , si se pudiere, ayudar a los aficionados a este maravil oso mundo de la ornitología. No es mi intención profundizar en tecnicismos Biológicos, Veterinarios o Médicos, por lo que intentaré utilizar palabras simples del pu

Microsoft word - foundation publication list 2012-01-26.doc

Foundation Publication List for Waitemata DHB This foundation data set has been created in the Knowledge Base of known publications by, with, for or about Waitemata DHB. The majority date from the mid-1990s to 2011. Items will continue to be added in the Knowledge Base as they are published and submitted on-line. Further details on this system can be found at http://www.awhinahealthca

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Dr. Victoria Maxwell, DVM, MBA, Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Degenerative joint disease (DJD) = osteoarthritis Why we see DJD in young horses • Rigors of “use trauma” allow the forces of destruction to outweigh normal repair Two long bones together = diarthual joint • Range of motion anterior/posterior aka forward/backward • External support structures – skin, tendon, ligament


PERIOPERATIVE MEDICINE Copyright © 2010, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Potential Influence of the Anesthetic Technique Used during Open Radical Prostatectomy on Prostate Cancer-related Outcome Patrick Y. Wuethrich, M.D.,* Shu-Fang Hsu Schmitz, Ph.D.,† Thomas M. Kessler, M.D.,‡George N. Thalmann, M.D.,§ Urs E. Studer, M.D.,ʈ Frank S

Microsoft word - coo{2026.100}{2026.100.2.528580}_2_9774

Vorblatt Problem: 1. Einführung einer Meldepflicht von Verdachts-, Erkrankungs- und Todesfällen an transmissiblen spongiformen Enzephalopathien: Gemäß § 1 Abs. 3 Epidemiegesetz 1950, BGBl. Nr. 186, in der Fassung BGBl. I Nr. 114/2006, unterliegen Todesfälle an subakuten spongiformen Enzephalopathien der Meldepflicht. Damit ist prinzipiell die Meldepflicht für die Creutzfeldt-Jako

Diocese asthma action plan page 1 and 2 2006.doc

OFFICE OF CATHOLIC SCHOOLS DIOCESE OF ARLINGTON ASTHMA ACTION PLAN PROCEDURES ON REVERSE TO BE COMPLETED BY PARENT: Student ________________________________________ DOB _____________ School ___________________________________ Grade __________ Emergency Contact ________________________________________________ Relationship _______________________ Phone _____________

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FSA Eligible Expenses This site, and the content herein, are designed specifically for clients of ASIFlex. This information is not deemed to function as a Summary Plan Description (SPD). If there is any conflict between this information and your SPD, your SPD will override this information. and Expenses Eligible for Reimbursement under the Flexible Spending Program: For the HCFSA


B I B L I O G R A F I A BIBLIOGRAFIA Capitolo 1 La sfera individuale AAVV. Informatica e handicap. Etaslibri, Milano, 1990. AAVV. L’inserimento lavorativo dei disabili: condizioni e strumenti . Fondazione Cancan, Padova, 1991. AAVV. Psicopatologia e sordita’ . Atti del VII Convegno dell’Istituto di Ortofonologia. Edizioni Scientifiche Magi, Roma, 1996. Abrahamsson K

Optus submission to

Optus Reply Submission to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Draft report for the declaration of the Domestic Transmission Capacity Service Public Version March 2009 Introduction In November 2008, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced that it would conduct a review of the declaration for the domestic transmission capacity serv

Microsoft word - cav ta 14-2010 mcnew

IN THE ARMED FORCES TRIBUNAL REGIONAL BENCH, GUWAHATI. T.A. NO. 14 OF 2010 (Arising out of Writ Petition (C) No. 1911/2007) HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE H.N.SARMA, Member (J) HON’BLE CMDE MOHAN PHADKE (Retd), Member (A) Lt.Col( retd) G.C.L.Arokiadas Son of Late S.Guru swami Station Cell HQ 51 SUB AREA Narengi Cantt. PO Satgaon,Guwahti-781027,Assam. Mr.A.Ahmed Legal Practit


Types d’appareils, types de médicaments. Quelle utilisation optimale pour le kinésithérapeute hospitalierou en ambulatoire. 2.1.1. nébuliseurs pneumatiques.22.1.2. nébuliseurs ultrasoniques.32.1.3. autres nébuliseurs.42.2. CARACTERISTIQUES D’UN NEBULISEUR .42.2.1. caractéristiques principales.52.2.2. circuit de délivrance.62.2.3. accessoires.82.3. ADEQUATIONS CARACTERISTIQUES/APPLI

Microsoft powerpoint - mariani_cerati_workshop.ppt

Il padre desidera che il ragazzo stia sempre Rifiuta momenti individuali durante le ore di Chiede e ottiene di inviare una consulente di sua fiducia a fare osservazione in classe• Quando L deve svolgere un qualsiasi tipo funzione di attirare l’attenzione e di • Se esibiti durante momenti di inattivitàovvero in momenti in cui l’insegnante non autostimolazione sensoriale e/o di atti

Package leaflet: information for the user

Package leaflet: Information for the user TETRACYCLINE VISION 10 mg/g eye ointment Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start using this medicine because it contains important information for you. Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again. If you have any further questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist. This medicine has been prescribed for you only. Do not pass

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Morbidity and Mortality from Induced Abortion in Selected Foreign Countries A.I.R.V.S.C. Association for Interdisciplinary Research in Values and Social ChangeVol. 15, No. 2 May/June, 2000by Thomas W StrahanReproduced with Permission This article reviews published articles on abortion in the countries of India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, Philippines, Japan, Zambia, and Finland. Base


Augustana College Note: This is a Summary of Benefits; please refer to the Plan Document for a full description of benefits, limitations and maximums. Medical Expense Benefits Limitations and Maximums In-Network Out-of-Network Annual Deductible: Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum: (includes Co-Insurance) Does not include Deductible, Drug Co-Pays, penalties for failure to pre-cer

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Il Corriere della Sera Martedì 15 Settembre 2009 Focus Come cambia la vita degli italiani La psicoterapeuta esperta in crisi familiari «Le coppie hanno meno pazienza di un tempo L'importante è ridere e progettare il futuro» ROMA — Alessandra Lancellotti (foto a de- molte opportunità ai maschi: il nostro Paese si è tificano con la propria madre (a una madre non stra), psic

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Fact sheet June 2009 Our Speakers Christian leaders, including Edwina Thomas, Pastor Rick Warren, the Rev. Dr. Les Fairfield, Metropolitan Jonah, and the Rev. Dr. Todd Hunter have agreed to be among those addressing the organizing Assembly of the Anglican Church in North America scheduled for June 22-25, 2009 at St. Vincent’s Cathedral in Bedford, Texas. All addresses wil


Alakesh Bera Lecturer II Office Phone: (210) 458-5757 Office: BSE 1.344 E-Mail Areas of Specialization Research: • Protein structure- function relationship and structure-based drug design • Micro-RNA based gene regulation and cell signaling in pancreatic cancer • Molecular virology Teaching: • Basic Chemistry • Introduction of basic principles of ch


Course Name: Environmental Science Science Standards Covered: 1. Unifying concepts and processes in science 4. Science and technology 2. Life Science 5. Science in personal and social perspectives 3. Earth and Space Science 6. History and nature of science Main Idea or Unit Titles by Quarter Introduction to Environmental Science Population Growth & Ec

Fda and nanotech: baby steps lead to regulatory uncertainty

41 FDA and Nanotech: Baby Steps Lead to Regulatory Uncertainty Bawa Biotech LLC, Ashburn, VA, USA and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA 41.1 Introduction of the FDA is to ensure that drugs, medical devices, vaccines, veterinary products, and tobacco prod- Emerging technologies bring with them concerns ucts reaching the consumer are both safe and effec-and uncertaintie

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Considered Judgement Form This form is a checklist of issues that may be considered by the Purchasing Guidance Advisory Group when making purchasing recommendations. Meeting date: 24 March 2005 Topic: Evidence based review of medicines for sexual (erectile) dysfunction in men Background and Purpose: ACC has a responsibility to support social rehabilitation. In certain circu


I. Definición de los términos utilizados En el presente contrato, los siguientes vocablos tendrán el siguiente significado, a menos que se indique lo contrario, a saber: “Beneficiario”: Es el titular de la póliza de Combinado familiar contratado mediante intermediación de Aon Risk Services Argentina S.A. “Vivienda declarada”: Es la amparada por la póliza de seguro de combinado

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GAIT EVALUATION BEFORE AND AFTER INTRATHECAL BACLOFEN THERAPY: A 6-YEAR FOLLOW-UP CASE STUDY Shuyun Jiang1,2, MD, Nancy Lennon3, MS, PT, Chris Church3, PT, 1 Orthopedic Department,&3 Gait Laboratory,Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children,DE,USA PATIENT HISTORY The patient initially presented in 2002 as a 22-months old male with a diagnosis of diplegic type cerebral palsy, was

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POSTOPERATIVE BLEEDING AFTER MYOCARDIAL REVASCULARIZATION IN PATIENTS ON CLOPIDOGREL MOHAMMED ABDEL-AAL MD., BAKIR M BAKIR MD., ANJUM JALAL FRCS-CTH, AHMED AL-SADDIQUE FACS. NASSER H. ALKHAMEES MB. MOHAMMED FOUDA FRCS Background: Clopidogrel (CL) is a potent inhibitor of platelet aggregation. It has become the standard of care to prevent thrombotic complications following cardiol


Académie de Lille Inspection hygiène et sécurité http://www2.ac-lille.fr/hygiene-securite/ Définitions issues du Code du travail Article R4411-3 On entend par substances, les éléments chimiques et leurs composés tels qu'ils se présentent à l'état naturel ou tels qu'ils sont obtenus par tout procédé de production contenant éventuellement tout additif nécessaire pour préserver

Warning, wyeth v

Warning, This Decision Will Increase the Cost ofPrescription Drugs: How the Supreme Court’sMisapplication of Preemption Doctrine in Wyeth V. Levine Portends Devastating Consequences for OklahomaCritics called it a “major setback for business groups”1 and a “cure worsethan gangrene.”2 Supporters said it was a “great day for . . . our Constitution.”3The Wall Street Journal opined th


10. MENGUAL MOLINA, ROSA MARIA11. SEMPERE ORTELLS, JOSE MIGUEL12. SEN FERNANDEZ, MARIA LUZ13. ULL LAITA, MIGUELAntropología biológica y paleopatologíaBiología celular normal y patológica (biopatología). Biología de la reproducción y del desarrollo. Investigación en pedagogía médica y de la enseñanza superior. Neurobiología computacional y modelado neural. Neurobiología: plastic

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DIMENHYDRINATE INJECTION USP THERAPEUTIC CATEGORY : ANTIEMETIC Children are very susceptible to the convulsant action of antihistamines anddoses of 150 to 800 mg of diphenhydramine in children aged 11 2 PHARMACOLOGY: While the precise mode of action of dimenhydrinate is not been reported to produce convulsions. A suspected dose of 700 mg ofknown, it has a depressant action on hyperstimul

Hairy foot warts

Hairy Foot Warts Hilary M. Sullivan Cooperative Extension Service • College of Agriculture and Home Economics This publication is scheduled to be updated and reissued 3/10. Hairy foot warts were first reported in the Unitedwith little direct labor input. Since at any givenStates more than 23 years ago and have sincetime approximately 14% of cattle with hairy footspread rapidly, be

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Published Cell lines used in perfusion cultures with the BioSep, Acoustic cell retention device. Cell line Viable Cell Aver. conc density (c/ml) DUKX B11- derived CHO (6) DUKX CHO (11) Human (27) recombinant CHO High Five Cells (9) TB/C3 Mouse (1) mouse Hybridoma Mouse mouse Hybridoma (8) Hybridoma (23) Mouse human (30) human hybridoma Hybrido

Lezama lector de plÁcido

Enrique Saínz LEZAMA LECTOR DE PLÁCIDO Leer a Plácido en nuestros días, después de tanta poesía vanguardista, tantas voces renovadoras o que han querido transformar la manera de percibir y de relatar la realidad, puede parecer a primera vista una experiencia insípida, insufrible e infructífera. Los poemas de este mulato sencillo que había nacido en Cuba bajo circunstancia

Frequently asked questions about influenza and pandemic influenza (swine flu)

Frequently asked questions about influenza and pandemic influenza (swine flu) What is influenza? Influenza is an infectious illness caused by a virus. It is primarily spread from person to person by breathing in of droplets formed during coughing and sneezing, or by direct contact with articles, such as used tissues, contaminated with respiratory secretions. Influenza usually begins

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Unterseen | 16. Mai 2012 Jungfrauzeitung Kurs- und Gesundheitszentrum erhält neues Betriebsfahrzeug «Mobil zum Nulltarif»: Dank dem Sozialsponsoring-Konzept einer Management-Firma hat das Mon Bijou Kur- und Gesundheitszentrum in Unterseen ein neues Sozialmobil. 25 Sponsoren unterstützten das Projekt und kauften Werbefläche auf dem Kleintransporter. Über das neue Sozialmobi


STUDY SHOWS LINK BETWEEN ANTIDEPRESSANTS, SMOKING PREVENTION PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS SHOULD STRESS SOCIAL SKILLS Copyright ©1998-2001 American Dental Association. All rights reserved. DO YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE FOR PRINT VS. ONLINE (ELECTR ONIC) PUBLICATIONS? Online publishing may be the wave of the me for every question I have. I have manyfuture, but right now most dentist


Results in Follicular Turnover in Crossbred Estradiol benzoate administration at the start of a 7-d CIDR effectively initiated follicle turnover and tended to increase pregnancy rates to timed-AI compared with no estradiol benzoate at CIDR insertion in crossbred Bos indicus cattle. Crossbred lactating, postpartum cows (n=29) of Bos indicus breeding were used to determine the effectivene

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Zimbabwe Tagebuch Dr. Gerd Reichenbach / 2005 Seite 1 von 16 Tagebuch von Dr. Gerd Reichenbach aus Olpe Dr. Reichenbach unterstützt nach seinem ersten Aufenthalt in St. Lukes in 2004 auch dieses Jahr wieder Dr. Julie Kaniki und Dr. Hans Schales im St. Lukes Hospital vom 30.10. bis 20.11.2005. In Begleitung seines Patensohnes Moritz, Medizinstudent. Zimbabwe 30.10.2005 Der erste

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A Look Back at the First Decades of Science and Mathematics at Austin College (1910-1940) by Peggy A. Redshaw In anticipation of the new IDEA Science Center that will be completed in 2013 and the celebration of a New Century of Science at Austin College, an exhibit entitled “A Look Back at the First Decades of Science and Mathematics at Austin College (1910-1940)” opened on September 28t

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE RESTRAINTS DO NOT apply to weeds or crop under stress due to severe frost, drought, water logging, low soil fertility, pre-emergent herbicides, insects or diseases. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN DO NOT use boomless jets or misters. READ SAFETY DIRECTIONS BEFORE OPENING OR USING DO NOT apply if rain is expected within a half-hour. Weeds Cont


Après l’accueil des participants entre 8h30 et 9h et tenant compte de l’ordre du jour chargé notamment par le nombre d’intervenants prévus, le président ouvre la réunion vers 9h30. Il remercie tout d’abord vivement la municipalité de Besayes pour avoir bien voulu mettre à disposition cette salle des fêtes pour tenir notre AG. Il laisse d’ailleurs aussitôt la parole à M. Jean-Pa


Pediatr Nephrol (2010) 25:2539–2542DOI 10.1007/s00467-010-1606-yNeurological involvement in a child with atypical hemolyticuremic syndromeBérengère Koehl & Olivia Boyer & Nathalie Biebuyck-Gougé & Manoelle Kossorotoff &Véronique Frémeaux-Bacchi & Nathalie Boddaert & Patrick NiaudetReceived: 13 April 2010 / Revised: 1 July 2010 / Accepted: 2 July 2010 / Published o


PROHIBITED LIST INTERNATIONAL STANDARD The official text of the Prohibited List shall be maintained by WADA and shall be published in English and French. In the event of any conflict between the English and French versions, the English version shall prevail. This List shall come into effect on 1 January 2011 The 2011 Prohibited List 18 September 2010 THE 2011 PROHIBITED LIST

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Progesterone testing pinpoints source of breeding problems  Todd Byrem, Ph.D., Director, AntelBio In November we discussed a herd that was having breeding problems and Julie Ainsworth, NorthStar Cooperative’s Dairy Production Analyst was called in to assess the problem. With a pregnancy rate of just 15 percent and a first-service conception rate of only 22 percent, this herd was s

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CONTRATO PRESTACIÓN DE SERVICIOS PROVEEDORES Y/O CONTRATISTAS   En SANTIAGO de Chile se celebra el presente contrato por medios electrónicos entre la empresa Achilles Chile, en adelante Achilles, filial de Achilles Group, en adelante “ la empresa ” y el proveedor o contratista, según los términos y condiciones que pasan a expresarse: I.- Condiciones Generales 1. El contrato t

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International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 65 ŽInduction of labor with vaginal prostaglandin-E ingrand multiparous women with one previous cesarean Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, King Abdulaziz Uni ¨ ersity Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Received 30 September 1998; received in revised form 21 December 1998; accepted 5 January 1999 Abstract Objecti ¨ e: To review t


LE CARATTERISTICHE DEI BACINI IDROGRAFICILE CARATTERISTICHE DEI BACINI IDROGRAFICIIl territorio dell’AdB della Basilicata comprende sei bacini idrografici, checostituiscono il più significativo e concentrato tributo idrico al mare Joniodell’intero versante Meridionale. Complessivamente esso ricopre una superficie di circa 8.830 kmq, nel-l’ambito della quale ricadono 118 comuni, appartene

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Biblioteca musicale "L. Bettarini" della Scuola comunale di musica "G. Verdi": emeroteca CONSISTENZA sigla (periodicità collocazione 1994, n.6-8; 1996, n.6, 11, 12; 1997, n.6- AIB Notizie 1990, nn.5, 7-10; 1991, nn.14, 16-18, 21-22, 24-25; 1992, nn.27, supple29-30, 33, Amici dei musei a.1, n.6 (nov. 1988)-a.2, nn.4,5(mag.-giu.1989); a.3, Amici della musica (Fir

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Wireless passive infrared (PIR) motion detector PTX50 (EN) The detector is designed for application in wireless alarm, security systems, access control. It features infrared detection pulse count, sophisticated power saving system allowing up to three years operation on single alkaline 9V battery, KEELOQ ® hopping code highest security encrypted transmission, wide angle 90° lens with

Erythrocyte membrane stabilization by indomethacin

Indian Journal of Pharmacology 1993; 25: 173 LETTER TO THE EDITOR ERYTHROCYTE MEMBRANE STABILIZATION BY INDOMETHACIN (Accepted for publication: April 06, 1993)The erythrocyte osmotic fragility tests has been used Figure 1. Osmotic fragility profile of erythrocytes. Each point is as a measure of red cell tensile strength and isthe mean of at least four experiments. related to cellul

Ficha de informaÇÕes de seguranÇa de produtos quÍmicos – (fispq)

1 – Product/Company Identification Product name: Product internal code: Company: Address: Estrada Galvão Bueno, 5.000 Bairro Batistini – S.B.C. – S.P. CEP (Postal Code): Emergency phone numbers: Product Information: Medical Emergency: Transport emergency: 2 – Composition and information on the ingredients Product type : Chemic


Reference Guide Free at PushingButtons.net MIPS contains 32 registers for programmers to use:Used to store returned values from function callsUsed to store values passed as arguments to functionsThe MIPS IR register supports three different register formats. They are R (register), I (immediate) and J (jump). All MIPS registers are 32-bit, so each register format is 32 bits wide. They dif

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TAGADA’ movimenti teatrali ultraterreni domenica 12 settembre - ore 21.00 INZAGO – Parco del Pilastrello ARMAMAXA teatro regia, di e con Enrico Messina pianoforte live Fabrizio “Siro” Sirotti Quando eravamo bambini le giornate erano più lunghe, come se durassero di più. Ma tutte, proprio tutte finivano allo stesso modo; e alla stessa ora.La televisione, si accendev


Clomiphene (also called Serophene or Clomid) is an oral fertility medication which is used to increase the number of eggs which are released at the time of ovulation. Intrauterine insemination (or “IUI”) is a fertility procedure in which the male partner gives a sperm sample which is then prepared by the lab to concentrate the best quality sperm into a small droplet. If donor sperm is being


Ardent Services, LLC Safety Manual Page 1 of 5 Revision: O-SS-SPP-0054 H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) Awareness Program Rel Date: 1.0 Purpose The intent of this program is to provide Ardent employees with general knowledge and guidelines enabling employees to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control the possibility of infection by the H1N1 Virus. 2.0 Scope

Plan de ciencia y tecnologia

http://www.plandeciencia.com/servlet/s.Sl?METHOD=DETALLE_N. Agricultura organiza unas Jornadas sobre el manejo de la herramienta informática del proyecto LIFE+AgriClimateChange El objetivo del proyecto es identificar las posibles medidas que puede adoptar el sector agrícola para reducir su consumo energético y sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero La Consej

Consultation submission: nsw therapeutic advisory group inc.

ANZTPA Therapeutic Goods administration PO Box 100 WODEN ACT 2606 Email: [email protected] Re: Description of a possible joint regulatory scheme for therapeutic products under ANZTPA The NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group is an independent not for profit association that promotes the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) within and across the continuum of acute care. Our members a


Caduet® PFIZER AMZV 9.11.2001 Was ist Caduet und wann wird es angewendet? Caduet ist ein Kombinationspräparat bestehend aus zwei Wirkstoffen, Amlodipin und Atorvastatin, welches nur auf Verschreibung Ihres Arztes bzw. Ihrer Ärztin eingenommen werden darf. Amlodipin gehört zu einer Klasse von Substanzen, die als Calciumantagonisten bekannt sind und zur Senkung des

Turner syndrome management guidelines

Turner Syndrome Management Guidelines Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group – November 2003 by George Werther, with advice from Margaret Zacharin Introduction Turner syndrome affects around one in 2500 female live births, the majority of which carry mosaicism in at least some tissues. Thus, the phenotypic features vary significantly among affected individuals. Consequently, w


Corporate Office: Distribution Center: Distribution Center: 9292 Ninth Street, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 BABY GOODS __________________________________________ 216370 . 07146309776 . LEA Y9776 . 4.99 . 4.99 . TOY STORY 3 EASY FORK SPOON . 6/6 . 2.69 INSECT / RODENT CONTROL ______________________________ 216742 . 07247798005 . PIC C-8-24 . 3.60 . 3.19 . MOS


Action Research: The Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI) and its Implications for Teacher Education Jim Parsons Professor, Department of Secondary Education, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Larry Beauchamp Professor, Department of Secondary Education, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta, Canada. Abstract This paper reviews data from four

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WARNING: Dance is a Drug I’ve been noticing the various and ever more present advertisements for drugs on television. One of them is a full 2 minute 30 second ‘mind-bender’(Celebrex) that displays a pretty blue background throughout (for the feeling of comfort) and full of many distractions happening while they tell you about what their product does. With fish swimming around whose


GlaxoSmithKline IMPORTANT PRESCRIBING INFORMATION In September, 2005, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) wrote to you regarding changes to thePregnancy subsection of the PRECAUTIONS section in the labels for PAXIL®(paroxetine HCl) and PAXIL CR® (paroxetine HCl) Controlled-Release Tablets. Theserevisions were in response to preliminary data from a GSK-sponsored epidemiologicstudy of major congenital mal

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The format of this leaflet was determined by the Ministry of Health and its content was checked and approved by it. Prescribing Information ISOKET 0.1% ampoules bottles isoket® 0.1% solution Active ingredient: isosorbide dinitrate COMPOSITION The infusion solution contains per 1 ml: pharmaceutically active ingredients: isosorbide dinitrate 1 mg Other ingredients:

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EDITAL DE LICITAÇÃO MODALIDADE: PREGÃO ELETRÔNICO N.º 02/2014 TIPO: MENOR PREÇO O Município de Alecrim - RS, por intermédio da Secretaria Municipal da Administração, mediante Pregoeiro, designado pela Portaria n.º 9.126/2013, torna público, para conhecimento dos interessados, que estará realizando o PREGÃO ELETRÔNICO N.º 02/2014 www.cidadecompras.com.br , de conformi


Dentistry design for your perfect smile. We’re pleased to have you as a client and want to assure you that we intend to do everything possible to ensure your comfort and confidence in our services. We strive to provide the highest quality care using only the very best, proven techniques and materials — while catering to your ultimate relaxation in a pampering, nurturing environment. Plea

Theory and practice of aerosol science

AEROSOLOMICS PROFILING: APPLICATION TO BIOGENIC AND ANTHROPOGENIC J. RUIZ-JIMENEZ1, J. PARSHINTSEV1, K. HARTONEN1, M.–L. RIEKKOLA1 1Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, P.O.Box 55, FI-2Division of Atmospheric Sciences, Department of Physical Sciences, University of Helsinki, P.O.Box 64, Keywords: AEROSOLOMICS PROFILING, BIOGENIC AEROSOL, ANT


Arch Virol (2007)DOI 10.1007/s00705-007-0974-5Printed in the NetherlandsAntiviral activity of arbidol against influenza A virus, respiratory syncytialvirus, rhinovirus, coxsackie virus and adenovirus in vitro and in vivoL. Shi, H. Xiong, J. He, H. Deng, Q. Li, Q. Zhong, W. Hou, L. Cheng, H. Xiao, and Z. YangState Key Laboratory of Virology, Institute of Medical Virology, Wuhan University, Wuh

In defense of metaphor

IN DEFENSE OF METAPHOR "That's how they all squeal at first," he said. "As if the world could be changed without killing someone."Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Grieche sucht Griechin Mephistopheles: No Lord, I believe that, as always,A few years ago, the papers announced that the government ofSouth Africa was going to set up a programme to import and producelow-cost drugs to trea

Arkadium reels in two prestigious awards

MEDIA CONTACTS NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL REELS IN NEW AUDIENCE THROUGH INTERACTIVE HOOKED GAME Developed in partnership with Arkadium, the online game captures the show’s excitement while luring in new players New York – July 16, 2009 – To help promote National Geographic Channel’s (NGC) new #1 series Hooked , which premiered Monday, June 29, NGC today launch

Pii: s0165-6147(00)01587-x

Pharmacotherapy for erectile dysfunction Trinity J. Bivalacqua, Hunter C. Champion, Wayne J.G. Hellstrom and Philip J. Kadowitz Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the consistent inability to obtain or maintain an erection for satisfactory sexualrelations. An estimated 20–30 million men suffer from some degree of sexual dysfunction. The past 20 years ofresearch on erectile physiology ha

Mdi965 36.38

Annals of Oncology 16 (Supplement 8) viii36–viii38, 20053rd International Ovarian Cancer Consensus Conference:outstanding issues for future considerationG. Stuart1, E. Avall-Lundqvist2, A. du Bois3, M. Bookman4, D. Bowtell5, M. Brady4, A. Casado6,A. Cervantes7, E. Eisenhauer1, M. Friedlaender5, K. Fujiwara8, S. Grenman2, J. P. Guastalla9,P. Harper10, T. Hogberg2, S. Kaye11, H. Kitchener10, G.

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Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections in IBD • 38 year old female pediatric nurse with 7 year Patients: Case Studies history of pan colitis doing well on mesalamine Francis A. Farraye MD, MSc • In remission for 5 years Clinical Director, Section of Gastroenterology • Recent fl are treated with ith steroid (20mg/d ) with transien


AMSEC - Knowledge Frontier Series April 27, 2010 ‘Indian Pharmaceutical Industry — a prescription for growth’ Expert Speaker: Dr. Bomi Gagrat Executive Director, Pfizer Limited Dr. Bomi Gagrat was expert speaker at AMSEC’s Knowledge Frontier Series held on April 27, 2010. In an enthralling one-hour session on ‘Indian Pharmaceutical Industry — a prescription for growth

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The healing properties of Aloe Vera The healing properties of the succulent plant aloe vera have been known for thousands of years. Belonging to the lily family and related to the onion, garlic and asparagus, evidence supporting the early use of aloe was discovered on a Mesopotamian clay tablet dating from 2100 BC. In Cairo in 1862, George Ebers, a German Egyptologist, bought a papyrus which


Tiotropium more effective than salmeterol in preventing exacerbations of COPD A large, international, 1-year, randomized trial shows that the anticholinergic drug tiotropium is more effective than the β2-agonist salmeterol in preventing exacerbations in patients with moderate-to-very-severe COPD and a history of exacerbation. Amy Dear, PhD March 24, 2011 — In patients with moderate-to


Behandeling Artritis Psoriatica Lokale behandelingen bij psoriasis Het doel van lokale behandelingen is het remmen van de versnelde celdeling en het verminderen van de jeuk. Er is keuze uit zalf, crème, lotion, shampoo, schuim of gel. Voor de behandeling van de hoofdhuid is het vaak beter de huid eerst te ontschilferen en zachter te maken met een zalf die salicylzuur bevat. Deze zal

Hs 429 assign 1 anta bursary v

Course: Master of Health Science (Herbal Medicine) University: University of New England Unit: Herbal Therapeutics III Lecturer: Associate Professor Kerry Bone Student Name: Kamma Chapman A) Patient 1 1 child born, difficulty conceiving since. History of miscarriages; lost triplets at 14 weeks 4 years prior to seeking herbal treatment, lost a single pregnancy at 14 weeks 4 y

Tax news flash

Taxpayer Wins Major Transfer Pricing Case The decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in GlaxoSmithKline was released on July 26, 2010 reversing the decision of the Tax Court of Canada. The issue in this case was the transfer price for ranitidine, the active ingredient in Zantac, an ulcer drug produced by GlaxoSmithKline. The Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) took the position that the purc


Sicherheitsdatenblatt gemäß 1907/2006/EG, Artikel 31 ABSCHNITT 1: Bezeichnung des Stoffs bzw. des Gemischs und des Unternehmens · Erstellungsdatum/Erstausgabe: 01.02.2012 · 1.1 Produktidentifikator · Handelsname: IBK 2012 · 1.2 Relevante identifizierte Verwendungen des Stoffs oder Gemischs und Verwendungen, von denen abgeraten wird keine Daten verfügb

122-016 english

DECEMBER 2003 Volume 2, Issue 10 AS PRESENTED IN THE DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGY, FACULTY OF MEDICINE UNIVERSITY OF MONTREAL Biochemical Terrorism: Committee for Continuing What the Anesthesiologist Should Know Medical Education Department of Anesthesiology University of Montreal MAJOR DANIEL AUDY, MD, FRCPS, B.SC. BIOCHEMISTRY, CDPierre Drolet, MD Chairman and E


Adapted from the CDC Guidelines for Preventing Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia, 2003. Most initiatives for reducing VAP can be readilyAvoid the use of antacids and histamine type-2incorporated into standard care for ventilated patientsantagonists — Patients on mechanical ventilation arewithout incurring significant expenditure of resources. subject to gastrointestinal hemorrhage (stre

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Vedic way of god’s worship (Sunday speech) By Acharya Dr. Umesh Yadav Richo akshare parame byoman yasmin devah adhi vishva nisheduh. Yastanna veda kim richa karishyati ya ittadd vidus te me samasate. God is all knowledge,unperishable,supreme,resplendent and all glorious in which all devah (Great, Glorious and learned) person, place or things remain. There are 33 Devah deitie

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UNIVERSITIES ALLIED FOR ESSENTIAL MEDICINES July 14, 2009 Contact: Eleanor Blume Phone: 781.640.7750 Email: [email protected] For Immediate Release STUDENT GROUPS AND CONSUMER ADVOCATES DEMAND WITHDRAWAL OF UNIVERSITY SUPPORT FOR HARMFUL LEGISLATION Legislation Would Delay Affordable Medicines in the United States and Abroad BERKELEY – Today, the

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The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Department of Veterinary Pathology WEDNESDAY SLIDE CONFERENCE 2006-2007 CONFERENCE 21 Conference Moderator: Dr. Thomas Lipscomb, DVM, Diplomate ACVP CASE I – C31715-04 4 (AFIP 2988635). Signalment: 3-year-old, male, castrated, Cocker Spaniel, Canis domesticus , dog. History: The dog was presented to the referring v

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“I’m No Saint!” Don’t Be So Sure As my kids might say, “Well, duh!” Meaning: Is that really news to anyone? But when we say, “I’m no saint,” we’re not really stating the obvious. What we mean is, “Don’t hold me to the standards of sainthood, because I don’t accept them.” Or, sometimes we mean it as an excuse for unacceptable behavior. “OK, so I misappropriated camp


Anguera, M. (1996) Diseños. En : Fernández-Ballesteros, R. (Ed.) Evaluación de programas. Una guía práctica en ámbitos sociales, educativos y de salud . Editorial Síntesis. Madrid. Advanced Strategic Management Consultants (1999). How to Measure (and Prove) the Success of Your Organization (and its use of technology) in Fulfilling Purpose, Mission and Values. Presented at the Strateg

by charlcie gill

By Charlcie Gill Rabbits produce two types of droppings: fecal pellets and cecotropes. The latter are produced in a region of the rabbit's digestive tract called the cecum. The cecum contains a natural community of bacteria and fungi that provide essential nutrients and possibly even protect the rabbit from harmful pathogens. By consuming the cecotropes as they exit the anus, the

Tatiana, esse é o segundo artigo

Parar de Fumar - Guia de Auto Ajuda Ronaldo Laranjeira, 2000 Os objetivos deste Manual - Informa sobre a dependência da nicotina - Explica como aumentar as suas chances pessoais de parar de fumar e superar a dependência da nicotina - Explica como os profissionais de saúde podem ajudar a parar de fumar - Explica sobre os medicamentos que podem ajudar na sua tentativa de parar de fumar


(Actos cuja publicação é uma condição da sua aplicabilidade) REGULAMENTO (CE) N.o 247/2006 DO CONSELHO de 30 de Janeiro de 2006 que estabelece medidas específicas no domínio agrícola a favor das regiões ultraperiféricas da União Europeia Para esse efeito, em derrogação do artigo 23.o do Tra-tado, é conveniente que não sejam aplicados direitos deimportação a certos pr

02-cairns- atul

Asian J. Exp. Sci., Vol. 22, No. 1, 2008; 143-146 Concurrent Effects of Eyestalk Ablation and Fluoxetine on the Nutrient Depostion During Ovarian Development in a Fresh Water Prawn, Machrobrachium lamarrei lamarrei R. Eswaralakshmi, J. Jayanthi and M.G. Ragunathan Department of Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology, Guru Nanak College, Abstract : The organic compounds like protein, carboh

Material safety data sheet

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Jin Gwang Industry Co.,Ltd “ConfiAd” Joint Adhesive, Component A & Component B 232-8 Maesan-ri Opo-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea 82-31-767-8441 2. COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS 30~60% CAS Number : 80-62-6 EC Number : 201-297-1 REACH # : 05-2114088188-37-0000 (Pre-registration) CAS Number : 21645-51-2 EC Number : 244-492-7 : 05-211408


1. Koichi Mayumi, and Kohzo Ito, "Structure and Dynamics of Polyrotaxane and Slide-Ring Materials", Polymer, 51(4), 959-967(2010). 2. Koichi Mayumi, Hitoshi Endo, Noboru Osaka, Hideaki Yokoyama, Michihiro Nagao, Mitsuhiro Shibayama, and Kohzo Ito, "Mechanically Interlocked Structure of Polyrotaxane Investigated by Contrast Variation Small-Angle Neutron Scattering", Macromolecule

Impaginato bif 1/2005

Bif XIII N. 5 Disturbo da Deficit di Attenzione con Iperattività (ADHD): le tappe per un uso razionale dei farmaci Riassunto Scenario Il Disturbo da Deficit di Attenzione con Iperat-tività (ADHD, dall’inglese attention deficit hyperactivity I l Disturbo da Deficit di Attenzione con Iperat- tività (ADHD) è una patologia neuropsichiatrica disorder ) è un disordine dello svilu

Revista aids 4 05.indb

Welcome to “Hot News”, a section of AIDS Reviews written by the editors and invited experts which focuses on recently reported information believed to be of both impact and higher interest to the readership. Update on the Teratogenicity of Efavirenz efavirenz-containing regimens, most of which were In March 2005, Bristol-Myers Squibb and the FDA first-trimester exposures. Birth

Apiary inspectors of america’s 2005 conference

Apiary Inspectors of America’s 2005 Conference President Phil Craft called the meeting to order with introductions and adjustments to schedule. AIA President’s 2005 Address Good morning! Welcome to Reno! I’m very happy to see you all here. While I’ve been very much looking forward to getting together with you, I have not been looking forward to this Nevada weather. I’m used


types aggregate in QTL regions, combined withas an iv bolus to determine the contribution of nitric14. E. S. Lander et al. , Genomics 1 , 174 (1987). physiological profiling, provides a novel ap-oxide to basal renal vascular tone. After 10 min of15. J. Loscalzo, G. Welch, Progr. Cardiovasc. Dis. 38 , 87 equilibration, a repeat infusion of the same two doses ofproach to facilitate the

Zyprexa lawsuit loan! no-risk legal finance!

Zyprexa Lawsuit Loan! No-Risk Legal Finance! Plaintiffs involved in pharmaceuticals lawsuits like Zyprexa and Fen-phen etc, can now get Lawsuit cash advances. 99%of Plaintiffs involved in Lawsuits Don’t Realize They Can get Cash Advance before Their Case Settles. Zyprexa (olanzapine) is a "second generation" or "atypical" antipsychotic medication produced by Eli Lilly and

Media contact: tom greenwell, +44 (0)870 991 4044

analytikLtd News Release #68 – 21 December 2010 Media Contact: Tom Greenwell Tel: +44 (0)870 991 4044 Email: [email protected] ParticlesCIC at the University of Leeds choose CPS Disc Centrifuge to enhance particle characterisation capability Cambridge, UK – Analytik are pleased to announce that ParticlesCIC at the University of Leeds, have expand


PARECER N.º P/04/APB/06 SOBRE DIAGNÓSTICO GENÉTICO PRÉ- IMPLANTAÇÃO E INTERVENÇÕES NA LINHA GERMINATIVA RELATORES: RUI NUNES, HELENA MELO 1 . INTRODUÇÃO O desenvolvimento recente de novas tecnologias no âmbito da procriação medicamente assistida possibilitou a determinação, com considerável eficácia, da constituição genética e cromossómica do embrião


Effects of Coenzyme Q10 in Early Parkinson Disease Evidence of Slowing of the Functional Decline Clifford W. Shults, MD; David Oakes, PhD; Karl Kieburtz, MD; M. Flint Beal, MD; Richard Haas, MB Chir;Sandy Plumb, BS; Jorge L. Juncos, MD; John Nutt, MD; Ira Shoulson, MD; Julie Carter, RN, MS, ANP;Katie Kompoliti, MD; Joel S. Perlmutter, MD; Stephen Reich, MD; Matthew Stern, MD; Ray L. Watts

Dermatology history form

Please complete this form and bring it along at the time of your visit. OWNER’S NAME___________________________________ PET’S NAME:_____________________________________ Chief Complaint(s) ____________________________________________________________________________________ How old was your pet when the problem first started? _______________________________________________________ Was the


MANAGING TICKS ON YOUR PROPERTY Prepared by Kirby C. Stafford III, Ph.D. (March 2005) The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, 123 Huntington St.-Box 1106, New Haven, CT 06504 (203) 974-8485, Web site: http://www.caes.state.ct.us In Connecticut, the two most common ticks are the blacklegged tick, Ixodes scapularis, which is commonly known as the deer tick, a

096_05lug2012 - dedicato a coloro che assumono il coumadin

Cosenza, 5 luglio 2012 Comunicazione N.096 www.asspenscarical.altervista.org Non passa giorno che, durante le visite in ambulatorio, almeno un paziente mi dica: “ho letto che finalmente c’è un nuovo farmaco che sostituisce il Coumadin. Come posso fare per averlo?” Rispondo, allora, che il farmaco esiste, si chiama Dabigatran (Pradaxa), ma è attualmente utilizzabile in Ita


Aurora de Chile en Internet # Albores de la creación del cuerpo de carabineros# El gobierno implementará sistema de información para la población# Extracto del escrito "Vindicación contra tiranos"# La batalla de San Lorenzo inicio militar de José de San# Saldrá a la venta "Carta del Americano al Jueves 11 de marzo de 1813, página 4. Albores de la creación del cuer


Flohsamenschalen aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Flohsamenschalen sind die Samenschalen der Pflanze Plantago ovata . Sie werden unter dem Namen Indische Flohsamen als Lebensmittel und zu Heilzwecken vertrieben und zu diesem Zweck hauptsächlich in Indien und Pakistan angebaut. Sowohl in der Therapie als auch als präventive und unterstützende Maßnahme haben sich Flohsamens

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EPILEPSY (Seizure) POLICY Epilepsy is the result of a temporary electrochemical imbalance within the regular mechanism of the brain. A sudden overload of energy swamps the brain causing lapses of consciousness and seizures. Cause: Usually a form of brain damage, however there are still unknown reasons today. Be aware that anyone who has ever experienced a seizure, no matter how long ago and


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN READ SAFETY DIRECTIONS BEFORE OPENING OR USING If spraying is to be done on crop growing land,apply first spray in February, which is about thetime that 20-25% of plants have reached headingstage. Then a second application is necessaryabout 2 months later, which gives adequatetime for full emergence to occur. Because H E R B I C I D E Skeleton We

Microsoft word - 15. a study on drug use at upazilla health complex.doc

ASA University Review, Vol. 7 No. 1, January–June, 2013 A Study on Drug Use at Upazilla Health Complex, Savar, Dhaka S.M.A. Sayeed Ibn Elias* Abstract A cross sectional study at Upazilla Health Complex, Savar, Dhaka for prescription analysis and assessment of drug dispensing in 30 patients revealed that the average number of drugs prescribed per encounter was 2.33. About 44.28% dru


O r i g i n a l A r t i c l e Singapore Med J 2009; 50 (2) : 208 Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of Staphylococcus species isolated from telephone receivers Smith S I, Opere B, Goodluck H T, Akindolire O T, Folaranmi A, Odekeye O M, Omonigbehin E A ABSTRACT prevent the spread of infectious diseases through Introduction: Microorganisms are transferred the use of publ

Microsoft word - what_is_migraine_february_2008

What is Migraine? For a disorder that afflicts a tenth of our population and is the subject of thousands of private conver-sations each day, surprisingly few people – even physicians – can provide a coherent answer if asked: What is migraine? Migraine is relatively easy to define in clinical terms. One is said to have migraine if within his/her lifetime there have occurred 5 or more

2011-1705-74 benefit summary flyer-v2_summary-temp-

Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan for Avila University 2011-2012 Avila University is pleased to offer an Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan underwritten byUnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. All registered students taking 6 or more credit hoursper semester are eligible to enroll in the plan on a voluntary basis. Students who meet theeligibility requirements and have paid the requi

Zitate zum thema lebensqualität

Zitate zum Thema Lebensqualität mit Zitaten zu verwandten Themen Zugang über Permanente Adresse der akt. Version: Diese Liste ist im Entstehen. Für weitere Hinweise unter aknecht[ät]albanknecht.de bin ich dankbar Das Gute Leben – Lebensqualität bei Aristoteles & Co. Wer über die beste Verfassung die Untersuchung in sachgemäßer Weise anstellen will, der muss


Linnaeus University Post-doctoral position in gamma-ray astrophysics On 1st January 2010, Linnaeus University opened its doors for the first time as Sweden’s newest university, the result of a merger between Kalmar University and Växjö University. Context of position The astroparticle physics group in the Faculty of Technology, Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering at


ARTÍCULO DE REVISIÓN Rev Mex de Cirugía del Aparato Digestivo, 2012; 1(1): 18-25 Revista Mexicana de Cirugía del Aparato CUCI: optimización de tratamiento multidisciplinario Quintín Héctor González-Contreras,* Eva María Ramírez-Avilés** * Académico numerario de la Academia Mexicana de Cirugía y la Academia Nacional de Medicina. Presidente del Colegio Mexicano de Especia


ASPARTAME CONCERNS An overview for health professionals Additive Survivors’ Network (UK) Additives Survivors’ Network (UK) was at the time the author wrote this affiliated to the Green Network and the Green Network Charitable Trust, Charity registration No. 1028693. ASN is now a stand alone pressure group. ASPARTAME CONCERNS Why is aspartame in our food? Aspartam


Covariant Policy Search J. Andrew Bagnell and Jeff Schneider Abstract Inspired by the work of [Amari and Nagaoka, 2000],Kakade proposed a “natural gradient” algorithm. In particu-We investigate the problem of non-covariant behav-lar, [Kakade, 2002] proposed a scheme for generating a met-ior of policy gradient reinforcement learning algo-ric on parameter space that has interesting


LAS EMOCIONES Lección 1 Para el 1º de enero de 2011 Sábado 25 de diciembre LEE PARA EL ESTUDIO DE ESTA SEMANA: 2 Samuel 13; Gálatas 5:22; Colosenses 3:12-14; Lucas 19:41-44; Juan 16:20-24. PARA MEMORIZAR: “De cierto, de cierto os digo, que vosotros lloraréis y lamentaréis, y el mundo se alegrará; pero aunque vosotros estéis tristes, vuestra tristeza se convertirá en

Social security law

A Refereed Study Court Clerk Conditions and Code of Conduct in the Islamic Jurisprudence Dr. Ahmad Saalíh Al-Barraak* * Member of Faculty, Princess Nourah bint Abur-Rahmaan Girls University, Riyadh. Court Clerk Conditions and Code of Conduct in the Islamic Jurisprudence Introduction All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds, and peace and blessings be u

A ustos

ADÜ Týp Fakültesi Dergisi 2000; 1(2):5-7TRANSREKTAL PROSTAT BÝYOPSÝSÝ UYGULANAN HASTALARDA NORFLOKSASÝNÖmer ÖGE1, Hakan GEMALMAZ1 , Ýzzet KOÇAK 1 , Burçin ÖZEREN 1 , Mete EYÝGÖR2 ,Amaç: Transrektal iðne biyopsisi (TRÝB) günümüzde prostat kanseri tanýsý için standart taný yöntemidir. Buiþleme baðlý enfektif komplikasyonlarýn olasýlýðýný azaltmak için çeþitl

Microsoft word - pag 1 si 2.doc

Scientific Papers, UASVM Bucharest, Series A, Vol. LIV, 2011, ISSN 1222-5339 STUDIES ON MEDICINAL AND AROMATIC PLANTS USED IN THE THERAPEUTIC RECIPES IN THE BUCHAREST UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL LENU Ţ A IULIANA EPURE * , GH.V. ROMAN * , ROXANA M Ă R Ă CINEANU ** *University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest Keywords: medicinal and aromatic plants, therape

Mw4042 bradley

Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (1999) 43 , 261–266 The control of hyperendemic glycopeptide-resistant Enterococcus spp. on a haematology unit by changing antibiotic usage Susan J. Bradley a , b , Angela L. T. Wilson a , Michael C. Allen c , Hilary A. Sher a , Anthony H. Goldstone b and Geoffrey M. Scott a * aDepartments of Clinical Microbiology and bHaema

Do patents matter for commercialisation

End-point royalties and the performance of Australian wheat breeders Russell Thomson Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research and the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE The ‘performance’ of wheat breeders The Innovation Pathway • Not about farmers adoption of new varieties by farmers in practi

Microsoft word - anna fonds - botgenezing pijnstillers - welting.doc

BOTGENEZING OPTIMALISEREN NSAID-pijnstillers vertragen mogelijk genezing "Wanneer patiënten na een botbreuk pijn hebben, krijgen ze meestal een pijnstiller uit de klasse van de NSAID's, zoals ibuprofen. Wij hebben aanwijzingen dat het gebruik van NSAID's de genezing van het bot vertraagt. Dat gaan we uitzoeken." Onderzoeker: dr. Tim Welting Functie: post-doc onderzoeker O


Disfunción sexual asociada a tratamiento antidepresivoDisfunción sexual asociada a tratamiento antidepresivo1 María Izaskum Regal Faraldo; 2 Juan Fernández Hierro; 3 Javier Paz Esquete1 Médico de Familia en el PAC de Vilagarcía de Arousa. Pontevedra. 2 Psiquiatra.Unidad de Hospitalización Psiquiátrica “Nicolás Peña” (CHUVI)3 Especialista en Medicina Preventiva. Subdirección Gener

Curriculum vitae of paul b. laub

Director of Biostatistics (2004-2006), Omni Genetics (Menlo Park, CA). Omni Genetics seeks to discover connections between adverse response to pre-scription drugs and genetic variation potentially responsible. My role was aidingthe design and interpretation of experiments and clinical trials. As the biosta-tistician, I worked with the officers of the company and with our pharmaceuticaland biotech


Oral Multiparticulate Dosage Forms – What's new? International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology Oral Multiparticulate Dosage Forms – What's new? Tuesday, 13th November 2012 09:00 to 18:00 hOpening remarks and scope of the workshop - Table top exhibition – Manufacturing technologies Peter KleinebuddeHeinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, GermanyAli R. Rajabi-Siahboo


ARESTIN® Table 3: Mean Pocket Depth Changes (SE) in Subpopulations, Studies 103A and 103B sites for 10 days after administration of ARESTIN®. Patients should be advised that (minocycline hydrochloride) Microspheres, 1 mgalthough some mild to moderate sensitivity is expected during the first week after SRP and DESCRIPTION administration of ARESTIN®, they should notify the dentis


Table. Comparison of Doxycycline and Minocycline 18-20,37-44 Characteristics Doxycycline Minocycline Doxycycline monohydrate Minocycline hydrochloride Tablets: 50 mg, 75 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg Tablets: 50 mg, 75 mg, 100 mg Capsules: 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg Doxycycline hyclate Solodyn extended release tablets: 55 mg, Capsules: 50 mg, 100 mg Injection: 100 mg Doxycycline Ca

Appendix 1 - patient-physician allergy questionnairre

Allergy & Asthma of Illinois  6615 N. Big Hollow Rd., Peoria, Illinois 61615  309-691-5200 Appendix 1 - New Patient Allergy History Name _________________________________________ Age ___________ Birthdate ______________ Family doctor ___________________________________ 1. Present illness: a. Briefly , what are your most prominent symptoms? ________________________________


Protocolo para el Abordaje de la Fibromialgia en el ámbito de la atención primaria del Sistema de Salud de Aragón y criterios para su derivación a la atención especializada Javier Marzo AranaMédico de Atención PrimariaDirección General de Planificación y AseguramientoOlga Martínez AranteguiMédico Administración SanitariaDirección General de Planificación y AseguramientoDirecció

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LEGISLASI HUKUM ISLAM DI KERAJAAN DEMAK (Studi Naskah Serat Angger-Angger Suryangalam dan Serat Suryangalam) Jl. Walisongo No. 3-5 Tambakaji Ngalian Semarang 50181 Abstract Learning the history of law and establishment and also the changing of legislation regulation in pre-colonial period is an interesting thing and hoped to be able to give input for the experts of Indonesia law in t

Microsoft word - extended abstract

LA VALUTAZIONE DELLA SENSIBILITÀ DEI BATTERI AGLI ANTIBIOTICI A. Marchese Sezione di Microbiologia del DISC - Università degli Studi di Genova Il trattamento delle più frequenti infezioni comunitarie è generalmente empirico, basato quindi sulla conoscenza dei principali agenti eziologici e sull'epidemiologia locale delle resistenze agli antibiotici. Quest'ultima deriva dai risulta

Melatonin abstracts

Melatonin Abstracts Melatonin maintains mitochondrial membrane potential and attenuates activation of initiator (casp-9) and effector caspases (casp-3/casp-7) and PARP in UVR-exposed HaCaT keratinocytes T. W. Fischer, M. A. Zmijewski,J. Wortsman and A. Slominski, J. Pineal Res. 2008; 44:397–407 ABSTRACT Melatonin is a recognized antioxidant with high potential as a protective age


MAPA RESUMO DE DIPLOMAS QUE REGEM AS COMPARTICIPAÇÕES ESPECIAIS NAS FARMÁCIAS Diploma - Circulares Indicações terapêuticas Especialidades farmacêuticas Comparticipações especiais nas Farmácias Despacho n.º 13020/2011, de 20 Setembro, publicado no Diário da Donepezilo Comparticipados pelo Escalão C (37% Reg. Geral/52% Reg. Especial), quando prescrito por neuro

Epilepsia canina y felina

EPILEPSIA CANINA Y FELINA Daniel Sánchez Masian Las crisis (convulsiones, ictus, ataques) se definen como la manifestación clínica de una descarga neuronal excesiva y/o hipersincrónica excesiva; se pueden manifestar como una alteración o pérdida de la consciencia episódica; fenómenos motores anormales; alteraciones psíquicas o sensoriales o signos del sistema nervioso autónomo


Trade preferences and developing countries: Dealing with inequities Small developing economies and the multilateral Dr.Richard L.Bernal , Small developing economies are often constrained in participating in the negotiation and regulation of multilateral trading rules due to severe cost and resource limitations. This article argues that, despite the costs and difficulties, small st

Welcome to michael adams’ rooms

WELCOME TO ADAMS DENTAL WOULD YOU PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM PERSONAL DETAILS (Dr Mr Mrs Miss Ms) Surname:______________________________________________________ Christian Names: _____________________________________________ D.O.B:________________ Private Address:____________________________________________________________________ Postal Addr

Microsoft word - 001-10702 post arm_final-ch

REVIEW ARTICLE Management of Sexual Disorders in Spinal Cord Injured Patients Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar1 and Alexander R Vaccaro2 1 Department of Neurosurgery, Research Deputy, Sina Trauma and Surgery Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran 2 Department of Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery, Thomas Jefferson University and the Rothman Institute, Philadelphia, Pa


Long-Term Care rider Understanding the Requirements and Premiums for the Great American Life® Long-Term Care Annuity B1050506NW A Long-Term Care Rider is designed for healthy individuals who are planning for their future care. As a producer, it’s important to make reasonable efforts to submit qualified applicants. There are some central questions to ask your client that wil


Allegra Led Campo di impiego: apparecchi industriali da interno ed esterno, predisposti per installazione a soffitto, a sospensione o a parete Corpo: tecnopolimero Ganci: in policarbonato autoestinguente Schermo: in policarbonato autoestinguente trasparente Sorgente: Led SMD alta efficienza Cablaggio: completo di alimentazione elettronica o elettronica in emergenza,


1.1 Estas condiciones generales son aplicables para todas las relaciones jurídicas entre Masterfranchise Adcorporate S.L.U. y las demás sociedades, empresas o instituciones (llamadas a continuación "Adcorporate" y sus Clientes (llamados a continuación "Cliente") con respecto a actividades realizadas o a realizar por Adcorporate para un Cliente. Pertenecen a estas relaciones j


Designation Product-Description CAR MOTORSPORT RANGE Oil for High Performance gasoline and Diesel 4 stroke engine with low HTHS-viscosity, MOTUL 300V High RPM designed for professional of racing, esp. sprint races or qualifying. Ref.: Toyota Racing 100% SYNT Development, Japan GT, Formula Renault Above existing standards Oil for High Performance gasoline and Diesel 4 stroke en

Microsoft word - juicio contra union fenosa nicaragua.doc

EL JUICIO CONTRA UNION FENOSA Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México; 23 de Octubre de 2007 El 12 y 13 de Octubre de 2007 el Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos (TPP) sesionó en tres audiencias en Managua, Nicaragua, en torno al caso de los efectos que genera la privatización de la energía eléctrica, en este caso por la trasnacional español


CERTIFICATO DI CONFORMITA' Disciplinare ECO BIO COSMESI PRODUCT CERTIFICATE ECO BIO COSMETICS Standard Nome dell'operatore - Name of the operator Per verificare la validità del certificato visita il sito WWW.ICEA.INFO - You can check the validity of this certificate on the webs D.T.R 06 e Reg. RC COSM D.T.R 06 e Reg. RC COSM Ufficio di emissione - Au

Soldados israelies confiesan asesinatos y actos de brutalidad

Soldados israelíes confiesan asesinatos y actos de brutalidad en la Los testimonios de varios soldados israelíes que aseguran que asesinaron a civiles y cometieron actos de vandalismo en Gaza cumpliendo órdenes han levantado hoy una oleada de críticas y han obligado al Ejército a abrir una investigación interna. "En las últimas semanas se ha estado estudiando el asunto y esta mañana e


Copyright 2006 by the American Psychological AssociationHeart Rate Increase to Alcohol Administration and Video Lottery TerminalPlay Among Probable Pathological Gamblers andPamela Collins, Shondalee Eisnor, and Michael ElleryThe authors examined heart-rate responses to alcohol consumption and video lottery terminal (VLT)play. Regular VLT players (30 probable pathological gamblers [PPGs]; 30 no

20110108_fr362_metformine mylan 850mg dispersible_spc.pdf

SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT METFORMINE MYLAN 850 mg dispersible tablet. 2. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Metformin 850 mg dispersible tablets: Each tablet contains 850mg Metformin, as Metformin hydrochloride corresponding to 662,90 mg metformin base. Excipients: sulphurous anhydride (E220), maltodextrin For a full list of exci


A7 Autovia del Mediterráneo , salida 537 Almerìa Guarromàn Carretera N-IV, km.288 Fuente de Piedra Carretera A-92, km.132 Carretera C-45, km.5 Pol. Ind. Las Hazas , parc. 6 Marlofa / La Joyosa Autovia de Logrono A-68, km 19, Salida 257 Zaragoza Calatayud Carretera Munébrega, Km.3,700 Zaragoza Carretera N-634, km. 204,850 Cantabria Avd. Cantabr


Flexible Professional Radio control system Choosing between the different available For a more professional and practical use, within the house or garden can be operated Nice Design immaculate finish, and essential design: wear, comfort and ease are guaranteed by the internationally renowned Made-to-measure of transmitter modules that can be placed in five different holder


Las Vegas, NV - 3120 S. Rainbow Blvd, Ste 202 -702.233.4327 Las Vegas, NV - 6475 N. Decatur Blvd, Ste 125 - 702.933.9103 Las Vegas, NV - 9430 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Ste 11 - 702.527.6066 Henderson, NV – 2642 W. Horizon Ridge, Ste A11 – 702.933.9102 Electronstagmography (ENG)/Videonystagmography (VNG) An ENG or VNG has been ordered by your physician to help determine the cause of your diz


Arizona Sinus Center Phone (602) 258-9859 Fax (602) 256-0820 Instructions following Nasal Cautery to control nosebleeding Supplies for home: Nasal Saline Spray (Ocean®, Deap Sea®, etc.) Antibiotic ointment (Mupirocin, Bacitracin® or Neosporin®) Nasal decongestant spray (Neosynepherine or Afrin®) Neil Med Sinus Rinse® Small room air humidifier or vaporizer for the bedside C


MEN has many complications and diseases associated with it. Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome (ZES) is relatively common to people with MEN 1. The syndrome was first described by the Norwegian doctor Roar Strøm in 1952. Therefore the syndrome sometimes also is called Strøm-Zollinger–Ellison syndrome in the literature. The syndrome was later described in 1955 by Robert Zollinger and Edwin Ellison,


I framtiden kommer pulsvågshastighet och pulsvågsförstärkning (augmen-tation) att bli värdeful a variabler för att prognosticera CVD och att följa en värdefull variabel att följa hos dia-terapin av hypertension, angina, hjärtsvikt, njursvikt och diabetes. Det skri-betiker i syfte att optimera terapin. ver här docent Gunnar Nyberg, Sahlgrenska sjukhuset, Göteborg. Njurinsufficiens

Vpep32 - impfberatung

Lonetal-Apotheke Apotheker Hans-Ulrich Eheim Hauptstraße 103, 73340 Amstetten, Tel.07331-97810 Impfvorschriften und Empfehlungen für den Internationalen Reiseverkehr Reiseland: Bangladesch Erstellt für: Martha Mustermann Ludwig-Lang-Str. 29 82487 Oberammergau Unsere nachfolgenden Empfehlungen basieren auf den aktuellen Bestimmungen und Empfehlungender WHO (Weltgesundheitsor


Tratamiento con misoprostol en el primer trimestrepara el huevo muerto y retenido o aborto diferido. Mejorando la salud reproductiva de las mujeres El uso del misoprostol parece ser una opción prometedora para elmanejo de pacientes con huevo muerto y retenido o aborto diferido. • El embarazo intrauterino no viable puede basarse en parámetrostales como: la falta de aumento del fondo uteri

Microsoft word - ces1578-2012_00_00_tra_ac_sv.doc

Europeiska ekonomiska och sociala kommittén "Kvinnliga företagare" YTTRANDE Europeiska ekonomiska och sociala kommittén "Kvinnliga företagare – särskilda åtgärder för att främja tillväxten och sysselsättningen i EU" Föredragande: Madi Sharma SOC/446 – CESE 1578/2012 EN/SW-Sv/MT-GG-SW/lhp1-mv-me Rue Belliard/Belliardstraat 99 — 1040 Bruxe

Itu-t rec. e.164 (05/97) the international public telecommunication numbering plan



Executive Summary The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse was established in 2000 with functions including theinvestigation of abuse of children in institutions in the State. It was dependent on people givingevidence which they did in large numbers. The Commission expresses its gratitude to all thosewho participated and contributed with their testimony and documents. The witnesses who cameto


Super Concorde .Bold ReasoningSphere.Round TableGONE WEST (USA) (Bay 1984-Stud 1988). 6 wins, $US682,251, Belmont Dwyer S., Gr.1. Sire of 1024 rnrs, 686 wnrs, 94 SW, inc. Da Hoss (Breeders' Cup Mile S., Gr.1), Johar, Zafonic, Came Home, Speightstown, Grand Slam, Lassigny, Marsh Side, West by West, Zaftig, Changeintheweather, Commendable, Link River, Royal Abjar, Dance Parade, Performing Magic

Microsoft word - Åm 2008-6717 allvarlig psykisk störning utredningsskyldighet.doc

L ./. Riksåklagaren angående grov misshandel Högsta domstolen har förelagt mig att komma in med svarsskrivelse. Jag vill anföra följande. Min inställning Jag bestrider Ls ändringsyrkanden. Jag ville emellertid inte motsätta mig att Högsta domstolen meddelar prövningstillstånd vad avser frågan om hovrätten har fullgjort sin utredningsskyldighet när det gäller att avg


TABLE 1: 2012 AGS Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults Organ System/ Recommendation , Rationale, Therapeutic Category/Drug(s) Quality of Evidence (QE) & Strength of Recommendation (SR) Avoid except in short-term palliative care to decrease oral secretions. Highly anticholinergic, uncertain effectiveness. This clinical tool, based on

Smf-131 traditions checklist from the a.a. grapevine

Service Material from the General Service Office TRADITIONS CHECKLIST from the A.A. Grapevine These questions were originally published in the AA Grapevine in conjunction with a series on the Twelve Traditions that began in November 1969 and ran through September 1971. While they were originally intended primarily for individual use, many AA groups have since used them as a basis for w


RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT - MEDICAL HEALTH AND BIOTECHNOLOGY PROF DATUK DR. MEGAT BURHAINUDDIN VICE-CHANCELLOR MAHSA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE BASIC AND CLINICAL RESEARCH Sir Frank Swettenham – Resident General of British Malaya. ¾ ‘to improve the standards of the native FOCUS OF RESEARCH addition to plasmodium falciparum, zoonotic species. FOCUS OF RESEARCH -


Brachiaplasty What is a Brachiaplasty? As we age, or after losing a lot of weight, it is common to develop an overhang of skin from the upper arms. Unfortunately no amount of exercise can improve the loose skin and this “bat wing” appearance can only be removed through surgical excision. What does the surgery involve? Any excess skin and fat is removed from the upper a



Microsoft word - against the migraine

Against the Migraine The Sunday Washington Times Journals Newspapers, Sunday, March 7, 1999 By Susanne Lazanov AGAINST THE MIGRAINE Patients battle disease Thirty years. Three decades. That is about how long Ellen Blau has suffered fromheadaches. Blau, now 46 and support group coordinator for the National Headache Foundation,recalls being 16 when the headaches began. "At first


ΔΗΜΟΣΙΕΥΣΕΙΣ 1. Mimidis K., Tsatalas C., Margaritis D., Martinis G., Spanoudakis E. , Kotsiou S., Kartalis G., Bourikas G. Efficacy of Lamivudine in patients with hematologic malignancies receiving chemotherapy and precore mutant chronic active hepatitis B.ActaHaematol. 2002;107(1):49-51. 2. Tsatalas C, Martinis G., D. Margaritis, E. Spanoudakis , I. Kotsianidis, A. Karpo


Who’s Listening noW? 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter ComparisonsThe simple acronym ELT is 243 MHz, when transmiting their because an ELT was thrown in special sweeping tone, announc- the trash. The network to monitor the emer- wilderness backpacking commu-gency VHF frequency of 121.5 MHz nity, has been switched over to and its first harmonic UHF military exclusive use of the 406 MH


Abstract This paper’s primary objective is to identify the relative impor-tance of various Islamic financial products, in theory and in prac-tice, by examining the financing records of the Bank IslamMalaysia (Berhad) and the Bahrain Islamic Bank. Currently,seven available Islamic financing products are considered viablealternatives to interest-based conventional contracts: mudarabah (trust f


“Not being able to go home after • Postpoliosyndrome , after polio-infection 1945, weakness left • Mammacarcinoma 1988: mamma-amputation and post-• Medication: carbaspirin calcium, metformin, simvastatin, • Mobility: did walk with rollator outdoors for longer distances • Personal care: independent; shopping with neighbor/children; • Relations/occupancy: divorced in 1988, two


Invita al Ciclo de Seminarios Internacionales de Investigación 2012,con las siguientes exposiciones (semana 6):“Characterization of chromate conversion coatings for Aerospace use when Hexavalent Chromium isAbstract: Aluminum alloy 2024-T3 has been widely used in aerospace applications due to a good combination ofspecific weight and mechanical properties. Their desirable mechan


Influenza aviaria: FAQ 1. Che cos’è l’influenza aviaria? L’influenza aviaria è una malattia infettiva dei volatili domestici e selvatici. È causata da virus della famiglia Orthomyxoviridae , genere Orthomyxovirus di cui si conoscono tre tipi differenti: A, B e C. Al tipo A appartengono i virus influenzali degli animali (tra cui quello della influenza aviaria) e dell’uomo, mentre i vi

Microsoft word - emergency room skills checklist.doc

_________________________________ ________ ______________________________ _______________________________ _______________ ________________________ E-mail Last 4 digits SS# Date Instructions: Please check the appropriate column that best describes your experience level for each knowledge competency and skill. Please use the rating scale below to evaluate yourself based on experience


Ley de Control Parlamentario sobre los actos normativos del Presidente de la República. LEY Nº 25397 LEY DE CONTROL PARLAMENTARIO SOBRE LOS ACTOS NORMATIVOS DEL PRESIDENTE DE LA REPUBLICA Artículo 1º.- La presente ley establece el régimen general de control por el Congreso de las atribuciones del Presidente de la República para: a) Dictar medidas extraordinarias en m


Sprechen Sie uns an – wir beraten Sie gerne. Vorhandenes Übergewicht sol te abgebaut werden – dabei hilft vor al em eine vernünftige Ernährung und regelmä­Den für mich bestimmten Informationsteil habe ich erhalten ßige körperliche Aktivität (Ausdauersport). Der Insulinsensi­und gelesen. Im Aufklärungsgespräch mit meinem Arzt/tizer Metformin führt zu einer Verbesserung der In

Annona senegalsnsis

Afr. J. Trad. CAM (2006) 3 (1): 137 - 141 Complementary and Alternative Medicines Short communication ISSN 0189-6016©2005 IN VIVO ANTIMALARIAL AND CYTOTOXIC PROPERTIES OF ANNONA SENEGALENSIS EXTRACT Edith Ajaiyeoba1*, Mofolusho Falade2, Omonike Ogbole3, Larry Okpako4 and Dora Akinboye2. 1Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Universi

Microsoft powerpoint - aspca poison list.ppt

ASPCA Poison List Animal Medical Centre – Home Care Notes General Information Are there certain potentially harmful substances that pets get into more than others? In 2007, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center managed more than 130,000 cases. The top calls of 2007 involved the following common household goods and products: Prescription and over-the-counter drugs , both of the hum

Bijsluiter spermmar

SpermMar IgA Test This can be done by means of the 10 microlitres capillary immunoglobulin class of antispermatozoal antibodies in serum. Am J Reprod Immunol Microbiol, 1985, 7 : 143-147. Test for determination of Sperm Antibodies Note: To use the microcapillary pipettes, insert the end of 4. FRIBERG J: Immunoglobulin concentration in serum and seminal fluid from men with and without

Mohs preop new.pdf

MOHS SURGERY PRE-OP INSTRUCTIONS These instructions are to be followed before and after your surgery. Please call us if you have any questions or need further clarification. A. Aspirin Related Drugs (Stop taking 10-14 Days prior to your surgery) For a two-week period prior to and after the scheduled date of your surgery, please do not take any medication that contains aspirin or aspiri

From the editor

RESEARCH PAPER NURSE PRACTITIONERS: AN EVALUATION OF THE EXTENDED ROLE OF NURSES AT THE KIRKETON ROAD CENTRE IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Eleanor Hooke, RN, is a Rural Outreach nurse and previously Ingrid van Beek, MBBS, MBA, FAFPHM, is Director, Kirketon at the Clinical Academic Nursing Unit, Faculty of Nursing, The University of Sydney and Sydney Hospital and Sydney Eye Carol Martin, R

Traum_in_pat info stat aufenthalt_101004

Abteilung für Unfallchirurgie und Orthopädie Tel.: 0341 3959-7150 Fax: 0341 3959-7159 Patienteninformation – Stationäre Behandlung im Krankenhaus Sehr geehrte Dame, sehr geehrter Herr, bei Ihnen ist eine stationäre Behandlung vorgesehen. Um Ihre Behandlung optimal gestalten zu können, beachten Sie bitte folgende Hinweise: Vorbereitung: Termin in der Anästhesiesprechstunde am: um Uhr,


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ASSOCIATE EDITORS: JOHN F. BUTTERWORTH IV, M.D. The American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The ASA Refr


Final Report – 2008-09 Research & Creative Works Grants Principal Investigator: Nicholas E. Burgis, Chemistry/Biochemistry Dept. Project Title: Developing a Less Toxic Chemotherapeutic Cocktail to Treat Multiple Myeloma. This report serves to document the scholarly research activities performed by the principal investigator and collaborators during the term of the Faculty Research Grant


Reception __________ Central Reg _________ School Clinic Annual Flu Vaccine Consent Form Return to school one week prior to clinic date Section 1: Information about Child to Receive Vaccine Please Print Student’s Date of Birth Month______ Day_______ Year________ Student’s Doctor’s Name (Last, First) Address City Zip School Name Section 2: Insurance Information _

Pet health bulletin

PET HEALTH BULLETIN Summer 2011/12 1. An Itchy Dog possible. Fly repellent containing permethrin or pyrethrin can be warmer, is your dog starting to itch? Are they rubbing, scratching and chewing their skin until it becomes bald, red, inflamed and painful? If so, let us explore some of the most common If Fluffy suddenly starts itching after venturing out to bush or farmland,


Nació en Italia en 1934 y es ciudadano argentino desde 1958. Ha desarrollado una larga y exitosa trayectoria como director de coro, director de orquesta, pedagogo y compositor. Fue titular del Coro de la Asociación Wagneriana de Buenos Aires (1966-1990), el Coro Bach de Buenos Aries (1965-1985), el Coro Polifónico Nacional (1987-1990), el Coro Estable del Teatro Colón (1989-1992). Como direc

C:\documents and settings\darlene king\my documents\hopkins\anaplasmosis in cattle.wpd

Animal Science Info Series: AS - B 288 The University of Tennessee Extension Anaplasmosis is a disease of cattle, sheep and goats resulting in anemia and sometimes deathespecially in adult cattle. This disease is seen worldwide and is a common disease in thesouthern United States. One of several microorganisms named Anaplasma causes this disease,which is spread from carrier cows to sus

605803 patient instructions for admit day of procedure (plc) (2008-11)

Patient Instructions for Admit Day of Procedure (Peter Lougheed Centre) Admit Day of Procedure (ADOP) refers to a person being admitted to hospital on the day of their surgery or procedure. Unless your doctor has given you other instructions to prepare you for your procedure, please follow the instructions below. To fi nd out the time of your surgery, please phone the hospital the day befo

Aplenzin (bupropion hydrobromide)

Medication Guide • acting aggressive, being angry, or violent• an extreme increase in activity and talking (mania)Read this Medication Guide for APLENZIN before you start taking• seeing or hearing things that are not there (hallucinations)it and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This• feeling people are against you (paranoia)Medication Guide does not take t


10 REGARDS woxx   |  24 09 2010  |  Nr 1077 SOZIALES „Ruhiggestellt“ Bei der Verschreibung von fahr, von ihnen abhängig zu werden, über die tatsächliche Intensität und einer regelrechten Odyssee durch ver- angstlösenden Medikamenten mit Sorge. Vor allem die exzessive die Art der Nutzung speziell in den schiedene Luxemburger Krankenhäu- liegt Luxemburg im

Adult intake form

Today’s date: ___________________________Your name: ____________________________________________ Date of birth: __________________ Age: ____Nicknames or aliases: ____________________________________ Social Security #: _______________________Home street address: ________________________________________________________ Apt.: ______________City: _________________________________________________


Acta Odontológica Venezolana - VOLUMEN 46 Nº 3 / 2008 ISSN: 0001-6365 – www.actaodontologica.com P á g i n a  |  1  Trabajos Originales: ESTUDIO DE LA SENSIBILIDAD A LOS ANTIMICROBIANOS DE PATÓGENOS PERIODONTALES Recibido para arbitraje: 04/07/2007 Aceptado para publicación: 06/11/2007 • Testa M, Cárdenas IL Cátedra de Microbiología y Parasitología. Facultad


AP Report > $2,500 for July 16 & 17, 2012 Check Date Check Item Desc 5410-31230-402310 misc items for landfill5410-31230-402310 windshield wash landfill8450-31860-409310 WO 10-31 29TH & CENTRAL SIGNAL; CO#1 4980-55360-409390 Supply power to streetlights & signals south of 6th Ave. between N. 28th & N. 29th. 6300-17530-407310 Inv. #26478light pole replacement #2012-051

Dosing of antimicrobial agents in renal insufficiency

Dosing of Antimicrobial Agents in Renal Insufficiency Yi Guo, PharmD Penicillins Usual Dose Dosage Adjustment Drug Name (normal renal (in renal (ml/min) function) insufficiency) Ampicillin Ampicillin/Sulbactam (Unasyn) Penicillin G Piperacillin/ Tazobactam Cephalosporins Usual Dose Dosage Adjustment (in Drug Name

Agstg_liste-medikamentenversager_2011-bis-2013_stand ende sept. 2013

Recherche der AG STG: Bisherige Zulassungsverfahren von Medikamenten bieten keine zuverlässige Sicherheit für Patienten. In den Jahren 2011 bis 2013 mussten über fünfzig Medikamente vom Schweizer Markt genommen oder nachträglich mit Zulassungsbeschränkungen versehen werden. Bei allen traten teilweise lebensgefährliche Nebenwirkungen auf. Diese blieben in den gesetzlich vorgeschrie


Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 3, S849–S851, 2003 Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions Interactive comment on “New-particle formation events in a continental boundary layer: First results from the SATURN experiment” by F. Stratmann et al. F. Stratmann et al. Paragraph 1: A table of all balloon-borne measurements carried out during the SAT-URN experiment has


Effect of Rosiglitazone on the Risk of Myocardial Infarction Steven E. Nissen, M.D., and Kathy Wolski, M.P.H. Background Rosiglitazone is widely used to treat patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, but its From the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland. Ad­ effect on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality has not been determined. the Department of Cardiovascular Medi­cine, Cleveland Clinic, 9500 Eu

Microsoft word - estipulaciones alquiler salon de actos.doc

ESTIPULACIONES PARA EL ALQUILER DEL SALÓN DE ACTOS DEL COLEGIO OFICIAL DE ARQUITECTOS DE CIUDAD REAL La entidad:_________________________________________________________________ Para el acto: _______________________________________________________________ A realizar en fecha _________________________ y horario _______________________ Solicita el alquiler del Salón de Actos y acepta las si

Lagos port arrival check list 2012



Survivor’s Guilt in Caretakers of Cancer Shulamith Kreitler, Frida Barak, Yasmin Alkalay, Nava Abstract The paper deals with survivor’s guilt. The purpose was to describe the phenomenon and to study some of its correlates, functions and consequences in the context of the caretakers of cancer patients. The first part presents a brief review of what is known about survivor’s guilt


ASSOCIATES IN PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY, PC PATIENT INFORMATION Dr. Eyssen Dr. vonWerssowetz Dr. Chase Name:________________________________________________________________________________________________Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________City: ________________________________ State: __________________________ Zip:


The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed drugs. It represents an abbreviatedversion of the drug list (formulary) that is at the core of your prescription-drug benefit plan. The list is not all-inclusive and does not guarantee coverage. In addition to using this list,you are encouraged to ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs whenever appropriate. PLEASE NOTE: The symbol * nex

Topic 7

Topic seven BRINGING IT ALL THINK CRITICALLY ABOUT ANIMAL WELFARE ISSUES! • Work cooperatively in partnerships to prepare for debates• Research sensitive animal welfare issues for farm animals• Debate these issues from the affirmative or negative position• Debate these issues in the role of different stakeholder groups• Student Resource 1A-O• Student Activity 1• Pairing tools


Activation of sperm motility in striped bass viaShuyang HeKaren Jenkins-KeeranL. Curry Woods IIIaDepartment of Animal and Avian Sciences, University of Maryland,bNational Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892, USAReceived 12 March 2003; accepted 26 August 2003The objective of the present study was to identify the effect of osmolality, ions (Kþ, Hþ, Ca2þ,Mg2þ) and cAMP on the ini


CURRICULUM VITAE Citizenship Licensure : Cardiology Fellowship Hospital Beneficencia Portuguesa Instituto de Doencas Cardiopulmonares Hospital Beneficencia Portuguesa Department of Clinical and Cardiovascular Surgery Prof. Adib Jatene Sao Paulo, Brazil Pediatric Cardiology Clinical Fellowship Universidade de Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil Pediatric Cardiology

La paz de los pueblos sin duenos

La Paz de los Pueblos sin Dueños (Tomado de la R evista Contrapunto ) “En Colombia no hay desplazamiento porque hay guerra. Hay guerra para que haya desplazamiento”. Este planteamiento de Héctor Mondragón señala el carácter y objetivo estratégicos del terror y de la guerra al servicio de la acumulación bajo el modelo capitalista que se ha impuesto en Colombia. Entendemos que la


MSDS: VOLTEC LI-ION BATTERY (Not classified as hazardous) Material Safety Data Sheet Infosafe™ Issue Date September 2012 Status Not classified as hazardous 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION Product Name Product Use Company Name 191 Salmon Street Port Melbourne Vic 3207 Emergency Tel. Aust: 1800 638 556 NZ: 0800 154 666 (24 hours) Telephone Number/


Klinische Leitlinien zur Behandlung von Schulkindern mit einer Auf- merksamkeitsdefizit/ Hyperaktivitätsstörung (ADHS) Gekürzte Zusammenfassung von „Clinical Practice Guideline:Treatment of the School-Aged Child with ADHD“ der Ameri- can Academy of Pediatrics, PEDIATRICS Vol. 108 No 4, Oct. 2001, S 1033ff Dr. med. M. Ryffel Die vorliegenden Leitlinien sind für Erstversorger, d.h. in d

Microsoft word - posterisam2013versie3.doc

SPECIFIC TARGETING OF INHALED STEROIDS TO SMALL AIRWAYS IN CHILDREN WITH PROBLEMATIC SEVERE ASTHMA USING THE AKITA: A CASE SERIES H.M. Janssens MD PhD, J.L. Overweel-Uyterlinde Department of Pediatric Pulmonology, Erasmus MC- Sophia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. INTRODUCTION Asthma is an inflammatory disease affecting the small airways. Small airways are a dif



Microsoft word - posterviewingabstracts2627.doc

Caution In Using Celecoxib: Induction Of VEGF And Angiogenesis By This COX-2 Inhibitor H. Shu, H. Gao, K. Xu, Dept. of Radiation Oncology and Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University, Atlanta, GA Purpose/Objective(s): Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) plays a critical role in the initiation and maintenance of many cancer types and its elevated expression generally portends a worse prognosis. Gi

Topics in gynaecology - part one - menopause

JOURNAL OF CHINESE MEDICINE NUMBER 33 MAY 1990 TOPICS IN GYNAECOLOGY MENOPAUSE JANE LYTTLETON INTRODUCTION concentration of these hormones. Although the type ofoestrogen responsible for the menstrual cycle is no longerThis series of articles addresses the health problemsproduced, there is still a form of active oestrogen prducedparticular to women in their forties, fifties and


A is for Accountability : Give children responsibilities so they feel competent and needed. Teach accountability by enforcing reasonable, age-appropriate consequences. B is for Boundaries : Set specific boundaries for behavior and explain reasons for limits. Identify consequences of obeying as well as ignoring boundaries. C is for Caring Consistency : Maintain predictable, stable moods. B

Indg91 - drug misuse at work : a guide for employers

a guide for employers Produced by HSE in partnership with the Home Office, the Department of Health, the Scottish Executive, the Health Education Board for Scotland, the National Assembly for Wales and the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland. WORKING TOGETHER FOR A HEALTHIER NATION INTRODUCTION This booklet has been developed by the Health and Safety


Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physicians prior to treatment. tients from angina, claudication, and dizziness. However with longterm and extensive use the benefits of chelates are lost with thenonspecific removal and reduction of the essential trace metals. Chelation therapy can be a double edge sword li

Arbor dental health history and registration

WELCOME TO ARBOR DENTAL Today’s Date: _________________________ E-Mail Address: __________________________________________________ Patient Name Last _________________________ First ___________________________ Middle Initial _________ Mr Mrs Ms Dr I prefer to be called ___________ Male__ Female __ Birthdate ______________ Age __________ Social Security # ___________________ Home A


Copyright 2003. American Cavy Breeders Association. All rights reserved ANTIBIOTICS What I Use I will discuss the commonly used antibiotics forkidneys and can potentially cause fatal antibiotic-cavies and describe several medical situations where Iinduced diarrhea in cavies. I personally use Amikacinwould, or have, used them. I must point out that eachbecause its side effects are report


agazapados de quienes los consumen. Casi desconocida, la intolerancia alimentaria inesperadas, que van desde la migraña y la artitris hasta la hiperactividad. Un simple examen permite detectarla y prevenirla. Muchas personas transitan gran parte de su vida con malestares que podrían desaparecer, sencillamente, evitando un alimento. atricio mira la pizza y hace grañas, dolor abdominal, f


Original paper The effect of acupuncture on postmenopausal symptoms and reproductive hormones: a sham controlled clinical trialDidem Sunay,1 Muruvvet Ozdiken,1 Huseyin Arslan,2 Ali Seven,3 Yalcin Aral4 ABSTRACT system, accompanied with a series of psycho- Background Acupuncture is commonly used to logical symptoms.1 Oestrogen, either by itself or with progestins is the most consisten

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Off To the Doctor In 1999 my wife and I built a new home. During the construction, I began to develop severe carpal tunnel syndrome, even more so than I usually suffered from. It became so severe that I was only getting approximately 2.5 hours sleep per night and I was beginning to show signs of complete exhaustion. I decided that it was time to visit my GP, which I was never very fond of doi

What shade of green are you?

Presentation to the Melbourne Mining ClubBy President of Newmont Mining Corporation, Pierre LassondeGood afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m delighted by having been invited to speakto you, and for that I would like to thank the Melbourne Mining Club for organizing thisluncheon. Mining is like no other business in the world. With a few drill holes we can createenormous wealth through the pro


Que sabe usted sobre la Gripe A H1N1 Rosana G Corazza Médica Pediatra Especialista en Enfermedades Infecciosas Corporación Médica San Martín La actual gripe está causada por un virus nuevo que es una variante del virus Influenza A H1N1 de origen porcino y que es distinto al virus influenza humano estacional H1N1 que habitualmente afecta a la población durante la época i

Microsoft word - the sad implications of light and sound.doc

Vol.13 Number 4 Issue: April 2006 Pages 31-35 The SAD Implications of Light and Sight Seasonal Affective Disorder may be a concern for both ophthalmologists and their patients in a variety of ways. Robert M. Kershner, MD, MS, FACS, Boston Light—it’s all around us. Most people get more than they need, but for some, too little light can spell trouble. During the winter months, whe

Article 10

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION FROM THE FIBROMYALGIA NETWORK FDA Approves Second Drug to Treat FibromyalgiaThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Cymbalta (duloxetine) on June 16 for treating fibromyalgia. Cymbalta is the first serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) that has been proven to reduce pain in fibromyalgia patients. This is the second FDA-approved medication to tr

Vitamin e in the treatment of alzheimer’s disease

VITAMIN E & CHRONIC DISEASES: FROM RUGS TO RICHES ? INTRODUCTION Ever since its discovery in 1992, vitamin E has been the subject of controversy and indeed, for several decades many scientists were not even sure as to whether vitamin E was an essential nutrient for humans. It was not until the 60’s that deficiency states were documented in humans and it was not until the 80’s and

Doxycycline or oral corticosteroids for nasal polyps

Doxycycline or Oral Corticosteroids for Nasal PolypsTherapeutic Options Beyond our Pages highlights randomized controlled trials published in other journals of novel therapeuticoptions for the conditions treated by allergist-immunologists. Generally written by Editorial Board members with relevantexpertise, this feature summarizes the methods and results of the study and then provides the author�


PHARMAZIE O r a l e G e r i n n u n G s h e m m e rVitaminpräparate) bei, wobei Letzteres nur für Phenprocoumon und Warfarin gilt. Dabei kann man näherungsweise davon ausgehen, dass 1 mg Vitamin K etwa die Wirkung von 1 mg Wirkstoff neutralisiert. In 50 g Rindfleisch sind beispielsweise 0,1 g Vitamin K enthal-Von Peter M. Schweikert-Wehner / Rund eine Million Menschen in Deutschland be

(microsoft word - schlaich zur ver\366ffentlichung.doc)

Accepted for publication by the Journal INTERNATIONAL MARITIME HEALTH, Publisher: Medical University of Gdansk, on May 7th 2009 Guidance to the International Medical Guide for Ships 3rd edition: Interim advice regarding the best use of the medical chest for ocean-going merchant vessels without a doctor onboard Joint Statement of WHO Collaborating Centres for the Health of Seafarers and

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Lithium-Ion Akkupack Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 4S7P ICR18650 4S7P ICR18650 Technische Beschreibung: Technical specification: Max. Umgebungstemperatur: 0° C bis 45° C (für Laden) Achten Sie bitte auf die maximale Belastbarkeit des Akkus (die einzelnen Komponenten des Akkus sind für eine maximale Strombelastung von 15 A dimensioniert). Manche ältere G

Antigua, the largest of the british leeward islands, is about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide, encompassing 108 square miles

1. - DATOS BASICOS 1.1.- Aspectos generales Dominica, cuya denominación proviene del latín y otorgada por el navegante Cristóbal Colon ante su descubrimiento, el día domingo 3 de noviembre de 1493, es parte de las Islas de Barlovento, ubicada al norte del grupo sur de las Antillas Menores. Fue la última en ser colonizada por los europeos. Francia cedió esta isla a Gran Bretaña en 1763 como

Concerning medications:

Dear Patient: Thank you for choosing Asthma & Allergy Care of Delaware. Enclosed is a questionnaire for you to complete and return before seeing your doctor. Your appointment is confirmed as follows: __________________________________________________________________________________ Please complete the four pages of medical history and one page of insurance information before

Microsoft word - rep_total-annual2005.doc

A RD EL INSAN – PALESTINIAN BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION Community Health and Nutrition Rehabilitation Center ANNUAL REPORT Ard El Insan – Palestine Gaza Programmes , Palestine P. O Box 1099 Tel : +(970 8 )2868138 Mobile : + (970-8)059412759 Fax : +(970 8) 2842516 E-mail : [email protected] I/ Introduction: Ard El Insan (AEI) is a local Palestini

Avitas structured settlement update 12 27 10 .pub

Structured Settlement Update By John J. McCulloch, JD, CSSC President, Avitas Volume 12, Issue 2 December 27, 2010 Addressing Taxes a Must During Mediation and Settlement In his recent article, Address Taxes When You Mediate Civil Disputes, author Robert Wood discusses the need to specify the tax treatment of damages during mediation or alternative dispute resolution. Wood adv

Armenia demographic and health survey 2005 (fr184)

ABORTION In Armenia, as in all former Soviet countries, induced abortion was the primary means of fertility control for many years. Induced abortion was first legalized in the Soviet Union in 1920 but was banned in 1936 as part of a pronatalist policy. This decision was reversed in 1955 when abortion for nonmedical reasons was again legalized throughout the former Soviet Union. In 2002 the Pa

Actualités scientifiques

Actualités scientifiques 3ème printemps de l’ADIAM Circonférence de la nuque comme nouveau critère d’intubation difficile Gonzalez H, Minville V, Delanoue K, Mazerolles M, Concina D, Foucade O. Importance of increased neck circumference to intubation difficulties in obese patients. Anesth Analg 2008;106- Webanesthésie-2008;4;08053• L’identification des situations et de p


Purdue University researchers use nanoscale IR spectroscopy to provide key insights into drug-polymer and polymer-polymer blends Date: May 1, 2012 For Immediate Release Santa Barbara, CA – Two new papers are going to press featuring the use of Anasys Instruments’ nanoIRTM system by Professor Lynne S. Taylor’s group in the Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy at Pur

Oral oncology referral form

Send To:  AcariaHealth  Specialty Pharmacy Provider:________________ Date: ___________ Date Medication Required:____________ Ship to:  Physician  Patient’s Home  Other __________ Prior Authorization Form Hepatitis C Patient Name: ___________________________________________________ Physician Name: _______________________________________________ Address: ________


QUANTIFICATION OF EFFECTS OF LEVODOPA TREATMENT IN PARKINSONIAN SYNDROMES GALLI, M., CIMOLIN, V., VIMERCATI S., ALBERTINI, G., ONORATI, Abstract: The purpose of this chapter is to present the experience of the Posture and Motion Laboratory at the “San Raffaele Cassino” in the field of use of Gait Analysis (GA) in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and with Progressive


REGIONAL HEALTH Case study AngloGold Ashanti establishes avian flu task force According to the World Health Organization, avian influenza (flu) poses the single biggest globalhealth threat at present. Up to 30% of people may become ill over the first six-eight weeks of apandemic. It is estimated that in South Africa, 16 million people would fall ill with more than1 million requiring hos

C u r r i c u l u m v i t a e

C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E INFORMAZIONI PERSONALI Roberto BRUNO BOSSIO Data di nascita 09 LUGLIO 1966 Qualifica Dirigente Medico Amministrazione Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale - Cosenza Incarico attuale Dirigente Medico U. O. di Neurologia Distretto di Cosenza Numero telefonico dell’ufficio 0984.893725 Fax dell’ufficio 0984.893717 TITOLI DI STUDIO E

Ic ppw - 2014

The Offices of Roland D. Reinhart, M.D. (760) 341-2360 Date:______________ Dear: ___________________________________, This letter is to formally welcome you to the Offices of Dr. Roland D. Reinhart and to remind you of your upcoming new patient consultation appointment. Dr. Reinhart and his team of professionals are committed to providing a comprehensive and compassionate approach


CONDICIONES GENERALES PARA LA PRESTACIÓN DE SERVICIOS DEL PROGRAMA ASISTENCIA ROBO EN VÍA PÚBLICA CLARO 1. INTRODUCCION 1.1 AMERICAN ASSIST con su programa ASISTENCIA HOGAR y como beneficio exclusivo por ser cliente de CLARO , le acerca Asistencia al Hogar ante cualquier situación de emergencia las 24 horas del día los 365 días del año. El mismo es prestado en forma dire


Brown Rudnick Berlack Israels LLP Reflections in plague time: perspectives on the sub-prime crisis Reflections in plague time:perspectives on the sub-prime crisisPublished in 2005 and effective as of January 1 2006, Regulation AB is acomprehensive set of rules and forms adopted by the Securities andExchange Commission (SEC) to address the registration, disclosure andreporting requirements f


TRAINEE JUNIOR ACCOUNTS OFFICER NOTIFICATION – 3/JS(PER)/2010 BREAK UP OF VACANCIES. OF THE POSTS OF JUNIOR ACCOUNTS OFFICER (General Recruitment ) SCALE OF PAY : Rs 19450-800-20250-955-25025-1115-30600-1280-31880. HOW TO APPLY : The candidate has to apply online through www.apgenco.gov.in after carefully going through the instructions mentioned therein. AGE : Shal


Genetic manipulation in pigsDavid H. and Cesare GalliaMassachusetts General Hospital, TransplantationBiology Research Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USARecent developments in the field of genetic engineering have made it possible to add,and bLaboratorio di Tecnologie della Riproduzione,Avantea srl, Cremona and Clinical Veterinarydelete or exchange genes from one species to another. This techn

Curriculum vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE Birth Date: Citizenship: Current Position: Chief Professor, Department of Anatomy (Division of Cell biology), School of Medicine, Iwate Medical University (Morioka, Japan) Education: Doctor of Medicine, Asahikawa Medical College Bachelor of Medicine, Iwate Medical University Employment: Chief Professor, Department of Anatomy (Division of Cell biology),


SOGC CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINE SOGC Clinical Practice Guideline No. 248, September 2010 (Replaces No. 74, July 1998) Guidelines for the Evaluation and Treatment of Recurrent Urinary Incontinence Following Pelvic Floor Surgery Abstract This clinical practice guideline has been prepared by the Objective: To provide general gynaecologists and urogynaecologists Urogynaecology Committe


Litisconsorcio de los responsables solidarios: ¿necesario o facultativo? Dr. Eduardo Loustaunau XV Congreso Nacional de Derecho del Trabajo y de la Seguridad Social XIII Jornadas Rioplatenses de Derecho del Trabajo y de laSeguridad Social26 al 28 de agosto de 2004. Paraná, Entre Ríos. I. Introducción: Hac e ya bastante tiempo que el c apítulo de la solidaridad en materia de obligac ion

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Job Fairs July-August, 2013 page 1           What: Chicago Career Fair When: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 11:00 AM —2:00 PM Where: The Congress Plaza Hotel520 South Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60605 Positions: Accounting/Auditing, Administrative and Support Services, Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations, Banking, Consumer Products, Customer Service and Call Center, Finance/Economic


arasites in ustainable P Know your Anthelmintic Gr 2012 ench and inject inject corr must be given according to manufacturers instructions. Subcutaneous products should begiven using a 1.6cm needle making sure it is underthe skin of the neck 10-15cm below the ear. Intramuscular injections go into the mid neck witha 2.5-4cm needle aiming inwards and upwards


Buena Fe y Lógicas Multi-agente en Derecho Internacional Público Instituto Internacional de Estudio y Formación en Gobierno y SociedadUniversidad del Salvador, Argentina; y Universidad de Pisa, ItaliaFacultad de Informática e Instituto de Relaciones InternacionalesUniversidad Nacional de La Plata, ArgentinaUniversidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentinamúltiples modos de argumentar con el


CURRICULUM VITAE PROF. MADYA DR. LOONG YIK YEE UNIT GASTROENTEROLOGI JABATAN PERUBATAN FAKULTI PERUBATAN DAN SAINS KESIHATAN UNIVERSITY PUTRA MALAYSIA Fakulti of Perubatan & Sains Kesihatan, No Talian 603-89472729 (pejabat)603-89472759 (fax)[email protected] Kelayakan Akademik Jawatan kini Profesor Madya Perubatan Penjawatan dahulu Pakar Perubatan, Kemen

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Pluto in Sagittarius When Pluto entered Sagittarius in 1995 for the first time since its discovery, astrologers werefortunate to have computer programs that make it easy to check what Pluto in Sagittarius has meantto the history of the world. Using the advanced return option of Solar Fire 5 , we were able togenerate a list of all the times since 1 A.D. when Pluto first entered and last left Sa

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PRESS RELEASE 07 September 2011 Augurix and Tillotts sign agreement for the commercialization of Simtomax® for rapid diagnosis of celiac disease Monthey/Rheinfelden, Switzerland - 7 September 2011: Augurix SA (“Augurix”) and Til otts Pharma AG (“Til otts”) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a commercialization agreement for Simtomax®, a rapid point-of-care di

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ARCHIVIO STORICO DIOCESANO DI BERGAMO Prima Visita Pastorale Di Mons. Adriano Bernareggi (1934-1940) Andrea Zonca VISITE PASTORALI Prima Visita del vescovo Mons. Bernareggi (1934-1940) Gli atti della prima Visita Pastorale del vescovo Adriano Bernareggi, svoltasi negli anni Trenta del XX secolo, sono raccolti in 25 faldoni, che conservano la numerazione originale (da 16

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[C’è un uomo di spalle, in piedi. Indossa l’impermeabile e il cappello. Ha appena spento la luce della sua stanza d’ufficio. Con la mano destra reg- ge una borsa marrone di pelle, voluminosa; la sinistra è appoggiata alla maniglia interna della porta che sta per aprire. (Uscito, la richiuderà dietro di sé, si avvierà verso l’ascensore, saluterà il portiere nell’atrio con un «buon


Schnell, genau und ständig wach: Der oft unterschätzte Hörsinn ist Vorbild für eine effiziente Datenanalysemen, Harmonien oder Muster einer Stim-me“, sagt der Informatiker. entwickeln. „Wir können viele Dimensio-ne Vorlesung einzuleiten. „Kellnerinnennen übereinander legen, mehr als bei gra-gibt es nicht mehr. Dafür sehen Sie einenfischer Darstellung“, so Hermann. „Beischen

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AF941R multifunction bidirectional remote control for radio system The AF941R remote control with 4 buttons for the radio system allows controlling the AVE radio burglar alarm control units and radio receivers. The operation of various buttons depends on the set programming, as described hereinafter. The LED provided on board not only indicates successful transmission of the code towar


Viagra alternatives for Erectile Dysfunction and Herbal ViagraImpotence or erectile dysfunction as it is often referred to can occur to men of different age groups and belonging to different walks of life. There aremany possible reasons why sexually active men fail to have a proper erection or sustain it to ensure satisfactory sex occurs. While in older agedpeople the reasons could be related t

Model nota nl

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ toegelaten door de Commissie voor het Bank-, Financie- en Assurantiewezen onder codenummer (K.B. 04 en 13.07.1979 - B.S. 14.07.1979) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Tel. : + – Fax : + ___________________________

Santhera pharmaceuticals (switzerland) ltd

Santhera Pharmaceuticals Holding AG Hammerstrasse 49 CH-4410 Liestal / Switzerland Phone Santhera’s MICONOS Trial with Catena®/Sovrima® in Friedreich’s Ataxia Misses Primary Endpoint Liestal, Switzerland, May 20, 2010 – Santhera Pharmaceuticals (SIX: SANN) announced today that its MICONOS Phase III study evaluating Catena®/Sovrima® for the treatment of Frie- dreich’

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Résumé de la conférence-atelier donnée à Fribourg le 29 mars 2004 par M. Marc Reisinger, de Bruxelles Bateson: vers une théorie systémique de la dépendance Introduction Dans un article publié en 1971, Gregory Bateson, qui est l'auteur du rapprochement entre la double contrainte (double bind) et la genèse de la schizophrénie, opérait un rapprochement encore plus surpr

Certification de la visite mdicale : etat des lieux et prospesctives


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IKAA Gathering 20 Korean Adoptees to Gather in Korea to Promote Understanding and Dialogue with Korean Society SEOUL, Korea - The International Korean Adoptee Associations (IKAA) Network will host the IKAA Gathering, the third of its kind, scheduled to take place from August 3rd to August 8th 2010 at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, Korea. The IKAA Gathering is held only once every three years in


Allegra Vorsorge AG Firmenportrait 1 Das Unternehmen 1.1 Gründung, Domizil, Büroräumlichkeiten Die Allegra Vorsorge AG wurde am 9. Mai 2007 gegründet. Die Büroräumlichkeiten befinden sich in unmittelbarer Nähe zum Bahnhof, an der Baden-erstrasse 9 in 5200 Brugg. 1.2 Finanzierung Das Aktienkapital der Gesellschaft beträgt CHF 100'000. Es ist voll liberiert. 1.3


(Actos cuja publicação é uma condição da sua aplicabilidade) REGULAMENTO (CE) N.o 1606/2002 DO PARLAMENTO EUROPEU E DO CONSELHO de 19 de Julho de 2002 relativo à aplicação das normas internacionais de contabilidade O PARLAMENTO EUROPEU E O CONSELHO DA UNIÃO EUROPEIA,de 1986, relativa às contas anuais e às contas consoli-dadas dos bancos e outras instituiço˜es financeiras (

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Elenco dei Farmaci sottoposti a Monitoraggio Intensivo Aggiornamento n. 15 – AGOSTO 2011 MEDICINALE PRINCIPIO ATTIVO SUN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES (EUROPE) B.V. Pagina 1 di 8 Elenco dei Farmaci sottoposti a Monitoraggio Intensivo Aggiornamento n. 15 – AGOSTO 2011 MEDICINALE PRINCIPIO ATTIVO ) PROTEINA COAGULABILE UMANA CHE CONTIENE PRINCIPALMENTE FIBRINOG

Sd sinuforce 5/03 e

Schweizerische Zeitschrift für GanzheitsMedizin Komplementärmedizin ■ Ernährungsmedizin ■ Gesundheitsprävention Andy Suter Silvia Bommer Acute and chronic sinusitis: treatment with a homeopathic sinus spray Results of a clinical study on the efficacy and tolerability of the homeopathic “Sinuforce Spray” Reprint from Schweiz. Zschr. GanzheitsMedizin 2003;15(5):233–238 O

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An effective tool to increasing access to essential medicines? Realizing that patent protection on pharmaceutical products can restrict access to essential medicines, developing countries in the World Trade Organization (WTO) pushed for the implementation of the Doha Declaration, a declaration which allows countries to override patent laws to protect public health through compulsory licensing

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Bradley Philip Stoner Personal Information: Sex: Citizenship: Address and Telephone Numbers: Division of Infectious Diseases Washington University School of Medicine Tel. 314-935-5673 FAX 314-935-8535 e-mail: [email protected] Present Position: Associate Professor of Anthropology Director, Medicine and Society Program Director, Undergraduate Minor in Public


In This Issue The American Historical Review 2010 115:3, xiii-xvi In Back Issues The American Historical Review 2010 115:3, xvii-xix “A continuall and dayly Table for Gentlemen of fashion”: Humanism, Food, and Authority at Jamestown, 1607–1609 By Michael A. LaCombe The American Historical Review 2010 115:3, 669-687 “If You Eat Their Food …”: Diets and Bodies in Early Colo

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SUNTEST CPS/CPS+ Conformity to COLIPA SUNTEST CPS/CPS+ conforming to the COLIPA Guideline: “METHOD FOR THE IN VITRO DETERMINATION OF UVA PROTECTION PROVIDED BY SUNSCREEN PRODUCTS” (Edition 2007A) Note: The previous SUNTEST XLS/XLS+ model (built until 2008) was an accepted ‘solar simulator’ for the COLIPA 2007A test. The 2008 redesigned SUNTEST XLS+ has not been validated fo

(microsoft word - insufici\352ncia card\355aca.doc)

* Trabalho realizado na Disciplina de Medicina de Urgência do Departamento de Medicina da Universidade Federal de São Paulo - Escola Paulista de Medicina - Rua Pedro de Toledo, 920 - CEP 04039-002 - Vila Clementino - São Paulo - SP - Brasil - TELEFAX : 573-7180 e 576-4302 ** Prof. Titular e Chefe da Disciplina de Medicina de Urgência do Departamento de Medicina da Universidade Federal de

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Walking Group – Safety Habits . Responsibilities • The walk leader is responsible for the safety measures employed before and during a walk. This means describing the walk, guiding the group on the correct path, not getting lost or losing any member of the group. • Each individual is responsible for their own food, water, preparation and equipment. The leader should warn members of


MU-ADEPT Level 3: Advanced Training Resources Resources The ATTC's Medication-Assisted Treatment with Special Populations online training, developed for both non-physician treatment providers and physicians, is designed to enhance Medication-Assisted professionals' knowledge and skills related to reaching and educating the special populations about MAT and increasing the use of MAT


A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Citalopram for the Prevention of Major Depression During Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer William M. Lydiatt, MD; David Denman, MD; Dennis P. McNeilly, PsyD;Susan E. Puumula, MS; William J. Burke, MD Objective: To determine whether prophylactic treat- Results: The numbers of subjects who met predefined ment with the antidepressant citalopram h

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Chanelle Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Ltd ANIMEC INJECTION Presentation A clear colourless, sterile solution for injection. Each ml of Animec Injection contains 10 mg Ivermectin Uses Animec Injection is indicated for the effective treatment and control of the following harmful parasites of cattle Cattle: Gastro-intestinal roundworms (adult and fourth stage larvae): Ostert

Clinical features, pathophysiology, and treatment of medication-overuse headache

Clinical features, pathophysiology, and treatment of medication-overuse headache Medication-overuse headache (MOH) is a chronic headache disorder defi ned by the International Headache Society Lancet Neurol 2010; 9: 391–401 as a headache induced by the overuse of analgesics, triptans, or other acute headache compounds. The population- See In Context page 349 based prevalence of MOH


ARÊTE DE SAINT MARTIN DE L'ARÇON Caractéristiques : Éloignement : 1h30. Distance : 85 km. Amplitude : 9 h 00. Intérêt : 3*. Niveau : 3+. Longueur: 7,5 km. Durée : 6 h (pauses comprises). Altitude mini : 270 m. Altitude maxi : 1060 m. Dénivelé brut : 790 m. Dénivelé cumulé : 835 m Difficultés: Pas de balisage; quelques cairns; nécessité de posséder un b


Indumentaria acompañados por ambos padres: además del D.N.I. o C.I. vigentes, libreta dematrimonio o partida original de nacimiento de los hijos.Menores de 21 años noPara la vida a bordo aconsejamos ropa liviana o deportiva y calzadoacompañados o acompañados por un solo padre: autorización ante escribanoconfortable, de taco bajo. Durante cada crucero se realizan noches de gala pa

Kit dap amoxicilina-inglés suel

DAP® - AMOXICILLIN DESCRIPTION Main allergenic determinants implicated in type I or immediatehypersensitivity to Amoxicillin and related antibiotics (amino penicillins),dosed and stabilized by means of freeze-drying. To be exclusively used forthe diagnosis of type I or immediate hypersensitivity to amino penicillinsand related antibiotics (amino penicillins) by means of skin test (skin

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Mise en scène : Eric De Staercke Avec Bruno Coppens Pierre Poucet Compositions musicales : Eloi Baudimont Régie, éclairages et son : Benoît Lavalard Assistant à la mise en scène : Gael Soudron Costumes : Lili Deconinck Professeur de chant : Aïssatou Diop Construction décor : Marc Cocozza, Mathieu Regaert et Quentin Huwaert Peinture décor : Pauline Picry U

Justice committee

Justice Committee Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2 Written submission from Simon Brooke Before going on to the primary matter of my submission, I should like to take issue with your preference for receiving submissions in the proprietary format of an illegal foreign monopoly. This is not exactly the best way to run an open parliament, nor to encourage our nat


Please note the products highlighted in blue are at a Recommended Trade Price - and are subject to different trading terms Baxi Price List February 2013 All other products are at a List Price value - and are subject to your usual off invoice trading terms PLATINUM COMBI HE A SALES CODE SEDBUK BAND OUTPUT kW FLOW RATE l/min RETAIL LIST PRICE £ MULTIFIT FLUE SY

Herbs that can lower blood sugar

Herbs that Lower Blood Sugar- J Klemens Herbs that Lower Blood Sugar Jonathan Klemens, B.S. Bio, RPh, FAAIM The long-term complications of uncontrolled diabetes are well known – damage to eyes, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels, and other organs. Most of this damage is attributed to chronic elevated blood glucose levels. Type II diabetics and pre-diabetics are aware of these dangers

Physician’s order sheet

Clos tridi u m diffic ile Inf INDICATION: Acute onset diarrhea ( ≥ 3 unformed/watery stools in 24 hours) Do Not Use Abbreviations Positive stool C. difficile toxin test OR Pseudomembranous colitis on endoscopy OR high clinical suspicion pending toxin result -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Summary No Country of one’s own An advisory report on treaty protection for stateless persons in the Netherlands Worldwide, an estimated 12 million people have no nationality. In other words, they are stateless. Statelessness is a problem because possessing a nationality means that there is at least one country where one has the right to reside. Nationality confers a number of othe


Dow Jones Sustainability Indices In Collaboration with RobecoSAM Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index Industry Group Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life SciencesSemiconductors & Semiconductor EquipmentPharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life SciencesPharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life SciencesPharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life SciencesPharmaceutical

470939 470939-1 animal genetic defect report for kajal

Animal Genetic Defect Report System ID Selection: Defect Type is Arthrogryposis Multiplex and Result is Carrier Date 15/08/2013 Time 14:44:02 Report ID Animal ID Date of Birth Animal Name Defect Type Animal Genetic Defect Report System ID Selection: Defect Type is Arthrogryposis Multiplex and Result is Carrier Date 15/08/2013 Time 14:44:02 Report ID Anima

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“STACHEVSKY, HECTOR OSVALDO c/ GCBA IMPUGNACION DE ACTOS ADMINISTRATIVOS”, sentencia del 8/4/2005 Voces: Declaración de inconstitucionalidad de oficio. Status jurídico de la ex MCBA. Funciones del Estado. Actos, reglamentos y leyes. Principio de congruencia. Ley 19.987. Incompetencia del Consejo Deliberante. “STACHEVSKY, HECTOR OSVALDO c/ GCBA IMPUGNACION DE ACTOS ADMI

Smarxt disposal - common questions

W h a t i s S M A R x T D I S P O S A L ? SMARXT DISPOSAL is a public awareness campaign that targets medication consumers to providing guidance on proper disposal of unused and or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications. SMARXT DISPOSAL raises awareness about the potential environmental impacts from improperly disposed medications. This national campa


Olivier Barraud, Edgar Badell, 8. Barraud O, Baclet MC, Denis F, Ploy MC. François Denis, Nicole Guiso, Quantitative multiplex real-time PCR for and Marie-Cécile Ploy Antimicrob Chemother. 2010;65:1642–5. The purpose of this study was to la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale, 9. Naas T, Mikami Y, Imai T, Poirel L, Nord-Limoges, France (O. Barraud, F. Denis, M.-mann P. Charact

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This is a CONFIDENTIAL questionnaire to help us determine the best treatment plan for you. If you have questions, please ask. Thank you. Name ______________________________________________ Date _____________ Social Security # ___________________ Home Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________ City _______________________________________


Paula PetrikDepartment of History & Art HistoryGeorge Mason UniversityFairfax, VA 22030January [email protected]://www.archiva.net Grammar for Historians and Others Grammar and mechanics are important for a variety of reasons—all of them good. All your posts and papers should be grammatically correct in all their particulars. Correctness includes spelling, punc-tuation, diction, and


Level One – Includes low-cost generic and brand-name drugs. Level Two – Includes higher cost generic and brand-name drugs. Level Three – Includes high-cost, mostly brand-name drugs and some self-administered injectables. These drugs may have generic or brand-name alternatives in Levels One or Two. Level Four – Includes high technology drugs and self-administered injectable drug

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ACTION MEMO AC TRANSIT DISTRICT GM Memo No. 05-273 Board of Directors Committees: Planning Committee Board of Directors Financing Corporation SUBJECT: Execute Amendment #4 to Transit Priority Cooperative Agreement (San Pablo Corridor) between AC Transit and the Alameda County Congestion Management Agency (ACCMA) RECOMMENDED ACTION: Information Only


Sandpapers/glasspapers - types and their uses The term 'sandpaper' is used these days to cover abrasive grit on flexible backing sheets used to smooth many types of material. True 'sandpaper' (i.e. backing paper covered with grains of sand) is no longer available commercially but has been replaced by backing sheet covered with glass, aluminium oxide, silicon carbide, garnet or other specia

Kalkulationsdaten für den ausbau, modulbeschreibung kurz

Kalkulationsdaten von Angerland-Data Modulbeschreibung Kurzfassung Jede der Kalkulationen besteht aus Stückliste, Langtext, Kurztext undArbeits- und Transportzeiten. (Anzahl der Kalkulationen in Klammern.) Inhaltsverzeichnis Trockenbau-Systeme Brandschutz-Systeme Putz-Systeme Vollgipswände Boden-/ Trockenestrich-Systeme Zargen-Verglasungen 018 Richter-System Brandschutzve

Cv_6ago2012 (3)

Curriculum professionale Informazioni personali Lavoro o posizione ricoperti Direttore Generale Principali attività e responsabilità Responsabile del a gestione operativa del a società con il coordinamento dei dirigenti del e aree operative per l’attuazione del e linee strategiche e del e disposizioni impartite dal Consiglio di Amministrazione S. p.A. – Via Ammiraglio Gravi


Anchor of the Soul Mission Outreach Health and Safety Suggestions Always stay in groups. Never go off on your own. Keep cameras with you or leave in approved areas. Please remember, safety first, no matter what we are trying to accomplish. NEVER accept a package from anyone that you are not 100% sure what is inside. Feel free to express ANY concerns to your team leader. Keep passport wh


Documento descargado de http://www.doyma.es el 21/09/2006. Copia para uso personal, se prohíbe la transmisión de este documento por cualquier medio o formato. CURSO OTORRINOLARINGOLOGÍA PARA PEDIATRAS Servicio de Pediatría. Centro de Salud el Naranjo. Fuenlabrada. Madrid. España. MONOGRAFÍAS DEFINICIÓN dolor de garganta, afonía ligera y sin dificultad respi-El crup es una causa

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Betyder högt BMI ökad överlevnad Etablering av en ny metod för för dialyspatienten? bestämning av metformin i serum. Riktområde för behandling vid Charlotte Medin (3), Abdul Rashid Qureshi (2), Peter Stenvinkel (4), normal njurfunktion. Bengt Lindholm (2), Carl-Gustaf Elinder (5), Stefan Jacobson (1), Britta Gunnar Sterner (2), Anders Andersson (3), Anne Cato (3),

Crystal reports activex designer - msds_9.rpt

Safety Data Sheet Product Name A : TTACK® 1. Identification GHS Product Identifier Product Code Product Type Company Name 6 Manu Street, OtahuhuAuckland 2024 New Zealand Telephone/Fax Number Emergency phone number Email Recommended use of A broad spectrum insecticide for use on avocados, citrus, flowers and ornamentals, glasshouse tomoatoes and curcurbit

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A.A.P.I. Association d'Aide aux Personnes Incontinentes 18 - MEDICAMENTS ET INCONTINENCE URINAIRE (féminine et masculine) De nombreux médicaments sont actifs sur la vessie et l'urètre soit en stimulant le muscle vésical et les tissus de l'urètre, soit au contraire en les déprimant. Tout médicament actif sur la vessie peut donc, soit améliorer les troubles urinaires, soit a

Enr 3


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A Review of the Evidence on Impairment of Antihistamines and Driving Ability The driving risks due to alcohol use are well known and in 2002, there were 17,970 alcohol-related crashes in the United States. There has also been a growing awareness of the traffic safety risks due to the behavioral toxicity of drugs other than alcohol. These include not only illicit drugs, such as cocaine and m


CADUET(R) Tablets Amlodipine Besylate and Atorvastatin Calcium Consumer Medicine Information What is in this leaflet If you have any concerns about taking this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Keep this leaflet with the medicine. What CADUET is used is amlodipine and the other isatorvastatin. When you are taking CADUET, you also need to follow a low fat d


Mobilgrease XHP 220 serie smeervetten zijn lithium-complex smeervetten bedoeld voor een verlengde service met een breed toepassingsgebied en in uiteenlopende bedrijfsomstandigheden. Deze smeervetten overtreffen conventionele smeervetten door het gebruik van onze gepatenteerde toonaangevende lithium-complex productietechnologie. Deze smeervetten zijn ontwikkeld om uitmuntende hoge temperatuur pres

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8/2  Ramsay  Place,  Albury,  NSW,  2640  PH:  02  6041  4879      Fax:  02  6041  5783  Trochanteric bursitis is inflammation of the bursa (fluid-filled sac near a joint) at the outside (lateral) point of the hip known as the greater trochanter. When this bursa becomes irritated or inflamed, it causes pain in the hip. This is a common cause of hip pain. Patien

Atlanta post polio association

November 3, 2007, Meeting Summary of Presentation: Maintaining the Health and Energy Level of Post-Polio Patients Dr. Donald Leslie, Shepherd Center Medical Director, spoke to APPA members for its November meeting. As a life-long member of APPA and the compassionate Polio physician for many of APPA’s members, Dr. Leslie’s annual appearances are very popular and highly attended. The mee


Metformin inhibits leptin secretion via a mitogen-activated protein kinase signalling pathway in brown adipocytes Johannes Klein*, Sören Westphal*, Daniel Kraus, Britta Meier, Nina Perwitz, Volker Ott, Mathias Fasshauer1 and H Harald Klein2 Department of Internal Medicine I, University of Lübeck, Ratzeburger Allee 160, 23538 Lübeck, Germany1Department of Internal Medicine III, Universit


http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/879kf95c(VS.80).aspx Walkthrough: Creating a Web Site with Membership and User Login (Visual Studio) Creating the Web Site If you have already created a Web site in Microsoft Visual Studio (for example, by working with the topic ), you can use that Web site and skip to "Configuring Membership" later in this walkthrough. Otherwise, create a


Legga attentamente il foglietto illustrativo prima di far uso del medicamento. Questo medicamento le è stato prescritto personalmente e quindi non deve essere consegnato ad altre persone, anche se i sintomi sono gli stessi. Il medicamento potrebbe nuocere alla loro salute. Conservi il foglietto illustrativo per poterlo rileggere all’occorrenza. Metformina Axapharm Che cos’è Metformina


Cap00-Goldwurm 4a bozza 1-06-2004 14:15 Pagina XQualità della Vita nella ricerca e nella societàLa ricerca sulla qualità della vita ha avuto un impulso notevole in campomedico soltanto quando si è diffusa la consapevolezza che, per valutare irisultati dei trattamenti in medicina, erano insufficienti gli abituali parametriclinici. Nella valutazione degli esiti, quindi, ci si è resi conto che


Laser Therapy Infrared Photo Energy May Reduce Neuropathic Pain Near infrared light therapy, together with physical therapy, may be able to reduce pain in neuropathy patients and possibly reduce medication dosage levels of those undergoing drug therapy. Diabetic neuropathy is a common health problem today which often poses a variety of clinical challenges. In this article, Dr. Thoma

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Riesgos por el uso de las píldoras de control de natalidad: Qué es lo que los pacientes necesitan saber? Explicado por los abogados que trabajan en lesiones causadas por el uso de YAZ YAZ, Yasmin y Ocella ( nombre genérico de Yasmin) son las drogas de control de natalidad que son • YAZ (drospirenona/etinil estradiol, Bayer) • Yasmin ( drospirenona/etinil estradiol, Berlex/Baye • Ocella

Principal heading

DSC 2007 North America – Iowa City – September 2007 Introduction It is still difficult to simulate vehicle motion in a realistic way. Incorrect simulator motion even causes simulator sickness (Kennedy, R.S. et al., 1992). Therefore, the use of motion in simulators is still subject to debate. In order to explore the requirements for proper motion simulation, an advanced motion platform is

Holdings per currency fix income 20021231.xls

Fixed-Income Holdings Per Currency As at 31 December 2002 Security Nominal amount (QC) Market Value (SEK) Clean Value(SEK) EUR Belgium Kingdom Government 5.50 2017-09-28 Italy Buoni Poliennali Del Tesoro 6 2031-05-01 7 169 309 285 6 958 443 680 GBP United Kingdom Government 9 2011-07-12 United Kingdom Government 5.75 2009-12-07United Kingdom Government 6.25 2010-11-

Microsoft word - manual - astral foods ltd-final.doc

ASTRAL FOODS LIMITED REGISTRATION NUMBER: 1978/003194/06 MANUAL IN TERMS OF SECTION 51 OF THE PROMOTION OF ACCESS TO INFORMATION ACT ACT NO 2 OF 2000 ("THE ACT") Name of the company Astral Foods Limited Introduction Astral Foods is a leading South African food group with key activities in animal feed, animal feed pre-mixes, broiler genetic breeding, broiler

Check list por carro.xls

Marrocos 2011 - Pelo Atlas na rota do Bougafer- Check List Jipe - Documentos Observações Se o titular do Registo não fôr na viatura, esteja em nome de uma empresa ou de instituição, ter-se-á que requerer da mesma uma autorização escrita preferencialmente em Português e em Francês, com assinatura reconhecida notarialmente, conforme modelo. Algumas seguradoras já inclue


A Glimpse at Avandia (rosiglitazone) Drug Information Resident Ketal Patel Pharm.D. Drug Information Resident Texas Southern University’s Drug Information Center has a Rosiglitazone (Avandia®), a thiazolidinedione on the market new Drug Information Resident for the 2010-2011 year. Dr. since 1999, is FDA indicated for monotherapy in conjunction Ketal Patel graduated Cum Laud

Keys to aging well

Falls and Fall Prevention: A Clinical Perspective Elizabeth A. Phelan, MD, MS Associate Professor Medicine / Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine July 10, 2009 Objectives Know and understand: – How often falls occur – Consequences of falls – Why falls occur – How falls may be prevented Definition: coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or lowe


I P R I M I C E N TO A N N I d al N o t i zia rio 30 La ricerca sta facendo importanti progressi per incidere sulla malattia e non solo sui sintomi: dai farmaci anti-amiloide a quelli che inibiscono gli enzimi secretasi fino al vaccino Claudio Mariani, Francesca ClericiNeurologia, Università degli Studi di Milano, Ospedale Luigi Sacco Allo stato delle attuali conoscenze per la Inibit

Encarte aqs 2

No dia 29 de Maio, a Direcção Geral de Energia lançou aCom a criatividade da Ogilvy & Mather Portugal e a produçãocampanha. Os anúncios rádio foram transmitidos emcampanha publicitária "Água Quente Solar para Portugal", noda Zoo Filmes, o anúncio televisivo mostrava imagens do nascerestações líderes de audiência para os grupos alvo da cam- Público em


Does this story sound familiar? It’s Sunday morning, the last day of a three-day trip. You have four hours of fl ying ahead of you to get back home, but something about the air conditioner last night has left you with stuffy nose and sinuses this morning. You know from your training and experience that fl ying with congested upper airways is not a good thing. As it turns out, one of the o

Common interests in the ocean

Common Interests in the Ocean Rüdiger Wolfrum INTRODUCTION Oceans (the high seas, the deep- ocean floor, and its subsoil) differ funda-mentally from territories or spaces under national jurisdiction. Whereas the management of the latter rests in the responsibility of a given state, activities in the former are governed by international law, implemented and enforced by individual states or or

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ו קדבנ ונכותו תואירבה דרשמ י ע MEDICINAL PRODUCT Tradename LYRINEL 5mg, 10mg® International Non-Proprietary Name QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Each extended [ prolonged ] release tablet contains 5 mg or 10 mg of oxybutynin chloride 3. PHARMACEUTICAL Extended [ prolonged ] release tablets for oral use: • 5 mg: Pale yellow, round, table

David a

DAVID A. YEAGER, DPM, FASPS, FACFAS Practice Information: KSB Foot and Ankle Center/ Wound Care Center Dixon, IL 61021 Residency Director of KSB Hospital; Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency with Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford C

Témoignage de carmen

Témoignage de Carmen J’ai un trouble obsessionnel-compulsif (TOC) depuis à peu près l’âge de six ans. A cette époque je ne me rendais pas compte de ce qui m’arrivait. Maintenant je me rappelle trois événements qui m'ont fait réaliser que le TOC est apparu dès cette période. Un jour, mon père m’a grondée car il avait trouvé dans ma corbeille à papiers beaucoup de feuilles pres

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NARRATIVE REPORT FOR AMOR MATERNAL AND NEONATAL HEALTH PROJECT AT KASESE IN MALAWI: REPORTING PERIOD: MAY 2011 Introduction This report has been compiled by Lifeline Malawi and covers the Maternal and neonatal Health services supported by AMOR Foundation. The report is submitted to AMOR for purpose of information, record and feedback where necessary. Achievements This repor


MEDICAL IMAGING DEPARTMENT POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL Procurement, Storage, and Administration of Contrast Media Originating Department: MEDICAL IMAGING ALL STAFF DIRECTOR OF MEDICAL Responsible Person: IMAGING SERVICES PURPOSE: Establish a guideline to promote the safe and effective administration of contrast media via intravenous, oral, rectal, and radi


Updating article CURRENT CONCEPTS IN OSTEOARTHRITIS Márcia Uchôa de rezende1, GUstavo constantino de caMpos1, alexandre Felício pailo1 AbstrACt is not purely mechanical and / or aging, and clarification of Osteoarthritis (OA), the most common form of joint disease, the inflammatory pathways involved led recently to the clinical affects mainly the hips, knees, hands and feet, leadin

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Ref No. GB/P/2/09 GUARDIANSHIP BOARD REASONS FOR ORDER Mental Health Ordinance (Cap. 136)1 (Section 59O) ---------- BETWEEN Ms Applicant2 Subject3 The Director of Social Welfare ________________________________________________________________ Members of Guardianship Board constituted Chairperson of the Board: Mr Charles CHIU Chung-yee Memb

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In Kürze laufen die ersten Patente aus der Gruppe der Statine (Cholesterin- senkende Präparate) aus, wodurch ein wirtschaftlich und versicherungs- technisch bedeutendes Marktsegment beträchtlich in Bewegung gerät. Vermeidbare Todesursachen, Todesursachen weltweit (siehe Tabelle) umsatzstärkste therapeutische von festem Brennstoff (z. B. Holz, Kohle) *erfasst wurd

Dizziness questionnaire

DALE B. SMITH, D.O. TIMOTHY W. TEEL, D.O. LONNIE C. SCHOLL, P.A.-C MICHELE L. RO GERS, Au.D. 4920 SW Lee Blvd, Lawton, OK 73505 (580) 536-8844 1015 E. Broadway, Ste. 103, Altus, OK 73521 (580) 477-1033 Dizziness Questionnaire Date of Birth: Gender: Male / Female 1) What term(s) best describe your “dizziness?”  Spinning sensation – the room / your body


2013 ACVIM Forum Research Abstract Program Seattle, Washington, June 12 – 15, 2013 Index of Abstracts POSTER PRESENTATIONS On Display: Thursday, June 13, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM Attended by ALL Authors Eligible for ACVIM Resident Research Awards : Thursday, June 13, 9:50 AM – 10:30 AM Attended by ALL Authors – Wine & Cheese Reception: Friday, June 14, 6:00 PM –

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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Finished Product SECTION 1 - CHEMICAL SUBSTANCE/PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION • Finished Product Name : DDF Discoloration Reversal-Pod (98898381) • Company Identification : Dist. by HDS Labs, Inc. New York, NY 10022 Contact: Consumer Relations at 1-800-818-9770 • In case of medical emergencies, please contact your local poison control c

Commentaire envoi 01 - 03 01 10

Le 3 janvier 2009 Chers Collègues, Une nouvelle année commence et il est toujours bon de se fixer quelques objectifs pour améliorer ce que l'on fait. Dans ce cadre, voici quelques orientations que je compte suivre pour cette lettre d'information : assurer, autant que possible, un suivi régulier de la jurisprudence touchant la santé au travail par interrogation régulière du site L�

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SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF PANAX GINSENG DURING PREGNANCY AND LACTATION Dugald Seely1,2, Jean-Jacques Dugoua1,3,4, Daniel Perri5, Edward Mills1,6, Gideon Koren 4,51Department of Research and Clinical Epidemiology, The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine,2Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto, 3Graduate Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy,


Clinical Toxicology, 37(6), 731–751 (1999) Position Statement and Practice Guidelines on the Use of Multi-Dose Activated Charcoal in the Treatment of Acute Poisoning American Academy of Clinical Toxicology;European Association of Poisons Centresand Clinical Toxicologists ABSTRACT In preparing this Position Statement, all relevant scientific literature was identi- fied and reviewed critica

El deber de ayudar en kant

Miguel Andreoli Actio 5 Octubre 2004 ISSN 1510-8082 El deber de ayudar en Kant Miguel Andreoli Instituto de Filosofía Fac. de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación Afirmar que es una característica fundamental de la acción humana intencional, el ser realizada en vista a algún fin, tiene un valor de definición. De aquí se deriva naturalmente la creencia de que la estimaci�

Student harvest csa management guide

In the Market Garden at the UCD Student Farm we operate a community supported agriculture system (CSA), which provides a basket full of fruits and vegetables to 65 on-campus subscribers for approximately 46 weeks of the year. Our CSA serves three purposes. First, it provides a mechanism for educating students about a wide variety of vegetables in an experiential learning setting. Secondly, it


Antimikrobielle Wirkung von Teebaumöl (Melaleuca alternifolia) auf orale Mikroorganismen EVA KULIK, KRYSTYNA LENKEIT und JÜRG MEYER Das Öl von Melaleuca alternifolia (Teebaum) zeigt eine anti- Institut für Präventivzahnmedizin und Orale Mikrobiologie mikrobielle Wirkung auf ein breites Spektrum von gramposi- Zentrum für Zahnmedizin der Universität Basel tiven und gramnegativen

June 2009 p&t minutes 7.23.09 final.web.xls

AmeriChoice Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee Minutes June 17, 2009 Meeting Date: June 17, 2009 Location: Via conference call D. Morgan, J. Bellicini, R. Brekosky, J.Weiss, R. Justman, S. Nichols, C. Freed, M. Mahler, S. Stein, E. Francis, B. Selius, A. Burkins, M. Reich, J. Carlson, V. Members in Attendance: Members Absent: J. Hancovsky, S. Bush, G. Fleszar, D. Rose, K. Top


A123 Systems, Hydro-Quebec, and the University of Texas Settle Lithium Metal Phosphate Battery Chemistry Patent Dispute WALTHAM, Mass., Oct. 31, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Nasdaq:AONE), Hydro Québec, and the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System, on behalf of the University of Texas at Austin (UT) today announced that they have settled their patent disputes regarding lithium met


INDELING DER HOOFDSTUKKEN Neurobiologische en psychofarmacologische basiskennis Marc Van den Berghe, Vincent Seutin & Jacqueline Scuvée-Moreau Schizofrenie en andere psychotische stoornissen Joseph Peuskens & Jean-Marie Maloteaux Michel Dierick, Hugo D'haenen & William Pitchot Impulsiviteit, agressiviteit en parafilieën Paul Cosyns, Francisca van Hunsel & Alexandre Dail


Initial Allergy Questionnaire and History No Antihistamines for 1. Please prepare 3 days before your visit! 72 hours prior to 2. Complete this form before your visit and bring it Your Appointment is on: DATE: _____________________ 3. Skin testing is an important part of most Allergy evaluations. For this to be done, antihistamines will TIME: ____________________

Forum mz

A C R O B A T ® M Z W G d’intossicazione: MANCOZEB: cute: eritema, dermatiti, sensibilizzazione; occhio: congiuntivite irritativa, sensibilizzazione; apparato respiratorio: irritazione delle FUNGICIDA prime vie aeree, broncopatia asmatiforme, GRANULI IDRODISPERSIBILI sensibilizzazione; SNC: atassia, cefalea, confusione, depressione, iporeflessia. Effetto antabuse, si verifica

Gno 15.xls

Grant No. 15 Grant No. 15 - Irrigation Revenue: Amount surrendered during the year Grant No. 15- Contd. Capital: 4711 Capital Outlay on Flood Conrtol Projects Amount surrendered during the year Grant No. 15- Contd. Revenue: Voted Grant 1. Of the ultimate saving of `3,66,75.48 lakhs, `2,37,27.04 lakhs remained unsurrendered. 2. In view of the overall saving of `3,66,

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The Alliance For A Clean Environment (ACE) Is Urging The Region’s Citizens To Help Prevent Join Our Campaign To Protect Public Water What’s At Risk? The Schuylkill River For Over 1 ¾ Million People From Pottstown to Philadelphia Limerick Nuclear Power Plant Is Jeopardizing The Schuylkill River! How? What Are Potentially Harmful Consequences? Water Contamin

The patient is seen in follow up for

HEADACHE QUESTIONNAIRE Patient name: ______________________________ DOB:_____________ Date: _________________ When did your headaches first occur? ______________________________________________ Description of headache: Location of headache? ______________________________________________________________ Any warning symptoms? ______________________________________________________________ Are

20 - ar - métodos para abandono do tabagismo-e.indd

Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol. V.71, n.6, 820-6, nov./dec. 2005 REVIEW ARTICLE Methods for smoking cessation and treatment of nicotine dependence Aracy Pereira Silveira Balbani1, Jair Cortez Montovani2 Key words: smoking, nicotine, tobacco use disorder, Smoking is related to 30% of cancer deaths. It is a risk factor for respiratory tract, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, uterine cervix, kid

Sexual health and sexual rights within marriage

Understanding Human Sexuality Seminar Series Professor Olabisi I. Aina1; Mr. Joshua A Aransiola2; and Mrs. Clementina Osezua3 Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria 1 Prof Olabisi I. Aina is the Director, Centre for Gender and Social Policy Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile – Ife; 2 Mr. Joshua Aransiola is a Lecturer in the Department of Sociology/Anthropology,


Determination: NO BREACH Complaint 20101208 5 Service: 4OD (ODPS00008) Programme: Frankie Boyle Tramadol Nights Series 1, Episode 2, originally broadcast 07/12/10 http://www.channel4.com/programmes/frankie-boyles-tramadol- nights/4od/player/3144542 Introduction The complaint concerned the programme Frankie Boyle Tramadol Nights Series 1, Episode 2 provided on the 4


N. 02403/2011REG.PROV.COLL. N. 07848/2010 REG.RIC. R E P U B B L I C A I T A L I A N A IN NOME DEL POPOLO ITALIANO Il Consiglio di Stato in sede giurisdizionale (Sezione Terza) SENTENZA sul ricorso numero di registro generale 7848 del 2010, proposto da: Sanitaria Scaligera Spa, rappresentata e difesa dagli avv. Renzo Cuonzo, Stefano Gattamelata, Giovanni Sala, Faust


An update on food allergy Introduction Adverse reaction to food is a frequent clinical complaint, yet the subject of food allergy is one of the most misunderstood in clinical medicine. The wide array of symptoms ascribed to food ‘allergies’ often seem confusing to the clinician, and diagnostic tests are usually not easily available to non-specialists. This review will addr


Case 1:03-cv-11865-PBS Document 968 Filed 04/27/11 Page 1 of 38 _______________________________ MEMORANDUM AND ORDER I. INTRODUCTION The Commonwealth of Massachusetts claims that Schering-Plough Corporation, Schering Corporation, and WarrickPharmaceuticals Corporation caused the Massachusetts MedicaidProgram to overpay for the generic drug Albuterol by fraudulentlyinflating the “Who


USA: BAYER nimmt „Baby-Aspirin“ vom Markt Seit den 70er Jahren ist bekannt, dass Aspi- rin das seltene Reye-Syndrom auslösen kann. Die Krankheit schädigt Leber und Ge- hirn und verläuft zu 40% tödlich. Am häu- figsten tritt das Reye-Syndrom im Alter zwi- schen vier und neun Jahren auf. In den USA musste BAYER nun sogenanntes „Baby- Aspirin“ vom Markt nehmen. In Latein- amerika h


What is Asthma? Asthma is a common chronic lung disease in which the airways (bronchi) become inflamed and are abnormally sensitive to certain triggers. Asthma can affect people of all races and ages, and although there is no known cure, there are many ways to control it. The symptoms of asthma include coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing There are two related changes that take place in

Pii: s0749-8063(98)70058-

A Prospective Study of Pain and Analgesic Use in OutpatientEndoscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionJames S. Williams, Jr., M.D., Gary Wexler, M.D., Peter J. Novak, M.D.,Charles A. Bush-Joseph, M.D., Bernard R. Bach, Jr., M.D., and Shyamala K. Badrinath, M.D. Summary: A prospective study was undertaken to evaluate the postoperative pain and analgesic profiles of a group of 50 pati

Richards-exploring teacher chan.pdf

Exploring Teachers’ Beliefs and the Processes of Change Jack C. Richards, Patrick B. Gallo, Willy A. Renandya SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, Singapore Introduction The nature of teacher change is crucial to the field of second language teacher education. Since most of what we do in teacher education seeks to initiate change of one sort or another it is important to try to better


Development & Validation of an Automated Workstation for HTS Flux Assays Sikander Gill, Rajwant Gill, David Wicks, Joy Goswami and Dong Liang Aurora Biomed Inc, Vancouver, BC, Canada I. Abstract III. Materials & Methods IV. Results E What values of the assay parameters (i.e., Z’, Advances in genomics, proteomics, and combinatorial chemistries have window of

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