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November 15th WELCOMING RECEPTION OPENING CEREMONY Prof. Uttandaraman Sundararaj Prof. G.W.M. Peters PLENARY LECTURE: Crystallization Kinetics of Semi-Crystalline Polymers: from Processing to Properties Persian Gulf Meeting Hall Avicenna Meeting Hall Razi Meeting Hall Kharazmi Meeting Hall Abu Reyhan Meeting Hall Mollasadra Meeting Hall Morphology and Microstr

Aspirin degradation

Aspirin Stability Objectives • To describe how accelerated stability testing at elevated temperatures can be used to explain the stability of the product at room temperature. • How to classify reactions as zero, first, and second order reactions and their • To determine the activation energy necessary by constructing an Arrhenius plot. • To predict the rate constant at a given

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Dexamethasone USP Micronized NOMENCLATURE Pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione, 9-fluoro-11,17,21-trihydroxy-16-methyl, (11β,16α)- 9-Fluoro-11β,17,21-trihydroxy-16α-methylpregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione DESCRIPTION Dexamethasone from Pfizer is a white to practically white, odorless crystalline powder. It is stable in air and melts at about 250°C, with some decomposition. It is practically


NIH Public Access Author Manuscript Gastroenterology . Author manuscript; available in PMC 2009 May 2. Gastroenterology . 2008 February ; 134(2): 405–415. doi:10.1053/j.gastro.2007.11.036. Virologic Monitoring of Hepatitis B Virus Therapy in Clinical Trials and Practice: Recommendations for a Standardized Approach JEAN–MICHEL PAWLOTSKY *,‡, GEOFFREY DUSHEIKO §, ANGELOS HATZ

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Pfeifende Atmung ASTHMA und SPASTISCHE BRONCHITIS Asthma ist die häufigste chronische Krankheit bei Schulkindern. Spastische Bronchitis tritt verbreitet im Vorschulalter auf und kann eine erste Form von Asthma oder einer anderen Erkrankung sein. Bei beiden sind die Bronchien überempfindlich und reagieren auf verschiedene Reizstoffe, was zu einer Entzündung in den Bronchien


Seminars in Neonatology (2003) 8 , 223–232 Surgical treatment of infants with necrotizing enterocolitis Agostino Pierro*, Nigel Hall Department of Paediatric Surgery, The Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital forChildren NHS Trust, University College London, London, UK Summary With the improvements in neonatal intensive care, necrotizing enterocolitis KEYWORD


Chapter 12 RIOT CONTROL AGENTS INTRODUCTION CS ( o -CHLOROBENZYLIDENE MALONONITRILE) Physical Characteristics Clinical Effects CN (1-CHLOROACETOPHENONE) Physical Characteristics Clinical Effects SEVERE MEDICAL COMPLICATIONS FROM THE USE OF CS AND CN OTHER RIOT CONTROL COMPOUNDS DM (Diphenylaminearsine) CR (Dibenz (b,f) -1:4-oxazepine) CA (Bromobenzylcyanide)


LIQUID BIOFUELS OF THE FIRST AND SECOND GENERATION – THE METHOD OF PREPARATION AND APPLICATION Ewa Rostek Motor Transport Institute, Centre of Materials Testing and Mechatronics JagielloĔska Street 80, 03-301 Warsaw, POLAND tel. +48 22 438 53 25, fax: +48 22 438 54 01 Krzysztof Biernat Automotive Industry Institute, Department of Fuels and Renewable Energy Jagiell

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BOB TOMOLILLO www.BobTomolillo.com PERSONAL DATA Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1952 Resides at 186 Myrtle Street, Lynn, MA 01905, USA • (781) 592-8818 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Printer, Impressions Workshop, Boston • 1972-74 Printer, R.E. Townsend Inc., Boston • 1974-77 Lithographer-Etching Printer, The Printshop, Amsterdam, Netherlands • 1977-78 Artist in Residence


Pharmacology Chemotherapy 2004;50:6–10DOI: 10.1159/000077277 The Return of Ehrlich’s ‘Therapia magna sterilisans’ and Other Ehrlich Concepts? Series of Papers Honoring Paul Ehrlich on the Occasion of His 150th Birthday Institute for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research, Nürnberg-Heroldsberg, Germany Key Words the ‘World Conference on Dosing of Antiinfectives: Dos-Paul Ehr


Superzwei Diskografie DVD superzwei ~ zwansisch Jürgen, Schlachter and the Dirty Pissers ~ Gesang 2,3,4 ~ Schönheitschirurgie ~ Du bleibst ~ Frauen ~ Frau Klöpke und die Predigvorbereitung ~ Jaqueline ~ Zuggerschneggsche ~ Die Jugendpolizei ~ Mallorca ~ Einfach Christ ~ Ich laufe, ich falle ~ Wenn ich alt bin ~ Mr. Pharao ~ Frau Klöpke wartet ~ Terminator ~ Hessische Wikinger ~

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AUGUST 2002 / VOLUME 54 / NUMBER 8 ❿ B Y K I M B E R LY R . P O N T I U S New Veins of Application The use of PCD-veined drills on difficult-to-machine materials has expanded beyond their initial applications in the aerospace and electronics sectors. n the late 1980s, the world was in-troduced to such future successes as I Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, baseba


Name ___________________________ Date ________________________ Directions: In the passage below, circle all of the words that need to be capitalized. As we send our children to school everyday, it's important to know how clean and healthy their schools are. students spend approximately 14,000 hours inside buildings over the course of their school years. one area of growing concern is the air


EnrollEd PatiEnt rE-ordEr Form For HEaltHCarE ProFESSional USE onlY do not USE tHiS Form UnlESS PatiEnt HaS alrEadY BEEn aPProVEd For tHE PFiZEr ConnECtion to CarE Program Please fill out the form below and fax to 866-470-1748 or place your order via our automated system by calling 866-706-2400. PatiEnt inFormation Patient name: Patient address: City: Zip Code: telephon

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New drugs to improve memory and cognitive performance in impaired individuals are under intensive study. Their possible use in healthy people already triggers debate ON A WINTRY AFTERNOON IN APRIL, TIM TULLY AND I stood in a laboratory at Helicon Therapeutics, watching the future of human memory and cognition--or at least a plausible version of that future-take shape. Outside, a fre

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IMMUNIZATION ENCOUNTER FORM Health Insurance? NO TYPE: ____________ ID #_________________ GROUP #__________ Utah Medicaid? NO TYPE: ___________ ID # _________________ MONTH ___________ Patient Name: (First, Middle Initial, Last) ________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____ Age: ______ Gender: Female

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BRITISH PHARMACOPOEIA CHEMICAL REFERENCE SUBSTANCE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET The substance to which this Safety Data Sheet relates is supplied exclusively as a British Pharmacopoeia Chemical Reference Substance (BPCRS) for chemical test and assay purposes. It is not intended to be used for any other purpose and is not for human consumption . The BPCRS is supplied in accordance


Political Science 105 Review Legislatures ?? What are the fundamental differences between presidential (separation of powers) and parliamentary (fusion of powers) democracies? ?? Which is more responsive to majorities? Which is more responsive to minorities? Which better reflects the principles of pluralist democracy? Why? ?? What are the basic principles of presidential government

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GMP Quality Products References Formaldehyde 37-38% w/w stabilized with methanol (RFE, USP, BP, Ph. Eur.) PRS-CODEXD(-)-Fructose (RFE, USP, BP, Ph. Eur.) PRS-CODEXD(+)-Glucose anhydrous (RFE, USP, BP, Ph. Eur., DAB) PRS-CODEX Product Description Product Description D(+)-Glucose 1-hydrate (RFE, USP, BP, Ph. Eur., DAB) PRS-CODEXL-Glutamic Acid (RFE, BP, Ph. Eur.) PRS-CODEXPolyethylene


Sildenafil CitrateGenerieke Viagra® is identiek aan Viagra en bevat dezelfde hoeveelheid van dezelfde werkzame stoffen. De werking van Generieke Viagra is dus volledig analoog aan de werking van Pfizer Viagra®. Ook bij Generieke Viagra kunnen dus dezelfde nevenwerkingen optreden zoals lichte hoofdpijn of blozingen van het gelaat. Het is een fabeltje dat de producent van Generieke Viagra deze bij


Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board October 1999 November General Meeting The next PAAB General Meeting of Directors will be ACTIVITIES DURING THE held Friday November 5, 1999 at the College of THIRD QUARTER OF 1999 Family Physicians in Mississauga, Ontario from 9a.m. to 1 p.m. Ad hoc DTC Committee formed Code Clarification Bulletins At the June 22 1999 Executive Com

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SELECTION INVENTIONS IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL FIELDSelection Inventions In The Pharmaceutical Field –A selection invention involves the selection of individual elements or a sub-set of ele-ments from a broader class which has been defined only in general terms. Selection in-ventions are typically made in the chemical field where a general formula or list mayencompass a large number of individual


1. WP5 Tasks & Deliverables2. Overview of parallel technology tools3. Parallel copora requirements4. Survey of language resources5. Work plan for t4-t146. Questions Input : parallel corpora produced in WP4 Output : language resources for MT in WP7/WP8 WP5.1 Sub-sentential alignment (DCU, ELDA, ILSP)WP5.2 Bilingual dictionary extraction (DCU, ILSP) • D5.1 ( t06 ): Report descr

The johns hopkins hospital point-of-care testing program

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Point-of-Care Testing Program Self-Study Packet URINE DIPSTICK Multistix® 7 and Uristix  Operator Competency Only operators who have completed a defined training program and can demonstrate competence will be able to perform Urine Dipstick testing. Operator competency will be assessed annually by two methods. a. Successful performance of quality cont


MEDICATION GUIDE PERTZYE (pert-zye) (pancrelipase) delayed-release capsules Read this Medication Guide before you start taking PERTZYE and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This information does not take the place of talking to your doctor about your medical condition or treatment. What is the most important information I should know about PERTZYE?


Article gastrointestinal disorders Gastroschisis: Embryology, Pathogenesis, Epidemiology Shilpi Chabra, MD,* Objectives After completing this article, readers should be able to: 1. Describe normal embryology and various theories contributing to derangements in development leading to gastroschisis. 2. Delineate several theories regarding the pathogenesis of gastroschisis. 3. Expl

Psicofarmaci ai bambini 14-10-2006

COMUNICATO STAMPA Consiglio provinciale: approvata all’unanimità la mozione-Lattari (PdCI) riguardo alla somministrazione degli psicofarmaci ai minori Consiglio provinciale di Pistoia concorde sulla mozione presentata dal capogruppo del PdCI, Paolo Roberto Lattari , riguardo alla somministrazione di psicofarmaci ai bambini. I consiglieri hanno infatti approvato all’unanimit�

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The Elmhurst SVCs Dynamic reactive power support for Northern Illinois In November of 2008 Siemens Energy, Inc. was awarded a turnkey contract for two (2) 138 kV Static Var Compensators (SVC’s) by Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd) for the Elmhurst Substation, located a few miles south of the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. The installation of the Elmhurst SVCs

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PRINT CONCEPT srl str. Oleg Danovski 42, bl. BM3, parter 900525 Constanta telefon/fax: 0241.550741 [email protected] Preturile sunt exprimate in EURO, nu includ TVA, si pot fi modificate fara notificare prealabila. PRINT CONCEPT srl str. Oleg Danovski 42, bl. BM3, parter 900525 Constanta telefon/fax: 0241.550741 [email protected] Curved tin with approximately 40 sugar free min

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Human Ultracell Anti-Ageing Vaccine Introduction The “Institute of Biological Research” of Biocell Ultravital has worked tirelessly on cellular, hormonal and enzymotherapy treatments and devoted many years to a research that have been capturing an enormous interest among the Scientific community. Their rather controversial treatments have been braking through the field because th

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Washout Periods for Brimonidine for latanoprost ( n ؍ 17) was 4.4 ؎ 3.2 weeks ( P ؍ .24). 0.2% and Latanoprost 0.005% In all but one patient, brimonidine returned to baseline by 5 weeks and latanoprost returned by 8 weeks. William C. Stewart, MD, Keri T. Holmes, and CONCLUSION: After discontinuing latanoprost or bri- Mark A. Johnson monidine, a wide variation exist

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FOREST LABORATORIES STARTS CONFIRMATORY STUDY OF DESMOTEPLASE A NOVEL INVESTIGATIONAL TREATMENT FOR ACUTE, ISCHEMIC STROKE To Confirm Expanded 9-Hour Treatment Window Seen in Two Phase II Studies NEW YORK, NY – February 9, 2005 – Forest Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: FRX) today announced the initiation of a phase IIb/III study of desmoteplase, an investigational novel plasminogen

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Physio4All Physio4All [[email protected]] on behalf of Physio4All [[email protected]] Subject: PHYSIO4ALL E-News: Should We be ANTI-Inflammatories?Learn about Anti-Inflammatories!! PLUS Special Offer - displaying correctly? View it in your browser. PHYSIO4ALL E-News Should We be Anti -Inflammatories? • What are anti-inflammatories? • Whe

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The Masoretic Accent System The Tiberian Masoretes invented a complicated system of accent marks to accompany the biblical text. While it is not necessary for most Hebrew students to learn all of the intricacies of the system, there are a few points which can be of immense help in reading and interpreting the Hebrew text. The Masoretes actually made two systems of accents, one for so called

Epilepsy here

Epilepsy HERE Registered as a Charity No. 1079172 Telephone: 01227 360207 Fax: 01227 749095 e-mail: [email protected] Meetings held 1st Tuesday monthly (except January & August) Visit our web site on www.epilepsyhere.org.uk MYSOLINE IS NOT BEING The National Society for DISCONTINUED Epilepsy During a general discussion on the problems faced bysome members who


management | qof A total of eight points are available to practices for the correct management and treatment of obesity. Dr PAul lAmbDen explainsObesity is rapidly becoming the United Kingdom’s biggest health problem with associated deaths estimated at between 10-30,000 a year from obesity alone. Nearly two-thirds (70 per cent) of men and 63 per cent of women are over-weight or obese and it

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TIA & STROKE PREVENTION RAPID ACCESS REFERRAL Fax this completed form and related records to desired location below  LGH clinic only accepts TIA referrals Phone: 604-992-7141 See reverse for emergency contacts numbers DATE OF REFERRAL: REFERRED FROM: Emergency Dept Inpatient Physician Office Specialist Name of Referring Physician: REASON FOR REFERRAL: PATIENT


Many Parkinson's Patients Also Affected By Depression Or Dementia 11 Jun 2013 "More than a third of Parkinson's patients suffer from dementia," Prof Dr Heinz Reichmann told more than 3,000 experts gathered at the 23rd Meeting of the European Neurological Society (ENS) in Barcelona to discuss the latest developments in the field. Prof Reichmann (University Hospital Carl Gustav Ca


Diretor de teatro, cenógrafo e figurinista, Márcio Meirelles criou em 1990 o Bando de Teatro Olodum – originalmente ligado ao tradicional grupo de música de Salvador, tornou-se independente a partir de 1994. Contudo, a aproximação com o teatro e a temática dos atores negros era um estímulo longínquo. Para Meirelles, o candomblé era como uma ópera. Aliás, não lhe entrava na cabeça c

Proces verbal ou rapport

Rapport d’activité La restitution de la formation TICE s’est déroulée au cem de pikine le mercredi 13 -06-2012, à partir de 09H, à la salle multimédia dudit établissement. Il s’articule en quatre séquences réparties comme suit : 1- Information et sensibilisation sur les TICE présenté par MM. Le principal et Fara 2- Présentation de l’ordinateur et ses périphériques 3-

Introduction to philosophy

PHI 1110B Introduction to Philosophy Professor “Philosophy begins with wonder,” so said Aristotle more than two thousand years ago. Hence this course aims at an introduction to the basic problems and methods of philosophy. The fundamental and existential questions facing every one of us, like the problem of death; the meaning and purpose of life, the question of knowledge, reality and

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NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Pfizer Malaysia Launches Azoren A New Combination Therapy for Hypertension Kuala Lumpur, 10 July 2012 – Pfizer Malaysia today launched a new treatment for hypertension (high blood pressure) – a combination therapy drug that comprises two active ingredients to combat the debilitating condition in different but complementary ways. A


Biology 3400 Midterm March 4, 2010 Time: 75 minutes Instructions 1. Do not open the exam booklet until you are instructed to do so. 2. Put your name, signature and student number on the exam booklet cover page, the last page, the start of the written answer section and the multiple choice answer sheet. Print your name on the last page of the exam booklet. 3. This examination is out of a t

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Pakistan Vet. J., 2008, 28(1): 17-20. OCCURRENCE OF LANCEFIELD GROUP C STREPTOCOCCAL SPECIES IN STRANGLES CASES OF FOALS IN PUNJAB, PAKISTAN S. MANZOOR, M. SIDDIQUE, SAJJAD-UR-RAHMAN AND M. ASHRAF1 Department of Microbiology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad; 1Remount Veterinary School, Sargodha, Pakistan ABSTRACT Three equine rearing districts of Punjab, Pakistan including


ALFRED HEALTH, Alfred Pathology Service Alfred Hospital, Caulfield Hospital, Sandringham Hospital THE COLLECTOR MUST LABEL AND SIGN or INITIAL EVERY SPECIMEN (TUBE) and MUST COMPLETE THE DECLARATION ON THE REQUEST FORM. Tube Guide for Common Tests HEPARIN PLASMA with GEL, 5.0 mL EDTA , 3 mL • Essential for — FBE, Hb, DCT, Retics Most urgent BI

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                                                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Procter & Gamble Company CITYFLATS HOTEL BECOMES FIRST IN MIDWEST TO ACHIEVE LEED GOLD CERTIFICATION Leading-Edge Hotel Utilizes P&G Professional Cleaning Solutio

Essential business:

March Explorer! General Member Meeting Directions: The next ECP General Membership Meeting will be held March 8, 2012 at 7:30pm Location: The Union Project Meeting Room, 801 Negley Avenue (Corner of Negley and Stanton). Parking: Street parking available on Negley Ave. or in a large lot on Stanton Ave. across the street from the Union Project Building. General Member Meeting Agenda Welcome to Membe


Because acne is not an infection, medicated preparations do not help the problem; they tend to irritate the skin. The following should avoid being used where acne occurs:  oily make-ups  sunscreens  preparations with an SPF factor  moisturisers. Acne spots often become worse if they are squeezed or picked and it is essential that these habits are discouraged. In the treatme


Osteoarthritis of the Shoulder The main joint in the shoulder is called the glenohumeral joint. It commonly is thoughtof as the 'ball and socket' joint of the shoulder, but is actually more of a ball and saucer,as the bony socket is more flat than cup shaped. There normally is a very smoothcovering of cartilage over the bones in the joint that allows normal, smooth and pain


REGLA DE LA ORDEN FRANCISCANA SEGLAR VERSIÓN QUECHUA Realizada por Fr. Germán Pino Duran ofm CAPITULO I LA ORDEN FRANCISCANA SEGLAR (OFS) ORDEN FRANCISCANA SEGLARMANTA Entre las familias espirituales suscitadas por el Espíritu Espiritual ailluknunapi, Espíritu Santomanta Santo en la Iglesia (2), La Familia Franciscana pajarichisjan Iglesiapi (2), Franciscana ail um Diospa

The middle east and

RI 432-01. The Middle East and the Arab, Jewish and Islamic Worlds: SyllabusUniversity of the Americas, Department of International Relations and History, Dr. Paul Rich. August 2002. Course Objective: Our goals include helping you to understand thebackground to the current crisis in the Middle East, and enabling you toform your own opinion about the Arabs, Islam, and the Middle East -- oneof the

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Himalaya te pregateste pentru Noul An Universitar! S.C. Prisum International Trading Co S.R.L., importatorul unic al produselor Himalaya Herbals si Himalaya Herbal Healthcare vrea sa rasplateasca fidelitatea consumatorilor din Romania. Regulament 1. Durata Concursului si aria de desfasurare Concursul se desfasoara intre 1 Octombrie – 31 Octombrie 2012, urmand a fi organizat si desf


Requisitos para registrar nacimientos de panameños en el exterior 1. Aportar el Certificado de NACIMIENTO original, expedido por la oficina de Registro Civil o entidad que haga sus veces en el lugar donde ocurrió, el cual deberá: Estar debidamente autenticado por medio del Consulado de Panamá en el país donde ocurrió el hecho vital o por medio del Convenio de Apost


http://france.elsevier.com/direct/FARMAC/Synthesis of Novel N -Substituted Imidazolecarboxylic Acid HydrazidesFarzin Hadizadeh a,b,c,*, Razieh Ghodsi a,ba Pharmacy Faculty, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran b Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran c Biotechnology Research Center, Mashhad University of Medical


AL SAFETY DATA SHEET Date-Issued: 05/07/2012 MSDS Ref. No: 074 Date-Revised: 05/04/2012 Revision No: 3 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME: VAP-5 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Liquid Insecticide PRODUCT CODE: #71 EPA REG. NO. : 47000-71 MANUFACTURER 24 HR. EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS CHEMTREC U.S. and CANADA: (800) 424-9300 CHEMTREC All Other Areas: (

El anÁlisis semanal de primera piedra

Primera Piedra 273 Análisis Semanal EL ANÁLISIS SEMANAL DE PRIMERA PIEDR (Nº 273 del 07 de Septiembre del 2008) LA POLÍTICA SIN IDEAS ESTIMULA LA CORRUPCIÓN. I.- MUERTE DEL DIPUTADO ALVAREZ Y LAS DOS ÉTICAS DE LA DERECHA. Rafael Urriola Urbina Si usted hubiese escuchado hace dos semanas el nombre Pedro Álvarez-Salamanca es muy probable que no le hubiese dicho nada


SETURI COMPLETE ANALIZE DE LABORATOR - CLINICA Denumire Investigatii Coagulograma TQ + Activitate protrombinica + INR, APTT (Timp de tromboplastina partial activat), Fibrinogen Dublu Test - Trimestrul I - lc Ex. coproparazitologic - gradinita Ex. faringian - gradinita Testosteron -Chemiluminiscenta ,FSH (Hormon de stimulare Fertilitate barbati foliculara) -Chemilumini


Suzanne Somers, one of America's most beloved personalities, has a diverse career that has taken her from actress and stage entertainer, tosuccessful entrepreneur and writer to yet another role as an ardent advocate for healthy living. In her latest bestseller, Breakthrough: Eight steps toWellness, Suzanne interviewed healthcare professionals about developments in wellness and longevity. She br


L’UNIONE SARDA domenica 4 marzo 2012 - www.unionesarda.itF. Marina Maucioniinsegna a Cagliari:ha lanciato i “cafè philò” di GIORGIO PISANO GLI ARGOMENTI la, altri provano ogni tanto a metterciil naso per curiosità. Lei ha fatto mol-to di più arrivando a proporla al bar,magari davanti a un espresso fumanteo con olivette e aperitivo. Proporre co-sa? La filosofia. folle, almeno


Sexualstörung als kommunikatives Signal in der Paarbeziehung In der systemischen Psychotherapie ist es selbstverständlich, jedes Verhalten, jedes Problem, jede Störung in einem Gesamtkontext zu betrachten. Die Einbettung jedes Menschen in Makrosysteme, z.B: Gesel schaft, Religion, Gesinnungsgemeinschaften, in Mikrosysteme wie Familie, Freunde, Arbeitskontext und in das System im Individu


Panos Briefing No 36 September 1999 DIAGNOSING CHALLENGES Health and the new millennium ‘Health for All by the Year 2000’ was the clarion call of the World Health Organization (WHO) 20 years ago. Great progress has been made in that time: 60 per cent of the global population now have a life expectancy above 60 years, the infant mortality rate has fallen to below 50 per 1,000 li


UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO PROGRAMA DE PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO EM FILOSOFIA Disciplina : FCF 811 Filosofia e Literatura II Créditos : 3 (45h/aula) Período : 2011.1º Horário : 5ª. 13:30 às 16:30 – Sala 320-A Professor : Susana de Castro Programa: Na Poética (1453b 11-12), Aristóteles afirma que o poeta dramático “deve procurar [provocar no espectador]

David healy papers

David Healy papers (Collection Biomed 433) Finding aid prepared by Kathryn Hale; machine-readable finding aid created by Caroline Cubé. The processing of this collection was generously supported by Arcadia. Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library History and Special Collections for the SciencesHistory and Special Collections Division for the SciencesURL: http://www.library.ucla.edu/specia


DOBUTAMINE STRESS ECHOCARDIOGRAM BEING PREPARED FOR YOUR DOBUTAMINE STRESS ECHOCARDIOGRAM Your doctor has asked you to undertake a Dobutamine Stress Echocardiogram. This is an important test in helping your doctor reach a diagnosis for you. To make sure your test provides the best results, we would be grateful if you would:• Bring along this form together with the referral that your doct


Independence and Impartiality of International Arbitrators --------------------------------------------------- Doc. JUDr. Katarína Chovancová, PhD., LL.M. Associate Professor Institute of International and European Law THE FACULTY OF LAW PAN EUREOPAN UNIVERSITY THE SLOVAK REPUBLIC Introduction Together with being a quasi judge, the arbitrator has to be and

Targacept’s tc-5214 achieves all primary and secondary outcome measures in phase 2b trial as augmentation treatment for major depressive disorder

Targacept’s TC-5214 Achieves All Primary and Secondary Outcome Measures in Phase 2b Trial as Augmentation Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder - High Statistical Significance Achieved on HAM-D Scale (p < 0.0001) in 265 Patients - Winston-Salem, North Carolina, July 15, 2009 —Targacept, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRGT) today announced positive top-line results from a double blind, pla


Bausch & Lomb is the eye health company dedicated to Perfecting Vision and Enhancing Life®Bausch & Lomb offers the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of eye health products and we’re proud that ours is one of the oldest, best known and most respected healthcare brands in The company began in 1853 in Rochester, New York, as a small optical shop that grew to become a multi-bil

Peer2peer event notes

PEER 2 PEER SEMINAR ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART APRIL 2nd 2001 DOCUMENTATION NOTES INTRODUCTION These notes are intended to indicate the breadth of issues discussed during the event. They are not exhaustive, but are culled from notes taken by participants during the group discussions. Additional contributions have been added at the end of this document. Video documentation (in Quicktime fo

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Initial History and Physical Examination Date:___________________________ This assessment form is intended to assist the clinician with the initial patient assessment and is not meant to be a diagnostic tool. Contact Information Name:___________________________________ Birth Date:_________________ Phone: Work: ____________________________ Referring Provider’s Name and Address: __


Tetracycline MayoClinic.com Tetracycline (Class) (Oral Route, Parenteral Route) Description Tetracyclines are used to treat infections and to help control acne. Demeclocycline, doxycycline, and minocycline also may be used for other problems as determined by your doctor. Tetracyclines will not work for colds, flu, or other virus infections. Tetracyclines are available only with y

watson licenses population council's novel contraceptive ring

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACTS: Investors: Patty Eisenhaur Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (973) 355-8141 Media: Charlie Mayr Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (973) 355-8483 Diane Rubino Population Council (212) 339-0617 [email protected] Watson Licenses Population Council’s Novel Contraceptive Ring Phase 3 clinical development product expands Watson’s global brand contrace


DISTROFIA MUSCULAR DE DUCHENNE: COMPLICAÇÕES RESPIRATÓRIAS E SEU TRATAMENTO DISTROFIA MUSCULAR DE DUCHENNE: COMPLICAÇÕES RESPIRATÓRIAS E SEU TRATAMENTO Trabalho apresentado para fins de avaliação parcial na disciplina Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso II do Curso de Fisioterapia da Universidade Católica de Goiás. Orientadora: Profª Drª Fábia Maria Oliveira Pinho D

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Cycle Rajasthan (13 days) Discover the back and beyond of Rajasthan. In this trip, we cycle across the Central Rajasthan covering many small and big villages. This tour will take us to some of the interesting remote villages where we get a close personal interaction with the villagers and tribals. Sights of men with twirled moustaches wearing colourful turbans, taking their cattle and sh


(Actos cuja publicação é uma condição da sua aplicabilidade) REGULAMENTO (CE) N.o 2252/2004 DO CONSELHO de 13 de Dezembro de 2004 que estabelece normas para os dispositivos de segurança e dados biométricos dos passaportes e documentos de viagem emitidos pelos Estados-Membros nível europeu que tornem os documentos de viagemmais seguros e estabeleçam um nexo mais fiável entre

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This guide is for the use of University faculty and administrators in scheduling of activities and course work which some students may have to miss due to religious beliefs or obligations. Both holidays which generally fall during official University recesses as well as those that normally coincide with class days are listed. Major holidays that typically fall on scheduled class days during w

La giunta provinciale



ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY, July 1998, p. 1778–1782Copyright © 1998, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved. NorM, a Putative Multidrug Efflux Protein, of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Its Homolog in Escherichia coli YUJI MORITA,1 KAZUYO KODAMA,1 SUMIKO SHIOTA,1 TOMOYUKI MINE,1 ATSUKO KATAOKA,1TOHRU MIZUSHIMA,1 AND TOMOFUSA TSUCHIYA1,2,* Department of Microbiolo

Neurohormonal consequences of aps therapy

Neurohormonal consequences of APS Therapy Study carried out by : Prof. Dr. J.M.C. Oosthuizen MBCHB; DMEDSCI (Head of the Dept. of Physiology; University of the Free Prof. Dr. E.H. de Wet MBCHB; MMED; MD (Dept. of Physiology; University of the Free State) Beta-endorphin, the bodies endogenous analgesic, is a peptide consisting of 31 amino acids with properties similar to morphin


DEVELOPMENT OF A CLINICAL DEHYDRATION SCALE FOR USE INJEREMY N. FRIEDMAN, MBBCH, FRCPC, RAN D. GOLDMAN, MD, RAJENDU SRIVASTAVA, MD, FRCPC, MPH, ANDTo develop a clinical dehydration scale for use in children <3 years of age. Prospective cohort study of children between 1 and 36 months of age who presented to a tertiary pediatricemergency department (ED) with gastroenteritis. Children were we



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Einwohnerrat Pratteln Protokoll Nr. 371 Einwohnerratssitzung vom Montag, 25. Februar 2008, 19.00 Uhr, in der alten Dorfturnhalle ________________________________________________________________________ Anwesend 36 GR Uwe Klein, GR Elisabeth Schiltknecht, Brigitte Frei, Rolf Hohler, Kalender Toklu, Patrick Freund (bis 20.30 h) ________________________________________________________

Ausgabe märz

Kaninchen: Achten Sie auf Verstopfungen Lesen Sie in dieser Ausgabe die Langohren mehr Haare als sonst –schnell kann es dann zur Darm-Verstop- Parasiten unterwegs: Tipps für den Tierhalter fung kommen. Erste Anzeichen sind klei-ne „Köttelketten“, die das Kaninchen Buchtipp : ausscheidet: kleine Köttel mit Haarendurchmischt erinnern an eine Perlen- Glückliche Rennm

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Prefeitura Municipal de Santiago MUNICÍPIO DE SANTIAGO - RS EDITAL DE PREGÃO ELETRÔNICO Nº 8/2010 PROCESSO ADMINISTRATIVO Nº 2858/2010 MANUTENÇÃO DAS ATIVIDADES DA SECRETARIA MUNICIPAL DE SAÚDE" O PREFEITO MUNICIPAL DE SANTIAGO, no uso de suas atribuições, TORNA PÚBLICO, para conhecimento dos interessados, que se encontra aberta licitação na modalidade PREGÃO ELETR�


Passion Wealth Table Of Contents Forward Chapter 1: Find Your True Passion Chapter 2: 11 Tips to Finding Your Passion Chapter 3: 5 Tips to Help You Follow Through Chapter 4: Passion Can Be the Difference Between Happiness and Frustration Chapter 5: Being Stress Free Can Assist You in Finding Your Passion Chapter 6: Putting it All Together Foreword Now, due to the extreme conditions w

Jgi10812 721.732

GamblingAn Addictive Behavior with Health and Primary Care ImplicationsMarc N. Potenza, MD, PhD, David A. Fiellin, MD, George R. Heninger, MD,Bruce J. Rounsaville, MD, Carolyn M. Mazure, PhDOver the past several decades, and particularly during the lastmendations for generalist physicians for identification of10 to 15 years, there has been a rapid increase in theindividuals with problem or pa


[1] H. Hannah Inbarani and K. Thangavel. “Effective web personalisation based on rough biclustering." International Journal of Granular Computing, Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems. Volume 3, pp 59-84, 2013. [2] Laurence Aroquiaraj and K. Thangavel, “Mammogram Edge Detection Using Hybrid Soft Computing Methods”, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 4

Cpm2012-11-02v2 medication policy section b infant child medication

Policy number: CPM2012/11/02v2 Manual: Clinical Policy Manual POLICY NAME: Medication – Section B: Infant/Child Medication 1.1 Referral of Infant /Child on Medication  Referral letter from a medical practitioner is required, if the infant/child is on Referral letter must reflect the current medication, dosage, frequency and be Parents need to be advised of this at


DERMAL FILLER PRODUCT COMPARISON Manufacturer Product(s) Description Physician Regulatory Status Component ABR-Development Tricalcium phosphate suspended in hyaluron-12 mg/ml; for medium wrinkles and lip contour. 18 mg/ml; for deep wrinkles and volume. 27 mgl/ml; for volume augmentation andfacial contouring. Purified, medical grade polydimethylsiloxane Laboratories, Inc

Questions--5a es

Questions --- Shevrin & Stadler Participant Is there a difference between Lupron and Zoladex? Walter Stadler, MD All of these drugs cause castration, and whether one gives a medication to cut down the testosterone or one removes the testicles, it has the same effect. In fact, I would argue that if we want to save a billion dollars in this country on Medicare, everyone with advanc


Application Guide Ion Exchange Resins for Pharmaceutical Production D em ineralisation of W ater Many pharmaceutical processes require softened, or demineralized, water in theirmanufacturing process. Purolite produces the whole range of cation and anionexchange resins required to soften, or totally demineralize, water. These resins areproduced to meet FDA and EU regulatory req


Plant Extracts — available ex stock Auckland Hydroglycerolic Cosmetic Extracts Common Name if your requirement is for a greater quantity than our MOQ, please contact us for pricing quantities less than stated MOQs may be available from www.purenature.co.nz this list does not attempt to set out in detail every variant of every product stocked and for timing reasons there may be add

Baume virustop

www.amiflor.fr Spécialiste en Phyto-aromathérapie Tél : 06 30 50 20 08 Les Amis de la Flore association loi 1901. Déclarée en Sous Préfecture de Montbrison 42600 N°W421000882 [email protected] BAUME ViruStop-Original Baume ViruStop Synergie d’huiles essentielles et de silice organique et de cire d’abeille biologique. Garantie sans produit chimique, ni produit de sy


Definitief ontharen Ontharen met de licht en laser techniek van het Ultra VPLTM systeem staat garant voor het snel, veilig en pijnloos definitief ontharen van benen, bikinilijn, baard, oksels, borst of rug. Nooit meer scheren, harsen en epileren of weghalen van ingegroeid schaamhaar. Tijdens een intake gesprek wordt u grondig geïnformeerd over ontharen. Verder wordt er een analyse gemaakt

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Gdansk, 13.03.2012 PP 19: Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Science Gdansk, 13.03.2012 Characteristics of the deliverable according to detailed work plan Description according to project application: Renewable Energy Guide is supposed to foster processes to identify all necessary steps that need to be taken when developing new models for sustainable ene


Methods for Reduction of Sternal Wound Infection Francis Fynn–Thompson, MD, and Thomas J. Vander Salm, MD Deep sternal wound infections continue to be an uncommon but potentially devastating complication of cardiac surgical procedures. Numerous risk factors have been identified but only a few can be characterized as modifiable. These risk factors and their modifications are reviewed in

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LITHIUM - the battery of the future! LITHIUM We are now offering Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4) for Par Caddy and other 12V golf carts. Due to increasing demand and decreasing prices, Par Caddy Canada Inc. is now offering lithium batteries for all 12V golf cart systems. Whether you’re considering a new machine or need to replace your old battery, you

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ANNUAL REPORT ACCOUNTS THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL PARISH OF GODALMING Year ended 31st December 2012 Charity Number: 1132327 CONTENTS Reference and administrative information Statement of responsibilities of the members of the PCC THE PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL PARISH OF GODALMING Reference and administrative informat


Haloperidol - Pregnancy and Breastfeeding This fact sheet is for women who take haloperidol and are concerned about its effects during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It does not include information about all the side effects and should be read in addition to information provided with the product. It is very important that you speak to your doctor before you decide to change or stop using


P r o s t a t e C a n c e r D N A P l o i d y a n d R e s p o n s e t o S a l v a g e H o r m o n e T h e r a p y A f t e r R a d i o t h e r a p y W i t h o r W i t h o u t S h o r t - T e r m T o t a l A n d r o g e n B l o c k a d e : A n A n a l y s i s o f R T O G 8 6 1 0 By A. Pollack, D.J. Grignon, K.H. Heydon, E.H. Hammond, C.A. Lawton, J.B. Mesic, K.K. Fu, A.T. Porter, Purpose:

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Mifepristona: Nuevas opciones para un aborto temprano en los Estados Unidos La mifepristona, también conocida como la “píldora del aborto” y conocida anteriormente como RU-486, es un fármaco antiprogesterónico que bloquea los salud de los Estados Unidos, participaron en receptores de la progesterona, una hormona básica en el establecimiento y el mantenimiento del auspiciadas


REV ESP PATOL 2006; Vol 39, n.º 2: 117-120 CASUÍSTICA Sarcoma del estroma endometrial de bajo grado. Presentación de un caso Low-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma. Report of a case M.ª José Añón Requena, Lidia Atienza Cuevas, Rosario Guerrero Cauqui, Introducción: El sarcoma del estroma endometrial Introduction: Endometrial stromal sarcoma (ESS) is an (SEE) es un tumor


Temporal changes in glycogenolytic enzyme mRNAs duringmyogenesis of primary porcine satellite cellsP.R. Henckel *, P.K. Theil, I.L. Sørensen, N. OksbjergDepartment of Food Science, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Research Centre Foulum, P.O. Box 50, DK-8830 Tjele, DenmarkThe objective was to study the regulation of glycogenolytic enzyme mRNAs in porcine satellite cells during p

Slimall slimex

Slimall Slimex Potenzmittel- Beschreibung: Hinweise zur Anwendung von Slimall Slimex 15mg ohne Rezept in DeutschlandWie sollten Sie das Diätmittel anwenden?Schon eine Diättablette am Tag reicht aus um schnell, effektiv und langfristigabzunehmen. Sie müssen jeden Tag eine Tablette einnehmen, damit es zumgewünschten Ergebnis kommt. Damit es zu keinen Abweichungen kommt,empfehlen wir Ihn

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Production Designer USA Commercials: Robert Arakelian UTA Residence in Barcelona . Office: C/ Cuyàs 8-10 Bajos Primero 08014 Barcelona Spain B.A. Fine Arts - Barcelona Fine Arts University. Theatre Scene Design Master at Barcelona Victoria Theatre Theatre stage designer assistant at the Victoria Theatre in Barcelona. Scene designer and actor for the Chamber Theatre Company ar

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Candida accounts for approximately one-third of cases of vaginal itch. It may affect otherwisecompletely healthy women and so is general y not considered an opportunistic infection, and,is not considered a sexual y transmitted disease. The problem is enormously common: 50percent of women wil have had at least one episode by age 25, and as many as 75 percentof al premenopausal women report having

Direct debit provision

AIR BP eNABLER TERMS OF USE We are able to offer you the facility to receive original or copy electronic invoices via an internet application known as Air BP eNabler. Air BP eNabler is part of a larger application suite called Marketsite which is licensed to and operated by Optus Networks Pty Limited (“ Optus ”) and Optus has granted us a licence to use Marketsite and in particular Air B

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Another Month. Another Adventure. When people ask me what it’s like to have triplets or how we do it, I just shrug and say, “It’s an adventure!” I guess you hear it from everyone, but I can't believe how quickly the time passes. I wish I had a photographic memory so I moments that have passed. At least my scrapbook hobby teaches me to take lots of perinatologist stron


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Products: L6 / L6A / L7A SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION. Marine safety light systems Types L6, L6A, L7A Daniamant Limited Unit 3, The Admiral Park, Airport Service Road, Portsmouth, Hants, PO3 5RQ UK FOR CHEMICAL EMERGENCY,SPILL,LEAK,FIRE,EXPOSURE or ACCIDENT CALL CHEMTREC Day or Night 00 1 703-527-3887 (Shipment to and from USA) Chemtrec Office. 800-4

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Actos celebrados en la XI Semana Solidaria (Del 22 al 28 de abril de 2013) Actividades previas a la semana Día 12, 7 t, Salón del Colegio Público de Llaranes. Grupo de teatro Carbayín. “Disparate a la Asturiana” de José Ramón Oliva. El Grupo de Teatro Carbayín, perteneciente a FETEAS, se intercambia actuaciones con el Grupo Santa Bárbara Teatro, y en esta ocasión act


Comunicato stampa L’Agenzia Europea dei Medicinali informa i medici e i pazienti su una interazione farmacologica tra Victrelis e inibitori delle proteasi potenziati da ritonavir Alcune combinazioni non sono più raccomandate; un attento monitoraggio è richiesto L’Agenzia Europea dei Medicinali ha raccomandato un aggiornamento delle informazioni per la prescrizione di Victrelis (boceprev

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‘Sport-Specific Conditioning is our Focus, Performance is our Goal’ - PERFORMANCE NUTRITION - SPORT-SPECIFIC CONDITIONING - ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT- PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY - A List of All Players Named in the Mitchell Report The following is a list of the Major League Baseball players named in the Mitchell Report. Inclusion on the list does not necessarily mean the player was involved in


FIZIOPATOLOGIA HIPERTENSIUNII ARTERIALE Capitole: Mecanismele reglarii homeostaziei tensionale Hipertensiunea arteriala (HTA) 1. Definitia si clasificare 2. Formele etiopatogenice 3. Patogeneza HTA primare (esentiale) 4. Patogeneza HTA secundare I. Mecanismele reglarii homeostaziei tensionale 1. Definitii Tensiunea sau presiunea arteriala (TA/PA): Este forta pe care o exercit

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Devil’s Den State Park Cave Closures As of April 16, 2010, all of the caves of Devil’s Den State Park are closed to the public. Please be advised, it is unlawful to enter any of the caves at Devil’s Den State Park. Why are we closing our caves? White-nose syndrome (WNS) has recently been found in Dunbar Cave State Park (DCSP) 60 miles NW of Nashville, TN. This was a jump of nearly 300 miles


NOTA 88 - La prescrizione a carico del SSN, su diagnosi di specialisti, secondo modalità adottate dalle Regioni e dalle Province Autonome di Trento e Bolzano, è limitata alle seguenti condizioni: ƒ Pazienti affetti da patologie gravi e croniche (ad es. psoriasi, dermatite atopica). Principi attivi: acetonide, alcinonide, alclometasone, beclometasone, betametasone, budesonide, clobeta

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Historia y tradiciones de Bayarque Anexo I Relaciones de Moros y Cristianos de Bayarque 1 Historia y tradiciones de Bayarque Relación de la conquista de Bayarque, del robo sacrílego de los Santos Patronos y de la Reconquista de los Cristianos. Fiestas Patronales. Primer Domingo de Octubre. Bayarque INDICE I. De la

What supplements a powerlifter should (and should not) consider - powerliftingwatch.docx

What supplements a powerlifter should (and should not) consider Power Output Production The most direct and obvious supplement for a powerlifter would be something that simply increases power output and strength. Unfortunately, most supplements are either beneficial indirectly to strength (aiding in recovery from workouts or enhancing muscle protein synthesis) or there isn’t enough evide

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Le rythme normal d’évacuation des selles La constipation varie beaucoup d’un individu à l’autre :il peut aller de trois fois par jour à troisfois par semaine. Les médecins estimentdonc qu’il y a constipation quand il y amoins de trois selles par semaine maiscela ne correspond pas toujours à ce queressentent les patients. La constipation Quels sont les symptômes est trois f


Almacabio Bio2 Almacabio Bio2 Almacabio Bio2 Lavatrice liquido Lessive liquide Detergente líquido Pulitissimo ecologico Écologique et superpropre Ecológico y supereficaz Detersivo per bucato a mano e in lavatriceTensioattivi facilmente e rapidamente biodegradabili no EnzymE Rimuove le macchie, non i colori. Non serve anticalcare. no pERfumE Tens

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Approximate seed count (raw): 7,400 to 7,600 Soil temperature: 71 to 73°F (21 to 22°C) Light: Up to 2,500 f.c. (26,900 Lux) Moisture: Reduce soil moisture slightly (level 3 Key flowering facts: to 4) to allow the roots to penetrate into the • Vernalization: not required but beneficial as Fertilizer: Apply fertilizer at rate 1 (less than 100 flowering will occur 2 to

Arbeiten aus dem pathologischen institut 1999

Publikationen aus dem Pathologischen Institut der Universität Würzburg in 1999 Avots, A., Buttmann, M., Chupvilo, S., Escher, C., Smola, U., Bannister, A.J., Rapp, U.R., Kouzarides, T., Serfling, E. CBP/p300 integrates Raf/Rac-signalling pathways in the transcriptional induction of NF-Atc during T cell activation Immunity 10: 515-524 (1999) Chirmule, N., Avots, A., LakshmiTamma, S.M.,

Gsk model informed consent form (patient studies)

VERTRAULICH Studientitel: Multizentrische, randomisierte, doppelblinde, placebokontrollierte Dosisfindungsstudie zur Bewertung der Sicherheit und Wirksamkeit von GSK2586184 bei Patienten mit chronischer Plaque-Psoriasis INFORMATIONSBLATT UND EINWILLIGUNGSERKLÄRUNG FÜR DIE TEILNEHMER AN DER KLINISCHEN PRÜFUNG, NR: JAK116679 Studie zur Untersuchung der Wirksamkeit und Sicherheit vo


Talbot School of Theology: Christian Educators Christian Educators Kendig B. Cully By Sharon Warner Biography Contributions to Christian Education Bibliography Excerpts from Publications Recommended Readings Author Information Dr. Kendig Brubaker Cully was born November 30, 1913. Originally ordained in the Congregational church he became an Episcopal in mid life. Kendig served the chur

Pregnancyoptions.info: a workbook of options including abortion, adoption and birth.

• Requirements, Considerations, Previous Experiences • Sample "ritual" to get ready If you have decided on abortion as the answer to an unexpected pregnancy, you may have a choice as to which method will work best for you. This workbook has assembled information about different methods available, other women's experiences of each method, and some wisdom from actual pro

Philmont trail food ingredients

Philmont Scout Ranch Chuck Wagon Menu and Ingredient List BEEF STEW – water, beef (beef, salt), potatoes, carrots, celery, peas, beef type flavor (autolyzed yeast extract, soy sauce, [soybeans, wheat, salt, partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil, lattice acid]), wheat flour (enriched with niacin, reduced iron, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid), tomato paste, modified c


New Lawsuit Loan Website Launched by Bridgeview Legal Funding New Lawsuit Loan Site Enables Plaintiffs to Receive Pre Settlement Money for Lawsuits Within 24 Hours of Approval(PressReleaser) Scottsdale, AZ ( pressreleaser.org ) January 31, 2012 - Bridgeview Legal Funding announced today thelaunch of a redesigned, user friendly pre settlement lawsuit funding site dedicated to providing consume

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Information About The Port Authority of NY & NJ Retiree Prescription Drug Plan – Express Scripts For Customer Service Call (800) 557-3949 An identification card will be provided to each Medicare-enrolled individual. Bring the card each time with you each time you need to fill a prescription at your participating pharmacy. In the event you forget the card or misplace it, the pharmacy can s

Canyon state urology, p

Arizona State Urology, P.C. Vasectomy Packet Welcome and thank your for choosing Arizona State Urology, P.C. Please read the information carefully before your vasectomy appointment. A consent form is in your packet but do not sign it until you are in our office for your vasectomy appointment. To avoid any delay in your procedure and/or discharge teaching, it is recommended that



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APPENDIX 7 - ESSENTIAL NCD HEALTH INTERVENTION PROJECT – ASTHMA INITIAL ASSESSMENT FORM INITIAL ASSESSMENT If yes go straight to the chart on page 4 of the asthma pocket protocol and take appropriate action now . Is the patient having an asthma attack now? 3. Has the patient noticed any factors that make their asthma worse? 4. On how many days over the past month


Pfizer Support to European and International Patient Organisations in 2012 The below list contains information on the support Pfizer has provided to European- and international-level patient organisations in 2012, and services contracted from them (e.g. speaker fees). It follows the standards set out in the EFPIA code of practice governing relationships between the pharmaceutical industry


PSYCHOSIS © British Columbia Schizophrenia Society 2001 “Families Helping Families” Table of Contents What is Psychosis? . 2 First Episode and Types of Psychosis . 3 Symptoms . 6 Time is of the Essence . 8 Early Warning Signs . 9 How Families are Affected.10 Guidelines for Families & Friends .11 Finding Effective Medical Help .16 Recovery.19 FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questi


12. Hallenturnier Buchs ZH Angliker Ruedi, Buchs / Balsiger Guido, Bülach / Würscher Roland, BülachWerffeli Nicole, Weiningen / Angliker Yvonne, Buchs Ver.- Nr: 2013.8358 Rangliste Prüfung Nr. 8 Kategorie: R/N115, A Zm von einem Gönner Plaketten: Landi Regensdorf, Adlikon Preis von einem Gönner Pr.-Serie Reiter Pferd Spiros Lekatsas, Oberweningen O

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Conduite à tenir devant un état maniaque Le diagnostic d’état maniaque est posé devant un tableau d’excitation psychomotrice avec euphorie, jovialité, logorrhée avec passage du coq à l’âne, graphorrhée, hyperactivité avec insomnie sans fatigue souvent associés à des troubles du comportement qui préoccupent l’entourage. Cette pathologie, qui peut être datée de façon

January february 2013 final

Protein Sources Swine Update January/February 2013 Lori Feldmann, DVM As we have worked with multiple Mycoplasma cases in the past few months we have noticed that there is a lot of confusion with the different types of Mycoplasma and why we don’t vaccinate for some of them. Here is a brief summary of the 3 most common Mycoplasmas we see: Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. This is the

New health history revised 6-25

Portland Periodontics PATIENT HEALTH HISTORY Patient’s Name_________________________ ARE YOU USING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING : A. Antibiotics? ……………………………………………Y N B. Anticoagulants (Blood Thinners)?.Y N Age__________ Date of Birth__________________________ C. Aspirin or drugs such as Aleve, Ibuprofen? ……….Y N D. High Blood Pressure medica


:: Syndrome de Smith-Magenis Synonymes : Définition : Maladie génétique orpheline due à une délétion du chromosome 17 (17p11.2) survenant de novo . Elle est responsable d’un retard mental modéré à sévère, d’un retard de langage, de troubles du comportement (hyperactivité, instabilité, colères clastiques), d’une moindre sensibilité à la douleur et de troubles du


Parlement wallon G r o u p e S o c i a l i s t e Rue Notre-Dame 9 5000 Namur Fax : 081/ 230.945 Question orale de M. Walry à M. Marcourt, Vice-Président et Ministre de l'Economie, des PME, du Commerce extérieur et des Technomogies nouvelles, sur « l'annonce brutale par la direction d'UCB d'une nouvelle restructuration ». On a, comme vous le savez, depuis quelques années qu


XXGIORNOXX XXDATAXX IPPICA NAZIONALE MARTEDÌ 31 DICEMBRE 2013 RISULTATI | 4 | PR. ZAMPONE 1 REBUS DEGLI DEI . (12) .1600 .V.P.Dell'Annunziata 2 RAMON RIVARCO . (8) .1600.R.Forino.14,1.(55,45) 3 RAYAN GAR. (6) .1600.R.Gallucci.14,4 .(9,9) 4 .Roosevelt Gar 14,7 (41,44), 5 .Romanov Bi 15,0 (10,11), 6 .Rolex Re- gal 15,3 (11,13), 7 .Rosemary Baby 15,4


Von Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. habil. Dieter Hassler, Infektiologie DGI, Lehrbeauftragter für Infektiologie an der Universität Heidelberg, Auch mehr als dreißig Jahre nach Entdeckung der Borreliose als Krankheitsentität sind die verfügbaren Daten zur Therapie erstaunlich dürftig. Nur wenige kontrollierte Studien und etwas zahlreichere In-vitro-Daten stehen zur Verfügung. Trotz

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Antiviral guidance for suspected, probable, or confirmed novel H1N1 influenza The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would like to emphasize that it is very important to get the word out to clinicians, particularly those in primary care (including internists, pediatricians, family practitioners, OB-GYN physicians) and hospital-based clinicians (emergency physicians, hospitalists, int

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Alcohol/Drug Abuse Adamson, S. J., & Sellman, J. D. (2001). Drinking goal selection and treatment outcome in out-patients with mild-moderate alcohol dependence. Drug and Alcohol Review, 20 , 351-359. Agostinelli, G., Brown, J. M., & Miller, W. R. (1995). Effects of normative feedback on consumption among heavy drinking college students. Journal of Drug Education, 25 , 31-40. Al


Consommer de l’alcool quand on prend des médicaments n’est pas sans risque. La meilleure façon d’éviter ces risques, c’est bien entendu de ne pas boire d’alcool. Mais quand on prend des médicaments tous les jours, il faut bien reconnaître que ce n’est pas toujours aussi simple. Qui ne se laisse pas tenter, de temps à autre, par un petit verre ? Dans ce cas, mieux vaut connaî


Support Care CancerDOI 10.1007/s00520-008-0528-8Phase II trial of encapsulated ginger as a treatmentfor chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomitingSuzanna M. Zick & Mack T. Ruffin & Julia Lee &Daniel P. Normolle & Rivka Siden & Sara Alrawi &Dean E. BrennerReceived: 14 June 2008 / Accepted: 15 October 2008daily, or matching placebo for 3 days. The primary outcomeGoals of w


Too much caffeine during pregnancy may increase the risk ofmiscarriage, a new study says, and the authors suggest that pregnantwomen may want to reduce their intake or cut it out entirely. Many obstetricians already advise women to limit caffeine, though the subject has long been contentious, with conflicting studies, fuzzy data and various recommendations given over the years. The new stud

Ontologia e simulacro na pós-modernidade de janus:

ONTOLOGIA E SIMULACRO NA PÓS-MODERNIDADE DE JANUS. ISSN ELETRÔNICO 2316-8080 12 Ontologia e Simulacro na Pós-Modernidade de Janus:Alteridade e Impossibilidade face a Síndrome de Perseu. Ricardo Aronne Trata-se de artigo que nos fala dos desafios dos encontros e do desafio da subjetividade em contraponto à Síndrome de Perseu. Trata o autor também da temática da Responsabilidade sob a ót

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J. Phys. Chem. B 2004, 108, 17992-18002 Computational Study of γ -Butyrolactone and Li + / γ -butyrolactone in Gas and Liquid Phases Marco Masia* and Rossend Rey Departament de Fı ´ sica i Enginyeria Nuclear, Uni V ersitat Polite ´ cnica de Catalunya,Campus Nord B4-B5, Barcelona 08034, Spain Recei V ed: July 8, 2004; In Final Form: September 8, 2004 A comprehensive stu

Curriculum vitae:

Curriculum Vitae: DARRYL I. MACKENZIE B.Sc. (Statistics), University of Otago, New Zealand, 1995D.Ap.Stat., University of Otago, New Zealand, 1998Ph.D. (Statistics), University of Otago, New Zealand, 2002PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUNDSince 1997 I have been applying statistical techniques to address questions of interest for a wide range of animal species including seabirds, grizzly bears, sea lio


PENNSYLVANIA MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 Noon-5:00 PMEA Golf Outing Room Check-in Welcoming Hospitality Reception/Associate Member Exhibits THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 7:00-8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast and Registration Foyer outside of the Assembly Room Welcoming Address Vance Oakes, Grove City Borough Manager/Pr

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Dka in pregnancy

z4th triage visit with complaint of nausea & zAnti-emetics not workingzRecently treated for UTI, but delayed in zType I DM diagnosed age 21zInitial diagnosis of DKA in pregnancyzMultiple admissions with DKAzPoor compliance1. 1997 SVD 2. 1999 primary LTCS secondary to failure zFamily Hx: NonezSocial Hx: No toxic habits zMedications: {Lantus 27 units qhs {NovoLog 13 units qac {Macrobid 100

Are antidepressant addictive?

Are antidepressant addictive? Steven felt he was living proof that Paxil was addicting. “I’m hooked on Paxil! I am a Steven had stopped 20 mg per day of Paxil a few days Yes, antidepressants such as Paxil can create both ago. Just a few months earlier, he had stopped smoking dependence and addiction. Patients such as Steven can cigarettes cold turkey, after having been a 1-


Technician Training Tutorial Dispensing Pediatric Antibiotic Suspensions Improper mixing of antibiotic suspensions is a source of medication errors in pediatric patients. In some cases, the problem has been caused by suspensions that weren’t reconstituted. The parents administered the drug as powder, which resulted in an overdose. It’s important that pharmacy technicians take


Brunnenhof – Journal Mai 2012 Aufhören mit Rauchen: Ja, aber Es ist sinnvoll, das grosse Projekt des Rauch-stopps mit Unterstützung in Angriff zu nehmen. Sprechen Sie uns in der Sprechstunde darauf an. Wir bieten Ihnen sehr gerne Hilfestellung Der Anteil der rauchenden Bevölkerung liegt in an und beraten und unterstützen Sie auf Ihrem der Schweiz bei den 14- bis 65-jäh


Lebenslauf Name: Ausbildung: St. Gotthard Gymnasium der Benediktiner, Niederalteich, Abitur 1988 Ärztliche Vorprüfung am 03.09.1990 1990- 1994 Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg 1. Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung am 29.08.1991 2. Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung am 22.03.1994 1994 - 1995 Universität Regensburg 3. Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung am 04.05.1

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GINA SONG UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy ♦ (919)966-1622 ♦ [email protected] EDUCATION  University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill, NC  Present Eshelman School of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacotherapy and Experimental Therapeutics Ph.D. student  University of Minnesota , Minneapolis, MN  May 2005 – May 2008  Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Republ


T h e n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l o f m e dic i n eBrooke Winner, M.D., Jeffrey F. Peipert, M.D., Ph.D., Qiuhong Zhao, M.S., Christina Buckel, M.S.W., Tessa Madden, M.D., M.P.H., Jenifer E. Allsworth, Ph.D., BACKGROUND From the Department of Obstetrics and The rate of unintended pregnancy in the United States is much higher than in Gynecology, Washington University other developed

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5. Verifiche oggettive: analisi dei dati 5.1 Il tema della misurazione della Follia e della classificazione dei disturbi Psichiatrici Nel ‘700, l’Illuminismo apre la strada ai metodi di ricerca scientifica in Psichiatria, come accade anche in tutti gli altri campi del sapere e del conoscere. A cominciare dalla ben nota Frenologia1 (secondo la quale le singole funzioni psichiche dipenderebbe


Client Name: _________________________ O __ FORMULARY SSN: _________________________ Please check the appropriate box next to any of the following medications you are prescribing for the above- referenced patient. This list is the current OHDAP Formulary through March 2008 . Anti Acids Mental Health Delavirdine, DLV ( Rescriptor ®) Nizatidine ( Axid ®) Amitriptyline ( Elav

General principle of management of patients with std

Appendix I STD Case management General Principles of Management of Patients with STD z Establish the diagnosis or syndrome by history (including behavioural risk assessment), physical examination and screen for other possible STDs z Routine screening and counselling even in asymptomatic patients (in particular female patients) is necessary. z Prompt, simple and standardised treatment

Microsoft word - lanthanum and human health-june 2009-final 2

Toxicity Assessment of Phoslock® & Lanthanum to Human Health June 2009 PWS Report Number: TR 023/09 Dr Anisul Afsar and Dr Sarah Groves Phoslock Water Solutions Limited Global Head Office 3/81 Frenchs Forest Road Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086, Australia Tel. +61 2 9453 0455 Table of contents 5.3.3. Mitigation/control strategies for not consuming Phoslock®/lan

Auftragsformular molekularpathologische untersuchungen

Auftragsformular Molekularpathologische Untersuchungen(V010112) Name, Vorname, Geb.-Datum, Geschlecht, Anschrift, Versichertennummer Institut & Praxis für Pathologie Am Klinikum Stuttgart Direktor Prof. Dr. A. Bosse Abt. Molekularpathologie Kriegsbergstr. 60 70174 Stuttgart FAX: +49-(0)711-27834909 Infektionspathologie Mycobacteria incl. Atypische Mycobacteria incl. Re


Safety Data Sheet according to 1907/2006/EC, Article 31 1 Identification of substance: · Product details: · Trade name: Toluene diisocyanate · Application of the substance / the preparation Used for the production of flexible polyurethane foam, special varnish and adhesives· Supplier/Manufacturer: Penpet Petrochemical Trading GmbHMerkur-ParkSieker Landstrasse 12622143 Ha

Cefidys 200 lb theory

RX CEFIXIME AND LACTOBACILLUS TABLETS CEFIDYS 200 LB DT EACH TABLET CONTAINS Cefixime ( As trihydrate) I.P eq to Cefixime anhydrous: 200 mg Lactic Acid Bacillus : 2.5 billion spores COLOUR: Titanium dioxide I.P CATEGORY : Antibiotic It is a combination of cephalosporin antibiotic with a probiotic.It is the most powerful third generation oral cephalosporin antibiotic made safer

Pharmacy solutions (7- 2009).pub

Managing Generation Rx …From Toddlers to Retirees July 2009 Solutions Cholesterol is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease Did you know that there are important facts you haven't Cholesterol; Wrongly Accused? been told about cholesterol, heart disease and commonly prescribed cholesterol-reducing drugs? Cholesterol is not the major culprit in heart disease or any disease.

Notice pour le public

Notice pour le public DENOMINATION HEMOSEDAN COMPOSITION Lidocaini hydrochloridum hydr. aequiv. lidocaini hydrochloridum anhydr. 50 mg– Prednisoloni acetas aequiv. prednisolonum 1,50 mg – Vaselinum – Adeps lanae – Aether polyglycolum – Alcanoli – Dinatrii phosphas dodecahydricus - Methylis parahydroxybenzoas – Butylhydroxyanisolum - Lavendulae aetheroleum – Aqua pu


PhiliPPine Journal of otolaryngology-head and neck Surgery Vol. 25 no. 1 January – June 2010 In vitro Antibacterial Activity of Mometasone Furoate, Fluticasone Propionate and Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Preparations Against Streptococcus pneumoniae, Hemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus viridans, Staphylococcus aur

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In Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadtgemeinde Pöchlarn bietet der Verein Stadt-Mobil an jedem Samstag, um 9:30 Uhr , bis auf weiteres, eine Fahrt zu einem SOMA-Markt an. Ein Einkauf in Höhe von maximal € 30,-- pro Fahrt ist möglich. Der dafür notwendige SOMA-Einkaufspass kann bei der Stadtgemeinde Pöchlarn beantragt werden. Was sind SOMA Märkte? (Quelle: www.samnoe.at) Di

Benignes prostatasyndrom (bps)

Benignes Prostatasyndrom (BPS) Benigne Prostatahyperplasie (BPH), gutartige Vergrößerung der Prostata Unter einem BPS versteht man Krankheitszeichen durch eine gutartige Vergrößerung der Prostata (BPH, benigne Prostatahyperplasie). Es ist eine sehr häufige Erkrankung des Mannes im mittleren und höheren Alter und führt vor allem zu Beschwerden beim Wasserlassen. Häufigkeit des BPS

For the use of a registered medical practitioner or a hospital or a laboratory only

For the use of a Registered Medical Practitioner or a Hospital or a Laboratory only GLIZID - M Gliclazide and Metformin Hydrochloride Tablets DESCRIPTION Glizid-M contains Gliclazide and Metformin Hydrochloride. Gliclazide, chemically is 1-(3-azabicyclo [3.3.0.]Oct - 3-yl) -3-p-tolylsulphonylurea. Metformin Hydrochloride is 1,1-dimethyl biguanide hydrochloride. Glizid -M is a white , o

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US FDA approves Requip® XL™, the first and only oral once-daily non-ergot dopamine agonist for Parkinson’s disease Extended-release formulation improved symptoms in patients not optimally controlled with levodopa and reduced patients’ “off” time by nearly two hours per day GlaxoSmithKline today announced the approval of Requip ® XL ™ (ropinirole extended-release tablets)

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Albuterol; Ipratropium inhalation aerosol and solution What are albuterol; ipratropium inhalation aerosol and solution? ALBUTEROL; IPRATROPIUM (Combivent®, DuoNeb™) is a combination of bronchodilators, which are medicines that open up your air passages and make breathing easier. The combination is used for patients with lung problems such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. This medicine cont


Alfonso Cardenal López Trujillo Presidente del Pontificio Consejo PONTIFICIO CONSEJO PARA LA FAMILIA SEXUALIDAD HUMANA: VERDAD Y SIGNIFICADO Orientaciones educativas en familia INTRODUCCION La situación y el problema 1. Entre las múltiples dificultades que los padres de familia encuentran hoy, aun teniendo en cuenta los diversos contextos culturales, se

Coun sp-dp12-0001list of analysis parameters with reference methods 1 .xls

LIST OF ANALYSIS PARAMETERS WITH REFERENCE METHODS Dubai Central Laboratory Issued by :SQO Authorized by :HOS Note:Printed copy of this shall be treated a Uncontrolled. Always refer controlled version"Online" LIST OF ANALYSIS PARAMETERS WITH REFERENCE METHODS Dubai Central Laboratory AMENDMENT RECORD Nature of Amendment Authorisaton Review Date Next Review

Azithromycin as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of porphyromonas gingivalisassociated periodontitis: a pilot study

J Clin Periodontol 2010; 37: 1005–1015 doi: 10.1111/j.1600-051X.2010.01607.xAlfonso Oteo1, David Herrera2,Elena Figuero1,3, Ana O’Connor3,Itziar Gonza´lez3 and Mariano Sanz21Section of Graduate Periodontology, Facultyof Odontology; 2Etiology and Therapy ofPeriodontal Disease (ETEP) ResearchGroup; 3Laboratory of Microbiology,Complutense University, Madrid, Spaingingivalis-associatedperio


Register of Australian Herbage Plant Cultivars A. Grasses 2. Ryegrass Lolium multiflorum Lam. (Italian ryegrass) cv. Tama Published in the Journal of the Institute of Agricultural Science, March 1973 Origin A tetraploid developed by the Grasslands Division of the D.S.I.R., New Zealand by treating a diploid line of Westerwolds (Western wolths) ryegrass with colchicine (1,2). Westerwo

Using standard prb s

X-ray absorption spectroscopy of single-crystalline „ VO … 2P2O7: Electronic structure and possible exchange paths S. Gerhold, N. Nu¨cker, C. A. Kuntscher,* and S. Schuppler Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, IFP, P.O. Box 3640, D-76021 Karlsruhe, Germany Naval Research Laboratory, Code 6345, Washington DC 20375 A. V. Prokofiev,† F. Bu¨llesfeld, and W. Assmus Kristall- und Material

Microsoft word - comunicado de adilia - pdfmachine from broadgun software, http://pdfmachine.com, a great pdf writer utility!



Haben Sie alles, was Sie für die Pflege Ihres kranken Kindes benötigen? In der nachfolgenden Liste finden Sie das, was Ihre Haus- bzw. Reiseapotheke enthalten sollte. Zeigen Sie Ihre Hausapotheke auch den Personen, die Ihre Kinder hüten. Medikamente / wichtige Utensilien Digitaler Fiebermesser (Achtung: bei Kindern unter 2 Jahren Temperatur immer rektal messen). Bei Fieber und Schmer

Pharmacology pretest

Nursing Pharmacology Pretest – Part 1 Section 1: Fractions Section 2: Decimals Round the number to the place value indicated. Section 3: Ratio & Proportion 37. – 38. Each nurse can care for 7 patients. How many nurses will be needed for 42 patients? 39 – 40. Each Xanax tablet is equal to 0.25 mg. If the doctor ordered 0.75 mg of Xa

Efficacy of anthelminthic control programs against natural muellerius capillaris infection in sheep in the north-west of spain. effect on blood gases and ph in venous blood samples

Efficacy of anthElminthic control programs against natural Muellerius capillaris infEction in shEEp in thE north-wEst of spain. EffEct on blood gasEs and ph in vEnous blood samplEs LóPez C.M., Cienfuegos s., DaCaL V., Vázquez L., PanaDeRo R., feRnánDez g., Díaz P., Lago n., Díez-baÑos P. & MoRRonDo M.P.* Summary: Résumé : Efficacité dE différEnts anthElminthi


Cimitirul Buna-Vestire a apãrut în 1936 ºi, din mo-viziune generalã în care, aºa cum s-a observat, fantas-tive probabil comerciale, autorul a acceptat sugestiaticul se uneºte cu liricul ºi metafizicul. Sensul acesteieditorului de a-l subintitula „roman“. Mai târziu, în ediþiasatire swiftiene nu-i, apoi, atât de îmbrobodit în fraze încâtde Scrieri (vol. 10, 1965), mai apro

Revista fop definitiva

Braz J Oral Sci. July/September 2002 - Vol. 1 - Number 2 A long-term evaluation of arthroscopy of the temporomandibular joint using holmium YAG laser Renato Mazzonetto1 Sandra de Cássia S. Sardinha2 Abstract: Daniel B. Spagnoli3 The aim of this in vivo study was report the long-term results ofarthroscopic laser surgery for treatment of TMJ internal drangements 1DDS, PhD - Assistan

Prijslijst productomschrijving.xlsx

Alfacron (500 gr) Alfacron 10 Plus wordt aangebracht als strijkmiddel 1 deel Alfacron 10 Plus + 1 deel water worden tot een pasta vermengd De verkregen pasta wordt in spots van 20 x 30 cm uitgestreken op plaatsen waar de vliegen rusten Badigon (500 gr) Badigon is een lokmiddel in poedervorm, is op basis van 10 % Azamethiphos + 0,005% 9-Tricoseen. Dit Tricoseen is een sexuele lok

Erectile dysfunction drugs market (viagra, cialis, levitra/staxyn, stendra/spedra, zydena, muse, mvix and helleva) - global industry analysis, size, share, growth, trends and forecast, 2013 - 2019

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market (Viagra, Cialis,Levitra/Staxyn, Stendra/Spedra, Zydena, MUSE,Mvix and Helleva) - Global Industry Analysis, Size,Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019Phone: +44 20 8123 2220Fax: +44 207 900 [email protected] Phone: +44 20 8123 2220http://marketpublishers.comErectile Dysfunction Drugs Market (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra/Staxyn,Stendra/Spe

Selective serotonin enhancers and the theory of positive disintegration

Selective Serotonin Enhancers and the Theory of Positive Disintegration The Theory of Positive Disintegration by Kazimierz Dabrowski. Selective Serotonin Enhancers and the Theory of Positive Disintegration The increasing popularity of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) medications apparentlysignals renewed hopes and expectations that a simple medical intervention can ease the

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Definition of Asthma Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways within the lungs. Description of Asthma The lung is the main organ of the respiratory system and its main function is respiration (exchange of gases between the environment and the body). Air enters the nose where it is filtered, warmed and humidified. After passing through the trachea (windpipe), the air travels into t

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If your procedure is scheduled before 12:00 p.m. MIRALAX PREP for COLONOSCOPY ABOUT THE PROCEDURE: After your clear liquid diet and laxatives, your digestive tract should be quite clear and empty. You will receive medication before the procedure to reduce discomfort unless you choose not to. A flexible instrument will be passed through the rectum and into the colon. This allows us


DF Echazarreta IC y síndrome cardio-renal IV WEEKEND DE INSUFICIENCIA CARDIACA E HIPERTENSION PULMONAR# Insuficiencia cardíaca y síndrome cardio-renal El síndrome cardio-renal (SCR) se manifiesta como un cuadro clínico que involucra la afectación de ambos órganos, potenciándose en sus efectos deletéreos de forma tal que el daño renal y el miocárdico progresan aceleradamente,

Bicycles help win 3 seats for women in ghana district assembly - y blog - ywca canada

Bicycles Help Win 3 Seats for Women in Ghanaian District Assembly - Y Blog - YWCA Canada Y BLOG Y Blog Bicycles Help Win 3 Seats for Women in Ghanaian District Assembly July 11, 2011 by Paula Stromberg inthe Upper West Region including three in while the last election in 2006 saw justone female candidate. The ten female candidates were given bicycles to help them campaign inremote

Maalox kautabletten

Gebrauchsinformation: Information für Patienten Maalox® orale Suspension Lesen Sie die gesamte Packungsbeilage sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie mit der Einnahme dieses Arzneimittels beginnen, denn sie enthält wichtige Informationen. − Heben Sie die Packungsbeilage auf. Vielleicht möchten Sie diese später nochmals lesen. − Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich an Ihren Ar


Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Acetaminophen reduces fever and relieves pain. Typical uses include fevers, immunizations, teething, earaches, bruises, headaches, etc. Please notify us prior to using Tylenol for babies under 2 months of age. Acetaminophen is available in the following forms: Infant drops (80mg/0.8 ml) Children's liquid (160mg/5ml) Chewable tablets (80mg) Junior

06 dezembro 2007

Diário Oficial ÓRGÃO OFICIAL DO MUNICÍPIO DE RIBEIRÃO PRETO - SP ANO 38 - Nº 8.651 MENTO ‘BOSQUE DAS JURITIS’, PARA CONSTRUÇÃO PODER EXECUTIVO DE UM POSTO DO 9º GRUPAMENTO DE BOMBEIROS E DÁ OUTRAS PROVIDÊNCIAS). Gabinete da Prefeita Faço saber que a Câmara Municipal aprovou o Projeto de LeiComplementar nº 137/2010, de autoria do Executivo Munici-SRA. DÁRCY D

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DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR LAPAROSCOPIC ADJUSTABLE GASTRIC BAND SURGERY “Lap Band” (Bring this booklet to your nutrition appointments and to the hospital) Your Nutritionist: ________________________________ Telephone Number: (413) 794-7020 AN INTRODUCTION TO THE LAP BAND DIET PROGRESSION This booklet has been designed to teach you the dietary guidelines you must fo

Test castellano definitivo con respostas

PROCESO SELECTIVO CONVOCADO PARA CUBRIR UNA PLAZA DE LA SUBESCALAADMINISTRATIVA DE LA ESCALA DE ADMINISTRACIÓN GENERAL, INCLUÍDA EN LA OFERTADE EMPLEO PUBLICO 2010 DEL ORGANIMO AUTÓNOMO INSTITUTO MUNINICIPAL DEDEPORTES (IMD). 1) De conformidad con el artículo 6.2 de la Ley 6/1997, de 14 de abril, de Organización yFuncionamiento de la Administración General del Estado, son órganos directi

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WHAT IS SEASONAL FLU Influenza is a virus that typically causes fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, and sometimes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It usually is present in the winter, though can infect people in the fall and spring as well. Some seasons are worse than others. It can affect any age patient, although infants, the elderly and those with compromised im

Phs 398 (rev. 9/04), biographical sketch format page

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Provide the following information for the key personnel and other significant contributors in the order listed on Form Page 2. Follow this format for each person. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES. Professor of Psychiatry and Human Genetics eRA COMMONS USER NAME vishwajitnl EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing,


ANTIPSYCHOTIC SIDE EFFECT SHEET Adult / SOM Structural Symptom Trade Name Generic Name Maximum Dose (mg) Classification Pos/Neg Clozaril Risperdal Seroquel Extrapyramidal effects (EPS, EPR) - reversible Akinesia - lack or poverty of movement Akathisia - inability to remain still, constant movement or fidgeting, insomnia, “inner anxiety”

References 6th ed no drugs

REFERENCES FOR DRUG DOSAGE GUIDELINES FOR INFANTS AND OLDER CHILDREN Custer JW, Rau RE (eds) The Harriet Lane Handbook--18th edition. St. Louis: Mosby Year Book: 2009. Koratza A.A. et al. Safety and Efficacy of Sildenafil Therapy in Children with Pulmonary Hypertension. Int J Cardiology (2005) 100: 267-273. Hayashi AH et al Topical sucralfate: effective therapy for the management of resista


[LLEST][CC001] PRELIMINARI Sogno di Mardocheo [1a]Nel secondo anno del regno del gran re Assuero, il giorno primo di Nisan, Mardocheo figlio di Iair, figlio di Simei, figlio di Kis, della tribù di Beniamino ebbe un sogno. [1b]Era un Giudeo che abitava nella città di Susa, uomo grande, che prestava servizio alla corte del re [1c]e proveniva dal gruppo degli esuli che Nabucodònosor re

Nt factor effective co-therapy in lyme disease treatment

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients 2007 Diagnosis and Therapy of Chronic Systemic Co-infections in Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Infectious Diseases Prof. Garth L. Nicolson* Department of Molecular Pathology, The Institute for Molecular Medicine, 16371 Gothard St. H, Huntington Beach, California 92647, USA Correspondence: Prof. Garth L. Nicolson, Tel: +1-714-596-6636,


(Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products) As of 2004, the occurrence of PPCPs in drinking water is a major aspect that concerns the public. The occurrence of PPCPs in drinking water, particularly with respect to risk communication and risk perception, has major ramifications with regard to water reuse and recycling. The scientists involved with PPCP research [PDF, 11 pp., 176 KB] span m


MalariaMalaria is an illness caused by four species of parasitic protozoa (single-celled organisms) that infect human red blood cells. Malaria parasites are transmitted to humans via a mosquito host. The only mosquitos that transmit malaria are those of the genus Anopheles. The malaria parasite replicates in the gut of the female mosquito and is transferred to the human via the salivary gla


February 2012 Brand Lipitor Drug Coverage Changes April 1, 2012 We're changing the prescription drug coverage benefit to help your employees save on drug costs without giving up quality. How? By encouraging your employees to switch from a brand name drug to a generic drug. Generic drugs are just as safe and effective as brand name drugs -


Brought to you by the Living The Dream Team Suspension Gel – Just The Way Mother Nature Intended Imagine you were able to perfectly blend up a handful of berries. what would you get? Not a pil . Not a juice either. You would get a gel. You have al the benefits of the nutrients in the juice part of the berries, plus all the benefits of the fibrous material, such as digestive stimulation,


Media release Women can now get treatment for urinary tract infections directly from trained pharmacists Auckland, 26 November 2012 – (NZX: PHB) In a New Zealand first, women will be able to receive best practice treatment for urinary tract infections (often referred to as UTI, bladder infection or cystitis) directly from trained pharmacists from today. The service is now avail

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Leitlinie: Aktinische Keratose Inhaltverzeichnis Definition, Ätiologie und Epidemiologie Klinik und Histologie Diagnostik Therapie 4.3. Kürettage mit oder ohne Elektrodesikkation Prävention Verfahren zur Konsensbildung Definition der Evidenzebenen Literaturverzeichnis Leitlinie Aktinische Keratose 09/2004 Prof. Dr. med. Eggert Stockfleth, Berlin Pro


Informations avant la réalisation d’un traitement par photocoagulation infrarouge Le but de cette notice est de vous permettre d'avoir les informations concernant votre intervention. N'hésitez pas à interroger votre colo-proctologue ou votre chirurgien, le Dr ………………………….…………. pour toute information complémentaire (Tel : Les hémorroïdes sont constitu�


PROXIMOS : PRESTATIONS ET TARIFS 1. Conditions d’intervention Le mandat médical (par téléphone du médecin, selon ordonnance médicale, par l’intermédiaire des prestataires de soins infirmiers) est obligatoire avant toute décision de prise en charge par Proximos. Cependant, avant de décider de la prise en charge ou non, Proximos prendra en compte les éléments suivants : •

Diseminare rezultate stiintifice

DISEMINARE REZULTATE STIINTIFICE ÎN CADRUL ETAPEI ACTIVIT ILE LA PROIECT S-AU CONCRETIZAT ÎN 39 LUCR RI PUBLICATE SAU ACCEPTATE SPRE PUBLICARE I RESPECTIV 38 LUCR RI COMUNICATE, DUP CUM URMEAZ : Nr. Lucr ri publicate M. Hamcerencu, J. Desbrieres, M.Popa, A. Khoukh, G. Riess “New unsaturated derivatives of Xanthan gum: Synthesis and Polymer, 48, 7, 23 March, 1921-

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PENNSYLVANIA GAMING CONTROL BOARD Meeting of the Board August 28, 2008 A meeting of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was held on August 28, 2008 in the North Office Building, Hearing Room 1, Harrisburg, PA. The meeting began at 1:00 p.m. Members in attendance were: Individuals who appeared officially before the Board: Frank Donaghue – agency update Eileen McNulty


RESOLUCIÓN 2.211, DEL CMN, DEL 16.11.1995Art. 1.o - Aprobar el estatuto y reglamento adjuntos, pertinentesal Fundo Garantidor de Créditos - FGC. Art. 2.o - Fijar, en 0,025% (veinte y cinco milésimos por ciento) delvalor de los saldos de las cuentas correspondientes a lasobligaciones objeto de garantía, la contribución mensual de lasparticipantes en el FGC. Párrafo único - Para fines


This formulary is a closed, non-tiered formulary. It is a supplement to the alphabetic listing. (C) means that the drug is only available for administration at the clinic. (B) means the drug is available through BuyRite Pharmacy for contract eligible patients only. (S) means that the drug is not stocked, but wil be ordered if requested. (R) means that there is one or more restrictions on the d

Pregnancy testing schedule & checklist

Pregnancy Testing Schedule & Checklist First and Second Prenatal Visit (6-12 weeks) o History and physical o Pap, gonorrhea and chlamydia screening o Confirmation ultrasound o Review medical and genetic history of both parents. o Prenatal labs: CBC, RPR, HIV, HepB, rubella, ABO Rh and urine culture o Schedule first-trimester screening at 12 weeks (if desired). o Start prenatal vitamins

Correction exercice n5 et 6

CORRECTION EXERCICE n°5 EXERCICE 5 La prescription médicale ce jour est : - Soluté glucosé à 5 %, 2 litres / 24 h avec : - 2 g de KCl / L - 4 g de NaCl /L Vous disposez d’ampoules de 10 mL à 10 % de KCl, d’ampoules de 20 mL à 20 % de NaCl. Le premier litre de G5 % avec les électrolytes (KCl et NaCl) à été posé à 0 h. Augmentin® 1 g x 2/24 h dans 50 ml de soluté ph


Tetramethrin, permethrin piperonyl Butoxide Interior spraying of all buildings will be during Spring Recess week and Summer Recess before school begins; weather permitting, within 7-14 days. If you wish to receive notification of individual pesticide applications at the school facility, please complete the registration form available at the District Office. You will receive notification at least


First Published November 2011 Loaded Insurance By Chris Morgan When should you pay more for your insurance?Yes, you read that first line correctly, that in some circumstances it is better to pay more for your insurance. I’ve witnessed on many occasions people taking low cost, diluted insurance policies with insurers that try and avoid paying out on a claim. Our job as Independent Ins

Worldwide product circular†

CIRCULAR DEL PRODUCTO Comprimidos FOSAMAX® PLUS (ácido alendrónico/vitamina D3) I. CLASE TERAPEUTICA FOSAMAX PLUS contiene ácido alendrónico como alendronato sódico y colecalciferol (vitamina D3). Alendronato sódico El alendronato sódico es un bifosfonato que se une a la hidroxiapatita del hueso e inhibe específicamente la actividad de los osteoclastos, las células de


THE BIGGER PICTURE OF “THE PUMP” Nitric Oxide (N.O.) is a cellular gas that causes blood vessels to dilate, engorging the muscles with blood, increasing Supplement Facts oxygen & nutrient delivery, and facilitating the removal of Serving Size 3 Tablets Servings Per Container 60 metabolic waste products that lead to fatigue. This cascade Amount Per Serving of events is w

Aerial application of 1080 cereal bait

From: Vertebrate Pest Decision Support System – Landcare Research, March 2011 POSSUM CONTROL – HAND BROADCAST OF 1080 CEREAL OR CARROT BAITS (with optional deer repellent) REQUIRED) TECHNIQUE Bait application  Bait should be applied at a rate of 0.5 to 2 kg/ha (effectively simulating aerial sowing).  There are two options for spreading the bait: – Even coverage

In the name of god

CV(Curriculum Vitae) Azar shokri Department of laboratory science,Faculty of Paramedical sciences. Hormozgan University of Medical Science,Bandar Abbas, IRAN A. Personal Information: Name: Azar Family: Shokri Sex: Female Date of Birth: 1969 Marital Status: Single Tel(office): (+98 761)6666367-8 Fax: (+98 761)6670724 E-mail: [email protected] Home: No80Forth floo

Volume 5.5.new

Larch Arabinogalactan Monograph Larch Arabinogalactan Introduction Larch arabinogalactan is a polysaccharide powder derived from the wood of the larch tree(Larix species) and comprised of approximately 98 percent arabinogalactan. Arabinogalactans are foundin a variety of plants but are more abundant in the Larix genus, primarily Larix occidentalis (WesternLarch). The Western Larch is u

Marion gierse - fachrechnen für pflegeberufe

Marion Gierse - Fachrechnen für Pflegeberufe © Schlütersche GmbH & Co. KG, Hannover 15. Berechnungen im Zusammenhang mit pflegerischen Tätigkeiten 15.4 Berechnungen im Zusammenhang mit Infusionstherapien Anwendung finden hier u. a. folgende Formeln:• Bei der Verwendung von Normalsystemen (20 Tr./min):Infusionsdauer (Std.) * 60 Min./Std. Infusionsmenge (ml) = Tropfen/min * 3 *

Presentation by cipro.doc.doc

TK AND SEARCH DOCUMENTATION: PRESENT AND FUTURE IN EPO AND Introduction Examiners look for “prior art” and if it is absence “novelty” is in existence. What constitutes “newness” therefore depends in the main on what is contained in the database. Since the emergence of global new issues that impact on the law of patents, contents of databases had to change and documents to be produ

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Lista dei 50 MMG partecipanti Preparazione agli interventi chirurgici o odontoiatrici: La Terapia deve essere pianificata solo dopo consulto con lo Desmopressina Acetato, Acido Tranexamico CAVICCHI Gaetano, CAVONE Emanuele, CRESSONI Tempo di emorragia Maria Chiara, DALLA VIA Attilio, DE BARI Antonio, Da Burlina: “Il tempo di emorragia, se correttamente DEL ZOTTI Francesco, DI PASQU


Editorial Introduction Suppose a table of data concerning three variables x , y and z is given, forexample:If we look at the values of x and y we may observe that when x is thesame also y is the same. The converse is not true: y can be the same ona row without x being the same. In the light of this data we say that yfunctionally depends on x but not conversely. If the conc

The management of cellulitis in lymphoedema

MANAGEMENT OF CELLULITIS IN LYMPHOEDEMA Dr Helen Mackie, Medical Advisor to the Australasian Lymphology Association March 2008 - 2012 Dr Yvonne Zwar, Medical Advisor to the Australasian Lymphology Association March 2012 Approved by the ALA National Council June 2008; reviewed June 2010 and March 2012 Background The following position statement has been developed by the Australasi


Merkblatt des Pferdegesundheitsdienstes der Tierseuchenkasse Baden-Württemberg zur Parasitenbekämpfung Pferde können sich sowohl auf der Weide als auch im Stall mit Eiern und Larven von Rund- und Bandwürmern anstecken. Zu den beim Pferd bedeutendsten Rundwürmern zählen die Kleinen und die Großen Strongyliden , die Spulwürmer und die Zwergfadenwürme r. Daneben sind auc


Musik - Archiv Interpret DeJohnette Jack 1. New Jazz Festival Abercrombie John Abercrombie John Adams George Adams George Adderley Cannonball Afra Cuban Afro Algonquin Al di Meola Al di Meola Al di Meola Amstrong Louis Amstrong Louis Amstrong Louis Andrew Lloyd Webber Andrew Lloyd Webber Andrew Lloyd Webber Anka Paul Armatrading Jo


Miner Electrolyte Metab. 1985;11(1):5-13. Effect of low doses of stable strontium on bone metabolism in rats. Marie PJ , Garba MT , Hott M , Miravet L . The effects of low doses of oral stable strontium (0.19-0.40% of strontium chloride ) on mineral and bone metabolism were examined in normal rats using biochemical and histomorphometrical methods. The strontium levels in



Bop antibiotic profile 2012

2012 ANTIBIOTIC SUSCEPTIBILITY PROFILES s u s s s c s u e a a s s c u tre e s c s c ia lis ilu n s r / u u o s c e c n lla a a o o te c c u c u z o


Summary and Conclusions This writer is a polymer chemist with many years of industrial experience. He has fol owed the debate regarding the “release of toxic chemicals from plastic packaging when exposed to microwave irradiation” with interest, and concludes that:• Cling-wrap plastic films are usual y made from polyethylene or plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Background whil


0022-3565/98/2863-1146$03.00/0THE JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICSCopyright © 1998 by The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental TherapeuticsEvidence against Anandamide as the Hyperpolarizing FactorMediating the Nitric Oxide-Independent Coronary VasodilatorEffect of Bradykinin in the Rat1 Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Cardiobiology Division, Boyer Ce


First Line Treatment and Relief of Bacterial Vaginosis-related Vaginal Complaints with Metronidazole and Multi-Gyn® ActiGel T a t j a n a B o j o v i c , 1 D j o r d j e B o j o v i c , 1 F r a n ç o i s - X a v i e r B o y e r d e L a T o u r 2 a n d B a b e t t e L a m e r s 3 1. Gynaecologist, Gao Bojovic, Belgrade, Serbia; 2. Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, Policlinique Saint Claude,


ARZNEIBUCHMETHODEN UNTER EINBEZIEHUNG DER ORGANISCHEN ANALYTIK Hydrolysierbare Verbindungen Prüfung auf Reduktionsmittel Bspe.: Hydrocortison, Ascorbinsäure, Phenoxyethanol, Benzylalkohol Oxidation von Dihydroxy-/Diamonobenzen-Derivaten Prüfung auf Oxidationsmittel NACHWEISE FUNKTIONELLER GRUPPEN 1. Alkene Bspe.: Amitriptylin, Undecylensäure, Anethol


SolarPack T E C H N I C A L S P E C I F I C A T I O N SThe iNetVu® SolarPack is a rugged, portable solar power system that can supply up to 600W of quiet AC power for fast-deployment, multi-day situations. The S1600 is ideal for communication and/or electronic equipment where reliable, high quality power is required. Features • Provides reliable, high-quality AC or DC current• Com


Teens and Adults alike suffer from this common but frustrating skin condition. It can be painful at times and embarrassing when severe permanent scars can result both physically and psychologically. Your dermatologist treats this seriously and offers many treatment approaches to suit your personal needs. Approaches To Treatment: Multimodality & Accutane Multimodality- Acne starts with a white

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PORT OF LOS ANGELES SCHOOL BOAT TOUR PROGRAM FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Who is my Port of Los Angeles School Boat Tour contact? Trisha Malahni, Direct number: (310) 732-3960 Public Relations Division main line: (310) 732-3508 Email: [email protected] How can I find information about the School Boat Tour Program? Schools interested in participating in the Port of Los An

Der einfluss der pharmazeutischen industrie in der medizin

Der Einfluss der pharmazeutischen Industrie in der Medizin Jelinek G1 and Neate S: The influence of the pharmaceutical industry in medicine. Journal of Law and Medicine, Volume 17, Number 2, October 2009, 216.2 Pharmazeutische Unternehmen sind dafür bekannt zu den profitabelsten Unternehmen der Welt zu gehören. Die Akten von Rechtsfäl en sowie veröffentlichte Forschungser­gebnisse ge

D-04-00253 1.6

JPP 2005, 57: 1–6 ß 2005 The AuthorsReceived September 23, 2004Accepted February 2, 2005Nelumbinis Semen reverses a decrease in hippocampal5-HT release induced by chronic mild stress in ratsMoonkyu Kang, Kwang-Ho Pyun, Choon-Gon Jang, Hyuntaek Kim,Depression is associated with a dysfunctional serotonin system. Recently, several lines of evidencehave suggested that a very important evo

Mentometer urologi

2. Hematuria 3. Skeletal pain 4. Renal insufficiency Skeletal p tral zone: . Transition zon. . A 58-year old male comes into your office for a physical examination to qualify for a life insurance policy. On digital rectal examination, he is found to have a 1.5cm non-tender, firm nodule at the right apex of his prostate. His PSA was checked 7 months ago and was found to be 1.9n


Women’s Health Issues 13 (2003) 74 –78 MIND CONTROL OF MENOPAUSE Jawaid Younus, MDa, Ian Simpson, MDb, Alison Collins, RNb, Xikui Wang, PhDca London Regional Cancer Centre, London, Ontario, Canada b Western Memorial Regional Hospital, Corner Brook, Canada c Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada Received 29 July 2002; accepted 14 November 2002 The primary


Teilnehmerübersicht AARNINK,GINA RFV Isterberg e.V. ALBER,ASTRID ZRFV Wadelheim-Rheine e. V. 15/3: 1, 18/2: 1, EPR: A 1/1. 2/w. DPF: A 2/w. SPF: A2* 3/3. 1/w. DRE: A 4/w. SPR: E 3/w. A1* 6/w. A2* 3/2. 2/3. 3/4. 2/5. 12/w. SOP-A 1/1. 2/3. 1/w. L 1/1. 3/3. 16/w. M1* 1/w. ALBERTS,PAULIEN RUFV Wietmarschen 04: 1, 10: 1, 11: 1, 12: 2, 13: 2, DRE: M1* 3/2. 3/3. 5/w. M2* 1/1. 2/2.

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Configuring the EHR Unit 4: Exercise 3: Clinical Reminders Log on CPRS as a doctor1: 1. Double click on the VistA_ Apps folder installed on your desktop. 3. Log on to CPRS Chart using your doctor1 access and doctor1, verify codes. View Clinical Reminders: 4. Open a patient’s record. ( Seven, Patient would be a good choice). Click <OK>. 5. View Clinical Reminder

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OFICINA DE PRENSA DE LA SANTA SEDE hasta el momento en el cual el texto es pronunciado confrontar con texto pronunciado FREIBURG IM BREISGAU - 24.09.2011 - 19:00 Vigilia de oración con los jóvenes Traducción oficial Queridos jóvenes amigos: He pensado con gozo todo el día en esta noche, en la que estaría aquí con vosotros, unidos en la oración. Algunos habéis


Patient information from the BMJ Group Fertility problems: what treatments work? If you and your partner have been diagnosed as having fertility problems, it means you've been trying for a baby for at least a year without success. It doesn't mean you'll never be able to have a baby. Fertility problems are common and there are treatments that can help. We’ve looked at the best and mos

Nitrolingual pumpspray® - consumer medicine information (cmi)

Nitrolingual Pumpspray Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) What is in this leaflet Do not use phosphodiesterase inhibitors (e.g. Viagra®, Cialis®, Levitra or others) if your doctor or pharmacist has asked you to use Nitrolingual Pumpspray. Do not use Nitrolingual It does not take the place of talking to Pumpspray after the expiry date (EXP) printed o


SCHEDULE OF BENEFITS QUICK REFERENCE Healthcare Benefit SCHEDULE OF BENEFITS QUICK REFERENCE FOR Healthcare Benefit Plan July 1, 2011 For more information and understanding of benefits please Avera for benefits– 888-322-2115 PLAN SPECIFICATIONS South Dakota School District Benefits Fund Healthcare Plan SOUTH DAKOTA SCHOOL DISTRICT BENEFITS FUND


Chapitre 11 : Les groupes caractéristiques Introduction : Nous avonc vu cette notion dans le chapitre 9. Nous allons la voir ici plus particulièrement, les objectifs seront de savoir reconnaître certaines familles de composés grâce à leur formule développée et également de pouvoir les déceler expérimentalement à l’aide de tests caractéristiques. I Rappel : q

8197-consumer false advertising class actions-ca.qxd

advertising claims. In class actions, the class plaintiffs’counsel typically is retained on a contingency basis,and therefore, unlike in most Lanham Act cases, theplaintiffs in false advertising class actions often arenot motivated to keep legal costs down, and indeed,could well have the opposite motivation. A recent decision in the Second Circuit, Pelman v. McDonald’s Corp. , 2005 U.S.

Note to parent/guardians:

Note to Parent/Guardians: To comply with State Law governing the administration of medication at school, the Pendleton County School system requires that all students who need medication during school hours do the following: 1. The parent or legal guardian must sign the written consent form for both non-prescription and prescription medication. (The school does not provide non-prescriptio


Universität Witten/Herdecke Medizinische Fakultät Institut für Pflegewissenschaft Gesprächsleitfaden orale Antibiotikumtherapie Informationen zum selbständigen Gebrauch Gesprächsleitfaden Tabel e der gebräuchlichsten Wirkstoffgruppen Vorüberlegungen zum Informationsgespräch Wir haben für den Gesprächsleitfaden die weibliche Form gewählt, selbstverständlich sind M

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HIV Research Network – Adult Cohort Variable List CY2010 **FINAL** VARIABLE DESCRIPTION FORMAT FIELD GUIDELINES VARIABLE NAME HIV RESEARCH NETWORK CY2010 ADULT VARIABLE LIST PLEASE NOTE: 1. Variables that were new in CY2009 remain highlighted in blue . 2. Variables that are new or have changed in CY2010 are shaded in orange . 3. Variables that are no longer a

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Nómadas. Revista Crítica de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas | 22 (2009.2) LECTURA BIOPOLÍTICA DE LOS ACTOS DE GOBIERNO DEL EX PRESIDENTE DEL PERÚ ALBERTO FUJIMORI. A PROPÓSITO DE LA SENTENCIA CONDENATORIA EMITIDA POR LA CORTE SUPREMA DE JUSTICIA DEL PERÚ Hesbert Benavente Chorres Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México Resumen.- El presente estudio pretende establecer, en

Olympic movement anti-doping code 1999

SUBSTITUTES APPENDIX A OF THE OMAC 1999 OLYMPIC MOVEMENT ANTI-DOPING CODE APPENDIX A PROHIBITED CLASSES OF SUBSTANCES AND PROHIBITED METHODS 1 January 2003 PROHIBITED CLASSES OF SUBSTANCES A. STIMULANTS a Prohibited substances in class A.a include the following examples with both their L- and D-isomers amiphenazole, amphetamines, bromantan, caffeine*, carphe

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Perrysburg Township Fire & EMS Fire Chief Deputy Chief In 1960 the Perrysburg Township Trustees formed a committee of seven citizens to studythe need for fire protection in the Township. As a result of the committee'srecommendations the Trustees decided to establish Perrysburg Township Fire District No. 1, which included the entire Township except for the Village of Perrysburg

Cream hardener msds - material safety data sheets

SECTION 1 – Chemical Product and Company Identification CATALYST SYSTEMS CHEMTREC: 1-800-424-9300 U S Chemical & Plastics Alco Industries Companies PO Box 88 2290 Zimmerman Rd SE Gnadenhutten, OH 44629 PH: 740-254-4311 PRODUCT NAME: CREAM HARDENER PRODUCT CODE: 27640/White, 27641/Red, 27642/Green, 27643/Blue, 28050/Black, 28070/Lt. Red


Résumés Contrat de communication, acte de langage et interprétationCommuniquer consiste, en grande partie, pour un locuteur à mettre en langue, pour autrui, sa pensée. Un des buts de l’interlocuteur consiste à récupérer la pensée que le locuteur a voulu lui exprimer à travers ce qu’il dit. On peut penser qu’une des limitations du modèle de Sperber et Wilson réside dans le


Triglycerides facts about A PATIENT-EDUCATION TOOL FROM THE COMMIT TEE ON C ARDIOVASCULAR AND METABOLIC DISEASES What You Should Know About… Triglycerides Triglycerides (TGs) are the most common type of fat in the body. They are also a great source of SUPPOSE THAT’S NOT ENOUGH. energy. TGs come from certain foods, and they are also produced naturally in the body b

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Sleep Well! Sleep is vital to health and Causes of Disrupted Sleep wellbeing Disrupted sleep is a general term that refers to any Sleep is absolutely to vital to good health and condition in which sleep doesn’t follow its normal PJEndicott wellbeing. Recent research by Dr Neil Stanley cycle and/or a particular cycle doesn’t last as long at the University of East An


Novartis International AG Novartis Global Communications CH-4002 Basel Schweiz http://www.novartis.com FINANCIAL REPORT • RAPPORT FINANCIER • FINANZBERICHT Die Ergebnisse von Novartis im zweiten Quartal verbessern die zukünftigen Wachstumsaussichten mit acht wichtigen regulatorischen Meilensteinen; Novartis ist auf dem besten Weg, dem Ausblick 2012 gerecht zu werden

Indeling versie 3 a.xls

Lentedag 11 maart 2012 Dagindeling versie 3.0 Spel in groep 10.30 Barbara Guttmann Annelies Woensdag 10.30 Mariel Blom Annelies Woensdag 10.30 Inge Horstman Annelies Woensdag 10.30 Yasmin Charradi 10.45 Mieke Hoorn Annemarie Ovaa 10.45 Claudia Coorengel Annemarie Ovaa 10.45 Sabine Coorengel Annemarie Ovaa 10.45 Sandra v Zanten

Wo 38 2013 für internet kw 39x

Wochenplan für die Woche vom 23.09. – 29.09.2013 Montag, 23.09.2013 10.00 h Französisch für Fortgeschrittene 15.00 h Treff für Ältere Ist drin, was draufsteht? Wir nehmen Verpackungen unter die Lupe Hilde Altmeyer Stadtcafé, Lebach 17.00 h Hatha-Yoga für Fortgeschrittene 17.45 h Französisch Anfänger 18.00 h Einführung in die Deutsche Gebärdensprache

Code corine _

d’intérêt Nom français : Pie Grièche écorcheur communautaire Code A338 Nom latin : Lanius collurio DISTRIBUTION GEOGRAPHIQUE : Massif vosgien : l’espèce est bien présente dans les vallées vosgiennes mais se rencontre également, plus rarement, sur les hautes chaumes. Population estimée entre 2500 et 3000 couples sur le massif vosgien sur les

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Ingeniero LUIS GONZALEZ Centro Comercial Miraflores Zona 11 Respetable Ingeniero González: Por este medio me permito saludarlo y desearle éxitos en sus labores cotidianas. El motivo de la presente, es para exponerle los servicios que ofrece nuestra Empresa de Seguridad Privada “PROTECCIÓN METROPOLITNA S.A.” Nuestro principal objetivo es brindar confianza y soluciones a las necesidades d

Asian pacific aquaculture 2007 announces special local producers session

Antibiotic Residues Although most countries have banned the antibiotics chloramphenicol and nitrofurans from animal food production due to their toxicity to humans, traces of the drugs have been detected in shrimp and other aquaculture products. Chloramphenicol can cause potentially fatal aplastic anemia and leukemia, and nitrofurans are carcinogenic. Therefore, the seafood industry fully


Walking Between the Worlds: Links between Psi, Psychdelics, Shamanism and Psychosis An Overview of the LIterature In folk lore there is a belief that many people who have an acute psychotic breakdown exhibit signs of psychic ability. Research into this folk lore is virtually non-existent, but some interesting work by Neppe (1980) and Persinger (Persinger & Makarec, 1987) psi sugge


Venue Marriott Berlin Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1, Berlin, 10785, Germany Tel: +49 30 220000"1,- iÀˆ˜]ÊiÀ“>˜ÞÊNÊ{ÊqÊxÊՏÞ]ÊÓäänÊ About Berlin Berlin is one of Europe’s leading cosmopolitan centres and is a city on the cutting edge that has often been in the spotlight on the world stage over the past 100 years. Reg

Octopus fund factsheet

FACTSHEET AS AT 31 JANUARY 2014 Fund Description Key Facts The Fund aims to provide a total return in excess of the levels offered by fixed interest strategies. An Fund Launch Date equity focus creates potential for more pronounced short term fluctuations in capital value, which the Fund Launch Price manager aims to reduce through allocating approximately 25% to bonds


Vanderbilt University, T-1218 Medical Center North, Nashville, TN 37232 – 2659, USAFrequently, the etiology of a pleural effusion is inonly minimally meet the exudative criteria (eg, thequestion after the initial thoracentesis. In this article,protein ratio is 0.52 or the LDH ratio is 0.63). I assume that the pleural effusion persists after theMoreover, the patients with transudates wh

Financial express : quick view

http://www.financialexpress.com/printer/news/713258/ Quick View Cadbury to launch more premium chocolates Cadbury India will launch more premium chocolates in the local market. “One of our strategies is to launch more premiumchocolates in the Indian market,” managing director Anand Kripalu said on Thursday. “At the other end of the spectrum, wealso want to tap the rural market and

Vitronectin. human, product information, 9pig538

Certificate of Analysis Vitronectin, Human: Description: Human Vitronectin is a major plasma glycoprotein that exhibits multiple activities and functions as a cell adhesion molecule and regulator of coagulation. It contains the amino acid structural motif, Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD), which is involved in cell attachment. Human Vitronectin has a mass of 75kDa and circulates as a single-chain moiety

MunicÍpio de salvador das missÕes

PREFEITURA MUNICIPAL DE SALVADOR DAS MISSÕES Avenida Independência, 1131 – Fone (55)3358.1101 – Fax (55)3358.1102 – CEP 97940-000 MUNICÍPIO DE SALVADOR DAS MISSÕES LICITAÇÃO MODALIDADE TOMADA DE PREÇOS nº 004/2013 O MUNICÍPIO DE SALVADOR DAS MISSÕES , de conformidade com a Lei Federal nº. 8666/93, de 21 de julho de 1993, TORNA PUBLICO pelo presente Edital de TOMADA D

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Supplement Prescription Medication Pro And Con The debate rages on, there always has been one and more than likely always will be one; take supplements or not to take them. If you do take them, which ones and which brands are the best. Over the years I have been a strong advocate for supplements. I have always believed in their use and the benefit they produce, not only

Design, development and evaluation of metoprolol succinate extended

Vol-2/Issue-5/Sept-Oct 2013 PhTechMed ISSN: 2278-1099 Design, Development and Evaluation of Metoprolol Succinate Extended Release Tablet *Nikhate Ram D and Dr. Singh S Department of pharmaceutics, HSBPVT’s, GOIs, College of Pharmacy, Kashti, MS, India Abstract Metoprolol Succinate is an antihypertensive drug used in the management of hypertension, angina pectoris an

Pac template

Want Drugs – Just Ask the Drug Dealer …when they asked for Paxil, 55 percent were given prescriptions, and 50 percent received diagnoses of depression. Doctors Influenced By Mention Of Drug Ads Offbeat Study Finds Familiar Brand Name Can Evoke Diagnosis Washington Post Staff Writers April 27, 2005 By Shankar Vedantam and Marc Kaufman Actors pretending to be patients with s

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Professor and Kentucky Center for School Safety Fellow Department of Safety, Security, and Emergency Management Eastern Kentucky University 521 Lancaster Avenue Richmond, KY 40475 Office- 859-622-6681 Fax- 859-622-6650 email- [email protected] Home Page- http://www.corrections.eku.edu/May/David_May.htm EDUCATION Ph.D. Sociology, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS, December 1997


MSF-France Assessment of Senafe Sub Zoba, Zoba Debub, State of Eritrea 1. General Information MSF-France started a Humanitarian Assistance program in Senafe Sub Zoba on the 27/2/2001. With the support of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the United Nations Mission for Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), MSF-F was given a special access to this area prior to the formal establishment of t

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Exploring the Link Between Volume of Media Coverage and Business Outcomes Angela Jeffrey, APR Vice President Editorial Research, VMS Dr. David Michaelson David Michaelson & Company, LLC Dr. Don W. Stacks Professor, School of Communication University of Miami Members, Commission on Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation Published by the Institute for Public

Medical costs still burden many despite insurance - the boston globe

THIS STORY HAS BEEN FORMATTED FOR EASY PRINTING Medical costs still burden many despite insurance Mass. survey finds people in debt, skimping on care By Kay Lazar, Globe Staff | October 23, 2008 Although far more Massachusetts residents have health insurance coverage than residents nationwide, asignificant portion of Bay Staters are still struggling to pay for needed healthcare, a new

Prof. arafat

ﺍﺭـــــﺘﺒﻝﺍ ﺔـــﻌﻤﺎﺠ (ﺓﺩﻤﺘﻌﻤ ﺔﺼﺎﺨ ﺔﻌﻤﺎﺠ ) Faculty of Pharmacy &Medical Sciences. ﺔﻴﺒﻁﻝﺍ ﻡﻭﻠﻌﻝﺍﻭ ﺔﻝﺩﻴﺼﻝﺍ ﺔﻴﻠﻜ CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) TAWFIQ ARAFAT PERSONAL DATA 2012 Nationality : Jordanian Marital Status: Married with three children Address: Petra Univ


Gelistet in Index Medicus/MEDLINE · Biological Abstracts · Preisliste Nr. 22 Gültig ab 01.01.2012 Current Contents®/Clinical Medicine · Excerpta Medica/EMBASE · Medical Documentation Service · Reference Update · Research Alert · Science Citation Index · SCISEARCH Database, Google Scholar Erscheinungsweise Druckauflage 462 The Reawakening of Bendamustine –

Microsoft word - msds_loratadine impurity standard_cat875.doc

BRITISH PHARMACOPOEIA CHEMICAL REFERENCE SUBSTANCE MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET The substance to which this Safety Data Sheet relates is supplied exclusively as a British Pharmacopoeia Chemical Reference Substance (BPCRS) for chemical test and assay purposes. It is not intended to be used for any other purpose and is not for human consumption . The BPCRS is supplied in


4 6 0 B A R N E T T S H O A L S R O A D A P T . A 6 • A T H E N S , G A 3 0 6 0 5 P H O N E 4 7 8 - 3 9 0 - 5 9 8 3 • E - M A I L : J E S S I C A L G R O V E S @ G M A I L . C O M PhD in Neuroscience University of Georgia – Athens, GA Expected graduation: May 2013 Master of Science in Kinesiology Exercise Psychology University of Georgia – Athens, GA Graduated: July 2010 Bachelor of Ar


SCAR FORMATION KEY FIGURES: This chapter gives background information about the scarring process. Treatment options for problematic scars are also discussed. Normal Course of Scar Maturation Scar tissue is never as strong as normal, uninjured skin. For the first3–4 weeks after injury, the wound can easily be reopened by minimaltrauma. By 6 weeks, the scar has attained approximately 5


If the shed’s a-jammin’, don’t on laptopDiscovery that Vulakh’s mug is supply of linear polarizing filters, filled with water results in disap- shares the wealth. April 1, 2012 Volume 91 Dropout witnesses the Second tronics homework assignment in Coming of Our Savior James the form of interpretive dance. Baker. And the third. And the Happenings fourth. (Unfortuna


Information for Physicians on Prescription Products to Treat Perinatal Depression – February 2006 Reported Side Effects to Breastfeeding No behavioral studies in human pregnancy ( WellbutrinR; Can cause insomnia Higher rate of spontaneous abortions Few interactions with other medications No behavioral studies in human pregnancy ( Celexa R) ● Possible risk of pulmonary

Pharmacology: doses for the examinations

Pharmacology: Doses minations 1st semester Autonomic drugs Epinephrinum, adrenaline (Tonogen inj.) 0.05-0.1-0.2! mg iv Cardiovascular-renal drugs Chinidinium sulfuricum, quinidine, 200-400-500! mg Mexiletin (Mexitil caps., Ritalmex caps.) 200-400 mg Digoxin (Digoxin tabl.) daily maintenance oral dose 0.25-0.5 mg Metoprolol (Betaloc ZOK) daily 1 x 25-100 mg Enalaprilum mal

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LISTADO PROVEEDORES PNUD NICARAGUA PRODUCTO EMPRESA PERSONA TELEFONOS DOMICILIO OBSERVACIONES CONTACTO ACEITERAS ACERO/FIERRO (Ferretería y metales) media al lago a mano derecha, Managua, Nic. ADHESIVOS Ponal-Pegablanc-Klebe, Super bonder, Tapagotera en pasta y cinta, Comejenol, Resanador Temflex AGUA: (Purificada) TANQUES/DEPOSITO PRODUCTO EMPRESA


Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology , 28:1273–1287, 2006Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLCISSN: 1380-3395DOI: 10.1080/13803390500507246 Neuropsychological Impairment in Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder—Improvement Over the Course of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment . cal Impairment Before and After Therapy ANNE KATRIN KUELZ,1 DIETER RIEMANN,1 ULRIKE HALSBAND

Effets indÉsirables et intoxication par les pyrethrinoides (ca, fe)

F o l i a v e t e r i n a r i a EFFETS INDÉSIRABLES ET INTOXICATION PAR LES PYRÉTHRINOÏDES UTILISÉS CONTRE LES ECTOPARASITES En Belgique, les préparations à base de pyréthrinoïdes peuvent avoir le statut de «médicament» dont la commercialisation est conditionnée à une autorisation de mise sur le marché ou celui de «produit insecticide» vendu en grande surface et dans les mag

July 29, 2003

FEDERAL CIRCUIT DECISIONS FOR WEEK ENDING December 13, 2013 Galderma Laboratories, L.P., v. Tolmar, Inc., (December 11, 2013) (precedential) Patent Nos. 7,579,377; 7,737,181; 7,834,060; 7,838.558; and 7,868,044. Key point(s): • Claims to a compound known to have a property at a specific concentration can be shown to be obvious by introducing prior art that teaches the usefu

For many people a fuller and more sensuous mouth comes high on their wish list

What are Dermal Fillers? Dermal fillers are used to fill or replace the lost volume in static wrinkles, lines and folds. Unlike Dynamic Wrinkle injections, they do not affect facial muscle contraction. Generally, dermal fillers are used in the treatment of wrinkles, lines and folds that appear at rest, rather than those that appear during facial expressions. Dermal fillers can also be used to

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Kimberly S. Beasley, soprano Jacksonville, FL 32207 Performing Experience Upcoming Engagements: Jacksonville University Orchestra and Chorus Messiah Soloist, December 2011 Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, New Year’s Eve Gala, December 31, 2011 Jacksonville University Faculty Recital, February 2012 Valparaiso University, Guest performance, April 2012 Jacksonville Symphony O


Impressions: 14,461,918 Achieving Intimacy After Cancer By Patty Brisben & Dr. Keri Peterson October 24, 2011 When it comes to difficulty attaining intimacy after a cancer diagnosis, most people think immediately of breast cancer. But the truth is, any type of cancer diagnosis can affect your sex life—man or woman—in ways both obvious and quietly insidious. Cancer is the s

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