Passion Wealth
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Forward Chapter 1: Find Your True Passion Chapter 2: 11 Tips to Finding Your Passion Chapter 3: 5 Tips to Help You Follow Through Chapter 4: Passion Can Be the Difference Between Happiness and Frustration Chapter 5: Being Stress Free Can Assist You in Finding Your Passion Chapter 6: Putting it All Together Foreword
Now, due to the extreme conditions we're facing, increasingly more and more individuals have to reinvent themselves. This is very exciting news for the world. We're, by choice or force, being placed on our true paths. We're living in one of the most exciting times in human history. It might not appear that way now, but one day you will look back and realize the magic of this time in your life. We're in the midst of one of the great economic and spiritual transitions in the history of the world and I am in the center of it. Heed these words as you move forward in your life. The world is based on energy and it always comes back to you. In some cases, it moves quickly and in other people, it takes a lot more time. You Must Be Willing to Go Deep Within Yourself. The choices each individual makes on a moment-by-moment basis create the reality they live. You are able to go left or right. Each decision comes with its own set of possible outcomes. Why are we here? What am I supposed to do with my life this time around? These are some of the questions I will explore in this book. You will join me on a journey into a world of conflict and contradiction. We will explore a world filled with manipulation and corruption. Your belief system will be challenged at every turn as we uncover some of the oldest and most powerful myths of this world. My goal is to help you connect to your true self – to help you move away from conventional Thinking and create a life definition that works for you. We all have our own unique definitions for the elements defining a successful life. Unfortunately, most people spend their lives defending their life definitions to themselves and to the people who supposedly care about them the most. To become successful all you have to do is reach a state of complete inner peace. As you know, this is easier said than done in today s hectic world. If you are willing to shatter your current belief system and take a leap of faith, this will be a voyage like no other. Remember … in order to continue, we all must have open minds so we can find OUR TRUE PASSION! Find Out If Your Ladder Of Success Is Leaning Against The
Right Wall And Repurposing Your Life Easily
Chapter 1:
Find Your True Passion
Yes. Your Calling. The reason you are alive. Your personal mission in life. If you do not have a clue what I am discussing, take a couple seconds to complete this quick quiz:  Are you doing precisely the kind of work that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning excited to begin a new day?  Does your work fulfill a need deep inside to express yourself, your talents, your values, and your unique and precious gifts?  Does your work allow a balanced life – one that leaves time for family and friends, for physical activity or hobbies, for you? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, congratulations! If you have not yet found the work you were meant to do, keep reading. You are about to find your true passion – and when you find that calling that is uniquely yours, your life will be transformed. “The way to find out about your happiness is to keep your mind on those moments when you feel most happy, when you are really happy – not excited, not just thrilled, but deeply happy.” Now ask yourself how you feel each day, as you get ready for work. It probably sounds something like this… Your alarm clock buzzes and you get up. You drag yourself out of bed, dreading yet another day at a job that is high on stress and short on gratification. I guess what I am asking you is this: Are you happy working in a career that is fulfilling and enjoyable? Because when you really love your work, you greet the day like this: You do not need an alarm because you cannot wait to get out of bed and dive into another workday where your work feels similar to play. Maybe you think it is too late. Maybe you believe that you have somehow missed your calling and that you are not getting any younger. However, this leads me to my next question. How do you find work? That will feed your soul? When you discover your calling, you may find your life taking you in unexpected directions. You see, anyone can get a 9-to-5 J-O-B. A job is something that pays the bills but all too often fails to feed the spirit. In addition, when your spirit is starved for meaningful satisfying work, your happiness suffers. Did you know that individuals who love what they do for a living actually live longer? So here’s your million-dollar question: Do you believe you were put on this earth to sit in commuter traffic, to suffer through the performance evaluations and reorganizations, to have to answer to a boss that is well… you know… Were you really created to spend your life having the Sunday night blues? On the other hand, do you believe, as I do, that you were put here to follow a calling that is uniquely yours? If the idea of loving what you do appeals to you, the way I see it… here are your options: You can keep plodding along week after week hoping that inspiration will somehow, someway suddenly strike and – in a flash – your true calling will be revealed. You are able to make a promise to yourself right here, right now to take the first bold step on behalf of your dreams. Chapter 2:
11 Tips to Help
Do you ever feel confused? Pulled in so many directions at one time that you cannot figure out what you are interested in or how it all could possibly fit together? Underneath the indifference and confusion, there is still a voice saying, “There has to be more than this!” There is. The great news is that it does all fit together, because you fit together. You would not be the you that you are without all the fabulous bits that come together into the delightfully human you are. See, you were designed this way. You have a purpose and a plan and your soul signed you up for ALL the challenges and opportunities you are experiencing. However, it can feel pretty confusing and discombobulating until you finally understand what that plan really is. Here are seven tips to help you find your true calling and understand your spiritual master plan: 1. Pay close attention to your deepest, most secret most inner longings. They are the voice of your soul, calling you to the exact right place where you belong.  Do you dream of being on stage?  Writing a bestselling novel?  Producing a life-changing film?  Changing the way people think about their spirituality? Pay attention to these. You are not just fooling yourself. Your soul knows what it knows. You would not be called to it if you did not have it in you. If you are called to it, it is part of your purpose. 2. Track the challenges in your life and unravel the common threads. Your challenges are your instructors. They show you the places you need to heal and grow so that you are able to become who you are meant to be.  Finding your sense of self-worth?  Trusting the Universe and trusting others?  Feeling bombarded by life and like nothing works out for you?  what you are here to teach other people  what you have chosen to master in this life time 3. Build a relationship with your Higher Self. When you pay attention to those yearnings, also ask your higher self for guidance. She embodies who you are, even if you do not yet consciously grasp the enormity of your brilliance. By strengthening that relationship with your Higher Self, you strengthen that brilliance inside you. What admirable traits do you have?  Wisdom?  Beauty?  Kindness?  Serenity? 4. Write a list of what is most significant to you. Be truthful with yourself. Think broader than simply a job. Is your family most significant? Your religious faith? Financial security? Ask yourself what you want to be remembered for. Your true priorities should direct your search for your true calling. 5. Write a list of what you enjoy doing and a list of what you do well. Look for overlaps. For example, if you love music and you are a skillful guitarist or vocalist, your calling might be connected with music. 6. Ask other people who know you well what they think you would be best suited at doing. Do not take their advice as the final say-so, but consider their input carefully. 7. Put down what you are presently disgruntled with. What would 8. Consider the needs around you. How do current needs and openings correlate with what you have to offer? Who could benefit from your talents, passions and abilities? 9. Take a personality assessment and career aptitude test. Consider multiple chances for finding and living out your true calling. For some individuals, it may be a job, but for other people it may be volunteer service. Still others view their duties within their families as their means of carrying out their true calling. 11. Do not be afraid to try something new. Finding your true calling often involves trial and error. Take a chance and launch out into something you suspect might be your true calling. You may just succeed and discover greater satisfaction and purpose for your life. Even if you fail, you can learn more about yourself and which avenues you should pursue in the future. Finding your true passion that leads to wealth can mean different things for different people. The basic premise is your personal satisfaction with what you are doing. The process of discovering your true calling can take time, effort and even risk. Although it is not necessarily easy, you can follow some basic steps to make achieving this goal more accessible. These are powerful hints that guide you to who you really are at the core. Cultivate them. Chapter 3:
7 Steps to Following Through
When we have goals, we have our destinations in each period of our life. Whether we will get to those destinations depends on our actions. In order to have the right actions, we need to have a plan. It is however difficult for many individuals to follow through their plan despite the need to accomplish their goals. What are the reasons why they cannot follow through? One of the most common reasons that make individuals do not follow through is that they are not willing to be out of their comfort zone. We are all animal of habits. We generally do what were used to do. This is normal animal instinct. We feel safe when we are certain on the result we will get from our actions. The space that we limit our action is called the comfort zone. We are comfortable staying in that zone and on the contrary we feel unsecured when we are out of it. We have comfort zones in every area of our life. We need to realize how important it is to step out of comfort zone. The disadvantage of remaining in your comfort zone is that you will never grow within it. You will not grow physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and on the relationships with other people. We must practice our mind to get used to working our way towards our goals despite feeling uncomfortable. The following seven tips will assist you in following through with your plan. 1. Acknowledge what you want and why you want it. You need to know what you want out of your actions and the reasons why you want it. You will not be prompted to do what you are supposed to do if you are not clear on what you want. Clarity is your power to go to your target. Be clear on your goals. You have to decide what you want and then make the dedication to achieving it. 2. Decide what you love to do. Your actions to your goals will have to be repeated it again and again. If you do not love what you do, it is very hard to continue doing. Your brain will tell yourself that you have no fun doing it. This is why individuals give up a lot easier than they are supposed to. Many individuals said they do not have option. On the contrary, they do not really decide to do what they love. Rather, they let themselves in doing what they do not like. It is up to your decision to stop what you think you must do and go to the area that you love most. 3. Begin doing something. Another thing that happens to many individuals is that when they want something, they do not even bother to begin doing something. You are able to do anything by beginning to doing something that is aimed at your goal. Once you have the first step, other steps will be a great deal easier for you. 4. Keep your momentum Once you begin doing something, do not let your actions die afterwards. Keep doing what is in your plan. Do not let your mind fly away while you take action. Center on your goals. You are able to make a vision board or some goal vision note to see as often as you want. This will prompt you of the importance of your. 5. Value your actions and results. Review your actions and see if you need to correct anything. Keep your statistic and compare with the standard. Change your approach if you need to but never change your goals. 6. Resolve not to give up. Not giving up is one of the best qualities of successful people. You need to make sure that you also have that quality. Commit to yourself that you will not give up no matter what happens. 7. Visualize your success regularly. Visualization will make your subconscious mind attract what you want into your life. This is according to the law of attraction. You can attract all situations and attributes favorable to your goal achievement by visualization daily. Visualize in your mind as if you are achieving your goals in front of you. Feel it and absorb what happens. You may want to add the background audio while you are visualizing. It will enhance your attraction. There are many background audios in the market. Attraction Accelerator can be one of your choices. Not following through what you are supposed to do is one of the major hurdles to your success. This talks about why this happens and how to overcome it. Chapter 4:
Passion Can Be the Difference Between Happiness and
Discovering your life passion can mean the difference between happiness and frustration. Do you know what you are passionate about? Is there anything in your life that makes you feel genuinely good, Excited, alive, and turned on? If not, either you have not found your life passion yet, or you are disregarding it. Our passions are what give life its juice. To discover your passion, and follow up on it is one of the better ways you are able to use your time. Even if you do know what you genuinely love, many of us feel that it is selfish to spend time and energy on doing things ‘just for fun.’ We believe we should be serious and responsible, and spend our time working hard at accomplishing goals. We feel worthy and virtuous when we attend to endless tasks and slave away at tasks we detest. We feel ashamed about spending time on things that make us feel alive and happy. What a messed up way of looking at things! Doing what makes you happy is not frivolous or selfish- it is smart. Being pleased makes you healthier, more productive, and nicer to be around. In addition, whom are you actually helping by working yourself into the ground doing things that do not satisfy you? Does anybody truly benefit from the fact that you have an alphabetized spice rack, work fifty hours a week, and say ‘yes’ to so many requests that you have no energy to give to any of them? Do these things make you happy? If not, it is time to check how you are spending the treasured minutes and hours of your life. When is the last time you spent a couple of hours doing something that made you feel genuinely alive? That made the time fly past, and left you feeling stimulated instead of ran out? It may have been a while, but if you actually give it some thought, you will probably come up with something. If you genuinely cannot seem to find your passion, there are a couple of ways you are able to figure it out. One way is to experiment. Try some fresh activities. The only way you will find out what you love doing is by doing it. Who knows, you may discover a passion for ballroom dance, writing poetry, or bird watching. Next, you need to find additional small ways to search for your passion and include it in your life. How about making cards for birthdays and other occasions? Flirt with joining an art class, or decorating your personal space. I bet that a beautiful collage above your desk would bring you more joy than perfectly tidy desk drawers. As you find your passion and more time and ways to action it, you become happier. This makes others happier too. Who'd you rather see each day at breakfast, somebody bored and frustrated, or somebody filled with enthusiasm? Whether your passion is for protecting the environment, baking cookies, singing, teaching, or predicting the stock markets, pursuing it will definitely give you opportunities to benefit other people by sharing your creations or knowledge. It may also open up possibilities for following your life passion as a job. So, find your life passion, and go for it with your whole heart. Time spent doing what you love will never be time wasted. Chapter 5:
Being Stress Free Can Help You Find Your Calling
Steps to Becoming Stress Free
Most of the individuals are under never-ending stress, which may have a serious negative effect on their life. Stress can affect our mind and body resulting in a wide range of health problems so it is crucial to know how to cope with it. There are numerous want to relieve stress. Stress relief techniques that will help you do away with stress instantly and will help to improve the quality of your life. Some of those techniques are probably already some of your regular daily activities and it is quite possible that you are already unknowingly reducing stress. Best Stress Relief methods That Work With exercise, you release the tension and stress, whether it is running, working out at a gym, or doing a sport such as running, tennis or basketball. Exercising improves the blood circulation in the body and releases physical stress in the muscles. These activities are able to control a strained situation while controlling a negative mood in progress. 2. Controlled Breathing Breathe in through your nose slowly then out through your mouth. When you blow the air out of your lungs, you will feel how the tension will flow out of the body. By controlled breathing we provide the body with the right amount of oxygen and normalize our hear beat. 3. Massage Going to massage is a great way to decrease stress that will absolutely release some of the stress from your body. You will feel amazing, empowered by the much-needed relaxation and help you to calm your muscles. 4. Meditation and Yoga As you likely already know, yoga is a great stress relief technique. Yoga gives you several advantages. It supplies you with physical and mental relaxation and contributes to balanced stress level. 5. Humor Laughter is a great stress relief method that works. You probably know how great it feels when you are laughing at a friend’s joke, amusing comedy or a stand up show. With laughter, we stretch the tense up muscles on our face and release the tension out of out body. We also allow more blood to flow to the pleasure centers of the mind that make us happier. Funny stress relief is a sure winner when we would like to reduce stress fast. 6. Medication There are ancient medicines that can be resorted to as stress relief methods. Among these are Ayurveda that heals internal elevated ailments. Others are mandookparni, brahmi and shatavari. They have been used to clear and cure some disturbances that include anxiety and levels of stress. Nevertheless, know the correct dosage. It alters from one person to another, as well as how stressful the case is. 7. Natural Herbs Through natural herbs as well as an incorporation of other factors such as exercises, stress levels can easily be dealt with. However, it is important to choose the right herbs with a track of effectiveness. 8. Changing Habits Change of negative and stress worsening habits can also relieve stress. For example, avoid overeating or taking it on those who live with you. Others fail to eat anything and thus worsen the situation. Find balance and stress will not affect you. 9. Hypnotherapy If mastered, it removes all the stress and tension afflicting a person while clearing all kinds of negative thinking. In this case, a patient is put in a natural relaxing and deep phase of concentration. Use of hypnosis could help one to easily moderate and learn more about any negative pattern clear in life as well as helping positively to treat them. 10. Avoiding Junk and Sugary Foods If you feel stressed or in case you are prone to it, avoid sugary and junk fast foods by exercising or starting an invigorating co-curricular activity such as tennis playing. In order to help our body relax you have to consume enough minerals such as vitamin C and Calcium that can help deal with stress levels. Vitamin C can make one to feel really rejuvenated and invigorated while calcium aids in muscle relaxation. Chapter 6:
Put It All Together
Is there something you already love doing? Do you have a hobby, or something you loved doing as a child, but never considered it as a possibility? Whether it’s reading comic books, collecting something, making something, creating or building, there is probably a way you could do it for a living. Open a comic book shop, or create a comic book site online. If there’s already something you love doing, you’re ahead of the game. Now you just need to research the possibilities of making money from it. For myself, when I get passionate about something, I will read about it for hours on end. I will buy books and magazines. I will spend days on the Internet finding out more. There may be a few possibilities here for you … and all of them are possible career paths. Do not close your mind to these topics. Look into them. Brainstorm. Nothing comes to mind right away? Well, get out a sheet of paper, and start writing down ideas. Anything that comes to mind, write it down. Look around your house, on your computer, on your bookshelf, for inspirations, and just write them down. There are no bad ideas at this stage. Write everything down, and evaluate them later. Ask other people for ideas. See what others have discovered as their passions. Look all over the Internet for ideas. The more possibilities you find, the more likely your chances of finding your true passion. Don’t quit your job just yet. If you find your calling, your passion, don’t just turn in your resignation tomorrow. It is best to stay in your job while you are researching the possibilities. If you can do your passion as a side job, and build up the income for a few months or a year, that is even better. It gives you a chance to build up some savings (and if you are going into business for yourself, you will need that cash reserve), while practicing the skills you need. See below for more. Try it first. It is best to actually test your new idea before jumping into it as a career. Do it as a hobby or side job at first, so that you can see if it’s really your true calling. You may be passionate about it for a few days, but where the rubber meets the road is whether you’re passionate about it for at least a few months. If you pass this test, you have probably found it. Do as much research as possible. Know as much about your passion as possible. If this has been a passion for a while, you may have already been doing this. At any rate, do even more research. Read every website possible on the topic, and buy the best books available. Either find other people, in your area or on the Internet, who do what you want to do for a living, and quiz them about the profession. How much do they make? What training and education did they need? What skills are necessary? How did they get their start? What recommendations do they have? Often you will find that people are more than willing to give advice. Practice, and practice, and practice some more. Do not go into it with amateur skill level. If you want to make money — to be a professional — you need to have professional skills. Get very good at your future career and you will make money at it. Practice for hours on end. If it is something you love, the practice should be something you want to do. Never quit trying. Can’t find your passion at first? Give up after a few days and you’re sure to fail. Keep trying, for months on end if necessary and you’ll find it eventually. Thought you found your passion but you got tired of it? No problem! Start over again and find a new passion. There may be more than one passion in your lifetime, so explore all the possibilities. Found your passion but haven’t been successful making a living at it? Do not give up. Keep trying, and try again, until you succeed. Success does not come easy, so giving up early is a sure way to fail. Keep trying, and you will get there. You also want to keep you health in very good standing. It definitely always helps to keep your stress levels down. Health is important because you feel better about the things you are doing, which lead to finding your true calling. Being stress free has to be the most important though. The reason being is you have a clear mind. Your head is not cluttered with things that are mundane and tedious. If you get rid of that stress, it is easier to focus on what you’re really want, your true calling. Wrapping Up
Does your life feel scattered? Is your desk swimming in post-it notes and to-do lists? Do you find difficulty coordinating your schedule, your family’s schedule and work’s schedule? Do you have goals that you never get to? Are there old friends you never get around to calling? Would you love to live a simpler life, but have a tough time finding time to make that happen? Find your true Passion. It’ll naturally lead to wealth for you. Use these steps and tips in this book will definitely alter your perception on how you can attain your true calling. You can do this! FREE GIFT:
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