VLHC Dehumidifier for Moderate & Cold-Climate Greenhouses
TD Environmentally-friendly, energy-conserving elimination of humidity-related problems
in heated greenhouses.
Agam's Ventilated Latent Heat Conver ter (VLHC) is a revolutionary Agam VLHC Advantages
patented, field-tested dehumidification system for cold-climate greenhouses.
It solves humidity-related problems, including yield-damaging botrytis, while actually reducing energy and fungicide expenses.
The VLHC takes in humid air from inside the greenhouse, optionally along with fresh air. It converts water vapor into water and heat by blowing theair through a matrix of desiccant-filled elements in a compact cooling tower. In this process, vapor condensation naturally warms up the desiccant,and this heat is released by the unit into the greenhouse as warm, dry air.
The VLHC thus efficiently converts the latent heat stored in the water vapor to usable heat, a welcome by-product in cold-climate greenhouses – dramatically reducing energy consumption.
In addition to helping maintain healthy and high-volume yields, the Agam VLHC dehumidifier also reduces the need for intensive fungicide use - saving money and helping conventional and organic growers conform tolocal and international regulations.
Furthermore, the VLHC cost-effectively cleans and filters greenhouse air,without expelling costly CO2-enriched air – reducing the need for externalcold air input – further lowering heating expenses.
Patented, Field-Tested Technology
Agam's patented VLHC technology has been successfully used in greenhousesand spas for over four years.
Test Conducted in Winter 2009
The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture R&D center in the Arava valley examined the VLHC, comparing it withthe common way of heating (hot water pipes) and confirmed that the VLHC saves more than 60 percentof the energy costs, in addition to reducing humidity! Percentage of energy savings in the Agam greenhouse The average (over multiple nights) relative relative to that in the heated-water greenhouse on humidity percentage during the night in a heated- water greenhouse GH9 (pink) and in the Agamgreenhouse GH3 (Blue).
About Agam Energy Systems
Founded in 1998 by industry veterans, Agam develops and produces innovative, energy-conserving and environmentally-friendly cooling, heating and dehumidification systems. Agam's solutions serve the needs of both the industrial andthe agricultural sectors, including greenhouses, and seed and grain warehouses. Based on patented heat-exchangetechnology, Agam’s products are highly cost-effective and field proven, often saving more than 70% of energy expenses.
VLHC recommended coveragearea for vegetables 1000 M2 VLHC recommended coveragearea for flowers 1500 M2 Weight: 350 Kg
Dimensions: mm

Source: http://www.edenirrigation.co.uk/downloads/AGAM%20English%202011.pdf

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