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Italy Discovery +
Israel Journey
PROGRAM ITINERARY We have provided the fol owing sample itinerary to give you an idea of what this travel experience is all about. The actual itinerary may vary slightly. A formal itinerary, including a list of confirmed accommodations wil be sent to you 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the program.
DAY #1 / Tuesday / Take Off!
• Depart from New York City
• Take-off and spend the night in the sky en route to Europe!
DAY #2 / Wednesday / Stylish Milano
• Arrive to Milan
• Meet local staff and travel to central Milan
• Explore “Via Montenapoleone” – Milan’s main fashion district
• Departure to Lake Garda and check-in to hotel
• Evening: Group night out along Lake Garda
• Overnight: Hotel Splendid Sole – Lake Garda, Italy
DAY #3 / Thursday / Romeo & Juliet’s Verona
• Travel to Venice in the morning
• Stop in Verona en route – Swoon under the balcony of “Juliet’s House”
• Board train into the old city of Venice and carry bags to accommodations
• Explore the Jewish Ghetto of Venice and visit the Jewish Museum
• Ride traditional gondolas along the canals of Venice
• Overnight: Hotel Tintoretto – Venice, Italy
DAY #4 / Friday / The Waterways of Venice
• Boat ride to Burano and Murano Island – Visit a traditional Venetian glass-making factory
• Relaxed beach time at Lido Island
• Return to the main island of Venice and prepare for Shabbat
• Kabbalat Shabbat services at the Spanish Synagogue of Venice
• Overnight: Hotel Tintoretto – Venice, Italy
DAY #5 / Saturday / Shabbat in Venice
• Shabbat morning program and lunch with the Jewish community
• Venice walking tour – St. Mark’s Square including a visit to the Basilica and Ducale Palace
• Evening: Shop in San Marco Piazza – The main hub of Venice
• Overnight: Hotel Tintoretto – Venice, Italy
DAY #6 / Sunday / Rafting in Slovenia
• Depart Venice via train and then take a bus to Slovenia

Italy Discovery +
Israel Journey
PROGRAM ITINERARY • Raft down the Soca – one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers • Picnic lunch by the river • Travel through the Slovenian mountains to our accommodations at Lake Bled • Overnight: Hotel Jezero – Bohinj, Slovenia DAY #7 / Monday / Triglav National Park
• Cable car ride to Mount Vogel and hike through the Triglav National Park
• Boat ride to Bled Island – Visit the wishing bell in the middle of the glacial Lake Bled
• Enjoy a short city tour of Ljubljana and ride to the Castle
• Overnight: Hotel Jezero – Bohinj, Slovenia
DAY #8 / Tuesday / The Italian Countryside
• Explore the Postojna Cave in Slovenia
• Cross back into Italy and begin travel to Florence
• Stop en route in Bologna – Gelato Museum and tasting activity
• Overnight: Hotel Kursaal & Ausonia – Florence, Italy
DAY #9 / Wednesday / Florence, Italy
• Tour of an authentic Italian pasta factory in Florence – Pastificio Fabbri
• Explore Florence – including the Grand Synagogue, the Duomo, and Piazza San Lorenzo
• Climb to the top of the Campanile Tower for a panoramic view of Florence
• The Art of Florence – Michelangelo’s David Statue at the Galleria dell'Accademia
• Dinner at Ruth's Restauarant and meet with its owner
• Evening: Shopping on Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)
• Overnight: Hotel Kursaal & Ausonia – Florence, Italy
DAY #10 / Thursday / Pisa, Italy
• Travel to Pisa - Climb the leaning Tower of Pisa and explore the Square of Miracles
• Afternoon on the beach along Italy’s western Mediterranean Coast!
• Travel south and arrive to Rome – View of the city from Gianicolo Hill
• Overnight: Hotel Nord Nuova – Rome, Italy
DAY #11 / Friday / The Ancient Empire of Rome!
• Walking tour of Vatican City – St. Paul's Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel
• Visit the Coliseum and the Forum Romanum – Walk in the footsteps of the Roman Empire
• Gladiator-for-a-Day School – Channel your inner warrior!
• Shabbat service at the Oratorio di Castro Synagogue fol owed by a festive Shabbat dinner
• Overnight: Hotel Nord Nuova – Rome, Italy

Italy Discovery +
Israel Journey
DAY #12 / Saturday / Shabbat in Rome
• Shabbat programming and guided tour of the Jewish Quarter
• Explore Rome’s ancient Jewish Quarter – Judaism’s oldest continual y settled community
• Walking tour of Rome - The Pantheon Temple and Fontana di Trevi
• Evening: Cool off sampling local gelato at the Spanish Steps
• Overnight: Hotel Nord Nuova – Rome, Italy
DAY #13 / Sunday / Pompei & Mt. Vesuvio
• Guided tour of Pompei – The preserved ancient Roman city
• Drive up to Mount Vesuvius and walk to the crater of the volcano
• Return to Rome in the evening – Closing dinner at the hotel
• Overnight: Hotel Petra & Residence – Rome, Italy
DAY #14 / Monday / Ciao Italy!
• Say goodbye to teens returning to NYC in morning
• Visit to Ostia and Ostia Antica – once the hub of Rome's trade with the rest of the world
• Afternoon beach time at Ostia Lido
• Depart from Rome Airport
• Take-off and spend the night in the sky en route to Israel!
DAY #15 / Tuesday, July 16 / Take Off to Israel!
• Arrive to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv
• Crawl through the Bar Kochva caves at Hirbet Midras
• Climb on tanks at Latrun – Israel’s Armored Corp Museum
• Overnight: Rimonim Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem
DAY #16 / Wednesday / Introduction to Jerusalem
• Beach time in Tel Aviv and shopping at the Azrieli Towers mall
• Meet-up with teens arriving from NYC and ascend to Jerusalem
• Welcome to Israel – Shecheyanu at the Haas Promenade overlooking the Old City
• Overnight: Rimonim Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem
DAY #17 / Thursday / Jerusalem’s Old City
• Walk the Rampart Wal s of the Old City from Jaffa Gate to Zion Gate
• Explore the “City of David” complex and Hezekiah’s water tunnel
• Reflections at the Kotel – The Western Wall
• Walking tour of the Old City’s Jewish Quarter
• Evening: Night out on Ben Yehuda Street – Pedestrian Mall
• Overnight: Rimonim Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem

Italy Discovery +
Israel Journey
DAY #18 / Friday / The Exile & Continuity
• Begin traveling northwards along the coast
• Caesarea – The Roman amphitheater on the beach
• BBQ lunch on the Mediterranean Beach
• View of Haifa from the Bahai Temple Gardens on Mt. Carmel
• Arrive to accommodations on the Mediterranean Coast of the Western Galilee
• Kabbalat Shabbat service options in the town of Nahariya
• Overnight: Beit Kay, Nahariya
DAY #19 / Saturday / Shabbat on the Beach!
• Shabbat programming and lunch
• Relaxed afternoon on the beaches of the Mediterranean
• Evening: Group night out at local bowling alley
• Overnight: Overnight: Beit Kay, Nahariya
DAY #20 / Sunday / The Western Galilee
• Hike Mearat Keshet
• Explore the ocean caves at Rosh Hanikrah
• Tour of old Acco seaport and Crusader-era castle
• Traditional Druze hospitality and dinner in the village of Peki’in
• Check-in to accommodations on the Sea of Galilee – the Kinneret
• Overnight: Ohalo, Galilee
DAY #21 / Monday / Perspectives from the Golan Heights
• Ascend the Golan Heights – Water hike down Nahal Jilaboun Canyon
• View across Israel and her neighbors from atop Mt. Ben-Tal
• Swimming in the Sea of Galilee
• Evening: Cruise on the Kinneret with Israeli dancing
• Overnight: Ohalo, Galilee
DAY #22 / Tuesday / Water & Israel
• Bike riding and hiking at the Hatzbani River
• Relaxed rafting down the upper Jordan River
• Chocolate workshop at Kibbutz Dafna’s boutique chocolate factory
• Overnight: Ohalo, Galilee
DAY #23 / Wednesday / Mystics from the Galilee
• Coexistence workshop at the Galilee Center
• Walking tour of mystical Tzfat – Center of the Kabbalah movement

Italy Discovery +
Israel Journey
PROGRAM ITINERARY • Explore the Tzfat artist colony and meet with Kabbalistic artist – Avraham Lowenthal • Overnight: Ohalo, Galilee DAY #24 / Thursday / Zionism & Co-Existence
• Volunteer project at “Pitchon Lev” in Carmiel
• Zichron Yaakov – The modern Zionist movement emerges
• Atlit Camp – The Holocaust and migration to Israel
• Check-in to accommodations in Central Israel
• Overnight: Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha Hotel
NOTE: If you wish to take part in the Host Family Weekend, please arrange for your host to pick
you up at our scheduled accommodations on Thursday no earlier than 8:00pm and return you to our scheduled accommodations no later than 10:00pm on Saturday night. There wil be a scheduled program on Saturday evening for the group, so we encourage teens to return by no later than 8:30pm in order to take part.
DAY #25 / Friday / Israeli Arts & Culture
• Dig-for-a-Day – Archeological Seminar at Beit Guvrin
• Shopping at Nahalat Binyamin street festival in Tel Aviv
• Relax and enjoy the Tel Aviv lifestyle along the beachfront
• Return to hotel and prepare for Shabbat
• Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony and festive Shabbat dinner at hotel
• Overnight: Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha Hotel
DAY #26 / Saturday / The Day of Rest!
• Relaxed morning and Shabbat program
• Sports, pool and relaxation time at hotel
• Evening: Group night out at Malha Mall
• Overnight: Kibbutz Ma’ale Hachamisha Hotel
DAY #27 / Sunday / To The Negev Desert
• Table-to-Table – Service project harvesting crops for the hungry
• Travel southwards to the Negev Desert
• Sde Boker – Ben Gurion’s grave and overlook at Wadi Zin Canyon
• View of the Ramon Crater from the crater rim
• Check-in to kibbutz accommodations in Arava Valley
• Overnight: Kibbutz Yahel, Arava

Italy Discovery +
Israel Journey
DAY #28 / Monday / Eilat and the Red Sea
• Early morning hike to Mt. Zefachot overlooking Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia
• Guided snorkeling at Coral Beach Nature Reserve on the Red Sea
• Relaxed afternoon at the beach and Eilat’s Red Sea Promenade
• Explore the Cassui Sand Dunes
• Evening: Desert ecology seminar at Kibbutz Keturah
• Overnight: Kibbutz Yahel, Arava
DAY #29 / Tuesday / The Desert Blooms
• Morning hike into the Red Canyon Trail
• Lunch and pool time at kibbutz
• Camel trekking in the Judean Desert and "Hafla” style Bedouin tent dinner feast
• Bonfire party and night out under the desert stars
• Overnight: Kfar Hanokdim Bedouin Tent, Judean Desert
DAY #30 / Wednesday / Masada and the Dead Sea
• Pre-sunrise climb to Masada via the Roman Ramp trail
• Tour of the Masada desert fortress complex and descend via the Snake Path trail
• Swim under the desert waterfalls at Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
• Floating and beach time at the Dead Sea
• Return to Jerusalem in the late afternoon
• Overnight: Royal Wing Hotel, Jerusalem
DAY #31 / Thursday / Remembrance and Renewal
• Yad Vashem Holocaust Complex
• Mt. Herzl National Cemetery and the Herzl Museum
• Walking tour of the Knesset campus – Israel’s parliament
• Evening: The Geo-Politics of Israel with Neil Lazarus
• Overnight: Royal Wing Hotel, Jerusalem
DAY #32 / Friday / Jerusalem Prepares for Shabbat
• Kot Haot Arts Program – Mapping the Journey
• Help prepare Shabbat meals for the hungry at a local soup kitchen
• Explore Mahane Yehuda open-air marketplace
• Return to accommodations and prepare for Shabbat
• Experience the energy of Kabbalat Shabbat at the Western Wal
• Overnight: Royal Wing Hotel, Jerusalem

Italy Discovery +
Israel Journey
DAY #33 / Saturday / Relax and Reflect
• Option to attend Shabbat services at local synagogues
• Walking tour of Jerusalem neighborhoods
• Evening: Experience layers of Jewish history on the Kotel Tunnel Tour
• Overnight: Royal Wing Hotel, Jerusalem
DAY #34 / Sunday / The Story of Israel
• Machon Ayalon – The story of the Haganah and the founding of the IDF
• Independence Hal – Recount the establishment of the modern Jewish State
• Tel Aviv University and the Diaspora Museum
• Volunteer project at “Save-A-Child’s Heart” in Tel Aviv
• Final reflections at Yitzhak Rabin Square
• Walking tour of Jaffa and closing dinner at Dr. Shakshouka Restaurant
• Return to Ben Gurion Airport to board an overnight flight back to New York
DAY #35 / Monday / Shalom and L’Hitraot!
• Arrive back to New York


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