PMEA Golf Outing
Room Check-in
Welcoming Hospitality Reception/Associate Member Exhibits

7:00-8:00 a.m.
Continental Breakfast and Registration
Foyer outside of the Assembly Room Welcoming Address
Vance Oakes, Grove City Borough Manager/President of PMEA An Eye Toward the Future: The Challenges Facing Municipal Electric
Utility Managers. As if running an electric utility wasn’t already difficult, the
prospect of increased regulations, higher rates, more demanding customers and
complicated technologies loom large in the municipal electric utility landscape.
Jeff Haas, Vice President of Membership and IT at the American Public Power
Association (APPA), will discuss these emerging challenges and offer strategies
for positioning your utility to succeed.

The Preparation of a Cost of Service Study to Support Your Electric Rates.
Many, if not most, Pennsylvania public power companies have never completed a cost of service study to support their electric rates. Why should public power companies complete this study? What are the benefits or doing so, and what are the potential exposures to not having a study on file? Attorney Tom Sniscak of Hawke, McKeon, and Sniscak and Gary Shambaugh, a Rate Case and Original Cost Study Expert with AUS Consultants will discuss cost of service studies for setting, structuring and designing municipal service rates. They will talk about the types and the purposes served, and the potential risks or complications presented by the absence of a suitable cost of service study. Break—outside of Assembly Room
Learning about the Municipal Electric Utilities Association of New York
State. The MEUA was formed in 1930 and consists of approximately 40
publicly-owned electric systems in the state of New York, and more than 80
corporate members. The object of the Association is to “foster and advance the
efficient operation of publicly owned and operated electric systems including the
production, distribution, conservation, and prudent use of electric power and
energy for public service.” It employs the use of two full-time staff members,
including Executive Director Tony Modafferi, who will talk to us about the
MEUA and their work for their municipal members.
Energy and Capacity Market Perspective and Power Supply Portfolio
Development. Mike Migliore, Assistant Vice President of AMP, will provide
an overview of historical PJM energy and capacity markets, insight on bullish and
bearish drivers affecting future prices, as well as AMP’s power supply portfolio
planning/risk management strategies.
Lunch in the Exhibit Room with our Associate Members. Join us in the
Alumni Lounge/Lobby for lunch and a great chance to visit with our Associate Members to learn more about what they have to offer in services and products. This will be a great chance to network and interface with all conference attendees. Alternate A for MANAGERS – Assembly Room
Incorporating Renewable Energy in Supply Planning. Depending on
objectives and alternatives, renewable energy can be an effective hedge in your overall power supply portfolio. Which renewable are viable and what are the prices? What are the economics and how do they compare to the alternatives? Can you negotiate with the generators to get where you want to be? Michael Freeman (formerly of Exelon) of Emerald Energy Consulting will discuss renewable energy alternatives and provide guidance to municipalities on how to proceed. OR
Alternate B for SUPERINTENDENTS – Faculty Staff Club
Questions and Answers with Jim. Always the Superintendents’ favorite time, a
lively give-and-take session with Jim Havrilla, PE, an engineer with Utility Engineers, Come and listen, or better yet, come and fire away as Jim tries to solve everyone’s technical issues. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13
Buffet Breakfast
Chambersburg’s Utility Programs. In addition to being Pennsylvania’s largest
municipal power system, Chambersburg is also a distributor of natural gas. Borough Manager Jeff Stonehill will explain how Chambersburg manages both its electric and natural gas programs, and how their innovative approaches are unique compared to other municipal systems. PMEA Annual Business Meeting. This annual gathering is to elect officers,
review the Annual Conference format, continue the discussion of the future mission of PMEA, and talk about any other matters of interest to members. Please note that this meeting is open to Municipal Members and PMEA appointees only.


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