TQ + Activitate protrombinica + INR, APTT (Timp de tromboplastina partial activat), Fibrinogen Dublu Test - Trimestrul I - lc
Ex. coproparazitologic -
Ex. faringian - gradinita
Testosteron -Chemiluminiscenta ,FSH (Hormon de stimulare Fertilitate barbati
foliculara) -Chemiluminiscenta,LH (Hormon luteinizant) - Chemiluminiscenta ,Testosteron free* -lc ,Estradiol -Chemiluminiscenta ,SHBG, Sex-Binding Globulin *-lc ,Prolactina Progesteron - Chemiluminiscenta ,FSH (Hormon de stimulare Fertilitate femei
foliculara) -Chemiluminiscenta ,LH (Hormon luteinizant) - Chemiluminiscenta ,Estradiol -Chemiluminiscenta ,Prolactina - Chemiluminiscenta ,TSH (Hormon de stimulare tiroidiana) Gradinita coccinel
Examen coproparazitologic ,Exsudat faringian Ionograma
Sodiu seric ,Potasiu seric ,Sideremie ,Calciu seric total ,Magneziu Ionograma urinara
Sodiu urinar** ,Potasiu urinar** ,Clor seric ,Calciu urinar Lipidograma
Colesterol seric total ,HDL Colesterol ,LDL Colesterol ,VLDL CA 15 - 3 - Chemiluminiscenta ,AFP (Alfa - feto proteina) - Mamar de laborator
Chemiluminiscenta ,CEA (Antigen carcinoembrionar) - Hemoleucograma completa ,Uree serica ,Creatinina serica MM - Set complet de analize
,Colesterol seric total ,LDL Colesterol ,TGP - INCDFLPR
Alaninaminotransferaza (GPT/ALAT/ALT) ,Bilirubina directa ,Trigliceride serice ,VSH (Viteza de sedimentare a hematiilor) Treponema pallidum VDRL+TPHA (serologie sifilis) ,HIV 1 & 2 Ac Prim contact
anti HIV 1 & 2 - test rapid ,Hepatitic B Ag Hbs - Chemiluminiscenta 237,12
,Hepatitic C Ac anti HCV-screening ,Chlamydia ,Mycoplasma TS (Timp de sangerare) ,APTT (Timp de tromboplastina partial profil hemostaza
activat) ,TQ + Activitate protrombinica + INR ,D-Dimeri * - lc PROFIL HEPATITA VIRALA HAV, hepatita A, IgM* -lc ,Hepatitic B Ag HBs-screening ,Hepatitic 119,34
Anticoagulant lupic* - lc ,Anticorpi anti-cardiolipinici Ig G - lc Profil trombofile 2
,Anticorpi anti-cardiolipinici Ig M - lc ,Antitrombina III* - lc ,Proteina 1213,68
C, activitate* -lc ,Proteina S, activitate* -lc ,Mutatia factorului II Profil trombofilie 1
Anticoagulant lupic* - lc ,Antitrombina III* - lc ,Proteina C, activitate* -lc ,Proteina S, activitate* -lc Screening cortico supra
ACTH *-lc ,Cortizol - Chemiluminiscenta ,DHEA-S** ,17-OH renala - laborator
Hemoleucograma completa ,Examen citologic al frotiului Screening anemie adulti
sangvin ,Sideremie ,Hemoragi oculte in fecale ,Sumar urina (cu Hemoleucograma completa ,Sideremie ,Electroforeza Screening anemie copii
hemoglobinei ,Examen citologic al frotiului sangvin ,Sumar urina Hemoleucograma completa ,Uree serica ,Creatinina serica ,Acid Screening boli renale cronice uric seric ,Colesterol seric total ,Proteine urinare (Proteinurie)
,Proteine totale serice ,Albumina serica ,Calciu seric total ,Fosfor de laborator
seric ,Sumar urina, Proteinurile, Clearance - Lactat dehidrogenaza (LDH) ,TGO - Aspartataminotransferaza Screening cardiovascular de (GOT/ASAT/AST) ,Colesterol seric total ,HDL Colesterol ,LDL
Colesterol ,VLDL Colesterol ,Trigliceride serice ,Creatinina Hemoleucograma completa • Sideremie • Glucoza serica • Screening de sarcina de
Magneziu • Calciu seric total • Calciu ionic seric • Sumar urina • Urocultura • Grup sanguin • Rh • HIV • laborator
VDRL • Ag HBs • TPHA • Chlamyida • Cultura secretie Screening diabetic de
Glucoza serica ,Hemoglobina glicozilata** ,Glucoza urinara (glicozurie) ,Proteine urinare (Proteinurie) ,Insulina* -lc laborator
,Hiperglicemie provocata (Test de toleranta la glucoza per os** Examen Babes - Papanicolau ,CA 125 - Chemiluminiscenta Screening ginecologic > 35
,Examen microscopic secretii genitale (preparat proaspat si ani de laborator
colorat) ,Cultura secretie col uterin ,AFP (Alfa - feto proteina) - Chemiluminiscenta ,CEA (Antigen carcinoembrionar) Bilirubina totala + directa + indirecta • TGO • TGP • Gamma GT • Screening hepatic
Screening necroza miocard
Creatin fosfokinaza, CK* -lc ,Creatinkinaza MB* - lc ,Lactat Screening ortopedie
CrossLaps - lc ,Intact PTH, parathormon* -lc ,Osteocalcina - lc Screening prostatic > 50 ani PSA (Antigen specific prostatic) - Chemiluminiscenta ,Free PSA - -
Chemiluminiscenta ,AFP (Alfa - feto proteina) - Chemiluminiscenta 124,47
de laborator
,CEA (Antigen carcinoembrionar) - Chemiluminiscenta Screening risc cardiovascular
Apoliopoproteina A1 *-lc ,Apoliopoproteina B *- lc AFP (Alfa - feto proteina) - Chemiluminiscenta ,hCG-b-free ** Screening testicul
,CEA (Antigen carcinoembrionar) - Chemiluminiscenta Screening tub digestiv
CA 19 - 9 - Chemiluminiscenta ,CEA (Antigen carcinoembrionar) - (colon/stomac/pancreas/ficat Chemiluminiscenta ,AFP (Alfa - feto proteina) - Chemiluminiscenta 163,80
,CA 125 - Chemiluminiscenta ,Hemoleucograma completa Screening tulburari de
hGH (hormon de crestere uman)** ,IGF-I (somatomedin c) * -lc crestere
,TSH (Hormon de stimulare tiroidiana) - Chemiluminiscenta Screening viral hepatic
Hepatitic B Ag Hbs - Chemiluminiscenta ,Hepatitic C Ac anti HCV- Hemoleucograma completa • VSH • Creatinina serica • Glucoza Set analize uzuale adulti
HDL si LDL Colesterol • Trigliceride serice • TGO • TGP • Sumar Hemoleucograma completa • VSH, Uree serica • Creatinina serica Set analize uzuale tineri
• Glucoza serica • Colesterol seric total • TGO • TGP • Bilirubina totala • Sumar urina Hemoleucograma completa • VSH • Uree serica • Acid uric seric • Set complet analize adulti Colesterol seric total • HDL si LDL Colesterol • Trigliceride serice • 131,04
TGO • TGP • Bilirubina totala • Bilirubina Hemoleucograma completa • VSH • Uree serica • Acid uric seric • Creatinina serica • Calciu seric total • Set complet analize tineri
Magneziu • Sideremie • Glucoza serica • Colesterol seric total • Trigliceride serice • TGO •TGP • Bilirubina totala • Hepatitic B Ag Hbs - Chemiluminiscenta ,Hepatitic B Ac anti HBs- Stadializare hepatita B
screening ,Hepatitic B Ag Hbe - ELISA**,Hepatitic B Ac anti HBc- screening ,Hepatitic B Ac anti HBC - IgM - lc TSH (Hormon de stimulare tiroidiana) - Chemiluminiscenta ,FT4 Tiroidian - laborator 1
(Tiroxina libera) - Chemiluminiscenta ,FT3 (Tri odotironina libera) - 149,76
Chemiluminiscenta ,ATPO (anticorpi anti-peroxidaza tiroidiana)** - TSH (Hormon de stimulare tiroidiana) - Chemiluminiscenta ,T3 Tiroidian - laborator 2
(Triiodotironina) - Chemiluminiscenta ,T4 (Tiroxina totala) - Chemiluminiscenta ,FT3 (Triiodotironina libera) - Chemiluminiscenta,FT4 (Tiroxina libera) - Chemiluminiscenta ELISA pentru toxoplasmoza Ig G • ELISA pentru toxoplasmoza Ig Ig M ELISA • Determinare Ac Anti RUBELLA Ig G ELISA • Citomegalovirus-Ac izotip Ig G VIDAS • Determinare Ac Anti Herpes I Ig G ELISA • Determinare Ac Anti Herpes II Ig G ELISA • Determinare Ac Anti Herpes I Ig M ELISA • Triplu test - trimestru II - lc
Triplu test - AFP** ,Triplu test - Estriol free** ,Triplu test - hCG Triplu test (saptamana 14-
Estriol neconjugat ,AFP (Alfa-feto proteina) - Elisa ,Beta HCG**

Source: http://pulsmedica.ro/2013/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/IC-baterii.pdf


Walking Between the Worlds: Links between Psi, Psychdelics, Shamanism and Psychosis An Overview of the LIterature In folk lore there is a belief that many people who have an acute psychotic breakdown exhibit signs of psychic ability. Research into this folk lore is virtually non-existent, but some interesting work by Neppe (1980) and Persinger (Persinger & Makarec, 1987) psi sugge

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Questions --- Shevrin & Stadler Participant Is there a difference between Lupron and Zoladex? Walter Stadler, MD All of these drugs cause castration, and whether one gives a medication to cut down the testosterone or one removes the testicles, it has the same effect. In fact, I would argue that if we want to save a billion dollars in this country on Medicare, everyone with advanc

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