Essential business:

March Explorer! General Member Meeting Directions: The next ECP General Membership Meeting will be held March 8, 2012 at 7:30pm Location: The Union Project Meeting Room, 801 Negley Avenue (Corner of Negley and Stanton). Parking: Street parking available on Negley Ave. or in a large lot on Stanton Ave. across the street from the Union Project Building. General Member Meeting Agenda Welcome to Members, Guests, Visitors, & New Membership Candidates. Officer Reports: President , VP, Secretary (submits BOG minutes to be read, considered for approval), Treasurer, Activities Chair, Editor, Equipment Chair Appointee & Committee Reports Advertising (Brochures; Events where we can advertise ECP) Environmental Chair (20th Cleanup & other upcoming events) Historian (State of the Archives; Current Focus) New Applicants Approved by BOG (The Kotwicas) Webmaster Current state of Website, contract with ISP Mountaineering School: Report on final events Rock School: Report on Plans, Applications, Classroom Proposed Amendments to ECP Constitution - Revised! Organizations to be supported by ECP donations/membership ------------ Slide Show/Program – Doug Fulton has a very informative DVD on White Nosed Syndrome that we will show at the March or April meeting. After seeing the White Nosed Syndrome (WNS) episode on PBS, I called WQED and asked if I could get a DVD. They made one for me and it runs about 35 minutes. It is VERY informative regarding, bats lives, WNS and most importantly the issues should we lose all of our bats. I would like to show this film to the club at either the March or April meeting. Terri and I are still hashing out a date for a cave trip and this would make a good prelude. I will warn you that for those who have been around bats, the images can be quite disturbing. The information is something that everyone should know and as outdoors people, we should know what to look for and who to report it to. Thanks, Doug Fulton Please let me (Bill Baxter) know if you want to make a presentation for a meeting. Hey 2011 backpacking school students - how about putting together a slideshow? Month 2 of Required publication: Amendments to the ECP Constitution: The table below lists proposed updates to the ECP Constitution. These must be published in the Explorer, sent to all members and remain on the agenda at meetings for at least 2 months. Time allotted in the general member meetings and the board meeting is for discussion of any questions and concerns. –Ed. Proposed Updates to the ECP Constitution Article 4, Paragraphs 1, 7, and 9 Change Chairman to Chairperson Article 6, Paragraphs 1 and 6 Article 11, Paragraph 1a & anywhere else it occurs Article 3 Paragraph 2a 1. (BOG changed to (BOG) 2. approved and rejected changed to approved or rejected 3. all applicant changed to all applicants 4. the treasure issues changed to the treasurer issues the candidates qualifications changed to the candidate's qualifications any debated unless changed to any debate unless The Treasurer shall keep account of all funds and monetary transactons and club equipment, . changed to The Treasurer shall keep account of all funds and monetary transactions, Drop: "The Treasurer shall be responsible for the distribution of membership cards and maintain a current membership list, applicant file, and provider both to the Editor." (alternatively: provider changed to provide) Drop: "The Activities Chairman shall maintain a list of who to notify in case of emergency for each member." (alternatively: who to notify changed to whom to notify) rental changes and procedures changed to rental charges and procedures to the Treasure and . changed to . to the Treasurer and . (alternatively, change the Treasure to the BOG) committee or active members changed to committee of active members described in Article 3 Paragraph 3 changed to described in Article 3 Paragraph 2 described in Article 3 Paragraph 3b changed to described in Article 3 Paragraph 3d present the nomination at changed to present the nominations at Paragraph 2 of the article changed to Paragraph 2 of this article . a majority of the active members present. changed to . 10 people or 20% of the active membership, whichever is fewer. REFERENCE: Explorers Club of Pittsburgh Constitution (through page 10) ARTICLE 1: NAME The name of this organization shall be "The Explorers Club of Pittsburgh". The name may be officially abbreviated "ECP". ARTICLE 2: PURPOSE The ECP was organized in 1947 to promote exploratory science and adventure. The functions of the club shall be: a. To promote explorations at home and abroad. b. To educate interested persons in exploratory science. ARTICLE 3: MEMBERSHIP § 1: Members are those who now hold official membership cards § 2: Membership is open to all interested persons at least 18 years of age. A membership card may be obtained in the following ways: a. PERSONAL APPLICATION: An applicant for membership submits a completed application form, waiver, and the full dues for the current calendar year, to the treasurer or an officer or other member who will forward it to the treasurer. The treasurer will notify the editor who then initiates a newsletter subscription for the applicant. The application will be reviewed by the Board of Governors (BOG) at a BOG meeting and be approved and or rejected by them. All applicants whose interests and aims are consistent with those of the club shall be approved for membership. If rejected by the BOG, the reasons for rejection are written on the application and it is returned to the applicant along with the dues submitted, and the newsletter subscription is terminated. If approved, the application is presented to the membership of the club at a general meeting. The applicant formally becomes a member if accepted by a majority of members present, after which the treasure treasurer issues a membership card. If rejected, the applicant will be notified by the same procedure employed in a rejection by the BOG. b. INVITATION: Ten active members may petition the Board of Governors for the membership of an individual. The Secretary then writes the individual, his or her name is presented to the membership at any club meeting for ratification by a majority of the active members. If accepted, the invited individual then receives a membership upon a payment of his or her dues. § 3: Types of Membership: a. The term "Active Member" shall apply to a member at least 18 years old who has paid his or her annual dues. b. Any active member may obtain active membership for their spouse and children of the same household (if 18 years of age or older) by paying family dues (to be determined by the membership). c. Life membership may be granted to Flag Members who have been active club members for a minimum of ten years and who have contributed to the club and its objectives in such a manner as to warrant the highest honor the club can bestow. Any member can present to the Board of Governors candidates for Life Membership. The nomination shall include a written description of the candidate's qualifications and worthiness for this highest honor. If approved, the nominee is presented to the club membership at the next general meeting for the ratification by a majority of the active members present. The qualifications of a new Life Member shall be published in the EXPLORER. d. To warrant the second highest honor the club can bestow, the person under consideration for Flag Membership must have made significant contributions towards achieving the club's goals of research, education, and adventure. Flag membership is a lifetime honor and may be extended to members who have been active for a minimum of five years, approved by the BOG and ratified by a majority of the active members present at the next club meeting. There shall be no more than two voting Flag Members at any time. Flag members shall retain a vote on the BOG for twelve months following their ratification by the membership. Each Flag Member shall receive a flag, bearing his or her number, at the club's expense. Any member can present to the BOG candidates for Flag Membership. The nomination shall include a written description of the candidate's qualifications and worthiness for this high honor. If ratified, the candidates candidate’s qualifications shall be published in the EXPLORER. ARTICLE 4: OFFICERS §1: The ECP shall elect officers annually, or when a vacancy occurs. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Chairman, Editor, and Equipment Chairman shall hold office for a period of one year. Said year shall run from the close of the December meeting to the end of the following December meeting. Each person is eligible for re- election. §2: The President shall be the presiding officer at club meetings. The President shall appoint a Librarian and Historian from among the active members. He shall in all matters seek to fulfill the wishes of the majority of the members and to advance the aims and objectives of the club. The President shall vote only in the case of a tie. The President shall not enter into any debated unless the President shall have yielded the chair to the next office in line of succession. The President may suggest legislation to the BOG through a monthly letter to the Vice President or other acting head of the BOG. He shall, at each meeting, read the official minutes from the BOG meetings. If any portion of the club policy suggested by the BOG seems to find disfavor with the membership, the President shall seek to enact the club's wishes into law. §3: The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President when the President is absent and shall be responsible for the speaker and/or program for each meeting. §4: In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President the Vice President shall become President. The office of Vice President shall be filled by election. §5: The Secretary shall prepare and publish notice, agenda, and minutes of both the BOG and regular club meetings. The Secretary shall maintain an up to date policy record book and perform other duties appropriate to the office. §6: The Treasurer shall keep account of all funds and monetary transactions and club equipment, reporting such when requested at any club meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the distribution of membership cards and maintain a current membership list, applicant file, and provider both to the Editor. §7: The Activities Chairman shall be responsible for all official field trips. He shall collect pertinent information concerning potential field trips of interest to the membership. The Activities Chairman shall maintain a list of who whom to notify in case of emergency for each member. §8: The Editor shall be responsible for publication of the EXPLORER, the official club monthly newsletter. §9: The Equipment Chairman shall maintain control of all club equipment and rent that equipment to the active members at rates determined by the membership. The Equipment Chairman shall recommend rental changes and procedures to the BOG and shall report inventory and condition to the Treasure and general membership at least twice a year. ARTICLE 5: APPOINTEES §1 The Librarian shall maintain control of all books and files owned by the club, making them conveniently available to the active members. A list of all books and files must be published at least once each calendar year. §2: The Historian shall keep a record of all published club activities and achievement and maintain the club scrapbooks. §3: The Environmental Affairs Chairperson will: a. Coordinate the environmental and conservation activities of the club. b. Chair a voluntary committee or of active members interested in environmental affairs. c. Schedule monthly committee meetings. d. Present timely reports of current environmental issues both at club meetings and through the EXPLORER. §4: Presidential appointments must be confirmed by a majority of the active members present at the meeting immediately following their appointments. ARTICLE 6: BOARD OF GOVERNORS §1: The members of the Board of Governors shall be the Vice President, Secretary (who shall also serve as the Secretary of the BOG), Treasurer, Activities Director, Editor, Equipment Chairman and all Flag members in official capacity. §2: The Vice President shall preside at the BOG meetings. The Vice President shall set the dates, place and frequency of such meetings and publish them in the EXPLORER. §3: The Board of Governors shall suggest club policy to the membership through the minutes of its meetings. A majority of the active members present at any club meeting shall be required to amend any policy statements in the BOG minutes. Once the minutes have been presented and amended (if amended), the policy suggestions in the BOG minutes become the official policy of the club. §4: The BOG shall review applications for membership following the procedure described in Article 3, §32. §5: The BOG shall choose flag members as described in Article 3 §3 part b d. §6: The BOG may request reports from the Chairman of any committee whenever it is deemed necessary. ARTICLE 7: ELECTION OF OFFICERS §1: Nomination a. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at the October meeting. b. The nominating committee shall present the nominations at the November meeting. c. Nominations from the floor may be made at the November meeting. d. There shall be at least two nominees for each office. §2: Election Procedure a. Elections shall be made by secret ballot at the December meeting, with all offices voted on at the same time. b. A majority of the active members present shall be required to elect an officer. c. The newly elected officers shall assume their duties at the close of the December meeting. ARTICLE 8: COMMITTEES The ECP shall determine its committee structure and composition with the following stipulations: a. Any active member of the club may be appointed to any committee by the President, without membership approval. b. All committee members must be appointed by the President. ARTICLE 9: MEETINGS §1: Regular club meetings shall be held on the second Thursday of each month, except as provided in § 2 of this article. §2: By a majority vote of the active members present at any club meeting the date for any subsequent meeting may be changed. ARTICLE 10: QUORUM §1: A quorum for the transaction of business at any club meeting shall consist of 10 people or 20% of the active membership, whichever is fewer. §2: A quorum for the transaction of business at any BOG meetings shall be three elected officers of the club. ARTICLE 11: OFFICIAL ACTIVITIES §1: Field trips shall be designated as official when: a. The Activities Chairman sanctions the trip and the trip is led by a trip leader who is an active member. The trip leader shall be appointed or recognized as such by the Activities Director. b. There shall be at least one official field trip per month. All field trips shall be announced in the EXPLORER in advance. §2: All activities other than field trips become official only if sanctioned by a majority of the active members present at any club meting. ARTICLE 12: DUES §1: Any change in club dues shall be determined by ballot at a general meeting and requires approval by a majority of the active members present. The change in dues applies to the following calendar year and is in effect on all dues collected from the time the change is approved. §2: Dues for the following year must be paid by the start of the December meeting to retain full voting privileges at the December meeting. Those not paid by the December meeting will be dropped from the EXPLORER mailing list. §3: Dues collected will be placed in the general fund. ARTICLE 13: EXPENDITURES §1: The President with the consent of one of the other officers of the club may spend no more than $50.00 in any given month without the consent of the membership. §2: Any expenditures, except as stated in § 1 of the article, must be approved by a majority of the active members present at any club meeting. §3: Monies: a. All money collected from equipment rentals shall be placed in an equipment fund. b. Money from the equipment fund shall not be used for any other purpose than to purchase, store, and properly maintain equipment. ARTICLE 14: AMENDMENTS §1: Amendments to the Constitution may be adopted at any club meeting by a majority of the active members present, provided that the amendments shall have been presented to the active membership in writing in two consecutive editions of the EXPLORER. §2: Active members may cast absentee ballots with the Secretary prior to any meeting. ARTICLE 15: CLUB DISSOLUTION §1: In the event of club dissolution all equipment and funds will be donated to a local non- profit organization (the organization to be determined by the active membership at the time of dissolution) by a majority vote of the active members present at the last club meeting. Important Business – Lady Business! from Regina Schulte-Ladbeck Paging all women trad leaders (and aspiring trad leaders) and a Motion to the ECP Save the date! The 3rd Seneca Summit for women trad leaders will be held July 27-29. I will once again be a co-host of the “Seneca Summit,” a leadership and networking event for women trad climbers. In consultation with ECP and PATC memberships, this year’s event, the 3rd Seneca Summit, has been scheduled July 27-29. Past events included talks, demos, slide shows, clinics, climbing, camping, and potlucks. While we will be asking for a small contribution from every attendee (we are thinking to ask for about $20), any support from the ECP will greatly enhance the event. In the past, extra funds have gone toward deferring the costs of invited speakers for the event. The ECP supported the 2nd Seneca Summit with a $100 contribution. Judith Scanlon and I acknowledged the Club’s sponsorship after our presentation on “The Physics of Falling.” I will be making a motion at the April meeting to ask for support from the ECP. I announced the motion at the February meeting, and it is herewith published in the Explorer in accordance with the ECP’s bylaws. My motion is: That the ECP sponsor the 3rd Seneca Summit with a $100 contribution from the club. If the motion passes, the ECP will be acknowledged as an event sponsor of the 3rd Seneca Summit. Thank you & climb on! Regina Schulte-Ladbeck Membership Director Michelle Najera: Welcome New Members! Welcome newly approved January members Matt Golub, David Phillips, Jeff Secker, Katherine MacJarrett. Grad student Matt, a recruit from some recent rock school graduates, is a beginning backpacker and climber interested in our climbing school and the outdoor community, and has interests as well in downhill skiing and mountaineering. Writer and editor David Phillips is interested in backpacking and mountain climbing as well and is particularly interested in backpacking and hiking partners. Nuclear reactor core designer Jeff Stecker is a recruit from some of our veteran climbers (Debbie Stango, Bill Brose, Joe Stahovic, Leslie Evans to name a few) and is interested in the full range of outdoor activities. Carnegie resident Katherine also has an interest in backpacking, along with biking, rock climbing, biking, and white-water paddling. Please join me in welcoming these new members!!! A Note on Membership Renewals: A few people have asked about new online policies for membership renewal. On the ECP website, there is a link for renewal, which will lead you to a pay screen (navigate club information membership renewal). Once you input your emergency contact information and click ‘pay now’ you will be routed to a paypal pay screen. Online renewal payment is currently includes a $1.50 convenience fee. If you have a change of address, contact information, or emergency contact information, you should still submit a renewal application (form is online) to ensure the membership database is updated. Please address any membership questions to [email protected] o Mountaineering School Committee Chair Report – Felix Duvallet The students and instructors of the mountaineering school have just come back from yet another successful graduation trip! This year's bunch was fit, prepared, and very psyched, and I am pleased to report that everyone summitted! The grad trip teams were as follows (students are marked with a *): - Brian Ottinger, Will Horn*, Martha Gray* - Derek Stuart, Jeff Maurin, Rachel Reichart*, Kristen Rowe* - Shane Shin, Rich McMillen, David Meredith*, Chris Mamula* - Felix Duvallet, Matt Janick, Chris Ciesa* Everyone arrived in North Conway on the evening of Thursday February 17th, and after a short night's sleep headed up to Harvard cabin on Friday. After that, each team was on their own to come up with a plan of attack for the three days we were up there. I believe we had attempts on almost every major gully in Huntington Ravine. In addition, every single team made it to the summit! You will find a picture of one particular blue-bird summit day, rest assured those conditions were not typical! We will no doubt get trip reports coming in from the students themselves, so stay tuned for those in future issues of The Explorer. With the completion of the mountaineering school, this marks my last column in The Explorer (for this year, at least). Thanks for your eyes over these last few months, I would love to hear from you if you thought this was worthy of the space in the newsletter. Of course, before I sign off, I must recognize the tremendous work of all the mountaineering school students and instructors, most particularly our directors Dave Martin and Derek Stuart. Please make sure to congratulate them on a job well done. - Felix Duvallet ECP EnviroNews – Environmental Chair Ginette Vinski Come out and volunteer for the 20th annual Mt. Washington Cleanup! Over the past 20 years, ECP has dedicated thousands of volunteer hours and removed hundreds, if not thousands, of bags of garbage from the hillside below the Grandview Avenue overlooks. With over 1 million visitors a year to Grandview Avenue, the ECP’s contribution to Pittsburgh’s quality of life is phenomenal. Sadly, litter on these slopes is still a problem, and we hope the 20th anniversary event will inaugurate an era of awareness so the ECP can enjoy the view without the need to clean up garbage. For now, we salute you, Explorers Club, for 20 years of service, helping our environment and improving the view!" Kathryn Hunninen, Manager, Park & Community Sustainability Mount Washington Community Development Corporation For two decades your Explorers Club of Pittsburgh has proudly been the “go to” organization for its climbing and mountaineering skills utilized to clean up the litter along the steep hillside of Mount Washington along Grandview Avenue in Pittsburgh. This year we are celebrating our twentieth anniversary and want to celebrate with you all! Come out for a grand ole time as we clean up scattered litter on the hillside and reminisce about cleanups past. While only experienced ECP climbers will be permitted on the hillside, we welcome the help of non-experienced climbers – there will be plenty of need on the street level. This cleanup is a partnership of the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh and the Mount Washington Community Development Corporation, with support from Allegheny CleanWays and the Pennsylvania Resources Council. Here’s the scoop: When: Saturday, March 24, 2012 8:30am – Noon (start time at 9) Where: North side of Grandview Avenue – between Maple Terrace & Kearsarge Streets Parking: Street side parking on Grandview and side streets in the area What to wear: rugged old clothes, closed toed shoes (thick soles, if possible). Dress for the weather. What to bring: Work gloves if you have them (If not some loaner pairs may be available) What to bring if you are a climber: Harness, Belay device, and an old static rope if you have one—don’t bring your good lead rope. Slings are useful. Helmets are recommended but not required. The club will provide some of its old, mangy ropes. Refreshments, including lunch, will be provided. Please bring your own reusable water bottle and a mug if you plan to drink coffee or tea. (We are minimizing waste generated where possible.) If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Karen Kirk a RSVP’s are important – it helps us with planning the teams and for food. Can’t make the Mt. Washington Cleanup on 3/24? How ‘bout another cleanup? East Liberty Development, Inc. (ELDI), a Community-Based Organization in the East End of Pittsburgh, along with numerous other partners, will be hosting a larger scale litter clean-up at a site between the East Liberty, Larimer, and Highland Park neighborhoods. During last year's 1000 person plus event, over 80 CMU students worked alongside community members and environmental experts to remove litter from the slopes of Negley Run Blvd. This event was a huge success that resulted in a very visible and measurable impact! It was one of the largest litter clean-ups to ever happen in the East End. ELDI has reached out to the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh in search of experienced climbers to help cleanup litter along some of the steeper areas of their site. Below are details: Date: Saturday, March 31 Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Location: Meeting spot would be at the corner of Negley Run Blvd. and Collins Ave. - There is a grassy lot right there in the shape of a triangle, where the sign-in table will be. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact: Loralyn Fabian, Sustainable Projects Manager, East Liberty Development, Inc. at Ex. 28 or l provide you with more details. Remember —you must have experience rappelling/climbing. ELDI is relying on your integrity to ensure a safe cleanup event. Activities Family/Beginner Downhill Ski Night at Boyce March Mad Dash - 5K, 5Mile and 10 Mile walk or Contact: Sandy run starting at the North Park Boathouse in Allison Park, PA (northern suburb of Pittsburgh). Phone: (412) 585-5K is an out and back; 5 and 10 mile loops around 2361 North Park Lake. Paved roads, a couple of gradual Emailhills-no steep grades. Place prizes awarded as well as free give-aways. Hot soup, rolls, fresh fruit and Sponsor: Other water supplied at race end. DJ will be on hand for post event party! Proceeds will be used to offset expenses of youth volunteering to help others. Event Start Location: North Park Boathouse, Allison Park, PA (northern suburb of Pittsburgh) Pierce Mill Road.
Sat 830am-noon between Maple Terrace & Kearsarge Streets Parking: Street side parking on Grandview and side streets in the area What to wear: rugged old clothes, closed toed shoes (thick soles, if possible). Sponsor: Dress for the weather. What to bring: Work gloves if you have them (If not some loaner pairs may be available) What to bring if you are a climber: Harness, Belay device, and an old static rope if you have one-don't bring your good lead rope. Slings are useful. Helmets are recommended but not required. The club will provide some of its old, mangy ropes. Refreshments, including lunch will be provided. Please bring your own reusable water bottle and a mug if you plan to drink coffee or tea. (We are minimizing waste generated where possible.) If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Karen Kirk at [email protected]. RSVP's are important - it helps us with planning the teams and for food. Raccoongaine - Raccoon Creek State Park (30 Sun 10AM race- miles West of Pittsburgh)- 3-hr and 6-hr foot race Email:8:30 AMreg mini-rogaine (orienteering - scavenger hunt. In a rogaine-style format, individuals or teams have a fixed time (3 or 6 hours in this event) to visit as many checkpoints as possible; walking, running and resting as they see fit. The checkpoints are spread over a large area, and are pre-marked on a map issued shortly before the start of the event. Point values for visiting each control vary (and are specified in advance) depending on such factors as distance from the start/finish area, elevation, navigational complexity. Time: Event starts at 10 AM. on Sunday, March 25, 2012. The registration desk opens at 8:30 AM. Maps will be distributed at 9:00 AM. There is a mandatory meeting at 9:45 AM at the start location for all participants. Organizers: Western Pennsylvania Orienteering Club – websiStart/Finish area: Rec Hall in Raccoon Creek State Park. Located 30 miles West of Pittsburgh, near the town of Frankfort Springs. Rec Hall is located 1.5 miles west of the park headquarters, located on route 18. Registration: mail your entry to WPOC c/o Jim Wolfe, 1904 Bates Drive, Johnstown, PA 15905. Checks should be made out to “WPOC”. WELCOME to the second running of the Glacier Ridge Trail (GRT) Ultramarathons and Trail Race! Sponsor: Other The GRT will offer three events to provide participants a choice of distances to match their experience, early-season fitness, and season-long goals – the 30K Trail Run and the 50K and 50 Mile Ultramarathons. Except for a short stretch at the start and near the end, the 30K and 50K events will be entirely on an exceptional single-track trail. In addition to the single-track, the 50 Mile course also includes a section of very runnable, yet very hilly, double-track/fire roads through beautiful hardwood forests. RegistrationReduced registration fees until March 17th. The 2012 Hyner View Challenge is now open for Contact: Craig registration! Be a part of 1,000 contestants covering over 16 miles and 4226' in elevation gain. Director Last year, over 800 completed the course! Online registration: Email:99995-CvQA1LVI7p If you're not interested in March ECP BOG Meeting – SPECIAL DAY & TIME! MONDAY March 12, 2012 - 7:30 PM Meeting will be at Judith Scanlon's house: 1012 Morningside Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15206 All members are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate, though only six officers and two recent Flag Members are voting members of the BOG. Please notify the hostess (Editor Judith Scanlon) or Vice-President Bill Baxter if you plan to attend. Attendees are reminded that traditionally everyone brings some snacks or beverages to share - sort of "pot-luck." Members are also encouraged to propose topics/requests to be added to the BOG agenda for discussion and/or action. Relay your requests to Vice President Bill Baxter (who chairs the BOG meetings) or to any member of the BOG. AGENDA Officer Reports: New Website Committee, Mountaineering School, Rock School Old Business New Business Recommendation to Approve New Member Applicants Scheduled Tasks for March Pres.: Appoint Mountaineerng School Committee (5 members) VP: Make reservations for summer meetings Editor & Equipment: Publish Equipment Catalog Feb. General Meeting Minutes At The Union Project, 801 Negley Avenue – in Meeting Room Meeting Opened ~7:45 PM Chaired by Vice-President Bill Baxter Officer Reports VP - Bill Baxter - Next Month's “Slide” Presentation will be Bruce Cox reporting and showing slides on Rock School during the three years he was co-director. Tonight's Slide presentation will be Michelle Najera on Polymers as used in our outdoor clothing and equipment. Activities Chairman – Ron Edwards - Seneca Climb – 26-27 May 37th Annual Spring Thaw Race, Allison Park – 25 February 20th Annual Mt. Washington Cleanup – 24 March Members are urged to volunteer. Planning Meetings ahead. (Possible effect of current closure of McCardle Road due to landslide will be considered). May want something special this year – possibly tee shirts. Tara Powers volunteered to work on tee shirt idea. Ginette also mentioned that the East Liberty … Association will be needing volunteers for cleanup of Negley Run Boulevard area the following weekend (April 1). Star Party at Wagman Observatory February 25th. Other activities are listed in the February newsletter. Other Activities mentioned from the floor Regina reported the women only event at Seneca – July 21-22. She will be asking $100 from ECP to co-sponsor this event Ron also asked for volunteer Activity Coordinators Secretary – Phil Sidel There weren't enough officers at the January BOG Meeting; so no decisions could be made, and there are no official minutes to be read and approved at this General Meeting. There are informal minutes published in the February newsletter covering discussions that took place among those attending. Items discussed included Meeting Place and Constitutional Amendments – The Constitutional Amendments will be discussed when we get to New Business. President, Treasurer, Equipment Chairman, and Editor were not present – No reports. APPOINTEES and COMMITTEES REPORTS: Environmental Chairman: Ginette Vinski Reported on Green Workplace Challenge – a program of 50 businesses (small to large) competing to be best at becoming energy efficient and saving money in the process. She reported on some of the gains made over a 4 month period. Other organizations can still join in the program, but can't get “point values” to win any of the prizes. Historian: Phil Sidel Phil reported that much of the material is now organized and he is adding new material. He requested that people send (email) to him club trip reports and other materials that might not have been published in The Explorer. Things past and current that should be in the archives as part of the club's history. Webmaster: Tom George Tom reported that he had been asked to fill in the Rock School information page (which now just says “TBD”). However, because there is no firm information about any of the plans, he has not put anything in that page. Website Committee Report: Tony Vinski The committee has met and has many of the features working, including the Gear List, and The Current Members List. Some others have to be added (including allocating privileges based on keys in the membership list) and some cleaning up must be done. No start-up date, but it should be ready to go in about a month. Membership Chairman: Michelle Najera Reported that we have four applicants: David Phillips Matt Golub Jeff Secker Katharine MacJarrett Moved and Seconded that the four applicants be accepted as members of Explorers Club of Pittsburgh. Motion Carried OLD BUSINESS – There was no Old Business NEW BUSINESS Ginette Vinski described the need for funds to cover costs of doing the Mt. Washington Cleanup, and made motion for $250 from the Bogel Fund to be allocated to cover those costs. Seconded by Phil Sidel. Motion Passed. Phil Sidel reviewed the proposed changes to the constitution: He noted that most of the changes were simple corrections of typographical errors; some were more substantive, but even those were just to bring the constitution into line with what we are currently doing (For instance, the current constitution assigns duties to the treasurer that are now handled by the Membership Chairperson and the Equipment Chairperson) He indicated that this was a time to discuss these and consider if they should be modified. If they are to be voted on as proposed, they will be published again in the March Newsletter and voted on at the March Meeting. If we decide to modify these; the modified set of amendments will be published in the March and April newsletters and voted on at the April meeting. If you see things you think should be changed, bring to the attention of the BOG. Rick Huggins suggested change “Chairman” to “Chairperson” throughout the document. Phil Replied that the BOG will consider that. It is a good change, and the BOG will consider whether to republish the proposal in both March and April to include that one additional amendment. Bruce Cox: As a past rock school director his final report had urged that the Rock School Committee start earlier, appoint its director(s), and start the planning, organizing, recruitment, and other tasks earlier to have everything ready to start. Apparently, nothing has been done yet. “Are we going to have a rock school?” Someone (Tara?) reported that the Rock School has a meeting scheduled for next week (February 15). The Meeting Place for the next meeting was discussed. Motion was made and seconded: “That we meet here in The Union Project, but in the bigger room (the auditorium). “ Ron Edwards moved to amend that to “That we meet here in The Union Project, in the bigger room if the BOG determines that the cost for using that room is affordable; otherwise in this room. “ Ron's amendment was seconded and passed, and the motion as amended was passed. Ron reported that the Equipment chairperson had put in a request for funds to purchase two items: An engraver $18 A 2” slack-Line $95 (or 1” tube slack-Line $120) Ron reported that Paul G. had already purchased the 2” slack-Line at a savings of $40 with the understanding that if it was not approved he would be the owner of a slack-Line. It was moved to reimburse Paul for the purchase of the slack-Line for ECP and to approve the $18 for the Engraver. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 9:20pm No 50/50 Raffle was held Michelle Najera gave an interesting and informative slide show/seminar on the chemistry of the specialized gear and garments we use in our outdoor activities. We got insight into how the properties of different polymers (and their components) relate to performance differences of the products we use. – Respectfully submitted: Phil Sidel (Secretary) with assistance from Irene Sidel Minutes from Feb ECP BOG Meeting – February 20, 2012 Location: Philip and Irene Sidel's home, ATTENDEES: Bill Baxter, Judith Scanlon, Paul Guarino, Phil Sidel, Irene Sidel, Rush Howe, Ginette Vinski, Michelle Najera, Heidi Hofer, Nick Ross, Rick Huggins BOG Decisions: For a better method of deciding on organizational memberships and donations from Bogel Fund. It was moved, seconded and passed that we poll the membership, giving them a list of potential partner/recipient organizations with information about them. Our decision on which organizations to support could be based on the results (ranking of the organizations) of the poll. Editor: Judith Scanlon – Publication Schedule: Due date for contributions and starting date for newsletter assembly is 27th of month prior to publication. Goal is to get it corrected and published before General Meeting and in time for members to read it. Equipment Chairman: Paul Guarino New Ropes – Paul needs to know who purchased the two “replacement ropes” purchased this year from the 2011 budget. He is hoping they will get turned in when the Mountaineering School Turns in its ropes and other equipment. Marking ropes was discussed. APPOINTEE REPORTS Membership Chairperson: Michelle Najera - Membership application form is on-line. Motion Passed: Current applicants Randal & Piper Kotwica are recommended for election to membership at the March General Meeting. Environmental Concerns Chairperson – Ginette Vinski Mt Washington Cleanup – March 24th – assembling at 8:30. - Because it is 20th anniversary of this event, we want to do something special. Looking into tee-shirts or other items as participation rewards or prizes We need brochures for this and other events (e.g. Earth Day events planned by various organizations.) Rush proposed that we have more copies of the current brochure printed up, using the $100 in the 2012 advertising budget. The BOG approved this proposal and recommends membership approval of this plan McCardle Roadway is closed indefinitely. Directions for getting to Grandview Avenue will be sent out. Rock School Committee Report – Heidi Hofer - Paul Guarino and Matt “Buttercup” Janick will be 2012 Rock School Directors. Fees and deposits were explained – as shown on web page: School fee is $110 - covers training manual, some basic equipment and the use of club equipment for the duration of the School. Equipment deposit is $40 - covers any Club equipment borrowed for the duration of the School, and is refundable when equipment is returned. Looking for place for Tuesday night classes. Fox Chapel Gym is no longer available Website Committee Report - Judith Scanlon: Most of the “pages” are set up on the test site. Very close to point where site can be transferred to GoDaddy server. This will take coordination with webmaster Tom George; may require re-negotiating the contract. It may cost more which might mean an expenditure approval by the membership. BOG members and appointees have link to new test worksite. OLD BUSINESS Discussion of General Meeting Location for future months –, Costs and other pros and cons of alternatives. Botany Hall ~ $130 (?) -- Union Project Chapel ~$50 – Union Project Main Hall ~$300 Other ??? Consensus was to plan on Union Project Chapel for March and April meetings It was Moved, Seconded and Approved that we plan to start the Summer Outdoor Meetings earlier (in May). Michelle will look into using Schenley Park for May General Mtg. Constitutional Amendment Proposals it was moved, seconded, and passed to amend “Chairman” to “Chairperson” throughout the Constitution. Revised set of amendments will be published in both the March and April newsletters, and will be voted on at the April General Meeting. NEW BUSINESS Membership Chairperson will publish new membership contact list in April after new Rock School students have joined. Emergency contact information is currently maintained by the membership chairperson, and she can provide it via email or posting to trip leaders on request. On the new website it will be on the members-only member list. SPOT beacon investment proposal – Tabled; more information needed. Wounded Warrior Fund proposal Consensus was that we have no specific proposal for such a Fund, and it is unlikely that we could maintain any such fund effectively. . No action was taken regarding such fund. BOG Meeting for March Judith volunteered to host the March 15th BOG Meeting at her house (1012 Morningside Avenue). Meeting adjourned (~9:45 pm???)


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