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LITHIUM - the battery of the future!
We are now offering Lithium Iron Phosphate
Batteries (LiFePO4) for Par Caddy and
other 12V golf carts.
Due to increasing demand and decreasing prices, Par Caddy Canada Inc. is now offering lithium batteries for all 12V golf cart systems. Whether you’re considering a new machine or need to replace your old battery, you should consider going to Lithium (LiFePO4). Here’s why: Size and Weight: Lithium are less than one half the size and about one third the weight of SLA - a new lithium
battery for your golf cart will weigh only about 6 1/2 lb.

Long Life Cycle: 1200 - 1500 charge / discharge cycles vs 100-150 for SLA. So even though the initial cost is
higher, the actual cost of ownership is lower because it will last approx. 8-10 times longer.

Extremely Safe Chemistry: Made from very stable materials with high intrinsic safety, no explosion danger or fire
hazard under collision, overcharge or short circuit conditions. BMS protection electronics built-in. (Battery
Management System).

Wide Working Temperature Range: From -4* F to 150* F with no effect on performance.
No Memory Effect
Fast recharge time: 2 ½ hours vs 8-10 hours
Price includes 5A charger and padded fabric battery bag.
Adapter cable included if required.
Order online at
Par Caddy Lithium Battery Specs
What’s in the Box
Par Caddy Lithium Battery
Battery Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Padded fabric battery bag
5A Lithium battery charger & manual
Capacity: 20AH (amp hours) (equivalent to approx 40AH in a lead acid battery)Max continuous discharge current: 40AMax pulse discharge current: 60ASize: 7 1/4 x 3 x 6 ½ inches (185 x 75 x 165 mm)Weight: < 3 kg (about 6 ½ pounds)Storage Temperature: 5*C - 35*COperating Temperature: -20*C - 60*CBattery life: Approx 1500-2000 charge / discharge cyclesBattery Charger Included: Output 14.6V-5ABattery Bag Included: Black fabric bagWarranty: Two years - pro-rated About the manufacturer
Par Caddy’s lithium battery is manufactured by one of the largest and most experienced battery manufacturers in China. They have been supplying lithium batteries since 1996 to countries around the world for wide-ranging applications including: Electric tools, medical equipment, portable electric appliances, safety devices, electric vehicles, scooters, golf carts etc. The company is listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Lithium Battery Pricing
$329.00 plus applicable sales tax - FREE shipping to anywhere in Canada by Fedex Ground


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