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Prescription Medication
Pro And Con
The debate rages on, there always has been one and more than likely always will be one; take supplements or not to take them. If you do take them, which ones and which brands are the best. Over the years I have been a strong advocate for supplements. I have always believed in their use and the benefit they produce, not only for bodybuilders and athletes but everyone including children. Admittedly I have never been keen to the mega dose of vitamins and minerals as some have. I have also never advocated or used excessive amounts of protein or other forms of nutritional support. Still I have always taken and believed in the use of supplements. Since my heart attack I have had a new found interest in supplements as well as prescription medication. Something I have had to do - like it or not. I’ve never been fond of prescription medication for anything. At one point in time I thought it bad to take some of the things doctors were prescribing for their patients. Having a massive heart attack and five by-passes can make you change your mind, it did me. Since my problem I’ve had countless so called “experts” tell me of the dangers associated with some of the medications my doctors have me on. Of course none of these experts have had to undergo what I and countless thousands of others have. Nor do they know of my genetic limitations or perhaps better put, genetic composition. Something I can’t do anything Because I’ve had so many questions regarding what supplements and prescription medications I take, prior to and since my heart attack, it most likely will be best if I list them. I also should note that I am very difficult when it comes to prescription medication as I have all types of reactions. For example, I cannot take sulfur or penicillin. Other medications cause serious skin rashes, stomach upsets and the likes. I could never get hooked on pain killers because all of them have caused problems. I could list them all but no need. Doctor after doctor has prescribed them after surgeries and my system won’t tolerate them. They make me sick, numb, and some even ruin my eyesight. Two days on any of them is all I can stand and then I have to go off or suffer some type of allergic Since I was nineteen years of age I have been on a beta blocker for blood pressure. Inderal was the first one I took for about fifteen years and it worked fine. Something happened and my doctor changed to Tenormin 50mg once per day. This worked great for years. I was faithful in the taking of this drug and it did control my blood pressure. I continue taking Tenormin daily today. I took a wide variety of supplements over the years and used a lot of different brands. Some were good; others were not so good but tasted great. Sometimes I think supplements are like foods. Foods that are the absolute worse for you seem to taste the best. Not in all or even the majority of cases but in some the same is true with supplements. The better they taste the less value they have. Over the years I’ve taken them all. Liquid amino acids, individual amino’s, protein powder, vitamin & mineral tablets, wheat germ oil, liver tablets, digestive tablets, calcium, brewers yeast, vitamin C, you name it and at one point in time, if it was a non- steroid supplement, I took it. I always used whatever I was taking for a period of at least three months; to me it only made sense as I believe it would take that long for the products to work on my system. I also took my supplements for five days straight, Monday through Friday. I would abstain from taking anything on Saturday and Sunday as it is my way of allowing my body to use those supplements that were not water soluble. Since I changed supplements all the time here is a list of what I was taking just prior to I had been taking these supplements on a regular daily basis for about six months. I would take Whey Protein immediately following a workout and the Milk and Egg Protein at night before going to bed. I would not take my calcium along with other supplements as I was concerned about it interfering with the absorption of other elements. Calcium can and does do that. I always took it by itself two hours before or after taking any of the others. Metimucil was taken in the afternoon daily, even on Saturday and Sundays. I inherited a problem, it runs in the family, Metimucil helps and there is nothing I can do about it, I’ve tried. It does make me bloat… a lot. My stomach swells considerably but as with prescription medication there are side-effects and for me that’s one of them. I’ve tried Citrical and other like products but found Metimucil works best So, prior to my heart attack, the only prescription medication I was taking was Tenormin for my blood pressure. Everything else was in the form of dietary supplements, natural supplements. I never got into the hype associated with the New Hi Tech products. Not that they are not good because they are. I’m just an “old school” bodybuilder who likes the old way of doing things. I’m still hung up on the original Blair’s Protien, Weider’s Super Pro 101, Weider’s Crash Weight Formula #7, Weider and Hoffman Hi- Protien Tablets. Products of the 60’s all of which left a great taste in my mouth even to this day. I loved that stuff. Yes, what is on the market today is superior and healthier but boy oh boy did I love those products. The last time I talked with Joe Weider I was kidding him about brining back some of the old product line. Time stands still for no one! It’s all just a memory of times gone by. From time to time I’ve had bouts with gum infections and urinary track infections, primarily prostate trouble. The only two antibiotics I have been able to take are Cipro and Doxycycline. When I’ve had problems with infection I’ve taken one or the other for whatever length of time it took to clear the condition up. During that time, while on antibiotics, I would discontinue all supplement use. I did this to avoid any problems as I have already indicated; prescription medication and I don’t usually get along very well. Since my heart attack I resumed training albeit at a much slower pace and definitely less weight than before. I have also changed my supplements a little and have been placed on several prescription medications. The medication has been changed and at one time I was taking more than at present. I was taking Coumadin to thin my blood. I hated that stuff and you can’t take Coumadin and the antibiotic Cipro at the same time. Since I can only take two antibiotics and Cipro is one of them, I did all I could to get off the Coumadin. Besides, Coumadin is nothing more than rat poison. Here is a list of the prescription medications I am presently taking along with the I know a lot of bodybuilders talk against taking a statin drug like Lipitor claiming it is wrong to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. I also know all about the body manufacturing its own cholesterol and how every cell is composed of cholesterol but I also know what I went through and I am comfortable with what my doctors have put me Some of the same people who argue against a statin drug will also tell you that consuming eggs will not raise your blood cholesterol level. Will I’m here to tell you that may be right for them but it sure isn’t for me. Since my heart attack I’ve had many and frequent blood tests run. Over the years I’ve had blood tests run to check for certain things. Just as I have experimented with and test exercises, I have done the same with medications and supplements. I can tell you for certain, eggs do raise my blood cholesterol level. They did years ago when I experimented with eggs and they do so today. Maybe they won’t yours but they do mine. I’ve also changed my supplements to help aid in my overall well being. This is what I am presently taking in the form of supplements. Niacin Inositol Hexanicotinate 500mg 2x day As you can see, it is similar but different from what I was taking prior to my heart attack. The Niacin for example was added and B-Complex was increased. I also added Co Enzyme Q10 and Fish Oil. Now the truth is in the proof right? I can honestly say, based on blood work done by my doctor, minor improvement has been seen due to supplements. Sometime even a reduction of five points or an increase of five points can make a difference. Lipitor, even at the 10mg dose has significantly dropped my cholesterol level from 198 to 122. Supplements such as Niacin alone have not done so although I did have a slightly lower cholesterol level when I included Niacin during one testing period. With all the blood work I have had done and the scheduling of test based around time frames for the different supplements and prescription medications I take, I have reached a reasonable and documented conclusion. In my particular case, prescription medication is a necessity. They are doing their job far better than the dietary supplements alone. On the other hand, dietary supplements do work but not to the degree I would have hoped for, so I could discontinue some of the prescription medications. Still, they are important, I continue to take them and, my tests prove they are of benefit. As a matter of fact, my test, including blood work performed by medical doctors, indicates to me that supplements are of value. I do know of some individuals who have had a much more dramatic result from supplements than me and this is not unusual. Think about it. Some exercises work for some people and not for others. Some prescription medications are well tolerated by some people while others have reactions to them. Here we go - all those who follow my articles…. “Everyone is different, what works for one may not work for another.” I should point out before zeroing in on 10mg of Lipitor, I had severe muscle and joint aches taking various statin drugs including Lipitor at a does of 20mg and higher. This was a major problem for me with the dosage prescribed by doctors immediately following my heart attack. For about a year now, I have been able to tolerate Lipitor at A lot of people like to tell others what to eat and what to take. Most of these ardent “experts” are those who have never had any serious health problems, they are lucky and don’t have heart problems or other heath conditions. Eggs for example, there was a time when I consumed two dozen eggs a day and at least six of them were raw. Yes, I was younger and my cholesterol level was high back then. I would get off the eggs and my cholesterol level would come down. So you can see I was not a candidate for eating eggs and keeping my cholesterol level down. I’ve known others who can consume all the eggs they like and their cholesterol level will remain low. The same is true for me concerning red meat. It raises my cholesterol level. My wife on the other hand, can eat all the meat she wants, and she does love meat, it won’t make even a slight difference in her cholesterol level. People are all different. That is why I get so frustrated when I hear and read people preaching one way and only one way to eat and train. Hogwash! My suggestion is to flee these individuals as fast as you can. I still favor a mix of supplements and try not to become married to any one certain brand. Sure I have my favorites and since I feel supplements are helpful I mix them I have no problem with suggesting the use of natural dietary supplements to help not only bodybuilding and fitness progress but the promotion of general health and well being. I would not, not even attempt to suggest any prescription medication of any kind for any reason. That should only come from a doctor or licensed health care professional. I don’t encourage prescription medication but the real world means it is needed and can save or prolong ones life. What I have listed in this article are supplements and medications I have taken and been prescribed by my doctors. I have informed my doctors of the supplements I take as well as the potencies. So here you are, an update on not only my medicines but also supplements. I hope and pray none have to undergo health problems that may require prescription medications but if you do I hope they work for you without any complications or ill effects.


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