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ACT NO 2 OF 2000 ("THE ACT")
Name of the company
Astral Foods Limited
Astral Foods is a leading South African food group with key activities in animal feed, animal feed pre-mixes, broiler
genetic breeding, broiler operations and recently, the production and sale of day-old broilers and hatching eggs.
Contact details
Section 51(1)(a)
Street address :
Block E, Castle Walk Corporate Office Park Erasmuskloof Pretoria 0048 Postnet Suite 329 Private Bag X10 Elarduspark 0047 E-mail address of the managing director or chief [email protected] executive officer or company secretary or contact person : Section 10 guide on how to use the Act
Section 51(1)(b)
The Guide referred to in section 10 of the Act is a guide that must be compiled by the Human Rights Commission
containing such information as may be reasonably required by a person who wishes to exercise any right
contemplated in the Act. The Regulations regarding the Promotion of Access to Information Act published under
Government Gazette No R187 of 15 February 2002 set forth how the Human Rights Commission should make the
Guide available.
The Guide will be available from the Human Rights Commission as from 15 August 2003, unless otherwise
specified. Please direct your enquiries to :
The Human Rights Commission
Postal address : Private Bag 2700, Houghton, 2041
Telephone : +27 11 484 8300
Fax : +27 11 484 0582
Website :
Once the Human Rights Commission has produced the Guide, it will be printed in each official language in the
Government Gazette and will be available for inspection by the public at the offices of the Human Rights
Commission (telephone number (011) 484 8300 or fax number (011) 484 7146 or
Records available publicly
We set out the categories of records of Astral Foods Limited which are already publicly available without you
having to request access in terms of the Act:
Annual financial statements for the company Available on the website or at the Registrar of and group Available on the website or at the Registrar of Companies (Cipro's offices) Registrar of Companies (Cipro's offices) Registrar of Companies (Cipro's offices) Information about the group, its business units, Available on the website news, share price and investor center. Records of the company which are available in accordance with any other legislation
Section 51(1)(d)
Request procedure and records that may be requested
Section 51(1)(e)
The request procedure
Every request must contain the information set out at paragraphs 1 to 6 below, and must substantially correspond
with the prescribed form, a copy of which is attached as ANNEXURE B to this manual.
Maryna Eloff has been delegated with the task of receiving and co-ordinating any requests for access to records in
terms of the Act. Each request should specify the description of the record concerned, and the location of the
record if known.
Provide sufficient particulars of the records required to enable the company to identify the record or records requested and the requester. Specify a postal address or fax number in South Africa, or an e-mail address. Identify the right you want to exercise or protect and give an explanation why the record is needed for this purpose. Indicate the form of reply to your request, other than a written reply, which you prefer, with the relevant particulars. Give proof of the capacity in which you are acting, if requesting access on behalf of another. Once complete, you can mail it to : Maryna Eloff Designation of person : Company Secretary Name of company : Astral Foods Limited Postal address : Postnet Suite 329, Private Bag X10, Elarduspark, 0047 Or, you can fax it to (012) 347-5307, or e-mail it to [email protected]. The request for access to records will be deemed to have been made once the form has been received by our offices. Should you require greater clarity, we refer you to the Guide which will be published by the Human Rights Commission. It will describe in each official language : the details of each private body (where possible) the process that needs to be followed in order to make a request how to get copies of the Guide at no charge how to get access to the manual of a private body all the remedies available in law to you. We set out below a description of the subjects on which Astral Foods Limited holds records and, below the
subject headings, the categories of records held on each subject.
Company records
Financial records
Company secretarial and administration VAT returns records Shareholder and Investor records resolutions Prelisting statement and circulars to shareholders re: corporate actions undertaken Shareholdings in subsidiaries, joint ventures Availability of the manual
Section 51(3)
Copies of this manual are available for inspection at the reception desk of Astral Foods Limited and copies can be
made at a charge of R1.10 (one rand ten cents) per A4 page. Copies are also available from the South African
Human Rights Commission and our website
Requests for information must be submitted in accordance with the prescribed format and must be accompanied by
the prescribed fee. A list of applicable fees is attached as ANNEXURE A to this manual.


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