CADUET(R) Tablets
Amlodipine Besylate and Atorvastatin Calcium
Consumer Medicine Information
What is in this leaflet
If you have any concerns about
taking this medicine, ask your
doctor or pharmacist.
Keep this leaflet with the medicine.
What CADUET is used
is amlodipine and the other isatorvastatin. When you are taking CADUET,
you also need to follow a low fat
diet. Your doctor may suggest
other ways to help control your
condition such as exercise, weight
control and stopping smoking.
If you have not told your doctor
about any of these medical
conditions, tell him/her before you
Ask your doctor if you have any
take CADUET.
questions about why CADUET has
been prescribed for you.
Tell your doctor:
Before you take
Taking other medicines
Tell your doctor if you are taking
any other medicines, including
When you must not take it
medicines you buy without a
prescription from a pharmacy,
supermarket or health food shop.
medicines include amlodipine (asNorvasc) as this is also in If you are not sure whether you
should be taking CADUET, talk to
your doctor.
Do not take CADUET if:
Before you start to take it
Tell your doctor if:
you have any health/medical
problems, including:
If you take too much
Immediately telephone your doctor
If you have not told your doctor
or Poisons Information Centre -
about any of the above, tell
How to take it
the telephone number is 131 126 or
him/her before you take CADUET.
go to Accident and Emergency
Swallow the tablet whole with a
(Casualty) at your nearest hospital
Avoid drinking large quantities of
full glass of water.
if you think you or anyone else
grapefruit juice.
Take your tablet once a day at
may have taken too much
about the same time each day,
CADUET. Do this even if there are
either morning or evening.
no signs of discomfort or
poisoning. You may need urgent
medical attention. Keep telephone
numbers of these facilities handy.
It is also possible that CADUET maybe affected by some medicines used How long to take it
While you are using it
You must take CADUET every
day. Continue taking your
medicine for as long as your doctor

Things you must do
tells you.
How to take CADUET
Have your cholesterol and
triglyceride levels checked when
your doctor says.
Follow all directions given to you
by your doctor or pharmacist.
Tell any other doctors, dentists and
They may differ from the
pharmacists who are treating you
information contained in this
that you are taking CADUET.
blood pressure and cholesterol levelsmay rise again. If you are about to start any new
If you do not understand the
medicine, tell your doctor or
instructions on the box ask your
pharmacist that you are taking
doctor or pharmacist for help.
If you forget to take it
If you miss a dose and it is less
How much to take
If you become pregnant while
than 12 hours from when you
taking CADUET tell your doctor
should take it, take it straight
away, and then continue as normal
the next day. Otherwise, skip that
Things you must not do
day's dose but be sure to take the
next day's dose when it is due.
Do not take CADUET to treat any
other conditions unless your doctor
Do not take a double dose to make
up for the dose that you missed.
Do not give this medicine to
anyone else, even if they have the
same condition as you.
Things to be careful of
Be careful driving or operating
machinery until you know how
CADUET affects you.
After taking CADUET
If this occurs, do not drive, operate
machinery or do things that could
be dangerous if you are not alert.
Keep your tablets in the pack until
it is time to take them.
Side effects
Tell your doctor or pharmacist as
soon as possible if you do not feel
Do not store CADUET or any
well while you are taking
other medicine in the bathroom or
near a sink.
Do not leave your medicines on a
window sill or in the car.
Keep CADUET where children
cannot reach it.
Do not be alarmed by the list of
possible side effects. You may not
experience any of them.
Tell your doctor if you experience
any of the following and they
If your doctor tells you to stop
worry you:
taking CADUET, or the tablets
have passed their expiry date, ask
your pharmacist what to do with
any left over.
Tell your doctor if you notice any
other effects.
Product description
What it looks like
If you notice any other symptoms
that worry you, check with your

Ask your doctor or pharmacist if
you don't understand anything in
this list.
"CDT"and "051" on the other If you are 65 years or older, you
Tell your doctor immediately or go
should be especially careful while
to the casualty department of your
taking CADUET. Report any side
nearest hospital if you notice any
effects promptly to your doctor.
of the following.
"CDT" and "052" on the other "CDT" and "054" on the other "CDT" and "101" on the other Inactive Ingredient
"CDT" and "102" on the other "CDT" and "104" on the other "CDT" and "108" on the other Ingredients
Active ingredients
Opadry II complete film coatingsystem 85F28751 White CADUET 5 mg/10 mg Tabletscontain amlodipine besylate CADUET 5 mg/20 mg Tabletscontain amlodipine besylate Manufacturer
equivalent to amlodipine 5 mgand atorvastatin calcium equivalent to amlodipine 5 mgand atorvastatin calcium Australian Registration
contain amlodipine besylateequivalent to amlodipine 10 mg and atorvastatin calciumequivalent to atorvastatin 10mg contain amlodipine besylateequivalent to amlodipine 10 mg


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