Ficha de informaÇÕes de seguranÇa de produtos quÍmicos – (fispq)

1 – Product/Company Identification
Product name:
Product internal code:
Estrada Galvão Bueno, 5.000 Bairro Batistini – S.B.C. – S.P. CEP (Postal Code):
Emergency phone numbers:
Product Information:
Medical Emergency:
Transport emergency:
2 – Composition and information on the ingredients
Product type:
Chemical nature (origin):
Registration Number at CAS:
Ingredients or chemical impurities that may lead to hazard
Chemical Name CAS No. Concentration range (%) Acetic Acid Ethenyl Ester (Vinyl Acetate) 108-05-4 30 – 60 Alcohol 64-17-5 30 – 60 Benzoyl peroxide 94-36-0 0,1 – 2,0 3 – Hazards Identification
Serious hazards:
Product classified as harmful and inflammable.
Product’s effects
Adverse effects to human health:

Harmful. The steam emitted for this product can irritate eyes, mucous membranes and skin. In strong concentrations, it can lead to narcosis. Ingestion can cause intense abdominal pain and gastric irritation.
Main symptoms:

It can cause headache, nauseas, dizzy and mental confusion.
Physical and chemical hazards:

Specific hazards:
Product name: EVA and Styrofoam Glue MSDS.: 173 Page: 2 / 6 Last review date 20/02/2008 4 – First aid measures

First aid measures

Remove the victim to an aired place. If the victim is not breathing, apply the artificial respiration. Seek medical assistance immediately, taking the product label, as always as possible.
Contact with skin:
Take off the infected clothes and shoes. Wash abundantly with water for at least 20 minutes, preferably under an emergency shower. Seek medical assistance immediately, taking the product label, as always as possible.
Contact with eyes:
Wash abundantly with water for 20 minutes and keep the eyelids open. Use preferentially an eye washer. Seek medical assistance immediately, taking the product label, as always as possible.

Do not provoke vomiting. If the victim is conscious, wash abundantly his mouth with clean water and make the victim drink water. Seek medical assistance immediately, taking the product label, as always as possible.
Notes to the physician:
The product has been shown not dangerous to human health. 5 – Fire fighting measures
Appropriate fire extinguish means
Hydrocarbons foam, water fog, powder and carbon dioxide (CO2).
Specific hazards:
The steam can reach an ignition source and provoke flame retrocession. The receptacles can explode with the fire’s heat. There is risk of explosion of the steam in closed environments or sewerage system. Keep distance from the reservoirs. Fire can result in the emission of either irritant or poisonous gases.
Special methods:
Cool the receptacles exposed to fire with water fog. Remove them from the fire area, if there is a possibility of doing this without any risk.
Firefight protection:
In closed environment, use rescue equipment with air supply. 6 – Accidental release measures
Personal precautions:

Removal of ignition sources:
Eliminate all the ignition sources, avoid sparks, flames and smoking at risky area. Isolate the leakage from all the ignition sources.
Dust control:
Not applicable, because it is a liquid product.
Prevention of inhalation,
and contact with skin
mucous and eyes

Impermeable boots, gloves and clothes, hermetic security glasses for chemical products and appropriate respiratory protection.
Precautions concerning to the

Stop the flow if possible, do not guide the spread material for any public drain services. Avoid the possibility of contamination of superficial Waters and water sources. Restrict the leakage to the
smallest area as much as possible. The later treatment of water should be taken into account before removing the product
with water. Avoid using this kind of removal.

Product name: EVA and Styrofoam Glue MSDS.: 173 Page: 3 / 6 Last review date 20/02/2008 continuation .

Cleaning measures:

Collect the product in an emergency receptacle properly labeled and well closed. Keep it recovered for subsequent elimination.
Absorb with soil another absorbing material.
Do not discard it together with the common waste. Do not discard it in the sewage system or in water courses. Keep it isolated if possible for later recovering or discard. The final discard of it should be supervised by a specialist, according to the valid environmental legislation. 7 – Handling and storage

Technical measures:
Provide local ventilation where it is required by the processes. All the conduction elements of the system in contact with the product should be connected to an electrical ground system. Use anti-spark tools.
Prevention of the worker
Use personal protective equipments (PPE) in order to avoid contact with the

Precautions for a
Use the personal protective equipment indicated. secure handling:
Guidelines for a

Handle according with the general rules of industrial security and hygiene. secure handling:

Appropriate technical measures:
The storage place should have impermeable floor, free from combustible
material. Besides that, it should be equipped with a contention dyke in order to retain the product in case of leakage.
Storage conditions

Store the product in tanks properly designed and approved or metallic receptacles, like casks and well closed cans, well aired places and on the room temperature, under the atmospheric pressure, away from heat, oxidizing agents and ignition sources.
To be avoided:

Non-compliant products/

Strong oxidizing products (liquid chlorine and concentrated oxygen).
Secure material for the packages

Metallic drums with internal varnish coating and/or plastic containers. Product name: EVA and Styrofoam Glue MSDS.: 173 Page: 4 / 6 Last review date 20/02/2008 8 – Exposition control and personal protection
Appropriate personal protective equipments
Respiratory protection:

In low concentrations, use respirator with chemical filter for organic vapors. In high concentrations, use respiratory equipment or an air sent assembly.
Hand protection:

PVC gloves or other gloves resistant to organic solvents.
Eyes protection:
In the operations in which there is the possibility of throwing or sprinkle of the product, it is recommended to use security glasses or facial protector.
Protection for skin and body:
In activities that result in direct contact with the liquid, use PVA aprons and boots.
Special precautions:
Keep emergency showers and eye washer available in the places in which the product is handled.
Hygiene measures:
Clean up clothes and shoes after use. General control methods commonly used in industrial hygiene should minimize the exposure to the product. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling chemical products. Separate the working clothes from the common ones. 9 – Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical state:
Specific temperatures:

Distillation range:

Flash point:
Explosivity limits:

Upper: (LES)

Lower: (LEI)


Between: 0,937 a 0,977 g/ml

10 – Stability and reactivity
Specific conditions

Stable in normal handling and in normal storage conditions.
Hazardous reactions:

None, when the product is stored, used and processed correctly.
Conditions to be avoided:
Exposition to ignition sources and high temperatures for long periods.
Dangerous products
It may release toxic gases during the burning. from decomposition:

Product name: EVA and Styrofoam Glue MSDS.: 173 Page: 5 / 6 Last review date 20/02/2008 11 – Toxicological information
Information according to the different exposition means

Utmost toxicity:

Local effects:
It can provoke headache, nausea, vertigo, mental confusion, irritation in the upper airways. Moderately irritating for skin. Irritating for eyes. 12 – Ecological information
Environmental effects, behavior and impacts caused by the product

Environmental impact:

Its presence in water can result in the transmission of unwanted quality to the water. 13 – Disposal considerations
Disposal methods

The treatment and the discard of the product should be technically evaluated in each case.
Product waste:

Used package:
Discard in an authorized installation. Do not reuse the package. 14 – Transport information
National and international regulations
Resolution No. 420/2004, ANTT (Agência Nacional de Transportes Terrestres - National Agency of Terrestrial Transport). Edict No. 96.044/88 (Regulamento de Transporte Rodoviário de Produtos Perigosos – Regulation of Dangerous Goods Highway Transport) – Edict No. 98.973/90 (Regulamento de Transporte Ferroviário de Produtos Perigosos – Regulation of Dangerous Goods Railway Transport) - IATA handbook (International Air Transportation Association) - IMDG Code handbook (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) from IMO (International Maritime Organization).

Product classified as dangerous and inflammable

Product name: EVA and Styrofoam Glue MSDS.: 173 Page: 6 / 6 Last review date 20/02/2008 15 – Regulatory information
Classification and symbols: Inflammable (F) Information on risks and security, according to the product label: Harmful if inhaled or in contact with skin. In case of ingestion, do not provoke vomiting and seek medical assistance immediately, taking the product label or package. 16 – Other information

This product is considered harmful and inflammable.


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