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This report has been compiled by Lifeline Malawi and covers the Maternal and neonatal Health services
supported by AMOR Foundation. The report is submitted to AMOR for purpose of information, record and
feedback where necessary.

This report highlights among other things, continued delivery of Maternity services at AMOR Maternity unit
and other maternal health services including family planning, prenatal (antenatal) care and prevention of
mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) delivered through static and mobile outreach clinics run by
Lifeline Malawi. Achievements under of each of the services delivered through the project have been
summarized in the next sections.
Family Planning Services

 A total of 250 clients accessed family planning services in May, 2011. The Country is still
experiencing shortage of family planning commodities which has left commodity users with limited choice of methods.  The Majority (187) of clients chose injectible method, depo-provera, compared to 25 who chose oral pill and 38 who chose implant (jadelle).  Among the clients who chose depo-provera, 54 were new, 127 were revisit and 6 were restarting.
 The data on family planning methods has been summarized in figure 1 below.
Fig. 1: Family Planning Type of Clients by method
 With some improvement in the availability of Injectible method (depo-provera), it once became the popular method of choice with three quarters (187) of the clients choosing it. Prenatal (Antenatal) Care
 A total of 175 pregnant women received prenatal (antenatal) care through Lifeline Malawi clinics in
 Fifty (28.6%) of the new pregnant women reported within 0 -12 weeks of their pregnancy. The rest reported after 13 weeks gestation of their pregnancy.  66 women received recommended a dose of Sulphadoxine Pyrimethamine (SP) tablets as presumptive  81 women received 0-1 dose of TTV while 94 women received 2+ doses of TTV. Maternity Services
The total number of babies born at the clinic since AMOR Maternity unit became operational is 971.The
number of babies born in May was 36 from 48 admissions. Figure 2 below summaries maternity unit
statistics for May, 2011.
Fig.2: AMOR Maternity Unit statistics for May, 2011.
 A total of 36 babies were born in May, 2011 at Kasese Maternity unit  All deliveries occurred in the labour ward and were conducted by skilled health workers (Nurses/Midwives).  2 babies were born under weight (<2500g) and 34 of the 35 live babies born at the unit were initiated on breast feeding within the first 30 minutes of birth as recommended by Ministry of Health (MoH) Policy).  5 cases with various obstetric complications including obstetric haemorrhage (1) and incomplete abortions were referred to the next level of care.  22 women came for postnatal check-up services. Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)
 40 of the 48 pregnant mothers admitted to AMOR Maternity unit had been tested for HIV before delivery or referral. None of them was HIV positive.  133 of the 137 pregnant women who came for antenatal services were tested for HIV and only 7 of them was
Report prepared by: Dr. Haldon Njikho

For Lifeline Malawi –AMOR FOUNDATION

May, 2011


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