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Summer 2011/12
1. An Itchy Dog
possible. Fly repellent containing permethrin or pyrethrin can be warmer, is your dog starting to itch? Are they rubbing, scratching and chewing their skin until it becomes bald, red, inflamed and painful? If so, let us explore some of the most common If Fluffy suddenly starts itching after venturing out to bush or farmland, Fleas are the most common cause of itching in a dog. Fleas are rampant in summer as the heat speeds up their breeding. All it takes is one bite from a flea to send our much beloved Fluffy into a scratching frenzy. Therefore not seeing a flea on them does not rule out a flea allergy. Often, itchiness and hair loss occur over the lower back, below the abdomen and around the eyes. Flea bites are preventable by ensuring Fluffy is on a good flea control regime. Monthly “spot on" (a product applied to a dog's neck) preparations such as Frontline, Advantage and Revolution are a great way to keep the fleas at bay. These products can be applied every fortnightly if the monthly application of "spot on" such itching is bad. Flea shampoos are limited in efficacy as their effect wears off rapidly. All other pets in the household should also be treated since fleas affect all animals that come in contact. Flea bombs containing insect growth regulator can be used at home to stop eggs and larvae in the environment from hatching, thus breaking the cycle. Vacuuming your house and especially your pets’ living areas will remove reaction to one or more airborne substances in the environment, usually Stable fly and March fly bites are painful and distressing for dogs. Stable flies target the bridge of the nose and margins of the ears. The skin and hair around those areas are thin and so are the most accessible. The bite is to obtain a blood meal and so the skin is often very irritated, producing bloody crusts and scabs. Dogs shake their head and scratch constantly due to the discomfort. Though keeping your dog indoors would prevent the exposure to these flies and mosquitoes, keeping them inside is not always corticosteroid based sprays and occasional properties. Since their effects last for antibiotics or even skin supplements (as discussed later in the article). If you suspect Fluffy has atopy, speak to your Veterinarian. However, when it occurs, it often starts when they are less than 6 months of age. Older dogs, above 8 years of age can also develop food behind this is that they help hydrate or throughout the year. If you suspect Fluffy has food allergy, your Veterinarian will formulate a plan to exclude this possibility by putting them on a special diet for up to 6 weeks. Re-introduce the old diet again and observe if the itchiness Dry skin and constant itching can be very uncomfortable. Here are some tips for achieving better skin health for your much loved dog. condition will be. Prevention with monthly "spot on" products may spare * Adding fatty acids helps the skin create a tighter barrier from outside allergens. A good source of this is Omega 3/6/9 oil at 1 ml per 7kg taken orally. A topical form, Essential 6 can be 2. Clinic News/ Staff News
used until the oral form is effective. Fish oil tablets at 50mg/kg once a day, sunflower oils at 2ml/kg once a day, flax seed oil or even evening have a third consult room at the clinic. primrose oil at 50mg/kg once a day are other options. Oral fatty acids require a build up before they work and therefore, they have to be given for 6-12 weeks before any appreciable results career with the CSIRO and we wish her the very best. We welcome Holly * Soothing shampoo for sensitive skin. Aloveen shampoo is a hypoallergenic shampoo that contains aloe vera and oatmeal which have a soothing and anti-itching effect. Shampooing 3. Season’s greetings
also washes away the allergens from the coat. If your pet is prone to recurrent infection in their skin, your pet will benefit from the use of medicated shampoo such as Pyohex or Malaseb. antibacterial properties. Malaseb not only has Chlorohexidine, it also has Miconazole which gives it the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial


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