Material safety data sheet

Medi-Scrub Chlorhexidine 4%
1. Identification of the product and the company

Ref. n°:
Rovers Medical Devices Lekstraat 10, 5347 KV OSS, The Netherlands Phone: (+31) (0) 412 64 88 70 Fax: (+31) (0) 412 62 38 35
2. Information on ingredients
Substance name


3. Hazards identification

- Environmental hazard:
Harmful to aquatic organisms may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
4. First aid measures
- Inhalation:
Assure fresh air breathing. Give oxygen or artificial respiration as needed. Seek medical attention immediately. Remove affected clothing and rinse all exposed skin area with water. Seek medical attention if ill effect or irritation develops. Rinse immediately with plenty of water. Contact ophthalmologist immediately. Rinse mouth. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Seek medical advice (show the label where possible). 5. Fire - fighting measures

Extinguishing media:
Avoid (reject) fire-fighting water to enter environment.
6. Accidental release measures

Personal precautions:
Equip cleanup crew with proper protection. (See Heading 8. ) Prevent entry to sewers and public waters. Clean up any spills as soon as possible, using an absorbent material to collect it. Sweep or shovel spills into appropriate container for disposal. Spill area may be slippery. 7. Handling and storage

Technical protective measures:
Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety procedures.
8. Exposure controls / personal protection

Personal protection
under normal conditions, none should be used under normal conditions, none should be used under normal conditions, none should be used 9. Physical and chemical properties

10. Stability and reactivity

11. Toxicological information

On product:

12. Ecological information

Ecological effects information:
13. Disposal considerations
Dispose of in accordance with local/national regulations. This material can be dumped in an approved landfill. Discarded product is not a hazardous waste. Empty package retains product residue. Observe all hazard precautions
14. Transport information

General information:

15. Regulatory information

16. Other information

Print year: 2005
The contents and format of this MSDS according to Directive 2001/58/EC. When this MSDS was formulated, the scientific and technical know how known to the supplier at that moment were used. The information given is designed only as guidance for safe handling and is not to be considered a warranty or quality specification. Reference should be made to a Product Datasheet regarding the quality or specification of the product. The supplier emphatically indicates that failure to follow the instructions given in the MSDS is entirely at the user’s risk. For the rest reference is made to the text of the "Veiligheidsinformatiebladenbesluit Wet milieugevaarlijke stoffen" (Decree on the Safety Datasheets, Law on substances that are dangerous to the environment) of April 29, 1993 as published under number 252 in the "Staatsblad"


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