Safety Data Sheet 91/155/EEC(gb)
Anchorfast Limited
01. Identification of the substance / preparation and of the company
Product: arecal INOX CLEANER
Article number 0895 112 500
Use: See product designation
Company: Anchorfast Limited
Doranda WayUK- West Bromwich, West Midlands B71 4LU Phone: 0044-121-5250525
Emergency phone: 0044-121-5250525
02. Composition / Information on ingredients
Range [%]
Symbol / R-phr.
03. Hazards identification
Special protective equipment for firefighters
Use self-contained breathing apparatus.
Additional information
04. First aid measures
Fire residues and contaminated firefighting water must General information
be disposed of in accordance with the local Inhalation
Not applicable.
Skin contact
In case of contact with skin wash off with warm water .
Consult a doctor if skin irritation persists.
Eye contact
In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with
plenty of water and seek medical advice.
Rinse out mouth and give plenty of water to drink. Do
not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice
Advice to doctor
Treat symptomatically.
05. Fire-fighting measures
Suitable extinguishing media
Product itself is non-combustible, fire extinguishing
method of surrounding areas must be considered.
Extinguishing media that must not be used
Full water jet.
Special exposure hazards arising from the
substance or preparation itself or combustion
Risk of formation of toxic pyrolysis products.
Chemiebüro D.G.Schröder Tel. +49-(0)941-566-398 oder +49-(0)941-566-792, Fax. +49-(0)941-566-994 eMail: [email protected] Safety Data Sheet 91/155/EEC(gb)
Anchorfast Limited
06. Accidental release measures
08. Exposure controls / personal protection
Personal precautions
Additional advice on system design
High risk of slipping due to leakage/spillage of Ensure adequate ventilation on workstation. product.
Environmental precautions
Ingredients with occupational exposure limits to
be monitored:

Do not discharge into the drains/ surface waters/ groundwater. Prevent spread over a wide area (e.g. by Substance
Methods for cleaning up/taking up
LTEL: 50ppm LTEL: 308mg/m³ (IOELV, SK 72) Pick up with absorbent material (e.g. sand, sawdust, general-purposebinder, kieselguhr). Dispose of absorbed material in LTEL: Long-term exposure limit, STEL: Short-term 07. Handling and storage
Respiratory protection
Advice on safe handling
No special measures necessary if used correctly. Hand protection
Advice on protection against fire and explosion
Suitable protective gloves: Butyl rubber, >120 min Requirements for storage rooms and vessels
Eye protection
Keep only in original container. Provide alkali-resistant Skin protection
Advice on storage compatibility
Do not store together with oxidizing agents. General protective measures
Further information on storage conditions
Keep container in a well-ventilated place. Keep Hygiene measures
Use barrier skin cream. Wash hands before breaks
and after work.
Delimitation and monitoring of the environmental
Not applicable.
Chemiebüro D.G.Schröder Tel. +49-(0)941-566-398 oder +49-(0)941-566-792, Fax. +49-(0)941-566-994 eMail: [email protected] Safety Data Sheet 91/155/EEC(gb)
Anchorfast Limited
09. Physical and chemical properties
Irritant effect on eye OECD 405
Irritant effect on skin OECD 404
Sensitization / Validation OECD 406
Boiling point [°C]:
Flash point [°C]:
Subacute toxicity
Lower explosion limit:
Chronic toxicity
Upper explosion limit:
Combustible properties:
Mutagenicity / validation
Vapour pressure [kPa]:
Density [g/ml]:
Reproduction toxicity / Validation
Bulk density [kg/m³]:
Solubility in water:
Carcinogenicity / Validation
Partition coefficient: n-
octanol / water:
Experiences made in practice
Relative vapour density
General remarks
determined in air:
No toxicological data are available. No classification Evaporation speed:
on the basis of the calculation procedure of the Melting point [°C]:
Autoignition temperature:
12. Ecological information
Decomposition temperature: Not applicable.
Fish toxicity
10. Stability and reactivity
Hazardous reactions
Behaviour in environment compartments
Reactions with acids and strong oxidizing agents. Hazardous decomposition products
Behaviour in sewage plant
No hazardous decomposition products known. 11. Toxicological information
Bacteria toxicity
Acute oral toxicity
Biological degradability
Chemical oxygen demand (COD)
Acute dermal toxicity
OECD 402

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5)
Acute inhalational toxicity
Contains compounds of 76/464/EC
Not applicable.
General information
Ecological data are not available.
Chemiebüro D.G.Schröder Tel. +49-(0)941-566-398 oder +49-(0)941-566-792, Fax. +49-(0)941-566-994 eMail: [email protected] Safety Data Sheet 91/155/EEC(gb)
Anchorfast Limited
13. Disposal considerations
15. Regulatory information
Disposal / Product
The product does not require a hazard warning label in Waste no. (recommended)
Disposal / Contaminated packaging
Hazard symbols
Uncontaminated packaging may be taken for recycling. Special labelling for certain preparations
14. Transport information
14.1 Classification according to ADR:
ADR-Class: not classified as Dangerous
National regulations
Factor, ADR
LQ, ADR 3.4.6:
16. Other informations
14.2 Classification according to IMDG:
R phrases(Information on ingredients - 02)
IMDG-Code-Class: not classified as Dangerous
R 41: Risk of serious damage to eyes.
R 50: Very toxic to aquatic organisms.
Regulatory information
LQ, [l/kg]:
14.3 Classification according to IATA:
IATA-DGR-Class: not classified as Dangerous
Modified position:
Chemiebüro D.G.Schröder Tel. +49-(0)941-566-398 oder +49-(0)941-566-792, Fax. +49-(0)941-566-994 eMail: [email protected]


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