National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
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National Helpline Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD
Founded in 1957 by Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson. Childhelpis a leading national non-profitorganization dedicated to helpingvictims of child abuse and neglect.
Serving the United States, it'sTerrirories and Canada, our hotlineis staffed 24 hours a day 7 days aweek with professional counselorswho, through interpreters can provideassistance in 170 languages.
We also offer a range of programs,please see our website for regionaldetails.
Legal supportPeer support and support groups Emergency shelterHelp with protection ordersCounselingSupport groups for domestic violence survivors/victims services to victims/survivors ofsexual violence.
Emergency shelter for both male & female victims of sexual assaultHospital advocacyLegal advocacy at the police stationCourtroom advocacy Education support groupSupport groups for survivors of incest, ritualized abuse and cultsfor more details call 802-476-1388 Bennington
Information and referrals to otherappropiate services Brattleboro
domestic or sexual.
Support at the hospitalHelp with safety plansDrop in support group which meetsevery Wednesday noon - 1 pm Burlington
serving the Chittenden Countycommunity. Our support group "TheHealing Journey" is offered twice ayear for 6-8 weeks and addressescommonresponses to sexual assault and abuse and the impactsof trauma.
Our weekly ongoing support group"Resiliency" is for survivors of sexual violence at any stage of theirrecovery Call 802-864-0555 ext 19for more details about these groups Burlington
bisexual, transgender and queerpeople. Accompaniment to policestation, hospitals and courts.
Support groups for abuse survivors Burlington
Emergency shelterLegal advocacy2 Support groups offered for survivors of domestic abuseFemale survivors on Tues eveningMale survivors on Wed lunchtimeCall 802-658-1996 for group details Sharon, Royalton, Bethel, Stockbridge and Rochester Medical and legal advocacy Hardwick
Referrals to counselors & lawyersCourt advocacyInformation about legal & civil rightsAssistance with court ordersSupport groups available Middlebury
violence against women and their children.
Medical and legal advocacyWe offer drop in support groups forsurvivors of sexual violenceCall 802-388-4205 for more details Milton Vermont802-893-6372 Shelter office Morrisville
violence in Lamoille CountyEmergency shelterMedical and legal advocacyEducational workshops Morrisville
Emergency shelterGroup counselingSupport groups Hospital advocacyPolice station advocacyShort term counseling South Barre
and deaf-blind individuals.
Legal and systems advocacyAccompaniment to hospitals, thepolice station and to court.
Peer counseling.
St. Albans
Temporary emergency shelterHospital emergency room supportAssistance making police reportsCourt watch and court supportEducation groupsSupport groups available St. Johnsbury
sexual violence programs offerdirect services to individuals in needEmergency shelterGroup counselingSupport groups childhood abuse. I help people navigate the sometimes choppywaters from their past in order tobe fully living in the present.
Individual or group sessionsAverage cost $60-$90 per session Vershire
women and children in ruralCommunities. Her program willassist domestic violence victimsfrom the initial Relief from AbuseOrder through to self-reliance andindependence.
In home consultationsTransportation to and from courtFREE legal representation.


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