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Having a Senior Moment
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Lisa Hill, M.D.
“I’m having a senior moment?” We’ve may want to consult your physician for rec- all heard it, and many of us have said ommendations on exercise especially with it. It’s that moment when our thoughts slip heart conditions or if you are over 64.
say something important but suddenly lose tive? One frequently reported barrier to track of what we were about to say, or when physical activity can be musculoskeletal pain we walk into a room only to stand there try- – commonly referred to as aching bones and ing to fi gure out what it was we came into joints. Two common causes of this pain we the room to do. We jokingly call it a senior feel as we age are arthritis or muscle spasms. moment because we know that the more Gradually moving into a routine and then senior we get, the more bewildered mo- maintaining it consistently will help ease ments we’re going to have. Fortunately, we the pain associated with activity. Another can slow and possibly even eliminate these big help to get and stay active is to reduce infl ammation in joints and muscles with a WORKS! I have stopped using Aleve since the Myo-Med works better and faster and lasts all day. I use it Some recent studies have shown that topical anti-infl ammatory cream like Myo- physical activity may actually improve Med along with specifi c joint nutrition like brain function in both those with and with- Joint Plus. Myo-Med cream used twice a out cognitive decline. One study published day has helped several people stay active recently included over 2700 women in their despite muscle and joint pain. Furthermore, 80s. Th e researchers measured their regular Myo-Med has been designed to enhance physical activity and performed brain func- your body’s ability to heal itself. Quicker tion tests. Greater levels of activity were as- healing leads to faster return to activity. A sociated with better brain function and less quicker return to activity may lead to better brain function over time, and that’s some- Staying active doesn’t mean you have to thing we all can use. Active Product Spotlight
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