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Methamphetamine, also known as meth, speed, crank, or ice, is a powerful and addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Meth is a These small labs can be found in a meth cook s home, synthetic drug produced and sold as pills, capsules, in an automobile, or alongside a road. The ingredients or powder that can be smoked, snorted, injected, used to make meth are legitimate household materials, usually found at retail stores, such as: As a neurotoxin, meth damages the nervous system.
Its use can cause dependence and addiction, psychosis, stroke, dangerously high body temperature, and cardiac arrhythmia. Withdrawal often results in Meth labs can range from small to large in size.
Meth has been made in Canada principally from bulk quantities of chemicals in so-called super labs. Meth production, however, has changed significantly and law enforcement authorities have seen an increase in the number of small labs where meth cooks use recipes,often found online, to create small amounts of the drug While these small homemade labs produce a tinyfraction of the meth a super lab may produce, they present a huge danger to the communities in which they operate because toxic, hazardous, and explosive chemicals are possible byproducts of the production Retailers are in a unique position to help lawenforcement in the ght against meth, since the small-scale labs use a number of commonly found householdproducts available at drugstores, supermarkets, andother retail outlets. The Meth Watch Program addressesthis problem, and gives communities proven and www.methwatch.ca
powerful tools to help curb meth production.
The Meth Watch Program is designed to help curtail the have an important role in helping law enforcement stop Don t take matters into your own hands. Don t confront theft and suspicious sales of pseudoephedrine products and other common household commodities used in the the purchaser. Inform your manager of suspicious illicit manufacturing of methamphetamine in small, activity. And, depending on your store s procedures, underground labs. A key goal of this program is to promote cooperation between retailers and law notify the RCMP Chemical Diversion Hotline at: Place meth-related products in areas with enforcement agencies to prevent the diversion of Meth Watch is modelled after a highly successfulprogram of the same name that originally started inKansas as a public-private partnership. As news spread Tell them you are a Meth Watch Program store and you of its success, several American states began to adopt want to report suspicious behaviour.
the Kansas model. That prompted the U.S. Consumer Healthcare Products Association to develop a national Be alert to people purchasing combinations program that can be easily adapted elsewhere.
Follow your store s procedures for reporting The Meth Watch objectives are to:
unusual purchases;Never confront someone suspected of being Increase awareness by retail employees and management of methamphetamine productionand how precursor chemicals are diverted fromlegal products into illegal manufacture of meth.
Promote co-operation and teamwork between retailers and law enforcement professionals.
Retailers are a prime target for meth cooks who may Reduce methamphetamine production without steal or buy large quantities of precursor products from disrupting the availability of legal products.
their stores. Meth cooks and addicts can be dangerousand no retailer wants to be a potential source for a methcook looking to manufacture this substance. Meth Watch is a proven and accessible program that Retailers participating in the Meth Watch Program has resulted in meth lab seizures, hampered small toxic report safer stores, better customer relations, lab meth production, and decreased pseudoephedrine increased employee awareness, and improved product losses by retailers. While retail involvement is communications with law enforcement. Many stores key, Meth Watch is a voluntary program that involves have experienced a decrease in loss from theft that is directly related to their participation in Meth Watch.
Meth Watch partners are helping to unite their Participating retailers strategically post Meth Watch signs on their store fronts. Using a specially developedweb-learning portal, they train their employees torecognize suspicious transactions, without confronting oridentifying the customer, and to contact law enforcementwhen these take place.

Source: http://www.methwatch.ca/download/methwatch_flyer_en.pdf


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