Kathy Pope has helped hundreds of women combat hair loss. Through doctor-directed programs combing low level laser technology, combined with patented formula hair products and nutritionals, women have experienced continued hair growth successfully. Kathy Pope’s Hair Fashions is an affiliate of : HLCC which is the only company of its kind. Their doctors and medically trained staff have helped hundreds of thousands of people over the past 23+ years. HLCC has trained doctors around the world, from England to Malaysia, with more than 115 clinics; worldwide from New York to Europe, Australia, Scandinavia, and even South Africa. Laser technology works! Call Kathy Pope today to find the right treatment program for your specific hair loss needs. Call 570-347-6951 to make your appointment Today! Kathy Pope’s Laser Method:
More laser saturation with cosmetic lasers = better results
HLCC's cosmetic laser systems have more laser diodes (the element that transfers laser light energy to the client's scalp) than virtually all other laser programs in the marketplace today. Whether it's with a hand held, Hooded laser or impressive tri-panel units, our clients see the results from our multi-therapeutic laser programs. What Is Laser Hair Therapy?
Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) is a non-surgical, scientific approach in the cosmetic treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems. LHT has been tested for effectiveness and safety for over 30 years all around the world. Although we sell and offer Cosmetic lasers, several Medical devices have now cleared the US FDA. The LHT non-surgical cosmetic treatments utilize a device containing 110-160 therapeutic soft low light level lasers. LHT delivers light energy directly from 110-160 laser diodes covering your head. LHT functions on the same scientific principle, as that of photo-bio-stimulation; laser light stimulates cell metabolism and helps damaged cells to repair themselves. This breakthrough technology has recently been featured on national newscasts across the country. Physicians are praising this new technology as an effective treatment of hair loss, when used in conjunction with proper scalp and hair hygiene products, such as HLCC Complete, the most potent natural DHT inhibitor and 5% Minoxidil w/ 5% Saw Palmetto. What are the benefits of Laser Hair Therapy ?
Increased blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment Stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of the patients Repairs and improves hair shaft quality resulting in a 25% increase in volume Dramatically prolongs the life of hair color and perms *Study presented by Dr. Grant Koher called Effect of Laser Biostimulation In The Treatment of Female Pattern Hair Loss How lasers came to be a standard in hair loss therapy
The Laser was first used in Eastern Europe about 25 year ago to speed up the healing process of diseased individuals. Since the late 1700s, scientific studies have shown that sunlight- or the lack of it - definitely affects our body's biochemistry. Light also affects our hair, including how fast it grows. We have all experienced how our hair grows quicker during the summer, and this increased growth is due to improved blood supply to the hair follicles stimulated by the red light in sunlight. A laser produces light measured at a wavelength of nanometers typical between 638.2 nM and 670 nM--a pure wave-length at the peak of red light in the visible light spectrum. Laser Hair Therapy light provides the essential boost of pure red light at precisely the right frequency to revitalize and repair hair, yet it utilizes a soft laser that uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb. Although some lasers vary in the strength of each diode (normally 4.9 mw) generally the more
lasers diodes a person is sitting under during each laser treatment will provide better

 for hair loss and scalp conditions || We offer several programs for  Propecia / Finasteride ||to stop hair loss and regrow hair for men only. We offer Propecia and all natural alternatives for both men and women.  Rogaine / Minoxidil || FDA proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair for both men and  We offer several compounds and ways to help makework better.  Laser || Laser ohas been shown to be beneficial to hair in several studies. Both in clinic treatments and hand held laser therapy is available. In addition, larger laser models can be bought for use in salons/ hair replacement studios.  || These are products that either interfere with the conversion of Testosterone to di-hydro testosterone (DHT) or help to block DHT from binding to the hair follicle. DHT is the major cause of hair loss for both men and women. See why our products and are different and better than others.  || These products help to aid in growth of hair; either by inhibiting DHT and/or providing the vitamins and minerals that optimizes good quality hair growth. These products can be oral or topical.  || Your hair needs certain vitamins to grow to its fullest and thickest. Most people do not get enough of the right vitamins & minerals for their hair. Our hair Vitamins provide all the clinical proven vitamins and minerals but do much, much more. They block DHT and help grow hair.  || These products are optimized to give your hair and scalp the nutrients that are needed without adding harmful chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, cocamide DEA or alcohols which are found in 95% of shampoos. Most shampoos strip your hair of the essential oils that hair needs, ours do not. Proper hair and scalp hygiene and nutrition is the first step to healthier, thicker, fuller hair.
Kathy Pope’s services

Kathy Pope provides superior products at fair prices and offer a medical consultation to help select them. Hair loss is best treated with several products since no product (even our best) is a miracle. We used all the best and proven treatment products from all over the world together to provide you with a treatment program customized for your unique needs. We typically suggest clinically proven products like theand/or our that have received hair loss patents. Kathy Pope’s Treatment Programs can also utilize products like Propecia® and Rogaine® ( made better 5 ways ) which have received FDA approval to stop hair loss and regrow hair and customized stronger prescription versions of these products. Some products are extremely useful in hair and scalp hygiene which is in the Scalp Script line. Here at Kathy Pope’s we utilize all these hair loss treatment products including oral and topica and betteand health. In addition, there are programs developed to treat Androgenetic hair loss, as well as certain hair and scalp conditions, such as; eczema, seborrhea, damaged or broken hair, traction alopecia , chemotherapy induced loss, and alopecia areata. Some programs include eithe&/or for home use. Also, one can utilize hair replacements or cosmetic enhancements to help mask the thinning areas. A more permanent solution is hair restoration surgery and is often used in conjunction with treatment. If you are unable to find the particular program for you or if you desire a personal or phone consultation, please contact us.

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