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InVasc Therapeutics, Inc.
ioLink Life Sciences, Inc.

ATLANTA, Georgia – May 3, 2011
– InVasc Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical
company focused on chronic kidney and cardiometabolic diseases, announced today the
execution of an in-license agreement for a patent application related to a salt of an alpha lipoic
acid derivative from BioLink Life Sciences, Inc. InVasc is developing a drug with alpha
lipoic acid in combination with an antihypertensive for the treatment of chronic kidney
“We are very pleased to have finalized this worldwide exclusive license agreement,” stated
William Johnston, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of InVasc. “Once issued, BioLink’s patent
will add to the patent estate we are establishing to protect INV-144, a drug designed to slow
the progression of chronic kidney disease.”
The QUALITY trial, an earlier clinical study supported by InVasc and based on the
combination of an ACE inhibitor with alpha lipoic acid, reached statistical significance for
multiple endpoints related to chronic kidney disease (CKD) in hypertensive diabetic patients
with early stage CKD.
“We are delighted that InVasc has valued our prior work on R(+) alpha lipoic acid,”
confirmed Deanna Nelson, the founder and President of BioLink. “At BioLink we are
actively developing alpha lipoic acid for clinical indications that are independent of InVasc’s
interests, and InVasc’s work actually will help support the development of our products.”
About InVasc
InVasc Therapeutics, Inc., headquartered in Tucker, Georgia, is a biopharmaceutical company
developing drugs to mitigate risks associated with chronic kidney and cardiometabolic
diseases. Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and
dyslipidemia are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. The Company plans to
initiate a Phase IIa clinical study for INV-144 targeting slowing the progression of chronic
kidney disease in hypertensive diabetic patients. INV-144 is a combination of Losartan and
alpha lipoic acid. In a previous human clinical study, a sister compound (INV-141)
demonstrated statistical significance in the reduction of proteinuria in the same patient
population. InVasc’s pipeline development is supported by two recent SBIR grants.
About BioLink
BioLink Life Sciences, Inc., a drug technology company headquartered in Cary, NC,
reformulates widely used, FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of major diseases such as
diabetes, heart disease and chronic kidney disease. Each of BioLink’s patented drug
reformulations is designed to provide safety and efficacy equivalent to the related FDA-
approved drug, while eliminating many of the undesirable and unpleasant side effects that
cause patients to stop taking the drug. This strategy significantly reduces both the time and
costs associated with FDA approval of BioLink’s New Drug Applications. Moreover, this
approach has the potential to reduce health care costs associated with these chronic diseases.
Four SBIR grants have supported BioLink’s pipeline development, including an active grant
for development of new treatments for hyperphosphatemia of CKD.
3562 Habersham at Northlake Pkwy, Bldg. J, Ste. A ♦ Tucker, GA 30084 ♦ Tel: (678) 736-5900


Title: Counterstrain manipulation in the treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome: a pilot single-blind randomised controlled trial; the CARL Trial. Peters, T 1, MacDonald, R* 1, Leach, CMJ 2 1 London College of Osteopathic Medicine, Marylebone, London, UK 2 Clinical Research Centre for Health Professions, University of Brighton, UK. CORRESPONDENCE : R S MacDonald, LCOM, 8, Boston Place, NW1

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