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This study aimed to rate harmful status in feed and animal products; investigate current breeding, slaughter and for-sale status - Survival analysis of residual toxic substances in mixed feed, pork meat and liver samples showed that the average content of salbutamol in animal feed was 639.77 ppb; clenbuterol and salbutamol in meat samples, pork liver in the retail market in Dong Nai were 26.66% and 50% respectively. Sudan and ractopamin were not found in animal feed samples. - Micro-organism analysis results in pork meat of the slaughterhouses and meat shops on the market are still higher than TCVN 7046:2002 in a few targets. The weak management at the unit and local levels should be strengthened in order to meet the state regulations on hygiene and food safety. Key word: Pigs, feed, meat, liver, salbutamol, clenbuterol, antibiotics,
microorganism, heavy metals, sudan.

Hygienic food safety is one of the social Salmonella, E. coli with many times higher importance problems because of its relation directly to public health. Many of food poisoning have been recorded in the food The national research program aimed to draw kitchens. Many cases in the industrial zones out scientific solutions to control the root recently have been ringing tone to alert on causes of unsafe food hygiene, from which to this issue for the whole society. There are many reasons making food unsafe for use as acute poisoning due to food contamination of microorganisms causing disease and toxicity 2. RESEAECRH CONTENTS AND
2.1 Assessing the actual contamination
resistant to drugs, cause cancer, disorders of status of toxic substances in feeds and
physiological functions of the body as it animal products.
gradually accumulates in the human body and becomes the latent risk. Hormone residues in - Screening method (clenbuterol, salbutamol) development causing gene alteration-a risk of - Quantitative determination of clenbuterol salbutamol residues in product may cause the fast heart beating, nerve stimulation during - Quantitative determination of salbutamol According to research results in the markets, - Quantitative determination of ractopamine standard of hygiene and safety food. Most of - Quantitative determination of clenbuterol by 3. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION
3.1 Analyzing of toxic substances in feeds
- Quantitative determination of salbutamol by and animal products.
2.1.2 Heavy metals analysis (Zn; Cu; Pb; Hg; 3.1.1 Screening method for hormone analysis There were 12 positive samples out of 500 tested samples accounting for 2.4% (14.06% 2.1.4 Antibiotics analysis (chloramphenicol,
Table 1. Quick test results
3.1.2 Quantitative determination of growth ELISA method. The data on Table 2 showed that 100% of these samples contained both clenbuterol (2.25-13.45 ppb) and salbutamol a/ ELISA method
Based on the results of quick tests, positive samples were continuously analyzed by Table 2. Clenbuterol and salbutamol contents by ELISA method (ppb) All of 3 positive pork meat samples contained clenbuterol (1.02-1.32 ppb), only one had content in all samples ranged from 1.06 to salbutamol (2.41 ppb). For 5 positive liver samples, clenbuterol were detected in 4 of b/ Confirmation of clenbuterol and salbutamol contents by using GC/MS
Table 3. Clenbuterol and salbutamol contents confirmed by GC/MS (ppb) This is in line with our comments, because ractopamin have less popular in the country By HPLC checking, there was not existence of ractopamin in 36 samples of mixture feed . Table 4. Heavy metal content in feeds (mg/kg) - 100% of analyzed feed samples contained Cu, Zn and As; 26% of samples with lead Analysis results of color product (Sudan I - (Pb) and 43% of samples with mercury (Hg). IV) in 50 feed samples by HPLC showed that without presence of Sudan in feed samples. furazolidon was 4.0%, with an average rate of Of the 80 samples in the mixture analysis - Sudan ractopamin was not found in animal - Feed and drinking water for cattle and analyzed using quantitative methods on the poultry are not closely control of quality - There was not a closed control systems of

- -agonist hormone has been still used in animal feed for stimulating growth. The rate of positive samples with hormone in the northern provinces is many times higher than southern salbutamol in animal feed was 639.77 ppb, the lowest was 4.44 ppb and the highest was 7367.5 ppb.


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