Honey Bee Academy’s Sick Policy
These policies are put in place by the Department of Social Services and the State of South Dakota for A
LL licensed
Child Care Centers and In-home daycare providers to follow.
Illness that results in a greater need for care than the staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children. Must be gone for 24 hours and may return w/ Winter Gear
It’s that dreaded time of year already! Fever of 100.0 or highe ,
r lethargy, irritability, persistent
Since we do live in South Dakota, please make sure to bring the crying, difficult breathing and/or manifestations of possible following, daily, for your children, or have extra that you want to severe illness. Must be gone for 24 hours and may return w/ leave at the center. Make sure E
VERYTHING is labeled.
Influenza or RS :
V until fever is gone with out use of Tylenol
or Motrin and child is well enough to attended and participate in usual activities (must be gone for 3 to 5 days.) a or stool that contains blood or mucus: 2 or more
stools in 24 hours. The child may not return until stool is normal for 24 hours.
Vomiting t
he child may not return for 24 hours after the last Again, please make sure you label EVERYTHING
Mouth Sore
s associated with drooling, unless a physician has
determined it not to be a communicable disease. 48 hours Holidays can be hard
ith fever or behavior change, until a physician has Every year, Honey Bee Academy saves some of our fundraising money determined it is not a communicable disease. – may return I know it may be hard to ask for help, but we will not judge and are here Pinkeye or purulent conjunctivitis/eye infection (pink or red
If your family cannot afford Christmas gifts or a holiday meal p lease let eye with white or yellow discharge, often matted eyelids after sleep and eye pain or redness of the eyelids or skin surrounding the eyes;) until examined by a physician must be on antibiotics for 48 hours before returning Tuberculosis: until a physician, concurring with the SD
Department of Health, states the child is not infectious.
Impetigo: c
Strep Throat
: child may not return for 48 hours after
Head lice
: child may not return for 48 hours and must have
Holiday / School / Misc. Events
: until treatment has been completed child may not
Friday December 7
Chicken Pox
: child may not return for 7 days after onset of
rash and all lesions must be dried and crusted Whooping Cough: Child may return after 7 days of antibiotic
: child may not return for 12 days
: child may not return for 7 days

Source: http://honeybeeacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/NsPdf-December-2012.pdf


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