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Number 30c
June 2012
Why quit smoking?
 a telephone quitline – just call 8-1-1 – translation services are available in over You may worry about the harmful effects of smoking on your health. In fact, tobacco kills almost 6,000 people each year in B.C. double your chances of quitting. While it is and causes illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, throat and oral cancer, medications can reduce the intensity of your  You may be concerned about the harmful  Nicotine replacement therapy products are  You may feel that your tobacco use is money and your ability to lead an active It is always a good time to quit
(Champix®) do not contain nicotine but work on the brain to manage withdrawal The health benefits of quitting smoking start symptoms and cravings and can reduce the the first day, with increased oxygen in the urge to smoke. You will need to see your blood and lower blood pressure. Within 1 year of quitting, the risk of coronary heart disease decreases by half. Ten years after quitting, the risk of lung cancer is similar to The B.C. Smoking Cessation Program offers British Columbians nicotine replacement Methods to help you quit
therapy products (nicotine gum and patches) Different methods of quitting smoking work at no cost and smoking cessation prescription for different people. Here are a few choices: drugs as benefits under PharmaCare. This QuitNow Services provides free help to quit smoking, any time of the day or night. Call wish to quit. For more information visit Prescription for Health - B.C. family physicians can help British Columbians who physically inactive, obese) get on the road to breathing helps many people cope with this Are other tobacco products safe?
Health authorities may also have resources to help smokers quit. For information on your  Cigars, cigarillos, and pipe tobacco; another health care provider may also have How to get ready to quit
Planning in advance how you want to quit These tobacco products are as harmful as can help you succeed. Here are some steps to cigarettes. However, many people use these products because they think these are safer than cigarettes. Most products have many of the same toxic chemicals as cigarettes. These 1. Stay motivated
can be just as addictive and harmful to a To help you stay motivated, make a list of the reasons you want to quit smoking. Keep For more information on tobacco products, 2. Pick your quit day
In advance, pick the day when you want to quit. Try to pick a day that is no more than 3 weeks away so you do not lose your motivation. Look for a time when you have support and no unusual stresses. Remember, For more HealthLinkBC File topics, visit there is no perfect time so pick your day to Click on www.HealthLinkBC.ca or call 8-1-1
3. Quit methods
Choose the methods you want to use to quit For deaf and hearing-impaired assistance, 4. Support
For most people, talking to friends or others for support can be helpful. Make a list of Translation services are available in more 5. Triggers
Think about which situations make you want to smoke and plan how you will cope with each one. 6. Withdrawal
Learn what to expect and how you can make it better. For example, irritability is a

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