Goloy 33 eye care vitalize (der ultimative frische-kick für makellose augenpartien)

GOLOY 33 Eye Care Vitalize (new youthfulness around your eyes and the mouth)
Water (as dissolver); together with hygroscopic agents; renders the subcorneous of the skin smooth, lissome and flexible Based on coconut; basic element of al fats and oils; hydrophilic; wetting agent Ester of coconut; gives higher elasticity and smoothness Texture maker from plants; emulsifier for O/W compounds Polyvalent alcohol of rosmarinic acid; balances the moisture and has antibacterial effects, antiviral effect BRASSICA OLERACEA (BROCCOLI) ITALICA SEED OIL (USA) Vegetable oil from dark green broccoli; harmonizes the enzyme creation of the skin; for cell renewal; positive effects on the skin’s „liquid film“ THEOBROMA GRANDIFLORUM SEED BUTTER (Brasil) Cupuaçu butter (from the beans of the cacao tree); rich of vitamin E; against skin irritations Ester of myristin acid; is a content of the coconut oil; smoothes the skin Plant alcohol (biological grown) as stabilizer and preservation BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA) BUTTER (Germany) Sheabutter; nourishes the skin; calms down and repairs red spots/redness PRUNUS AMYGDALUS (ALMOND) SEED EXTRACT (USA) Sweet almond extract; used against rosacea; smoothes the skin; high moistering effect Mixture of different plants; absorbs the fragrance of the oils Extract of indian basilic and star-anis; regulates the pH-value of the skin; augments the natural acid protection Emulsifier from plants; smoothes and nourishes the skin Saponie from the horse chestnut; strengthens the connective tissue; reduces wrinkles (anti-aging effect) Extract from fresh water chlorellas; nourishing the skin with high anti-aging effect (reduces wrinkles) Coffin; strengthens the lymphatic and the connective tissue; reduces wrinkles (anti-aging effect) POTASSIUM PHOSPHATE (KALIUM PHOS.) (Switzerland) Impulse initializing, natural mineral ingredient; analeptic and constitutive; strengthens withered skin; augments the cholin and lecithin effect AVENA SATIVA (OAT) EXTRACT (Switzerland) Oat essence; rich of minerals and lecithin; strengthens the connective tissue; detoxifies MELILOTUS OFFICIALIS (SWEET CLOVER) EXTRACT Essence of the yellow sweet clover; regulates the connective tissue and the lymphatic SODIUM SULFATE (NATRIUM SULF.) (Switzerland) Impulse initializing, natural mineral ingredient; avoids lacrimals, couperose; anti-inflammatory; purifying and draining FERRIC PHOSHATE (FERRUM PHOS.) (Switzerland) Impulse initializing, natural mineral ingredient; effect to muscles; anti-inflammatory; oxygen regenerating; strengthening the immune system Natriumhydroxid; regulates the acid and alcaline system of the skin PHOENIX DACTYLIFERA (DATE) SEED EXTRACT (USA) Pulp of the dates; reduces eye rings and dark spots around the eyes; high anti-aging and anti-relief-effect Vitamin C; ingredient of the different fruits; strengthens the immune system PANICUM MILIACEUM (MILLET) SEED EXTRACT (Germany) Extract of the mil et seed; high amount of Silicea; strengthens the connective tissue; high anti-aging effect Extract of the gallnut; anti-aging effect; astringent effect; augments the elasticity Polysaccharide (grape sugar); thickening agent; no skin irritation Film former (polysaccharide from plants) Vitamin E acetate from wheat germ oil; natural antioxidant CENTELLA (HYDROCOTYL) ASIATICA EXTRACT (Germany) Indian marsh pennywort; augments the production of hyaluron acid; high anti-aging effect Citric acid from plants; regulates the pH-value of the skin; moistering effect; natural preservation

Source: http://www.goloy33.pl/files/Eye_Care_Vitalize_Terminol.pdf

Behandlung des tourette-syndroms

Behandlung des Tourette-Syndroms PD Dr. med. Kirsten R. Müller-Vahl Abteilung Klinische Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Medizinische Hochschule Hannover September 2005 Diese Broschüre wurde konzipiert, um Personen mit Tourette-Syndrom und deren Angehörige über die derzeitigen Behandlungsmöglichkeiten der Erkrankung zu informieren. Sie soll und kann die Diagnostik und Ther

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BOTGENEZING OPTIMALISEREN NSAID-pijnstillers vertragen mogelijk genezing "Wanneer patiënten na een botbreuk pijn hebben, krijgen ze meestal een pijnstiller uit de klasse van de NSAID's, zoals ibuprofen. Wij hebben aanwijzingen dat het gebruik van NSAID's de genezing van het bot vertraagt. Dat gaan we uitzoeken." Onderzoeker: dr. Tim Welting Functie: post-doc onderzoeker O

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