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VAK : ENGELS DATUM: TIJD : DEZE TAAK BESTAAT UIT 1 TEKST EN 35 VRAGEN. When 15-year old Charles Bishop commandeered a small plane on Jan.5, his family’s ghosts may have been seated beside him. In 1984, before he was born, his parents attempted twice to commit suicide together––once trying to stab each other––because they were denied a marriage license (his mother was then only 17). In 1986 they had Charles and got married, but divorced soon after his father became an abusive husband. Charles and his mother moved around the country, and during the Gulf War she changed their name to Bishop to rid them of his father’s Arabic surname, Bishara. But by the time Charles entered high school last year in Tarpon Springs, Fla., near Tampa, he seemed a bright, contented teen, far removed from the turmoil he had been born into. He apparently wasn’t. Bishop flew the single-engine Cessna into a Tampa office building, killing 10 only himself and leaving behind a suicide note declaring support for Osama bin Laden. Bishop had
11 flown menacingly over Tampa’s MacDill Air Force Base-from which the Afghan war is being
12 directed– prompting new fears about security at a time when more small, lightly regulated aircrafts are
13 filling the skies. Bishop’s close friend Emerson Favreau told TIME that days before the crash Bishop
14 asked him to locate the command center inside MacDill. Investigators think he originally targeted the
15 base.
16 What’s alarming about Bishop’s rogue flight is how easily it began: his instructor gave him keys
17 to inspect the Cessna, and the unlicensed pilot took off from St. Petersburg/Clearwater International
18 Airport while the teacher wasn’t looking. Robert Cooper, who owns the National Aviation Flight
19 School, where Bishop took lessons, defends the school’s role, saying, “This is not an issue of security.
20 It’s an issue of trust.”
21 But what set Bishop off? The boy’s mother Julia Bishop insisted through her lawyer that Charles
22 knew nothing of her complicated past or that of his father Charles Bishara, whom officials could not
23 locate but who is believed to be living in Massachusetts. Bishara’s father Robert Bishara of Everett,
24 Mass., says he hasn’t seen his son in six years, and that the Tampa tragedy was the first news he had
25 heard of his grandson since the 1980s. “I lost my grandson the same day I found him again,” he says.
26 The complete suicide note, which was to be made public this week after the boy’s funeral could shed
27 more light. At his home, police found a prescription for Accutane, a potent acne drug recently brought
28 to the attention of Congress because it has been anecdotally linked––with no scientific evidence–– to
29 dozens of suicide attempts since 1982. A toxicology report should reveal if the boy was taking the
30 drug.
31 Police at first tried to describe Bishop as a troubled loner. Yet Favreau said Charles “never
32 complained about his home life,” and teachers cast him as a buoyant student who denounced bin
33 Laden in an essay. Favreau notes, however, that Charles dropped out of sight for long periods of time
34 during the last holiday break, telling friends he was working on a “project”. He also hinted they should
35 watch the news for something big, reportedly telling his grandmother the day of the crash not to let his
36 enemies attend his funeral. “I gotta think that project was his suicide,” says Favreau.
37 The general aviation industry, meanwhile, is circling its Cessnas. Even before the Bishop incident,
38 measures were about to be decided in Congress that would demand annual psychological tests for the
39 nation’s 650,000 licensed pilots; the schools are pushing to tighten only terminal security. Whatever
40 emerges, Bishop’s fatal flight may teach aviation schools a new lesson in safety.
Slightly adapted from: TIME, January 21, 2002 Notes:

(Line 16) rogue - mischievous
(Line 32) buoyant - cheerful
(Line 32) denounced - condemned publicly
The word “commandeered” in line 1 is similar One of the suicide attempts of Charles’ parents could be considered an act of juvenile Lines 1-4: “… his family’s ghosts … only 17).” We may conclude that Charles’ parents got A followed the instructions his parents had left B realized the wish of the ghost of his family. C was guided by the suicidal spirit of his family. D was prompted by his parents how to act. The weapon Charles’ parents had used to Charles’ parents probably divorced because attempt to commit suicide could have been the following EXCEPT
A his father argued a lot with his mother. C his father was dissatisfied with his mother. D his father was mistreated by his mother. “far removed from” (line 8) is similar in meaning These lines suggest that Charles’ mother A must have been advised to move around the B must have been chased away several times. C must have been forced to move around the D must have had difficulty settling down. We may say that the word “turmoil” (line 8) is Lines 5-6: “… and during the Gulf War … A the chaotic world Charles was born in. B the suicide attempts of Charles’ parents. From these lines we may conclude that during the D the unhappy youth of Charles’ parents. C Arabs were not allowed to stay in America. D Arabs were not really like in America. C contented to rid himself of his father’s name. Which of the following statements about Charles D far removed from the turmoil he was born into. engine Cessna into a Tampa office building for the following reasons EXCEPT
Lines 14-15: “Investigators … base.” Lines 10-12: “Bishop … directed …” These lines tell us that the Afghan war was … thought that Charles had … crashed into a “Targeted the base” (lines 14-15) is similar in These lines suggest that the authorities realize A maximum safety has not yet been considered. B maximum safety has not yet been reached. C the number of small, lightly regulated D the number of small, lightly regulated What was so alarming about Bishop’s flight was the fact that it was easy for him to Emerson Favreau is NOT true?
C He must have known Charles Bishop very Robert Cooper is NOT true?
Lines 22-23: “… his father … locate …” These lines tell us that Charles’ father Robert Cooper EXCEPT:
A He does not pay attention to security at all. B He does not want to be held responsible for C He had probably trusted Bishop with the keys D He expected to be held responsible for A if the Tampa tragedy had not occurred Robert Bishara would not have heard anything about B if the Tampa tragedy had not occurred Robert A being too credulous when it comes to his C until the Tampa tragedy Robert Bishara had B thinking that security could never be an issue. D until the Tampa tragedy Robert Bishara had C thinking that the keys were in safe hands with D wanting to test how responsible Bishop was. Lines 26-27: “The complete … more light.” These lines suggest that when the complete B might learn more about Charles’ character. These lines tell us that Julia Bishop … that the complicated past of her son’s parents had Accutane is NOT true?
C It is believed to stimulate suicide attempts. D It is only available with a prescription. Lines 29-30: “A toxicology … drug.” These lines suggest that it was … that Charles When Bishop reportedly told his grandmother not to let his enemies attend his funeral he wanted to Lines 31-32: “Police … student …” The descriptions given about the type of Lines 37-39: “Even before … security.” From these lines we may conclude that the flight schools … annual psychological tests. Lines 33-34: ‘Favreau … “project”.’ A acted strangely because he was busy working B dropped out of school to work on a project he C had been vague about the reason for his D said he had to keep out of sight for personal When it comes to safety Bishop’s fatal flight Which of the following does NOT fit?


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