What seems to begin as a simple search for a cat and Provides step-by-step instructions for making a variety a dog take the children far beyond their own backyard of no-cook recipes, including muesli, cheese boats, Clear text and beautiful photographs trace Goodall’s work in this introduction to maps! Vocabulary and different coconut bars, frozen fruit pops, and other snacks and with chimpanzees, discussing her motivations, discoveries types of maps are used as the search continues. Be drinks, and includes food-related facts. and campaign to protect the now endangered species. sure to try to find the animals in each map young Cousin Rachel visits Kanani in her beautiful home in (available on CD at Burlington & Harwinton Hawaii, but Rachel is homesick. The two find ways This is the true story of two great friends: a baby hippo named Owen and a giant tortoise named Mzee. A to have fun during the month they are together as This retelling of the beloved tale of Cinderella frightened young hippo, separated from his family by Ten-year-old Zoe Elias, who longs to play the piano but Kanani tries to be a good hostess and friend to encompasses the cultural contributions of 17 different the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia, adopted a must resign herself to learning the organ, instead finds lands in a colorful and clever rendition of this classic 130-year-old tortoise as his “mother” and the tortoise that her musicianship has a positive impact on her workaholic mother, her jittery father and her school social remarkably accepted the baby hippo as his own. Owen and Mzee are now inseparable and their story has Andrew has been inventing things since he was four years old. Andrew's inventions always work - but never In the spring of 1987, the town of Islip, New York, with no place for its 3,168 tons of garbage, loads it on a Jason is stuck with writing a research paper on Alexander barge that sets out on a 162-day journey along the east In this book, prejudice and sterotypes are discussed as Fleming, the scientist who invented penicillin. He comes coast, around the Gulf of Mexico, down to Belize, and Tingle’s family recount their experiences as Choctaw across a story about how Fleming rescued Winston Churchill from drowning. Is the story circulating on the back again, in search of a place willing to accept and Indians. Their grandmother’s blindness, caused by an incident during her childhood, brings the family together to Internet true? Jason must learn everything he can about Illustrations and text describe some of the many things learn about their past as they await news of her eye Fleming and Churchill to solve this puzzle. that can be found on a walk along a beach, including coconuts, shark teeth, jellyfish, crabs and different □The True Story of the Three Little Pigs When Robbie York is marked as a target by a bully at school, he decides that the only way to survive the third (available on CD at Harwinton Public Library) The wolf gives his own version of what happened when he While sorting through difficulties in her friendship with “Disney fairies”—Prilla, the newest fairy to Never Land, is tangled with the three little pigs. Included is a letter, dated her neighbor Margaret, eight-year-old Clementine gains not like any of the other fairies, and not even Mother Dove, 1999, from A. Wolf, who has spent the last ten years in several unique hairstyles while also helping her father the wisest creature in Never Land, knows what to make of in his efforts to banish pigeons from the front of their her until they face a devastating hurricane, Captain Hook A book for early readers that describes what a trip to the moon would be like for a would-be astronaut. In this book, our author describes the dry, wooded The new Clarice Bean series of chapter books brings conditions that catch on fire when struck by lightning stories of an extraordinary little girl with an hilarious This series features humorous stories about two during an electrical storm. Animals flee the fire but return outlook on life to young readers. Liberally illustrated mischievous and delightful girlfriends, Ivy and Bean.
after rain puts out the fire. Plants emerge from the with collage art and told in a breezy, spontaneous first- blackened soil and a new forest cycle begins. person narrative that often weaves and winds around the pages, the series is perfect for newly independent (available on CD at Harwinton Public Library) (any title in the series) In this funny, feisty chapter book for any young reader Follow the Hatcher family with Peter and younger brother This book tells a story through haiku about a dog and who has ever felt out of sorts, Judy Moody faces the Fudge as they encounter many humorous situations. the many things a dog named Mooch does, such as Best friends Louise Margaret Krueger and Dottie Masuoka Series includes Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Fudge- riding in a car, barking at the neighbors and chewing on are separated in 1942 after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and Americans of Japanese ancestry are sent to relocation camps. Louise keeps a scrapbook of her thoughts, activities, school work and newspaper clippings to share with Dottie when she returns. This story is told in Look out Texas! This is a tale of high adventure taking Judy Moody joins forces with Amey Namey and the scrapbook format with photos of people, places, events place in Montana, where everything is larger than life. entire third grade as they set out to complete an Follow Swamp Angel and Dust Devil as they take on assignment to go around the world in 8 ½ days. Backward Bart and his Flying Desperadoes through a Friendships are tested, but humor and help from a little brother get them through sticky relationship situations. □Moxy Maxwell (any title in the series) (available on CD at Burlington Public Library) Moxy Maxwell is an exuberant nine-year-old who tackles Close Encounters of the Third-World Kind Read all about everyone’s favorite fourth grader in this summer reading, writing thank you notes, and practicing the piano with humor and enthusiasm. This series about a Twelve-year-old Annie is reluctant to travel to a village in new resourceful heroine is written in short, lighthearted Nepal for her father’s two-month medical mission, but chapters and is on the way to becoming a favorite among once there she assists at the clinic, makes friends with a local girl, and has adventures that change her life. (available on CD at Harwinton Public Library) Hugo Cabret is a French orphan in the 1930’s who works When ten-year-old Drita and her family, refugees from as the timekeeper at the Paris Train Station. Hugo meets Mac, as Phineas prefers to be called, aspires to be the Kosovo, move to New York, Drita is teased about not a mean, old man and an eccentric girl and together they best 4th grade scientist. Rival scientist, Aretha, has asked speaking English well, but after a popular student named unravel a mystery that leads to information about Hugo’s him to help create the mold that produces penicillin. This Maxine is forced to learn about Kosovo as a punishment father. This is a spellbinding story told in both words and story is full of actual scientific facts and a lot of fun. pictures and winner of the 2008 Caldecott Award. Kite Fighters Linda Sue Park In Korea in 1473, eleven-year-old Young-sup overcomes that Brought them Together Herb Shoveller his rivalry with his older brother Kee-sup, who as the first- Each Royal Diary focuses on the life of a young princess. This beautiful book tells the story of one boy’s dream to born son receives special treatment from their father. The From Elizabeth I, Red Rose of the House of Tudor, provide clean drinking water to a village in Africa. brothers combine their kite-flying skills to compete in the England, 1544 to Kaiulani, the People’s Princess of Hawaii, 1889 to Anastasia, the Last Grand Duchess of Russia, 1914. These historical novels open windows to the countries, culture and times of these young women. This MVP: Magellan Voyage Project Douglas Evans year’s wedding of a new English princess may spark Twelve-year-old Adam Story is competing against 23 Illustrated instructions for making fifty-seven outdoor interest in the royal lives of princesses past. contestants for $4,000,000 in the Great Global Game. projects are included in this clever craft book. Topics This game will take Adam around the world and introduce include marbling, frozen patterned paper, flower prints, the reader to a wealth of geography, famous monuments, bubble painting, rock research and ancient art. Sixth-grader Tommy and his friends describe their This year we invite students of all ages to interactions with a paper finger puppet of Yoda, worn by their weird classmate Dwight, as they try to figure out read about other countries. Ask the library whether or not the puppet can really predict the future. staff if you need help finding these books. Includes instructions for making Origami Yoda.
A collection of recipes for beverages, grains, soups and starters, main courses, and sweets from 22 countries. Each recipe has been tested by fourth-grade students and (available on CD at Harwinton Public Library) List created by the librarians of Burlington Minli, an adventurous girl from a poor village, buys a Public Library, Harwinton Public Library, Lake magical goldfish, and then joins a dragon who cannot fly on a quest to find the Old Man of the Moon in hopes of bringing life to Fruitless Mountain and freshness to Jade This book encourages interest in and respect for cultures and crafts from around the world. Some projects are for decorating; others are for parties and good luck, record keeping or holding things. Ancient and modern crafts are included. The directions and drawings and photographs In 1936, Gideon Tucker puts his twelve-year-old daughter, Abilene, on a train for Manifest, Kansas. Here, Abilene will unravel the secrets of her father’s past through Manifest’s history and some colorful and shadowy town residents. This coming of age story also acquaints the reader with World War I and the Great Depression and shows how these events impacted the lives of everyday



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Christian & Missionary Alliance of Panama North America Short-term Mission Team Guidelines for the Short-term Mission Member Fundamentals: 1. Focus on prayer and sharing the Gospel; do not have a mindset of going for a “sacred tour”. 2. Maintain a regular quiet time with God; be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting; and remain 3. You are not there to boos

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