Box Suggestions
The following are ideas from sponsors, recipients, and other agencies for items to send to your family. GENERAL SUPPLIES
Cleaning Box – rubber gloves; paper towels; window, floor, counter, bathroom, wood furniture cleaners, etc.; Clorox or other brand (Anti-bacterial wipes); dish detergent, dish cloths. Toiletries Box – toilet and tissue paper; soap; shampoo; hair brushes; barrettes; rubber bands; tooth paste; tooth brushes; wash clothes; towels; shower curtain. Bedroom Box – alarm clock; sheets; pillows; blankets; lamp. First Aid Box - Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Antiseptic cream, anti-itch cream, Bandages/Band-aids, tape, Hot water bottle, Cotton balls, Antibacterial soap, Antacids, Imodium AD, Pepto Bismol, laxative, Ace bandage; scissors; tweezers; instant ice packs; Power – Outage Box – flashlights; disposable propane stove (send money to buy cylinder there, do not mail); candles; lantern; cards; alarm clock with battery back up. BACK – To – SCHOOL BOX
This box can be sent twice a year, August for the back-to school and Jan/Feb for replenishing. It may contain: Elementary School: #2 pencils; crayons; ball point pens; ruler; eraser; pencil sharpener; scissors; glue stick; 4-6 spiral notebooks, wide rule; 4-6 pocket folders; 3 ring binder/notebook paper; back pack. Jr./Sr. High School: #2 pencils; colored pencils/markers/gel pens; ball point pens; ruler; erasers; compass/protractor; 6-8 spiral notebooks, wide rule; 8-10 pocket folders; 3 ring binder/notebook paper; back pack; paperback dictionary/thesaurus. PARTY BOXES
A birthday party, a stuffed-animal birthday (for a young child), Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, May Day, 4th of July, Back-to-School (this can be made fun), Thanksgiving or for any holiday/special theme. Be creative, any excuse for a party is a good one! Example: The box is for a child's birthday. It could include any or all of the following items: invitations, paper party goods - table cloth, napkins, plates, cups, decorations - crepe paper streamers, banner, balloons, party hats favors - something small that each guest can take home, cake pan, cake mix/frosting, cake decorations, candles, games - Pin the Tail on the Donkey or similar games from store. WINTER BOXES
Christmas Box – mugs for each member of family; packets of hot chocolate; ornaments for each family member (could be hand made); a little artificial tree with decorations; a few gifts (preferably one new present per family member). New Year’s Eve – a note pad to make resolutions on; noise makers; a list of things you have been grateful for yourself and ask them what they are grateful for or what memories the past year held for them; snack foods for waiting on the ball to drop. Grandma’s Flu Remedy Box – whatever your grandma cured the flu with: chicken soup; ginger ale; Jell-o; flu medicine; Children’s Tylenol; tea; saltines. 315 Losher St., Suite 100, Hernando, MS 38632 ~ Telephone: 1-800-268-9928 ~ Web:
Our Mission: To encourage and enrich the lives of families and individuals living in poverty in rural America by establishing
meaningful relationships, promoting education, and offering material aid. SPRING BOXES
Garden Box – vegetable/flower seeds, fertilizer, gardening gloves hand tools (shovel, fork, trowel, clippers), watering can, bug spray, sunscreen, straw hat or visor, hose, nozzle, gardening book, pretty vase. Restock Medicine Cabinet Box - aspirin/Tylenol (adult and children), Cough syrup, cold medicine, antihistamine/decongestant, throat lozenges, cold sore medicine, thermometer. Mother’s Day Box – items to pamper mom: magazine subscription; bubble bath, tea/tea cup just for her; flowers; a wish for a day to sleep in with quiet. Wedding Box – disposable cameras for the honeymoon; picture frame; candles; gift certificates. SUMMER BOXES
General – Bug Spray (with DEET- to protect from West Nile); fans for several rooms in the house, ice cube trays; Popsicle trays (so they can make their own); pitcher with Kool-aid and a big spoon to stir; plastic cups Outdoor Fun Box – bubbles; blow-up pool; jump ropes; water toys; water bottles/juice containers; sunscreen; flip-flops/sandals; Kool-Aid; bug spray; Summer Medicine Stock-up – Bug Spray (with DEET to protect from West Nile), Benedryl; Calamine lotion; sunscreen; aloe or sunburn gel, bandages; Pedialyte for dehydrated children. Picnic Time Box – plastic (reusable) plates; utensils; table cloth/ blanket for sitting on; food containers; picnic basket; non-perishable food items; Rainy Day Box – cards: crazy eights, old maid, standard deck, etc.; book of card games; puzzles; paints; videos; popcorn (if have way to make it); umbrellas; rain coats. FALL BOXES
Exploring Outside Box – toy binoculars; books about bugs, birds or leaves; how to create a collage; flashlight for nighttime exploring & flashlight tag. Halloween Box – costumes; fake Jack O’Lantern; decorations; craft kits; candy; make-up; book of Halloween party ideas or games. OTHER IDEAS:
Kid’s Dress UP Box – hats, shirts, pocket books, pretend make-up; fake jewelry. Coupon Box – clipped coupons from you, friends and family. Get the people you know to clip and save the coupons they don’t use and send them to your family. Story Time Box - start a story and send it to your family to add to and continue to send it back and forth until and ending comes about, make a copy and place it in a binder and send it to your family. You can even send props with your story…postcards, pictures, actual things that take place in the story, etc. Magazine subscriptions; articles you find interesting & think your family will too; craft kits; recipes; books (for adults and children/new or used); smoke detectors (batteries)/carbon monoxide detectors; kitchen supplies; hair accessories; inexpensive toys; coloring books/crayons or markers; sketch pads; Stationary for children (encourage them to write to you with it). Be careful if shipping fire extinguishers—they may have special shipping requirements since they are pressurized. You may want to have it drop shipped from an office supply store or other retailer that will be sure to ship it properly. Many stores regularly clear out their stock of goods as newer items arrive, so items can be picked up on sale. Buy one get one sales are good for this purpose. Another good source are the "Everything is $1" type of stores 315 Losher St., Suite 100, Hernando, MS 38632 ~ Telephone: 1-800-268-9928 ~ Web:
Our Mission: To encourage and enrich the lives of families and individuals living in poverty in rural America by establishing
meaningful relationships, promoting education, and offering material aid.


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