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Few deadly problems are as easy to arrest as poison. So common is the use of poison that alchemists have been able to devise a formula, using the relatively common plants garlic andginseng, that is effective against nearly every form of poison in nearly every user. However, themagic works on individuals only; thus, simple as it is, novice mages in a party mush have magicendurance among them great enough to cast An Nox as many times as they have afflictedmembers. Even then, safety is not secured. Strength already sapped by toxins is not regainedwithout peaceful rest or healing magic.
An Zu, which requires a simple mixture of ginseng and garlic, is used to awaken sleeping comrades. An Zu has limitations; it works only on members of the caster's party, it awakens onlyone person per casting, and it has no lasting preventive effect.
A novice magic user had best count on a good solid weapon in battle. A good spell for novices to practice, not rely in battle, is Grav Por, which casts a missile of energy at a target onthe battlefield. If the caster's mental powers exceed the foe's, small damage will be inflicted.
Grav Por requires sulphurous ash for energy and black pearl to project it. This spell has little effect for novices, not because of weak ingredients, but because of inexperience.
This simple spell creates a pool of light. Although a short duration, In Lor creates a brighter light than the best of torches. Note, however, that In Lor cannot be used in place of realflame to enhance the mixing of reagents for spells, for its properties are quite different.
In Lor's sole ingredient is sulphurous ash powder. Place the powder upon the object intended as the light source; rub it rhythmically while chanting "In Lor." Almost instantly, theobject will blaze with white light.
Mani is the simplest healing spell. Mani does not cure patients, but it does make them feel better and may take them out of immediate danger. Mani is useful even to higher circle magicians,because it is simple enough to cast during combat. Spider silk and ginseng are the componentsneeded for Mani. No special conditions are necessary during mixing or casting.
Many evil creatures carry chests full of treasure and useful items, often the result of thievery against some other good Britannian. No good person begrudges the vanquisher amonster's gold and goods.
But evil creatures often arm their chests with deadly traps. Popular chest traps are acid sprays, poison fumes, bombs and gaseous atmospheres. The first two are designed with intent todestroy the individual tampering with the lock. The last two affect the entire area of the chest andinjure anyone in that area.
An Sanct used blood moss and sulphurous ash to seep into hidden traps and render them impotent. The spell also negates any non-magical locks in the chest. The same spell may be usedto unlock doors locked by mechanical keys.
The powers of evil revel in their ability to command the uneasy dead. Rotted corpses and corrupted spirits, given motion and a semblance of life, are set on the mindless destruction ofeverything good.
Such phantoms are not living but are merely animated. They act mindlessly, unaware of their own horrible state. By negating their armour of mindlessness, An Xen Corp causes mostrisen dead to flee in lurching terror.
An Xen Corp is not a difficult spell, especially for casters of good intellect. Nor is its mixture difficult: ordinary amounts of common garlic and sulphurous ash must be mixed whilepronouncing words of reverence for life and beauty.
In Wis performs the job of a navigator, determining one's precise location in terms of the recently devised concepts of latitude and longitude. Nightshade is its only ingredient, but thatnightshade must be encased in glass and kept alive with dew drops until its use is required.
Beginning mages often find their responsibility onerous, with an entire group of adventurers relying on their meager magical skills for protection and assistance in difficultsituations. These novice mages may quickly and frequently turn to Kal Xen to add to the offensiveranks of their party in battle.
Kal Xen summons small nasty creatures such as rats and snakes to help in combat. Nasty or not, these summoned beasts are always loyal to the caster, and often direct a foe's attentionaway from members of the mage's party.
Mix mandrake root with spider silk to ensure the beast's loyalty. The local where the mandrake root is gathered influences what type of creature is summoned.
Those who love the open sea will find frequent use of Rel Hur. This powerful spell can To mix Rel Hur, line a board with damp blood moss and set the board against a tree or mast. Study the wind and find the exact spot in which to stand so that the sulphurous ash throwninto the air will be caught by the wind and flung against the blood moss. Complete the spell byblowing in the direction the wind should follow.
One of three energy field spells, alike except for the nature of the horrors they create. In Flam Grav causes the particular spot indicated by the caster to erupt into red hot flames. Anycreature on that spot or that steps into that spot is seared by a wall of flame. Be careful not todirect this spell too close to friends or they shall suffer the same as foes. Sulphurous ash and blackpearl project the burning fire to the chosen spot; spider silk holds it there a short while. The mixworks best when blended over a flame.
Another of the three energy field spells, In Nox Grav causes a cloud of nauseating poison to occur in the location indicated. Any creatures entering the cloud suffer some degree ofpoisoning. Like In Flam Grav, this spell can be just as effective in harming friends as enemies, souse care.
That rare but deadly poison, nightshade, is required for In Nox Grav. Add spider silk to shape the cloud, and black pearl to direct its placement.
In Por teleports an entire party a fair distance in any specified direction. However, incanting this spell during the haste of battle will diminish its effects. It will only remove thecaster, and then only to another place on the battlefield.
In Por will not transport a party if there is no clear, grassy spot to which the party can be moved. Nor will In Por work in dungeons or in townes, as its energies require a fair bit of openspace to operate.
The dust for In Por consists of spider silk and fresh young blood moss. The caster must close his eyes and conjure a vision of the current position after the party has left. In a wink, theparty will be elsewhere and the vision, reality.
Least damaging of the three energy field spells, In Zu Grav is often the most effective. The spell cloaks a foe in purple haze that puts it instantly to sleep, taking it out of the fight, rendering ithelpless. Like the other two similar spells, In Zu Grav can affect friends as easily as enemies.
While sleep will not directly harm friends, falling asleep on the field of battle can be deadly.
In Zu Grav is easily mixed of common ginseng, spider silk and black pearl. For best results, add the air of many yawns and sand from sleepy eyes.
Vas Flam effectively gathers a great ball of flame, which may then be hurled at a foe. A simple spell, the great advantage of Vas Flam is that, aimed accurately, it will surely hit its markand, just as surely, inflict damage.
Combine common sulphurous ash and a single black pearl over a hot flame. When the ash has adhered well to the pearl, remove it and store it until needed. Cast the talisman at a foe whileuttering "Vas Flam." Vas Lor conjures a great light. This light is equivalent to In Lor's in quality and range, but Vas Lor lasts longer. Its endurance comes from mandrake root. Mix the prepared root withsulphurous ash and proceed as if making In Lor.
Adventuring parties are sometimes prevented from pursuing their objective by obstructing or noxious fields. An Grav removes the obstructing field by negating the field's energy.
Ash countermines the field's energy; a black pearl thrusts the negating energy in the direction indicated by the spell caster. The obstructing field is instantly dispersed.
Des Por/Uus Por (Downward Movement/Upward Movement) Magic users often travel with courageous groups, and courageous groups often find themselves in danger. When problems occur within dungeons, it is sometimes helpful to use DesPor and its complement Uus Por for moving among floors. Only effective when going from emptycorridor to empty corridor, Des Por transports an entire group to the exact same location onefloor lower, Uus Por works in reverse and transports upward. Unfortunately, these spells take toolong to intone during the heat of battle.
Blood moss provides the motion the spider silk keeps the party together during the Sometimes young questers join in battles beyond their might. In Sanct helps balance the fight by creating a protective shield around each party member.
In Sanct works only during combat and does not last long, so knights should be sure to hit hard and fast while the iron is doubled.
In Sanct is most effective when sulphurous ash, fast-working ginseng, and reeking garlic are mixed by the mage and the group's strongest fighter, simultaneously.
In Sanct Grav's protective energy provides a strong defense. Its shimmering blueness cannot be entered or passed through. An excellent recourse when a few moments of safety arerequired, In Sanct Grav is well used to block dungeon corridors fully.
Mandrake root is necessary for In Sanct Grav; choose older, tougher specimens for this concoction. Add spider silk to make it impenetrable and black pearl for placement.
Wis Quas strips illusion from creatures hidden by the cloak of invisibility, instantly Nightshade cut many times to form a paper-like sheet, then carved into lace is secured by spider silk. It is glazed, dried in the sun, then crystallized into a shiny powder that must be tossedin the sky over the field of battle as the spell is cast.
The magical locking of doors works in nearly every situation. Even normal locks can be transformed into magical locks by means of this spell. Thus the very creature who initially lockeda door with its own key may be forbidden access.
Mix ash and moss, gathered from darkest glens under heavy clouds, into a strong garlic paste. While mixing, sing a melody that no other creature has every heard. For greatest security,the melody should be different each mixing; so each magical lock will require a subtly differentmagical key, and anyone trying to break the magical lock will not be able to use any previouslydiscovered keys.
This combat spell creates a powerful ally by calling up four swarms of small but deadly insects. All four swarms are generated in the same location. However, each can be commandedto move independently and on its own turn. Quartets of insect swarms generated by In Bet Xenhave been known to surround and suffocate an enemy by their very number.
The powder for In bet Xen consists of sulphurous ash to give life energy, blood moss to set them swarming, and spider silk to bind the swarm in obedience. For deadliest results, blendwith stagnant water from the dankest swamp.
This powerful spell can open magical locks. The power of In Ex Por is that it first analyzes the lock to be broken and then actually produces the precise tool or magical potion thatwill break the lock.
The success of this spell comes from combining ash and moss in isolation, in complete The first mass effect spell the developing magician learns, In Zu causes the scent of poppies to emanate from the caster in an ever-widening wedge, dropping into a sound of sleep allthose touched by it. Only the toughest minds and wills may deny it.
Nightshade, gathered when high tide coincides with a moonless midnight, must be mixed with ocean ginseng and spider silk. Moisten with brine and add sand to mix thoroughly. Lay todry in bright moonlight. Note that this spell is just as effective on friend as foe; aim carefully.
Rel Tym doubles a party's speed, anytime, anywhere. It is especially effective in battle, when a party's members can return two blows for each of the enemies blows. It is also effective insurveillance, when being caught could be disastrous.
Sulphurous ash provides energy, blood moss creates movement, and mandrake root provides the magical power required for this incantation.
Vas Mani (Great Life) Whole health restored; full vitality given; such is the nature of Vas Mani. A miraculous spell requiring concentration and vast knowledge of anatomy, Vas Mani is reserved for experience Vas Mani fully restores patients from combat wounds. While it provides neither antidote to poison nor cure for disease, Vas Mani does heal all damage wrought by these ravagers,ensuring survival until a cure can be found.
The difficulty in preparing Vas Mani is in locating the mandrake root; otherwise the preparation is straightforward; mix the mandrake root with ginseng and spider silk.
To cast Vas Mani successfully, the caster must concentrate totally on the subject to be healed. When the concentration is full, one can actually see wounds heal. Because the healingprocess can take several hours, Vas Mani cannot be used during combat.
A most effective tactic to use against enemies is to charm members of their party to work against them. However, this spell is most difficult to apply where it could be of the most help,against the most diabolical of foes, those of superior intelligence.
Control of a charmed individual is limited to fighting and moving; it does not extend to use of magic or special forms of attack. This spell can also be used to bring back party members afterthey have been charmed by a foe.
An Xen Ex requires a careful mixture of nightshade, to poison the mind; a black pearl, for projection; and spider silk to bind loyalty.
In An creates an air of magical negation. Spells fizzle when In An is in effect and neither side in combat can use magic for several rounds.
First, mandrake root must be gathered; the root must be rubbed with garlic and wrapped in a damp, black cloth for several hours. At midnight, it must be pulverized and mixed withsulphurous ash. The mixture must be dried on parchment and the parchment then folded into atricorn. In casting the spell, a hole must be cut in the tricorn and the mixture dispensed from thisin a wide arc.
In Vas Por Ylem (Create a Great Movement of Matter) In Vas Por Ylem is a terrifying spell that can generate a massive earthquake. While it reaches every enemy in combat, even if lurking in distant corners or behind mountains, the magicalearthquake leaves allies unshaken and unharmed.
Seek mandrake root that has grown unobstructed, so that its form is string yet fibrous.
Grind it with sulphurous ash and blood moss until no ingredient can be distinguished from another.
Quas An Wis (Illusion of Negated Knowledge) Quas An Wis turns a foe's orderly, well-planned attack into bedlam. Confusion reigns and creatures strike out at whomever is nearest, regardless of loyalty. Extremely effective against thelikes of rats and Orcs, Quas An Wis loses much of its impact against more intelligent monsters,which are often capable of recognizing and resisting it.
A mix of rare mandrake root and nightshade, the cloud of Quas An Wis works only for Wis An Ylem (Knowledge of Negated Matter) Adept magicians are relied upon, not only to aid in battle and to repair wounds, but to guide their party wisely. Wis An Ylem provides the necessary insight, by making the hiddenapparent. For an instant, the caster may see through the densest forest, tallest mountain and mostsolid rock. No wall can be too thick, no door too heavy.
Requiring intensity of concentration, Wis An Ylem cannot be maintained for more than a flash of time. Thick, mature mandrake root must be combined with sulphurous ash in clear rainwater. Boil the mixture until it becomes steam and capture the steam in a small glass box. Openthe box as the spell is uttered.
A cone of poisonous wind emanates from the hands of an agile wizard when in Nox Hur is cast, widening as it moves forward and sickening all in its path, friend or foe. Quite effectiveagainst many kinds of creatures, In Nox Hur is dangerous to use since the slightest error candestroy comrades as well as foes. Only the most dexterous should attempt it.
In Quas Corp (Create an Illusion of Death) Illusion is a dangerous tool an In Quas Corp creates a powerful illusion. Suddenly, in the eyes of all creatures no intelligent enough to recognize the illusion, each party member may bemade to appear as a twelve-foot giant, with a sword like a guillotine and a staff like a tree trunk.
Fear strikes foes to the cores of their beings. They shriek and flee.
In Quas Corp is expensive. The dust that must fill the atmosphere as the spell is cast contains both mandrake root and hallucinatory nightshade. Simple garlic adds to thedistastefulness of the experience for the foe.
In Quas Wis (Create an Illusion for Knowledge) Travelers in Britannia tell of magical gems that transport the vision of one gazing into their depths to a viewpoint thousands of feet above the land, like that of an eagle suspended in flight. Itis illusion and reality. The change of viewpoint is illusion, but the knowledge provided is real.
Powerful mages can replicate these miraculous effects through magic.
In Quas Wis requires only two ingredients to create its illusion. Only the most powerful mandrake root will work for this spell; and only the most convoluted stems of nightshade. Mix thetwo in the dark of night with seven drops of cold spring water. Let the moisture evaporate, thenplace the shimmering powder in a cloth sack.
When intoning In Quas Wis, cast the powder high to view the world about as if from the air. If cast within a towne, building or dungeon, all the detail of that level is revealed.
In Quas Xen (Create an Illusionary Creature) Another powerful combat spell is In Quas Xen. By means of illusion, this spell duplicates friend or foe, in every detail. Although the new creature is an illusion, it fights and bleeds exactlyas the original.
When a friend is cloned, the original and duplicates are still joined. Injury to each is felt by the other, death to one destroys the other. Yet the two are physically separate; they haveindependent turns in battle and may work together to vanquish a foe.
When a hostile creature is duplicated, no connection between copy and original seems to remain. Pain to a monster's clone is not felt by the monster; and death of the creature does notremove the clone.
The power of mandrake root is essential to this spell; as are the illusionary properties of nightshade. To mature the root, add spider silk to bind and ginseng to heal; mix with the livingenergy of sulphurous ash and add blood moss for animation.
When casting the spell, fling the glittering sand that results into the air. The wind will catch the granules, and where the first one touches earth, there shall the clone arise.
Sanct Lor affects the path of light, bending it around the caster; so it may continue on.
The result is an illusion that the caster is not there.
Mix mandrake root and nightshade picked in absolute darkness with blood moss to bend the light. It is essential that, while intoning this spell, none see any indication of its casting. Speakwithout moving lips.
Regardless of the strength, size or endurance of a foe, Xen Corp will overcome it. Only a creature with intelligence capable of greater concentration than that used in the casting, andcapable of recognizing the intent before the spell is completed, has a chance of escaping deathwhen assailed by Xen Corp.
Mix nightshade that has never seen light with the blackest pearl. Pour the powder into a small lead capsule and seal with black wax. While intoning the spell, hurl the capsule at the foeselected for destruction.
Perhaps the most difficult of spells, An Tym appears to stop time itself. For eons, scholars of thaumaturgy have tried to learn the secret of controlling the universe, and the more theydiscovered, the more convinced they became that they could never control this power even if theyunderstood it. It is a tribute to the brilliance and creativity of Britannian minds that experts,undaunted by their failures, simply turned the problem around and found a way to achieve everyadvantage of briefly controlling time without actually controlling it at all.
Those capable of this spell will witness their foes paralyzed in mid-motion. After a few moments, all returns to normal, just as though time had actually stopped and started up again.
However, the caster's party remains active throughout the spell.
An Tym requires a mixture of mandrake root, well-preserved blood moss and a garlic In Flam Hur causes the wind itself to catch fire and devastate all in its path. Those who intone this spell can direct the flaming wind in a deadly spreading wedge. All creatures in the pathof this wedge are severely burned; few ever survive. Careless misdirection of In Flam Hur overone's own companions may result in their deaths as well.
Sulphurous ash, blood moss and mandrake root combine best for this spell in an iron There are many rewards for hard work and concentrated practice. For practiced wizards, having attained the eighth circle, there is the reward of being able to reverse death itself.
Resurrection requires such total concentration and peace of mind that it should never be attemptedon the harried field of battle.
To mix, place a mandrake root in a sieve in a fresh water spring on a sunlit day. One by one, add garlic, to keep away ills and evil, spider silk, for binding the life forces together, ginsengfor healing, sulphurous ash for the spark of life, and blood moss to animate the spirit.
Remove the sieve from the spring and let the mixture dry. A small crystal will form from the drying mass. To revive a companion, place the crystal on the friend's forehead and intone InMani Corp. The resurrected person will be weak and in need of further assistance.
In Vas Grav Corp (Create a Great Energy of Death) In Vas Grav Corp is the most powerful instrument of death yet devised. This spell lays waste to every living creature in its path unless the creature be exempt from the natural laws ofthis world or be strong enough intellect to resist the spell.
Mandrake root must be gathered on a dark night during a lightening storm. It must be marinated in slime from stagnant mosquito fens and wrapped in nightshade, which must have beenpicked at midnight in total darkness. This package should be rolled in sulphurous ash and left on agrave overnight. If it is not discovered, it is ready to be dried into stringy dreadlocks of death.
Kal Xen Corp resembles Kal Xen, but its summons has far greater complexity and power.
Kal Xen Corp calls forth a daemon. But only an experienced wizard is able to devote theconcentration needed to bind the daemon's allegiance and prevent it from turning on his party.
Then, although the daemon cannot use its own powers of possession, it can hurl great balls of fireacross long distance to smite foes.
Mandrake root, gathered as near as possible to an entrance to dungeons, pits, and other vile holes, is the base of this spell. Add garlic, blood moss and the strongest spider silk. Mix thelot together letting the moisture of the root act as a binding. Now shape the mixture into the formof the winged daemon. Raise the icon to the sky, into this spell and hear it calling its own.
A moongate traveler cannot rely on magic alone. The knowledge of the influence of the moon's phases is also required. Take a black pearl and shine it well. Bury the pearl in a cleanpiece of mandrake root. Sprinkle the whole with sulphurous ash and expose the conglomerationto the moons during one night. In the morning it will be a fine silver powder.
To travel, cast the powder in the direction of the gate to be reached while speaking the name of that gate's town followed by Vas Rel Por. Immediately drop to the ground and meditateon the proper phases of the moon for that gate. Instantly, the party will be there.
I, Lord British, would like to thank the following people for their invaluable contributions.
My deepest thanks go out to:
Kenneth Arnold, Richard Garriott, Mark Hamner, Steve Meuse, John Miles, Toshi Morita, and
Dallas Snell for their invaluable programming assistance.
Dallas Snell for his expert project management.
Denis Loubet for his magnificent illustrations within this text and within the game.
Kenneth Arnold for his masterful music.
Richard Garriott, Marsha Meuse, John Miles, Lori Ogwulu, Dallas Snell and Doug Wike for the
eloquent writing and artful design of these tomes.
Richard Garriott, Mark Hamner, Paul Isaac, Stuart Marks, Steve Meuse, John Miles, Toshi Morita,
Chris Roberts, and Dallas Snell for their skillful design assistance.
Tim Beaudoin, Kurt Boutin, Cheryl Chen, John Fachini, Richard Garriott, Mark Hamner, Kirk
Hutcheon, Ian Manchester, Steve Meuse, John Miles, Herman Miller, Toshi Morita, Ed Nelson, Dale
Nichols, Mary Taylor Rollo, Colin Sachs, Mac Senour, Dallas Snell, Jean Tauscher, and Laurel
Treamer for their time and insight during playtest.

Source: http://www.zoggins.net/ultima_data/Spell_Book_of_the_Eight_Circles.pdf

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