APPENDIX D TO DIR CONTRACT NO. DIR-SDD-2214 Sample Scope of Services
In addition, Calence Physical Security Solutions, LLC (“Calence”) has provided the following SAMPLE
for DIR’s review and consideration.
Calence will meet the following Services objectives: Deliver a physical security solution resulting in the implementation of equipment as per the bill of materials (BOM) that will provide the services as per manufacturer specifications Scope and Approach
Calence will perform the following Services: Review business, security, and technology strategies Review physical security goals (deterrent, investigation, loss prevention, safety, etc.) Gather technical documentation (network diagrams, security policies) Walk sites for device locations and construction Review key user communities, applications, and systems Review security program details (policies, capabilities) Develop physical security implementation plan Develop Day 2 Client support transition plan Document camera configuration requirements Document alert notification requirements APPENDIX D TO DIR CONTRACT NO. DIR-SDD-2214 Document IP Camera / Access Controls requirements Document IP Camera / Access Controls requirements Implementation
Install cameras and or access controls and associated servers Install IP Camera / Access Controls and associated equipment Configure and test IP Camera / Access Controls and associated servers Configure and IP Camera / Access Controls and associated equipment Training
Provide End-User and or Administrator Training (# how many sessions and how many hours) Project Management
Conduct a kick-off meeting to introduce the team and confirm the objectives, timeline and approach Discuss the communication plan to ensure succinct and orderly communication between the involved Perform overall project management and resource planning using a detailed project plan Agree upon change control processes to minimize impact of the changes Deliver weekly status reports (if required) Develop communication plan requirements (status reports, etc.) Conduct project wrap-up meeting to review results, lessons learned and future opportunities for Deliverables
Calence will provide the following Deliverables: Installation location diagrams and as-builts Bills of materials based upon installation requested Calence Responsibilities
Calence is responsible for the following: Calence will install equipment listed on bill of materials (BOM) with additional equipment installed CPSS will provide the applicable and necessary labor, consultation, materials, project management and/or tools to perform the Services and provide the Deliverables described herein. APPENDIX D TO DIR CONTRACT NO. DIR-SDD-2214 Client Responsibilities
Client is responsible for the following: Client will provide IP addressing scheme and IP addresses to be assigned to physical security Client will provide site maps/building diagrams identifying current site floor plans. Client will provide list of personnel who will have access to physical security surveillance data on a Client will acknowledge physical security device(s) location, validated with onsite walk-throughs prior Client will provide all electrical, conduit, and/or facility preparation for the installation/support of Client will acquire and/or install all software, hardware, network wiring, permits, licenses and rights of way necessary for the completion of this project in a timeframe that allows Calence to complete or meet the project-specific milestones. Client and its employees, contractors, and agents will: (a) cooperate with any reasonable request of Calence, (b) provide input throughout the project and will review progress at review meetings requested by Calence; and (c) provide Calence with access to all of Client’s information, documentation and technology, necessary for Calence to perform the Services, including a list of all Client and third-party contacts necessary for Calence to do so. Such cooperation, input, access, and license are critical to this project, and Client’s representation at all review meetings is essential. Calence is hereby granted and shall have a nonexclusive, royalty-free license, during the term of the Services, to access and use the Client Technology solely for the purposes of delivering the Services to Client. Client will ensure that the Calence project staff is given access to all necessary facilities and workspace, and is provided all furniture, supplies and equipment (telephones, faxes, LAN connectivity, printer access, dial-out modem lines, passwords, keys, etc.) required to successfully perform, troubleshoot, and complete the Services for the duration of the Services. In addition, Client will ensure that the work environment is free of hazardous materials and free from asbestos, and that all Calence personnel are provided with all necessary safety equipment and training while on Client’s or its customer’s site. Client will be responsible for providing adequate and secure onsite storage for all deliveries. Client will be responsible for: (a) Back-up and/or data migration of existing data unless otherwise agreed to by Calence; (b) Computer system and network designs; and (c) Component selection as it relates to the performance of the computer system and/or the network. Client will communicate any issues or concerns with respect to the Services or Deliverables in a Project-Specific Assumptions
The following project-specific assumptions apply for this Services engagement: Calence recommends that QOS (Quality of Service) is implemented on the client’s network prior to the implementation of IP based Physical Security primarily for the video. CPSS can as a part of this project make QOS configuration changes if the clients network components are compatible with the hardware that supports QOS. If QOS is NOT implemented then Calence cannot assume responsibly for video transport integrity. As a recommended Cisco best practice QOS should be implemented. Audio will not be recorded as a part of this solution. It is recommended by law that all parties are aware that video/audio monitoring takes place and Calence recommends that the client provide APPENDIX D TO DIR CONTRACT NO. DIR-SDD-2214 signs at locations that recording is taking place. Client agrees that it alone is responsible for its use of audio monitoring devices, or the use of audio monitoring devices by any of its agents, employees, independent contractors, officers, and directors. Calence makes no representation or warranty as to the legality of Client’s use of audio monitoring devices. Client acknowledges that Calence has advised Client that it may be a violation of state and federal laws (including but not limited to Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 123.002, Tex. Code Crim. Proc. art. 18.20, and 18 U.S.C. § 2511) to use electronic devices to monitor communications, including speech, without the consent and/or knowledge of the parties to the communication. Client also acknowledges that Calence has recommended that Client conspicuously post signs at each location where audio monitoring is occurring, informing all persons in the vicinity that the area is under audio surveillance. Any changes to installed device(s) may require a change order and Client may incur additional Calence is not responsible for delays or repeated tasks caused by factors outside Calence control. These factors include, but are not limited to, availability of Client personnel, equipment, and telecommunication provider services. Client will compensate Calence for any out-of-scope work requested by Client on an hourly basis at Calence standard hourly rates (unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties). All Services will be performed over a consecutive timeframe unless otherwise provided herein or agreed to by Calence in writing. Calence will schedule resources upon receipt and acceptance of a fully executed SOW/Services Agreement and a Purchase Order (to the extent required) from Client. Calence will use commercially reasonable efforts to take into account Client’s schedule, but in all events the performance of the Services is subject to the availability of Calence personnel and resources, as determined by Calence. Any cancellations or changes in a project schedule that are requested by Client and that do not proximately result from an act or omission by Calence will be subject to a minimum charge of 4 hours billed at the rate of $[#] per hour. Any onsite skills transfer that takes place during this project will not replace the manufacturer’s formal system implementation and administration classes. The following are considered out-of-scope and are not part of the Services: Work performed around undocumented data flows This offer of Services will be good for 30 days. Any changes to the scope and/or assumptions will require joint written approval. This may extend the duration of the engagement and/or require additional resources, resulting in additional cost to Client.

Source: http://www2.dir.state.tx.us/DIR_Contracts/DIR-SDD-2214-appendix-d.pdf


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