We do not have a gun problem. also indicated that the SSRI drugs We have a mental health problem should not be given to children exacerbated by a prescription drug or young adults. Unfortunately problem. If you are unhappy, doctors continue to prescribe doctors will prescribe a pill. SSRIs to patients below the age Unfortunately our health care of 25. Since 1987, other SSRI system does not provide for drugs under such brand names as adequate supervision of people on Luvox, Zolof, Paxil, and Effexor drugs. Sometimes the warnings have been introduced. Today, they about the drugs are inadequate. are some of the most commonly Sometimes the drugs have prescribed psychotropic (mood unintended consequences. guns have been around for more effects include suicide, “abnormal than one hundred years. Mass thinking,” and manic or psychotic murders such as those at the reactions. SSRI drugs can also The Unspeakable
Sandy Hook school first appeared interact with dextromethorphan in 1989 when Patrick Purdy, for to no apparent reason, shot a number Dextromethorphan is a common By Karen MacNutt,
of children in a schoolyard in ingredient in over the counter Contributing Editor
California. This type of senseless cough medications.
killing is not confined to the United States nor are guns the which was the subject of an article When a person lacks empathy for only weapons used. In cultures in the British Journal of Psychiatry, another human being, when his or where guns are not available, such (2009) 195: 211-217, “Emotional her soul is emptied of feeling, when as Japan, edged weapons have side-effects of selective serotonin he or she can reduce any group been used. The rise in these bizarre killings in the study described a general then such a person is capable of has paralleled the rise in the use of reduction in the intensity of all unimaginable barbarity to others. a type of anti-depressant known their emotions. They described History is filled with examples of as a selective serotonin reuptake their feelings as numbed, blank or genocide, ethnic cleansing, and inhibitor (SRI or SSRI). The flat. Some of the participants stated wholesale liquidations of people first SSRI drug was approved that they did not feel any emotions thought to be undesirable or a by the FDA in 1987 under the at all or that their emotions brand name of Prozac. By 1989, felt unreal or fake. In addition Anyone with a heart or soul pharmacies were filling some to the reduction of negative was shocked at the pre-Christmas 65,000 prescriptions per month emotions, all the participants murder of children in Sandy Hook, of Prozac. It was thought to be a experienced a reduction of positive Connecticut. Those in public wonder drug until its dark side emotions such as happiness and office were quick to call for more began to show up. A number of love, including love of their gun laws without determining suicides and murder-suicides were families and enthusiasm for why the killings took place or if blamed on the pill. The SSRI drugs now carry emotions of fear, guilt, or shame suicide warnings. Further research were sometimes seen as interfering Women&Guns
with an appropriate display of or had just stopped taking an grief or an ability to respond to SSRI drug. That includes the have reported about Holmes’ bad news. Many participants Columbine school killings and and Lanza’s history of unstable felt emotionally detached or the Virginia Tech killings. Since 2002, federal HIPAA adequate help or placed in a secure surroundings seemed unreal. This regulations relating to the privacy setting before they hurt someone? emotional detachment extended to of medical records makes it difficult a detachment from other people. to discover what drugs, if any, a health provider is a threat to Specifically, said the report, killer might have been taking. It society. Not everyone who takes a they felt reduced sympathy and has been reported that both James drug for depression is a problem. empathy towards other people. Holmes (the movie theater killer) Anyone who is prescribed a They cared less about themselves, and Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook drug without being made aware about other people, or about the school killer) were being treated for of its side effects or negative consequences of their actions. psychiatric problems. Chances are interactions, and anyone who is In summary, the SSRI drugs good that they were on an SSRI given a personality altering drug are a widely prescribed drug that type of drug.
If policy decisions are going to be by a doctor, is a potential problem. adults or children. The drug may made in an effort to prevent such cause an emotional detachment killings in the future, the public of guns of any kind are ever used that reduces fear, guilt and shame has a right to know if prescription in crime. Demonizing millions while causing the loss of the drugs were a contributing factor.
What drugs, if any, were the hurt anyone will not stop people one’s family and love of life and a killers on? Are there serious adverse lack of empathy for others. Some taking the drugs feel drugs that are not being tracked? disconnected to the point their Are the warnings accompanying surroundings seem unreal. In those drugs adequate? Are the some people, the drug causes doctors who prescribe the drugs abnormal thinking and psychotic fully familiar with the drug’s reactions. In some people it causes possible interactions and side thoughts of, and the completion effects? Are doctors spending of, suicide. Add cough syrup to the enough time with their patients to mix and you have a hallucinogen adequately monitor the drugs and with those same characteristics. just 1 out of 10,000 people taking allow five mental health visits a the drug, the result could be a year. Do we need to expand the drug-induced murder.
The largest mass murder in health insurance plans? a jealous boyfriend who blocked point at which a doctor’s obligation
the doors to a crowded social to protect society outweighs the
club and then lit the building on patient’s right of privacy? Lawyers
fire. Excluding that and terrorist are pledged to the confidentiality
attacks, in just about every of their client’s business. That
other high profile, intentional confidentiality does not extend
mass murder in the United to plans by the client to break the
States, especially those that seem law. The same should be true of
senseless, the killer was taking mental health providers.
March-April 2013
who are experiencing a psychotic have died. Having an armed guard stop the event before it happens. at the theater, or having armed The only way you can do that is to Anti-gun proponents have taken civilians in the theater, might stop address the mental health issue. We advantage of these tragedies to push a murder armed with a gun but must re-examine the drugs these their long time agendas. They say not one who sets off explosives. The school killer could have used the warning labels are adequate. carry large numbers of rounds. To any number of weapons to kill once We have to improve the quality of put it another way, their solution is inside the building. All the teachers mental health services available so to make the killer use more time to could do was to offer themselves up that people with problems can get as martyrs to stall the killer. They the help they need. Those who are They have mis-defined the were brave enough, but they lacked a danger to society need to be in problem. If you do not accurately the tools needed to successfully a secure environment before they define a problem, you cannot defend their children. Once in a hurt someone. If you define the problem as being could have used a club, a machete, block private ownership of guns men dressed in black killing people, a chain saw, or any number of at any cost, stop distracting the then you might conclude making other things to kill the children. public, we will never have the black clothes illegal would solve the If any of the school personnel discussion we need to have about problem. How the men dressed is had been armed, they may have improving mental health care.
not the problem. The problem is been able to stop the killer. Being W&G
If you define the problem as bullies, bad guys or psychotics. If India Rape Ignites
being gun deaths, then you might the person trying to kill you has Women’s Rush For
conclude making guns illegal psychiatric problems, appeals to would solve the problem. However logic or compassion are not apt to Gun Applications
killing people with guns is not the be successful. In both the case of the theater men of a 23-year-old woman in replace murder by shooting with and school killings, if guns were Delhi, India who later died in removed but all other factors a Singapore hospital ignited a A common factor in the remained the same, there would rush on gun license applications Colorado theater killings and still have been numerous deaths. by women, according to the the Connecticut school killings Removing guns is not the answer. Guardian newspaper and other The NRA’s solution of adding international news agencies.
Another factor is that the victims a good guy with a gun with their were in “gun free” zones. That is, Project SHIELD proposal, might almost two weeks in hospitals in have made a difference. The India and Singapore before dying Given that the killings were attacker may have looked for an of injuries suffered in the attack. planned, there is no reason to easier target: that is, a different Her ashes were scattered on the believe that if guns were not group of people to kill. In the Ganges River following a secret available, the killers would not alternative, the attacker might cremation.
have sought other means. In have been killed in the attack thus Colorado, the accused murderer reducing the number of people applied for gun licenses, and the knew how to make explosives. killed or injured. A person who government’s response is to pass That knowledge is available from is determined to kill and who new justice legislation and make the internet and from various does not mind being killed in the the punishment for sexual assault government publications. Had attempt, can only be stopped by tougher. In the case of the six men explosive devices been set at the force.
If, however, you can remove the they could face the death penalty.
theater, many more people would determination to kill, then you W&G

Source: http://www.womenandguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Legally-Speaking-MarApr-13.pdf



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Chaos, Complexity and Gustave Guillaume 1. Introduction Perhaps the greatest merit of any theory is its ability to withstand the passage of time and the advent of new data or general theoretical findings, together with its capacity to encompass these new elements - or to be encompassed by them - without having to suffer major changes. The new elements can come from fields totally unrelated to

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