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Dongre Vasatigruha Ground, Gangapur Rd., Nashik SPACE APPLICATION FORM
ð 2012 Kolhapur 20
Nashik 2013
(Display, Products, Service, Specialization) BOOTH CHARGES
SHELL TYPE (Rate per Sq. Mtr.)
BARE TYPE (Rate per Sq. Mtr.)
2 Side Open Booths will be
charged - 15 % Extra
3 Side Open Booths will be
charged - 20 % Extra
Power & Compressed Air Charges extra (Kindly refer exhibitors manual)
R ATION (Advanc
D D. in favour of Vision Exhibitors Pvt. L d
We have read Rules & Regulations of the exhibition and shall abide by the same. We confirm our booking.
6 7, Shiv-Shanti, Opp. Bajaj Spares, Narveer Tanajiwadi, Shivajinagar, Pune - 05.
Tel.: +91 20 25535365 Fax: +91 20 25510180 E-mail: [email protected] Web.:
Cell: 99 22 00 88 99 / 95 45 00 88 99
1. Venue : AURANGABAD: SFS School Ground, Adalat Rd. Near Akashwani,
conducted within the stall. Audio visual displays may be conducted within Aurangabad, KOLHAPUR: Shahupuri Gymkhana Ground, Kolhapur
NASHIK: Dongre Vastigruh Ground, Gangapur Rd., Nashik
k) Material Handling : Exhibitors may avail the service of the material 2. Date of the Exhibition : Aurangabad - 5th to 8th Oct. 2012,
handling agency authorized by the organizers. No other agency will be Kolhapur: 28th to 31st Oct. 2012, Nashik: 26th to 29 April 2013
3. Allotment of stall is on First Come-First Served basis. l) Vacating of space : The exhibitor shall ensure that the stall is vacated 4. A Company, organization or individual who books space at exhibition is immediately after the exhibition is closed up to 11p.m. of 8th Oct. 2012 (Aurangabad), 31st Oct. 2012 (Kolhapur) & 29th April 2013 (Nashik) or in 5. Stall Booking will be confirmed on payment of fees-in part or full.
between 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. on 9th Oct. 2012 (Aurangabad), 1st Nov. 2012 6. Possession of Bare Space: Bare space exhibitors may take possession of their area (Kolhapur) & 30th April 2013 (Nashik) Failing which a charge of Rs. 5,000/- per on 3rd Oct. 2012 (Aurangabad), 26th Oct. 2012 (Kolhapur) & 24th April 2013 from day would be levied as delay charges per day.
10 am onwards. Possession of Shell scheme booth: Shell Scheme booth exhibitors m) Sub - Contract : The Exhibitor shall not assign and / or part with any part of may take possession of their booth on 4th Oct. 2012 (Aurangabad), 27th Oct. 2012 this contract to any other party without the prior consent of the organizers (Kolhapur) & 25th April 2013 (Nashik) from 10 am onwards. Full & final payment in writing. A stall area booked by one exhibitor can not be sub-leased to of participation fees, security deposit and charges for other additional services by another exhibitor without prior approval from the organizers.
bankers draft and bankers cheque will be a precondition for handling over possession. n) Exhibitors are not allowed to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in Should the Exhibitor not make full payment or not occupy space by the time limit the hall other than within their own stand. Exhibitors representatives may specified for installation of exhibits, the Organisers reserve the right to re-allocate or not distribute brochures, invitations along the gangways of at the use the space as they deem appropriate. 7. Stand Completion: All stand construction work should be completed by Non Allocation, Cancellation, Non Participation: 7.00 a.m. on the 5th Oct. 2012 (Aurangabad)., 28th Oct. 2012 (Kolhapur). & 26th April a) If the organizers cannot allot a stall, money paid by the prospective 2013 (Nashik) Exhibitors are not permitted to store their exhibit Exhibitor for stall booking will be refunded.
materials and empty carton in non - allotted areas.
b) If any Exhibitor cancels the participation by 5th May 2012 (Aurangabad), 8. Counter Sales : Counter sales are not permitted at the exhibition. However, 28th May 2012 (Kolhapur) & 26th Sep. 2012 (Nashik) 25% of the total exhibitors can dispose off their exhibits / equipment after the exhibition is over. In the participation charges will be adjusted and balance 75% amount will be case of sale, the payment of Govt. Taxes as applicable to the concerned authorities will be the direct responsibility of exhibitors. c) If the exhibitor cancels the participation by 5th Aug. 2012 (Aurangabad), 28th Aug. 2012 (Kolhapur), 26th Feb. 2013 (Nashik) 50% of the total a) To reject any applications for space without assigning any reason.
participation charges will be adjusted and balance 50 % amount will be b) To amend the terms and conditions of participation and issue additional rules and regulations for the exhibitors from time to time which shall be d) If any Exhibitor withdraws or cancels the participation on or after 6th Aug.
2012 (Aurangabad), 29th Aug. 2012 (Kolhapur) & 27th Feb. 2013 (Nashik) c) To recover from the Exhibitors, compensation for losses / damages 100% of amount paid will be forfeited.
caused to the property or reasonable penalty for any willful contravention e) If any Exhibitor fails to turn up for the stall by 8 a. m. on 5th Oct. 2012 (Aurangabad), 28th Oct. 2012 (Kolhapur) & 26th April 2013 (Nashik) or d) To postpone, curtail, extend or abandon the exhibition or close some or cancels his participation at the last moment, Organizers shall utilize the all sections of it temporarily or permanently, if unforeseen circumstances stall in any manner they deem fit, forfeiting all the money paid by the Exhibitor.
arise. In such circumstances, the Exhibitors shall not be entitled to f) Reduction of Stall Size, if done at any stage 25% of the total booking amount withdraw from the contract or claim any compensation or damage thereof.
will be deducted & thereafter the new Invoice will be generated. e) To photograph or film the interior of any stall and to use the same for rganisers reserves the right to change or alter the exhibition floor plan / layout of the any or all pavilions & also any or all stalls. f) To refuse permission to any Exhibitor to clear his stall if he has not paid all 12. Force Majeure : The exhibition my be cancelled, postponed, shortended or dues to the organizers or to retain the exhibits or other goods as extended due to any cause whatsoever outside the control of the organisers. collateral security till dues are paid.
The organisers shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by the exhibitor, g) Insurance : Organizers shall not be responsible for any loss whatsoever directly or indirectly, attributable to the elements of nature, force majeure which incurred by Exhibitors and they should obtain comprehensive insurance includes strike, lockout, closure, riots or orders and directives imposed by any coverage for their exhibits against all risk for the periods covering governmental authority. In the event of such circumstances the organisers transportation, preparation, installation fair duration, dismantling, return decision will be final on all commercial and non- commercial aspects.
13. Any damage to property or injury or loss of life during visits sponsored by us will h) No Sub-Letting: The Exhibitors are not allowed to assign, sub-let or grant be the sole responsibility of the individual.
licenses in respect of the whole or any part of the space / stall.
14. We do not guarantee any specific no. of visitors / participants through our i) Stand Design and Construction: All exhibits and display material must be additional transportation facility.
contained within the allocated exhibit space by the exhibitor. Special 15. Security : Although a 24 hour security will be in operation throughout the Exhibition structures must not interfere with the overall Exhibition format or the period, exhibitors should take all possible precautions to safe guard their visibility of other stands. The design of such structures of display must be submitted for the approval of the Organizers at least 30 days prior to 16. Exhibitors are warned not to keep or store any hazardous material in the the start of the exhibition. The organizer reserve the right to specify changes in the design and such changes shall be carried out by the 17. Jurisdiction : Any dispute between the Organizers and Exhibitors is subject to exhibitor. Such changes requested by the organizers not be carried out, jurisdiction of the Courts of Pune only. In case of unpaid charges, the the requisite work shall be completed at the risk and expenses of the Organizers shall exercise the right of lien over property of the Exhibitor till he j) Stall Activities : The Exhibitor should ensure that all demonstrations interviews, advertising, promotion and sales / marketing activities are


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