Hitesh gupta

MPH (UNC-USA), M.Phil (BITS-Pilani), Ph.D (BITS-Pilani)

Project Director of HIV/AIDS programme for Long Distance Truck Drivers for
last three years at Project Implementation Unit (PIU) working at Jaipur as part of the
Kavach project, under the Umbrella of Avaahan. The Primary Objective of the
project is to arrest the growth of HIV/AIDS among long distance truckers by creating
awareness and providing treatment and referral services. ( Supported by the Bill-
Melinda Gates Foundation through Transport Corporation of India). The project is
acclaimed at national and international level.
Project Director of Clinic run in Jaipur Transport Nagar with support of J K Tyre
To cater the need of Truckers, helpers and allied population for Sexually
Transmitted Disease.
Project Holder of the Health Resource Agency (HRA) for providing support to
20 Partner NGOs working in 10 districts of Rajasthan to increase their Capacity in
Maternal and Child Health Services, Providing support for Behaviour Change
Communication, Conducting studies and activities to promote health and Promoting
dialogue between Health Service Providers and Community to strengthen the
Advocacy of Health as Fundamental Rights for past 4 years, Infanticide and
Featecide issues (Conceptualized by Vatsalya and supported by CRY, New Delhi)
Project Holder to provide leadership for Quality Institutional Care and
Alternative for Children (QICAC) in Rajasthan
as part of the national intervention
to ensure the fundamental rights of Child. (Supported by CRY, New Delhi)
Regional Convener of the state Alliance active in Rajasthan for upliftment of
the deprived community.
The special efforts are made to create awareness about
the health issues. (Supported by CRY, New Delhi)
Team Leader of the software team which Conceptualized and developed the
Computerized Management Information Systems for Health Department,
Government of Rajasthan.
Also developed software on Village Monitoring Health
Systems for maternal and child health services to be used by NGOs. Major
Software developed under my guidance are; Community Need Assessment
Approach, Monitoring National Rural Health Programme, Village Health Monitoring
Information Systems, MAPEDI, GIS on Health for Barmer (Conceptualized by
Project Director of the Target Intervention of HIV/AIDS for Street Children and
Commercial Sex Workers in Jaipur district.
(Supported by Rajasthan State AIDS
Control Society)
Team Leader of the Pilot Project giving Technical Assistance to the District
Health Societies of Barmer District and Jalore District for four years.

This project initiated the Decentralised Processes by constituting the District Health
Societies. On the same line Government of India established the different cadre of
establishing Project Management Units at all levels to strengthen the management
systems of the health programmes. (Supported by European Commission under
Sector Investment Programme)

Advisor of the Udayan Project which demonstrated the best practices for
raising the abandoned and orphaned children in the country.

Establish Processes for catering the quality services to Juvenile and neglected
children of India (Conceptualised and developed by Vatsalya)
Team Leader of the Social Marketing of the Iodised Salt in three district of
(Supported by Unicef, Rajasthan)
Resource Person in the Training Programmes conducted on e-health governance,
Leadership, Health Systems, Right Issues on Health, Child, Gender, Project
Planning and Implementation
Visiting Faculty to Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Rajasthan
Institute of Public Administration etc.
Member of the team as Health Management expert, constituted by Rajasthan
State AIDS Control Society for developing NACP III for Rajasthan
Providing leadership to the organisation having staff of approximately 50 people

Worked as Assistant Professor in Indian Institute of Health Management Research
(IIHMR), Jaipur.
Taught Management Information Systems and Strategic Planning modules
in Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Hospital Management. Coordinated Management
Development Programme in Health Management. Worked in approximately 30 Projects and
some key Projects are mentioned below;
Strengthening District Health System Project, Hoshangabad, - Conceptualised and
developed a District Model and coordinated it for one year-sponsored by Danish
Establishing Surveillance System in District Health System, Dausa, Worked as Project
Coordinator- Sponsored by World Health Organization
Evaluation of Blindness control Programme in District Surendra Nagar, Gujarat, -
Worked as Project Coordinator Sponsored by Government of India
Need assessment study on women’s right to life and health in south Asia under
government of Rajasthan, sponsored by UNICEF, India
Mid-term Review of Training and IEC under IPP-IX Project sponsored by Government
of Rajasthan.
Reproductive and Child Health Project- Facility Survey in Rajasthan and Madhya
Pradesh working as Project Coordinator. The main objective of the project is to collect
information of al government institutions and prepare district reports for further action.
sponsored by World Bank.
Evaluation of Universal Salt Iodization in India - a mid-term evaluation carried out at all
India level to assess the pattern of iodized salt consumption to cure iodine deficiency
disorder in India by UNICEF and Govt of India.
Integrated approach to maternal and child health care - District Model - An Action
Research study at district level to improve the quality and coverage of the MCH services
through management interventions by Indian Council of Medical Research. Duration- 4
years. This project won award for outstanding services in immunization in the district, which
was part of the project action plan. Constructed 5 sub center buildings with community
participation. Community donated private land in the middle of the village and also shared
10 per cent of the total cost.
UNICEF logistics supply study for CSSM programme - an audit of the vaccines, drug
kits and cold chain equipment supplied by the UNICEF. The study focused at the
production, state, district and PHC/sub-centre level by UNICEF.
Comparison of WHO and IRMS (ICMR) methodology for coverage evaluation survey in
three districts of Rajasthan by UNICEF.
Management Information Systems: Assessment of the recording and reporting
systems in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Utter Pradesh by Administrative Staff
College of India (ASCI).
Concurrent Evaluation of family welfare programme for continuous monitoring the
progress of the family welfare programme in the state of Rajasthan by MOHFW, GOI.
Management Information Systems for Health Services- a district level case study
conducted in Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh by MOHFW, GOI.
Evaluation of Rangabelia Health Project- an assessment of the health service
components of the comprehensive rural development project by IIHMR.
Worked as Sr Research Officer and Research Officer in Indian Institute of Health
Management Research, Jaipur.

Presented paper in MAP India on ‘District Health Management Information Systems
associated GIS for health services in Rajasthan’

Presented paper in national conference of RSAC on ‘Intervention for HIV/AIDS on target

Presented a paper entitled “perceptions and constraints of pregnancy related referrals
in rural Rajasthan”
in the Annual meet of Population Association of America at Chicago in
April 1998

Presented a paper entitled “District model for maternal and child health: A
Decentralized approach”
in the Annual Meet of Population Association of America at
Chicago in April 1998. The poster won award for originality, innovation and visual
Presented paper on evaluation programme management for the universal salt iodization
under NIDDCP in the Annual meeting of Indian Society for Medical Statistics, December
Presented paper on population programme management in Policy Workshop for
Government of Rajasthan, 1997
Designing and implementation of a district health plan: A Decentralized Approach.
Journal of Family Welfare, March 1996
Role analysis of Research Associates and Senior Research Associates in a research
organization published in Tata Macgraw Hil Journal, December 1995
KAP study of TBAs regarding family planning : Journal of family welfare, march 1994
Women’s perception of time in rural India: possible implications for family welfare
programme. Journal of family welfare,1992
School health programme, Journal of Health Management, IIHMR, Jaipur,1990
Serum immunoglobulins in infertile males with seminal tract infection: Effects of an
indigenous drug (septilin) Ann. Natl. Acad. Med. Sci.(India) October 1989, 25(4): 363-368
Paper accepted on Universal Salt Iodisation in India in International Conference in
Indonesia, 1998
Paper accepted on Attitude of Female Spouse towards Male Sterilisation in
Conference on Reproductive Health, 1998
Paper accepted on knowledge, attitude and practice of TBAs towards family planning
in International Conference on Reproductive Health, 1998
Paper submitted to Health Management General on ‘ A study of Management
Effectiveness of Reproductive and Child Health Programme in Rajasthan’

Working Paper published on Management of Universal Salt Iodization Programme in
India- Lessons for developing countries, 2000

Co-authored paper entitled ‘Perceptions and constraints of pregnancy related referrals
in rural Rajasthan’
published in Journal of Health Management Services Research (Royal
Medical Society, London), February 2000. This paper was also presented at the annual
conference of the Population Association of America in March 1998.
Co-authored paper entitled ‘Who will tell Adolescents what they should Know?’
published in Journal of Family welfare, October 1999.

Source: http://www.vatsalya.org/docs/HITESHGUPTA.pdf

Dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome in children

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ectious diseases Dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome in children Search date June 2008 ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION: Dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome are major causes of hospital admission and mortality in children. Up to 5% of people with dengue haemorrhag


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