Jean bernard

of Jean S. Bernard, RN, MSN
Office Address
Tennessee Wesleyan College
Fort Sanders Nursing Department
9821 Cogdill Road, Suite 2

To fulfill the role of an active faculty member in a baccalaureate nursing program, coordinating and teaching in the areas of Adult Health Nursing, Management,
and Pharmacology.
Doctoral Work: Nursing Management in Complex Systems:
Academic Institutions. University of Tennessee College of Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing - Adult Health and Management,
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of North Carolina,

• Registered Nurse, State of Tennessee Department of Public Health, Board of Nursing,
• Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor, American Heart Association
April, 2002 – present
Assistant Professor, Tennessee Wesleyan College, Fort
Sanders Nursing, Knoxville, TN
Coordinate academic and clinical experiences for students in areas of critical care, advanced medical-surgical nursing and management. Provide classroom and clinical instruction for Pharmacology, Adult Health Nursing II and IV. Serve as Faculty Advisor. Committee Work: Program Evaluation, Chair; Curriculum, Secretary; Faculty Organization, member. Instructor, Course Coordinator, Tennessee Wesleyan College, Fort Sanders Nursing, Knoxville,TN Coordinate academic and clinical experiences for students in areas of critical care, advanced medical-surgical nursing and management. Provide classroom and clinical instruction to students in Fundamentals of Nursing Practice, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pharmacology, and Advanced Practice. Serve as Faculty Advisor. Committee Work: Program Evaluation, Chair; Curriculum, Secretary; Faculty Organization, member. Instructor, Course Coordinator, Fort Sanders School of Nursing, Knoxville, TN
• Developed and organized overall curriculum plan for courses in Advanced Medical-Surgical
• Planned and coordinated student clinical rotation schedules for Critical Care and • Coordinated faculty lecture schedules • Assisted faculty with problem-solving, advising and counseling of students. • Provided input to Director for evaluation of faculty teaching within assigned course. • Developed and presented lectures in care of individuals with respiratory, cardiovascular, renal and neuro-endocrine disorders. Provided clinical supervision and evaluation for students in these areas. • Planned and presented Pharmacology Course in its entirety, providing lectures, examinations, • Co-authored book of Patient Case Studies used in both Medical-Surgical and Advanced • Incorporated use of computer simulated programs and testing for reinforcement of classroom COMMITTEE WORK: • Curriculum Committee (1992-present), Admissions-Promotions Committee (1992-1995), Program Evaluation (1994-present). Assisted in development and revision of School’s Philosophy and Goals, Schematic for Curriculum Concepts, Sub-concepts, and Threads, Clinical Evaluation Tool, and Plan for Systematic Program Evaluation and annual Quality Improvement Plans. Contributed to on-going development, revision, and evaluation of program’s curriculum. • Chaired Program Evaluation Committee; implemented strategic plans for successful preparation of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and National League for Nursing (NLN) accreditations, 1998, 2002, and 2006. • Authored major portions of program’s self-study report for CCNE and NLN accreditation in
• Assisted in preparation of report for Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1998.
• Participated in writing of Proposal for Development of Baccalaureate Program in Nursing at • Played active role in development of philosophy, curriculum plan for Fort Sanders Department of Nursing at Tennessee Wesleyan College. • Developed tool and conducted survey for determining appropriate admission criteria to • Appointed chair of committee to spear-head development of admission criteria for Fort Sanders Department of Nursing at Tennessee Wesleyan College.
February,1988 -
Nurse Educator, St. Mary’s Health System, Knoxville, TN
Provide nursing orientation to acute care units and continuing education, staff development for critical care areas. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: • Developed, organized, and taught courses in basic EKG Interpretation, Hemodynamic Monitoring, Code Management, Advanced Cardiac Life Support. • Organized, coordinated, and provided instruction in annual Critical Care Courses. • Participated in design and implementation of Nurse Preceptor/Intern Program. • Served as guidance member for Continuing Quality Improvement teams.
March, 1986 -
Cardiovascular Nurse Clinician, East Tennessee Baptist Hospital,

Managed patients with cardiovascular disorders in conjunction with staff nurses. Coordinated support services for families. Provided pre and post-operative teaching for open heart surgical patients. Staff development and education. Charge nurse for 32 bed cardiology unit. Developed patient care flow chart system for cardiac step-down units. Coordinated preceptor program for new employees. Consulted with cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons for patient/family teaching to support transition from surgery to ICU, step-down units and discharge.
November, 1982 -
Staff Nurse, Fort Sanders Hemodialysis Center, Knoxville, TN

September, 1981-
Staff Nurse, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Duke University

Staff Nurse, Open Heart Step-Down Unit, Duke University

• Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Nursing The Regional Cooperative for Professional Nurses Week • Sigma Theta Tau, National Honor Society for Nursing - Gamma Chi Chapter, Rho Mu • Honor Society, Tennessee Wesleyan College-Fort Sanders Nursing • Test Item Writer for NCLEX (State Board Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses • Tennessee Nurses Association

• Board of Directors-District 2, Tennessee Nurses Association (2005, 2006) • Vice President, TWC-FSN Honor Society (2005,2006) • Task Force Member for development of Honor Society, TWC-FSN (2004) • Chair, Nominating Committee-District 2, Tennessee Nurses Association (2003- 2005) • RN Refresher Course, Coordinator (2005), Co-coordinator (2008, 2004) • Nominating Committee member-District 2, Tennessee Nurses Association (2002, 2003) • Presentation to Boy Scouts of America – Troop45, Pack 352, Christian Academy of Knoxville: Drug and Alcohol Abuse (2001), First Aid and CPR (2002-2007) SCHOLARLY ACTIVITIES:
• “The Role of Simulation in Nursing Eucation” –Nursing Research Day, Rho Mu At Large Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society, (Spring, 2008) • Nurses Giving Better Care-Nursing Research Day, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, • Cardiovascular Changes in the Elderly, Covenant Homecare Nursing Staff, Knoxville, TN • Exam Room Network – Provided instruction via video as nurse educator on topics such hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and sexually transmitted diseases (2002 , 2003)
Jean S. Bernard, RN, MSN


• National Teaching Institute for Critical Care Nurses, Chicago, IL (May, 2008) • Care of the Head Injury Patient, Nancy Noble, RN, MSN, Knoxville, TN (April, 2008) • Care of the Spinal Cord Injured Patient, Michelle Lloyd, Physical Therapist, Fort Sanders • Care of the Mechanically Ventilated Patient, Devin Carr, RN, MSN, Knoxville, TN (March, • Practical Psychopharmacology: Straight Talk on Navigating the Mental Health Medication Maze, Joseph Wegmann, P.D., LCSW (November, 2007) • The Role of the “Statin” Drugs in Care of the Diabetic Patient (February, 2006) • Updates in Cardiac Diagnostics in the Heart Catheterization Lab, Rick Smith, Cardiac Technician, Knoxville, TN (February, 2005) • Diabetes Medication Review, Doug Bailey, Pharm.D. (October, 2006, 2005) • Care of the Respiratory Patient, Respiratory Therapy, Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center • The Patient With Overactive Bladder and the Use of Detrol, (December,2005)


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