Study questions

5#~B75^ x5$ q2#2# 5`C z6E 5~B5=-= qj$5% 5P#2# xt$ 9~M3jiE `C j~B `C x7hEt=-=Aníron gen padad na car nîn. Pelin annad gen húthlas a ‘lî a graim.
85%`B3D tÔ 7Ex#7^5 q7iR1`C=-= jiE1`C r%5P$ q2$2$ 5% 7Õc `M5#h& 5%x$6T5% 2$hE5 `C 5#~B7`C 5P#2# 5% 2$hE5 2j&`M=-=Siniath ym Aragorn presta. Lasta i venn peded in yrch uanui i negir in edain a aníra annad inedain dulu.
x5%j`B 5#~B7`C l.E55$ 7b%=-= jx$j^iE 5P#`C xt%j`B jÔr xj$w$75$=-= `B l.E55$ tP#lE6=-= xt%j`B jx$j^iE 95P#`C=-=Gimli aníra iaunen ring. Legolas anna Gimli ylf gelebren. I iaunen ammaer. Gimli Legolas hanna.
z7&`M 5% 4$j% `B j5P%6E x#j7E2$=-= j%5P%2Ô tlE6 3D5# z7&`M=-=Curu in edhil i linnar aglareb. I linnyd maer athan curu in edain.
xj7Ye2P%j$ 27E3`C 9j#32# 5% 4$j% t5% z6E=-= j$79N6T 9C 7Ex#7Y57r$`B C t5% 1yE6E `C tlE36E 5% 7Õc 5P$iE=-= 2x$6T 5% 7Õc=-=Glorfindel dartha halthad in edhil min car. Elrohir ah Aragorn reviar min tawar a maethar in yrchennas. Degir in yrch.
qj$cG 57Y2^ 5`C 3t#À cTlE72$ wj$x$=-= 9B5%`B3D r#`C 27E32#=-=Pelich norod na tham? I chaered beleg. I hiniath ava darthad.
t%5P% 7x^6E q2#2# t5% 1yE6E r7^5=-= x7x^6E 5%hE2 `B ~Mx5$6T=-=I minn ‘rogar padad min tawar vorn. Grogar i naid i ú-genir.
1j&`M ~M2~Nj j1pT=-= cTlE72$ wj$x$=-=Tulu ú-dôl lint I chaered beleg.
e72^`N 5#x#j7E2$ e;G7R`B5P#3D=-=Frodo anaglareb i pheriannath.
5P#cE 55% jÔr wyE7E5$À 5#~B75^ 9yE=-= x5$ 95P#5^=-=Annach nin ylf dawaren? Aníron haw. Gen hannon.
xj`Ck5$=-= 5#~B7cD 55$ x$hUjÀ 8`C tlE6=-=Glassen. Anírach nen-e-guil? Sa maer.
~M5#~B75^ 55$ x$hUj = 95P#5^=-=Ú-aníron nen-e-guil, hannon.
Why do you fear fate? You see the path.
He waits in the great hall. He wishes to speak to Elrond. The time is swift and Elrond approaches.
The water is freezing. Do not cross there.
The wild men do not give help to the men of Gondor. The wild men go into exile in themountains.
The woman is the eldest among the humans who dwell in the mountains.
He doesn’t see the orc in the darkness. The orc slays the man.
The plain is arid. It is not well. A fire can flame the plain Aragorn brings bread and cooked meat. He wanders a great distance.
Mathon chwest ring. Girin. I vorn nin presta.
The friendship of the elves and the dúnedain is old.
I would like you to come to my house. I can give you tea and honey and cakes. Bad news troubles Aragorn. He hears the man tell of monstrous orcs who slay the humans andwants to give the humans help. Gimli would like a cold beer. Legolas gives Gimli a silver drinking vessel. The beer is very good.
Gimli thanks Legolas.
The skill of the elves who sing is famous. The songs are good beyond the skill of humans. Glorfindel stays to protect the elves in the house. Elrohir and Aragorn wander in the forest andfight the orcs there. They slay the orcs. Can you run to the hall? The distance is great. The news will not wait. The men fear to go into the dark forest. They fear the things that they do not see. Help will not be swift to come. The distance is great. Frodo is the most famous of hobbits. Would you give me the wooden drinking vessel? I would like juice. Thank you. My pleasure. Would you like whiskey? It is good. No, I do not want whiskey, thanks. ~Mwj$5% zw#2$ cTlE72$=-=Ú-belin cabed i chaered.
tP#5# x7x^cE t#7E3À zw$cT 7T3E=-=Amman grogach amarth? Cebich i rath.
27E3`C t5% 3tE=-= 5#~B7`C q2$2$ 5`C j$72P^=-= j%~M j1pT `C j$72P^xP#j5P$`C=-=Dartha min tham. Aníra peded na Elrond. I lû lint a Elrond anglenna.
5%5$ 4$7b%=-= r#3D72#`N 5P$iE=-=I nen edhring. Avathrado ennas.
5% 2$hE5 j$hEx ~M5P#6E wj&`M 5% 2$hE5 x2P^6Y=-= 5% 2$hE5 j$hExx$j4$`B6E t5% 7R2Ô=-=In edain elaig ú-annar dulu in edain Gondor. In edain elaig egledhiar min eryd.
r%`V< hR5`B6Y 5% 2$hE5 4%7Y36E t5% 7R2Ô=-=I vess einior in edain i dhorthar min eryd.
~Mx~V5 `B 7Yc t5% t7Y5=-= `B 7Yc 4~Cx r%5P$=-=Ú-gên i orch min morn. I orch dhâg i venn.
2%j#3E e;7Ec=-= ~MrlE6=-= 5lE6 q~Nj jc#2# 2%j#3D=-=I dalath apharch. Ú-vaer. Naur pôl lachad i dalath.
7Ex#7Y5 2~Nx r`C< `C 37yE lEi=-= 7r$`B C clE72$ rj$x$=-=Aragorn dôg vass a thraw aes. Revia chaered veleg.
r#w2$`N=-= 2~B5 tlE6=-=Avbedo. Dîn maer.
t3D5^ céiR1 7b%=-= x7T5%=-= r%7Y5 55% q7iR1`C=-=Mathon chwest ring. Girin. I vorn nin presta.
yT2P$ 5% 4$j% `C 2~M52$hE5 l.E6=-=I ‘wend in edhil a dúnedain iaur.


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