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Theme of the year: Participation – Key to Success June 2007 Issue Inside this Edition
Upper photo: Raymond Cheng, Glenn Huang, Cecily Cheung, Katherine Lee, Lower photo: Glenn Huang, Stephanie Blake, Raymond Cheng, Polyanna Fok, Chicken Out
I had never wanted to be in a competition and many a times I chicken out of the race. The recent Evaluation Contest had changed my thinking though. There comes a time that you have to take that extra step and be at the front of things. I’m not sure whether it has to do with me being one of the middle ranking kid in the family; but I had always felt very comfortable being a follower. It was great being recognized for good without having to take the responsibilities and pressure for being a leader. I had given up on many competition opportunities. As my focus at that time was only studies and winning a race was not my cup of tea. As years went by I gradually understand that life is not just ONLY about studies or about work. Life has to be a mix of many things. I didn’t volunteer to participate in this Evaluation Contest. Victor Ho put my name to the list of contestants. However, I did not reject the idea. I realized that the new fellow Toastmasters looked to us as a role model for their future success. If we showed them that we could do it, they will be convinced that they can do it too. With age and maturity, the younger generation looked to you as a model, whether you like it or not. There’s no longer any elder brother for me to hide behind. This subtle expectation from other club members made it impossible for me to say NO. I pushed myself into the competition and did my best with getting myself prepared. I timed myself repeatedly to make sure I won’t be disqualified for overtime. I tested myself repeatedly with the structure I had in mind to make sure my speech will sound organized. I was ready to compete. I came second at the Area Contest. Not winning first place did not bother me a lot because I had done my best. I had taken the challenge and embraced the opportunities with courage. I wished I had modeled my way for other Toastmasters by not chosen to chicken out. My Reflection
After two months of preparation I won the second place of Area International Speech Contest. Just want to share some of my reflection and I hope you have the patience to read it. This glory is belonging to all of you, the CIPro Club. For myself, it has been a stimulating process getting to your support and encouragement. Although I would admit to having stress in the process, but seeing you’re serious attitude and passion that has made this a rewarding experience for me. I am very touched by team spirit that Joe and Stephanie have given me personal guidance: modifying the content, correcting my pronunciations. Now I know how to speak the word of “Technology”. The beauty of teamwork is – building on strengths, working on challenges, embracing differences and each other’s uniqueness. I am not the best speaker, but I am so lucky to share the passion of learning and growing with you. Up to right now, I can’t believe my dream can come true. Once again, thank you for being the part of my dream. Last October with my neighbor’s encouragement I walked into a Toastmaster's meeting, Club 6682.feeling I would like the other members since I had enjoyed seeing commitment. Katherine Lee is an excellent ambassador for Toastmasters. Although she is my neighbor we see each other only occasionally running to or from our busy schedules. However, every time we meet she mentions her Club and information she might use for her next speech. By the way, she is an excellent, captivating speaker. To show her support and enthusiasm prior to my joining the Club, Katherine took me to an area contest where I heard speakers from other Scarborough Clubs. And to my delight Tweety Yuen was representing Club 6682 and competing in that contest. Again this spring Tweety represented the CIPRO Toastmasters making the Club proud. My reasons for wanting to join Toastmasters are probably similar to others. I have always had aspirations of being a proficient, poised, and talented public speaker.entertaining as well as delivering very important teachings and messages. I knew that to meet my objectives I would need to build on my confidence and self esteem. Also I would certainly have to improve my writing skills, stretch my vocabulary and imagination to make my talks valuable, motivating, and credible with believable presentations. My expectations are very high and I am extremely critical of myself. Having the opportunity to observe others speaking gave me the necessary confidence to also stand up with a story. Watching and learning from more experienced leaders can be most stimulating. Knowing that we will be guided in a gentle and kind constructive manner gives us courage to proceed with our goals. By taking a role in conducting the weekly meetings, we learn to handle unexpected challenges and to react positively and in good spirit. This experience can be related to our business and personal life. We learn to be team players and take great delight in participating at a meeting. The rewards are knowing our colleagues and we can conduct a meeting successfully. This is reassuring because we now are prepared to accept opportunities that we may not have entertained previously. I feel I have gained confidence. the tummy doesn't gurgle as loudly now when I stand to speak. I will challenge myself to do better as I know that I am in a very safe and protected learning environment. Knowing that I will only receive well-meaning constructive suggestions and also praise gives me the necessary momentum to continue with my plan to be a very good speaker.mother, sister, friend and Canadian citizen. Hopefully I will be instrumental in encouraging others to meet their full potential also. Join Us. We meet every Wendesday from 7:15 – 9:15pm at
Yee Hong Centre for Geriatrics at 2319 McNicoll Avenue (Midland & McNicoll) Scarborough, Ontario Our Website:



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