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Because of the 3 P's of poor soil, poor diet, and processed food, we need to supplement our diet. Our body does not recognize the isolated parts of vitamins that are contained in over the counter supplements and can't use them effectively. Whole food supplements contain your vitamins and minerals in the package that nature intended and your body recognizes. Studies show that whole food sources of vitamins are 10-50 times more potent than vitamins isolated from other sources. Give your body these whole food powerhouses and notice the difference in how you feel! Balanced Health - Balanced Health is the flagship of the line. It is a whole food multivitamin on steroids! It will amaze
you how much energy you will get from taking these. It contains a balance of vitamins and minerals that your body wants
and needs in a package your body can use. Everyone needs what Balanced Health can give you. 60 capsules - Distributor
price: $22.95
Anti-Inflammation Food - Anti-Inflammation Food is designed to help relieve any inflammation. Any time you have stiff
achy anything, this supplement is your friend. Next time you think about taking an ibuprofen, try this amazing
supplement instead. 120 capsules - Distributor Price: $17.34

- Anti-Radicals is the whole food anti-oxidant. Packed with powerful whole food antioxidants to help your
body deal with free radicals that are created by toxins and pollutants. Anti-Radicals help your body's defenses. 120
capsules - Distributor price: $26.95
Children's Balanced Health - Children's Balanced Health is the liquid drop equivalent to our Balanced Health. Packed
with vitamins and minerals your children need in whole food form. 285 servings @ 3 drops ea. - Distributor price: $17.30
Chill Pill - Chill Pill is full of ingredients that have a calming effect. If you feel stressed out, it can help with headache and
other stress related symptoms. Chill Pill can help you cope with the stresses that life throws at you. 120 capsules -
Distributor price: $25.80

Colon Aid
- Colon aid is a whole food friend to your digestive system. It contains ingredients that will mildly work your
colon walls to help move waste through to be eliminated. Taken daily, Colon aid will aid your digestive process. 60
capsules - Distributor price: $18.00
Complete Woman - Complete woman is a whole food formula designed for women during or after menopause. It's
ingredients can help with hot flashes and night sweats. It helps your body deal with the changes it goes through at this
time. 120 capsules - Distributor price: $30.75
Digestive Balance - Digestive balance has enzymes that help you break down your food so your body can use it. It also
contains other whole food ingredients that helps your body assimilate the nutrients from your food. Make the most of the
food you eat and make Digestive Balance a part of your daily regimen. 120 capsules - Distributor price: $24.50
Glucose balance - Our diet contains massive amounts more sugar and refined foods now than it did 100 years ago.
Many people have sugar imbalances because of our modern diet. Glucose balance is full of adaptogens that work to
balance your blood sugar. An adaptogen seeks balance. If your sugar level is too high, it will bring it down. If it is too
low, it will help to raise it. Glucose balance will help you balance your blood sugar. 120 capsules - Distributor price:
Healthy Woman - Healthy Woman is the whole food supplement designed for premenstrual women. It helps with
keeping your hormones balanced and giving your body what it needs to keep you going strong. 120 capsules - Distributor
price: $28.75
Immune Booster - Your immune system takes a beating from pollutants and viruses and the myriad of bugs that are
"going around". Immune booster fortifies your immune system so you can fight off that cold or flu bug. 120 capsules -
Distributor price: $22.75
Sea Garden - Your body needs minerals to initiate enzymatic reactions. Minerals are needed for your body to function.
Sea Garden is packed with the minerals your body needs to operate in top form. 60 capsules - Distributor price: $16.50

Slimmer Down
- Slimmer Down has the whole food ingredients to give your body what it needs to raise your metabolism
level so you can shed those extra pounds. Combined with a diet and exercise program, Slimmer Down will give you the
edge you need for success. 120 capsules - Distributor price: $28.00

Wild Yam Cream
- Wild Yam Cream is designed to help with hormonal issues. It offers your body the ingredients it
needs to make progesterone if it needs it. 4 oz - Distributor price $16.00


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Deworming: The Protocols Different horses and different situations require different solutions to control parasites. There is no One-Size-Fits-All plan. Be sure to read our accompanying handout “ Deworming: The Principles” and follow these guidelines:  Anytime a fecal test result is positive a second fecal test is recommended 14-21 days after deworming with either Ivermectin or

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