Using natural progesterone and still having hot flashes

Using Natural Progesterone and Still Having Hot Flushes?
Here's why. Day one of your menstrual cycle is the day you start your period. That's when the
pituitary gland in your head sends hormone down to your ovaries to start them maturing about 200
eggs. As those eggs mature they release three main estrogens, Estadiol, Estrone and Estriol and
Let's say you have a 28 day cycle. On day 14 ONE of the 200 maturing eggs pops out of its sack
(ovulation) and the rest die off. Estrogen levels begin to drop rapidly and the empty egg sack starts
releasing progesterone. If there is not a fertilized egg in the womb by day 27 progesterone levels
drop and the uterus sheds the set-up for the egg (menstruation) and the pituitary starts the cycle all
over again.
Every woman is born with a finite number of eggs in her ovaries and each monthly cycle depletes
them. Over time the number of eggs maturing each month declines which lowers the amount of
estrogens and progesterone being released. At some point there will not be enough estrogens to
cause ovulation. No ovulation, no progesterone. At that point the pituitary gland will keep opening
your blood vessels and surging hormone to your ovaries demanding they make progesterone. If you
have been using Natural Progesterone Lotion for at least a week, you have enough progesterone. If
you are still having hot flashes, can't sleep or vaginal dryness, the pituitary is asking for estrogen.
There are two additional sources of hormones in the body; the adrenal glands and fat cells. If you
use adrenal stimulants such as caffeine or diet aids, or have stress in your life your adrenal glands
become exhausted and cannot produce the needed hormones. As ovarian and adrenal production of
hormones decline the fat cells release their stores to help keep levels normal but they soon become
depleted too. Therefore during the first one to three months of using natural progesterone a
percentage of it will go to restock your fat cells. If you are overweight you will need to use a bit more
progesterone to replenish the fat cells.
Remember I said there are THREE main estrogens? Well according to Dr. John Lee (the definitive
authority on this subject) women can supplement all three of them. But ALWAYS USE
PROGESTERONE WHEN USING ESTROGENS! This will PROTECT you from cancer and the other
negative effects of pre- and post-menopause. So if after using natural progesterone you are STILL
experiencing hot flashes, have an elevated body temperature, or other symptoms, you probably need
a little Estrogens. Use Safe water based, Natural Estrogen Lotion along with Safe water based,
Natural Progesterone Lotion. Each product comes with instructions on their usage.
Sindi Holmlund - researcher, author, herbalist


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