Ventstream® Reference Sheet
for the Homecare Provider
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The Respironics Ventstream® Reusable
High Efficiency, Breath-Enhanced
Nebulizer is a durable small volume
nebulizer designed to convert a wide
range of commonly prescribed drugs from a
liquid into a fine aerosol suitable for inhalation.


Particle size (MMAD)1,2
Respirable fraction (% particles below 5 µm)1,3
Breath-enhanced performance
Shorter treatment times (6-9 mins)1,2
Reimbursement/HCPCS Code A7005
Reusable for 6 months
Frequently Asked Questions
Ventstream produces particles with an MMAD of 3 micronswhich is shown to be the drug dose particle size thatproduces maximum efficacy.
Ventstream makes available less non-respirable drug to themouth and helps eliminate tasting the drug.
The device is used in a similar way as any other nebulizer. The patient should sit upright and breathe normally throughthe mouthpiece.
Ventstream comes pre-assembled and ready to use.
After each treatment, wash the Ventstream in warm soapywater, rinse and allow to dry.
Once per week, boil in water with a couple of drops of liquiddetergent for 6-10 minutes or clean in the top rack of thedishwasher and then allow to dry.
Each unit is guaranteed for 6 months.
Ventstream's superior performance is supported bypublished data.1-2 See our product specification sheet for details.
Ventstream is suitable for delivery of bronchodilators, Ventstream has been tested and approved with the Respironics Inspiration® 626 Compressor. Ventstream willwork efficiently when powered by a compressor thatproduces a flow rate of 6 lpm and a pressure of 12 psi.
Yes. Ventstream can be used with any nebulizer mask, suchas the Respironics Pediatric and Adult Masks available inthree sizes for ages infant through adult.
1. Hardaker L. Respironics Inspiration® 626 Compressor and Various Respironics and Ventstream are registered trademarks and "People. Products.
Manufacturers' Nebulisers Comparative Testing. Data on file, Profile Programs." is a service mark of Respironics, Inc. and its affiliates. PARI LC Therapeutics (Operations) Limited, June 2001. 2. PARI LC Plus® Reusable Plus® is a registered trademark of PARI Respiratory Equipment Inc.
Nebulizer Product Specification Literature (ML-22-819 REV 1 8/03). Data onfile 2003, PARI Respiratory Equipment, Inc., Midlothian, VA. 3. Smaldone GCet al. In vitro determination of inhaled mass and particle distribution for budesonide nebulizing suspension. J Aerosol Med 1998; 11: 113-125. CAUTION: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or licensed healthcare professional.
Respironics Europe: +33-(0) 1-55-60-19-80 2004 Respironics, Inc. and its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Respironics Asia Pacific: +81-3-5280-9611

Source: http://testing.abc-supplies.co.uk/PDF/Philips/VentstreamFAQ.pdf


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