Electrocardiogram, or ECG or
EKG: the heart’s rhythm is mapped
Holter monitor: a recorder worn
on the outside for a few days. Electrical successfully reach the ventricles; instead NORMAL HEART RHYTHM
they get "stuck" in the AV node.
Portable event monitor (loop
(atria) and then contraction of its lower Common causes:
chambers (ventricles). The contraction of the heart occurs because of the electrical Transtelephonic monitor: two
top chamber, called the right atrium.
Less frequent causes:
At least 10 percent of persons with atrial travels to the brain, the result may be a fibrillation do not have other heart dis- seven times greater risk of stroke. Clots atria into the ventricles. Again, the elec- ■ AF reduces the ability of the heart to cent. Ultimately, this may result in heart AF increases with age, particularly after ■ Chronic atrial fibrillation may lead to monary veins, send oxygen-rich bloodfrom the lungs back into left atrium and ATRIAL FIBRILLATION SYMPTOMS
■ Palpitations - the heart may suddenly ATRIAL FIBRILLATION
ications, changes in lifestyle, heart proce- factors such as severity of symptoms.
■ An uncomfortable feeling in the chest Texas Cardiovascular Arrhythmia Institute ■ (512) 544-2342 (544-AFIB) ■ Toll-Free: 1 877-887-7737 ■ MEDICATIONS
ablation, pulmonary vein isolation, abla- DEVICE THERAPY
tion of the AV node, or device therapy.
Implantable atrial defibrillator:
heart rhythm, slow the heart rate or pre- Electrical Cardioversion
improves symptoms, it does not cure AF.
electrical shock on the chest wall so that ■ Permanent Pacemaker: A pace-
Catheter Ablation
are effective in 30 to 60 percent of cases, with chronic AF that cannot be effective- Studies indicate that most atrial fibrilla- are having heart surgery to correct other of accurately placed incisions in the right and left atria, which direct the electrical physiologist to visualize the left atrium.
they lower the risk of stroke they do not other catheter delivers the radiofrequen- cy energy to ablate (create lesions) out- energy sources (rather than incisions) to types of activities, those activities should create lesions, which causes scar tissue not be performed. If alcohol is a factor, scar surrounding the pulmonary veins.
it may be important to cut down intake.
This scar blocks electrical impulses from Caffeine intake should be reduced if it is catheter that heats the tissue and creates procedure, the catheters are inserted into ■ Cryothablation (use of cold to create TREATMENT: PROCEDURES
may not correct the AF or control it ade- tions. Because it is not the most desired treatment option, it is not often used to include electrical cardioversion, catheter desired treatment option, it is not oftenused to treat AF.


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FARLEY COMMUNITY CHURCH YOUTH MINISTRY, HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA 2013 HEALTH AND LIABILITY RELEASE FORM – FOR YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS (This form is for youth and young adults, up through age of 20. If your parents insure you, you should use this form.) Name_____________________________Birthdate________________Age_______Home Phone_______________ Address, C-S-Z__________________________

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