Microsoft powerpoint - us18650vtc4 techdata_20120620_r0.

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
Technical Information
Revision 0.1
29th June 2012
Model Number
Cell Type
Cell Name
Sony Code
Sony Energy Devices Corporation
Device Solutions Business Group / Sony Corporation
1. General
2. Performance
1.1 Name and Code
at room temperature,2.5V cut off
1.1.1 Model Number
: US18650VTC4
Nominal Capacity
average capacity
1.1.2 Cell Name
: US18650VTC4
(0.2C discharge)
3.70V (average
1.1.3 Sony Code
: 49922780
discharge voltage)
Rated Capacity
minimum capacity
1.2 Cell Shape and Weight
(0.2C discharge)
1.2.1 Cell Shape
: Cylindrical
Capacity at 1C
average capacity
1.2.2 Size (with plastic tube)
: Diameter
18.35mm max
65.20mm max
1.2.3 Weight
: 45.0g Average
Capacity at 10A
average capacity
1.3 Safety Regulation
Sony will acquire UL1642.
Nominal Voltage
12mΩ Typ.
measured by AC1kHz
60% Min. of
10A discharge
capacity at
500 cycles

* Standard Charge Condition
Charge Method
: constant current constant voltage
Charge Up Voltage
: 4.2± 0.05V
Charge Current
Charge Time
Ambient Temperature : 23oC
Charge Characteristics (US18650VTC4)
Discharge Load Characteristics (US18650VTC4)
Discharge : 23deg.C, 0.4A, 2A, 10A, 20A, 30A, 2.5V cut off Discharge Load Characteristics (US18650VTC4)
Charge : 23deg.C, 4.2V, 2A(CC/CV), 2.5hDischarge : 23deg.C, 0.4A, 2A, 10A, 20A, 30A, 2.5V cut off Temperature Dependence of Discharge Capacity (US18650VTC4)
Test ConditionCharge : 23deg.C, 4.2V, 2A(CC/CV), 2.5hDischarge : -20~60deg.C, 10A, 2.5V cut off Ambient Temperature during Discharge / deg.C Temperature Dependence of Discharge Curves (US18650VTC4)
Charge : 23deg.C, 4.2V, 2A(CC/CV), 2.5hDischarge : -20~60deg.C, 10A, 2.5V cut off Cycle Life Performance (US18650VTC4)
10A, 30A discharge
Test ConditionCharge : 23deg.C, 4.2V, 4A(CC/CV), 0.1A cut off Discharge : 23deg.C, 10A, 30A, 2.5V cut off (T cut off :75deg.C) Dimension with Plastic Tube: US18650VTC4
65.0 +0.2
r of Body

(Diameter of To
18.2 (Diam


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