Instructions For TacStar
T6 Tactical (6V Xenon) T6 Tactical LED T6 Baton (6V AA)
Built for Police, Military, Security Forces, Emergency Services and other Professionals Introduction
These compact flashlights produce an ultra bight beam by using Xenon and LED bulb technology. They are designed for easy one hand opera-
tion and are equipped with a dual-mode switch for constant-on or momentary-on use. The rugged bodies are manufactured by high precision
CNC machines using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for long lasting durability. The submersible flashlights, including the tail switches, are designed
to be water resistant in normal use. The lamp assembles are pre-focused at the factory to generate a light beam with precise focus.
To Insert Batteries
1. Remove the tail switch by turning counterclockwise until it detaches from the rear of the flashlight body.
2. Insert two CR-125A 3-volt lithium batteries (for T6 Xenon and T6 LED) or four 1.5-volt AA batteries (for the T6 Baton). For the T6 Xenon and
T6 Baton, insert batteries “+” end towards the head.
For the T6 LED, insert batteries “-” end toward the head.
3. Reinstall the tail switch on the rear of the flashlight by turning clockwise.
1. CONSTANT-ON: Turn the tail switch clockwise until the light is ON. Be sure that the lamp assembly and the head assembly are fully tightened
on the front end of the body.
2. MOMENTARY-ON: Turn the tail switch counter-clockwise approximately 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 turn until the light goes off. Press the rubber button on the end
of the tail switch to turn on the light and release the button to turn it off.
3. SAFETY LOCKOUT: Turn the tail switch counter-clockwise approximately 1⁄2 turn further to prevent the rubber button from functioning. This
prevents the light from accidentally being turned on.
Remove the batteries from the flashlight if it will not be used for an extended period of time.
Replacement of Lamp Assembly
T6 Xenon:
1. Check to be sure that the tail switch is turned to the OFF position.
2. Remove the head assembly by turning counter-clockwise until it detaches from the body.
3. Remove the lamp assembly by turning the knurled bulb assembly counter-clockwise until it detaches from the body.
4. Install a new lamp assembly by turning clockwise until it is fully seated into the body.
5. Reinstall the head assembly by turning clockwise until it is fully seated on the body.
T6 Baton:
1. Check to be sure that the tail switch is turned to the OFF position.
2. Remove the front lens section of the head assembly (just in front of the large grooved section) by turning
counter-clockwise until it detaches from the head assembly.
3. Lift out the bulb assembly.
Instructions For
4. Place a new bulb assembly into the head assembly.
5. Reinstall the front lens section onto the head assembly by turning clockwise until it is fully seated.
TacStar Tactical
One of the main advantages to the LED design is its extreme life versus a traditional bulb design. It will rarelyneed to be replaced. If a replacement is ever needed, unscrew the entire LED head assembly by turning count- T6 Tactical (6V Xenon)
er-clockwise. Reinstall a new head assembly by turning clockwise.
T6 Tactical LED
General Care and Maintenance
T6 Baton (6V AA)
1. Clean the o-rings and o-ring grooves with a soft clean cloth regularly to ensure that the seals are free of dirt.
2. Lubricate the o-rings by applying a light coat of clear silicon grease regularly.
3. Remove the tail switch and clean the threads on the body and inside of the tail switch with a soft clean cloth.
Batteries can explode or cause burns if shorted, disassembled, recharged or exposed to fire or high
temperature. Handle with care.
The flashlights produce a great deal of heat. Be sure that the flashlight is off when stored in a container or
pocket. If air cannot circulate around the flashlight to dissipate heat, the flashlight can overheat and cause dam-
age to itself or surrounding material, possibly even causing a fire.
Bulb: high pressure Xenon or LED
Battery Life: Approximately one hour for Xenon bulb. Approximately 90 minutes for LED.
Bulb Life: Approximately 10 hours for Xenon. Indefinite for LED.
Batteries: 3 volt CR-123A, DL-123A or other equivalent Lithium for T6 Tactical and T6 LED.
Parts and Availability
Replacement parts and accessories are available directly from Lyman and selected distributors. These include
the following:
T6 Tactical Xenon bulb assembly: Item #1081377
3-Volt Lithium Battery (2 Pack): Item #1081372PSEC Only (Pressure Switch End Cap) (Also can be used on Surefire 6P): Item #1081206 (Includes barrel mounts and hardware to mount on most guns): Item #1081481 TacStar is a division of Lyman Products Corp.
475 Smith Street, Middletown, CT 06457 1-800-423-9704 fax: 1-860-632-1699

Source: http://staffansvapen.se/produktfiler/t6.pdf


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