Who is SOMA?SOMA is an organisation that offers management services to Programmes and Projects in De- velopment Sector. Our Mission is to Transform Dreams into Deliverables. From its inception in 1992, SOMA has provided such services to a large number of organisations like State Govern- ments in India, UN organisations (e.g. UNDP, UNICEF), Bilateral organisations (like DFID, USAID), International NGOs (e.g. FHI) and other organisations. For more information, please What is SOMA Affiliate Programme?This programme invites individuals who have specific domain related competencies to work through SOMA in Programmes / Projects of their choice. Thus you could be a micro-credit specialist or a nature conservation specialist or a specialist in any of the domains in Development Why Affiliate Programme?Individuals who do not have an institutional base often find it difficult to apply for, obtain grant and implement Programmes/ Projects. Some individuals also might be working in institutions where such initiatives may not be feasible. SOMA Affiliate Programme brings an opportunity to these individuals to use their expertise and have the professional satisfaction of being involved in successful Programmes and Projects. Any Programme / Project needs a synergistic deployment of competencies in technical, financial and managerial areas. With progress in Development sector work there has been an explosion in the number of technical competencies which are sector specific. This has also led to a situation where a single institution may not have all the technical competencies in all the sectors.
Affiliate Programme has been designed to address this situation and ensure effectiveness and efficiency through collaborative working. In the context of Affiliate programme, SOMA plays the core function of ensuring best practices in Programme and Project management (including Financial Management) while the Affiliate brings in the domain specific technical competencies.
Thus if individuals with technical competence come into SOMA platform as Affiliates, the synergy brought in by SOMAs competence in Programme / Project Management could lead to more effective and efficient initiatives.
What could be the types of programmes/ projects? Both Research and Implementation Programmes/ Projects Programmes/ Projects in any sector within Social Sector Development (e.g. Health, Environment, Womens Empowerment, Panchay- ati Raj Institutions and many other sectors) It could be anywhere in India What types of grants can SOMA accept?SOMA can accept any grant that a Not For Profit organisation can accept. Since SOMA has a functioning FCRA account, it can accept and utilise foreign funds also.
What will the Affiliate get?In addition to a robust Programme / Project Management platform that has been tested out, the Associate will get - satisfaction of working on a professional and flexible platform where the goal is to achieve the Programme/ Project objectives - remuneration either through salaries (for full time involvement) or through consultancy fees (for part time involvement) - authorship rights Can there be more than one Affiliate for one initiative?Yes, certainly. If you would like to propose two or more Affiliates for a single initiative, it could be arranged provided each Affiliate brings in specific and unique competencies to the initiative.
Can individuals outside India become SOMA Affiliates?Yes. However the Programme/ Project should be implemented in India. An Affiliate could hold What is the next step?To become a SOMA Affiliate, you could start a dialogue by mailing to


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