Welcome from everyone at Dental Excellence and Smilefocus. We are pleased to provide you and your family with quality dental service in a comfortable environment. Our team of highly qualified local and expatriate dentists are here to give you a fabulous smile using the latest dental technology. We value our patients and our aim is to help you achieve the best 14 smile possible.In order to keep your mouth healthy, it is important to have regular check and cleaning
appointments. This allows the dentist to detect dental problems early, show you how to maintain good oral health, and discuss a treatment plan should there be any conditions that require follow up appointments. For patients who are having Orthodontic (braces) treatment, we recommend visits every 3 months with your regular dentist for a dental hygiene check and cleaning. In this way we can minimise the likelihood of decay and gum disease occurring in areas which are difficult to clean. For your convenience, you can call, email or visit our website, www.dentalexcellence.
to make an appointment. Attending to your dental health is not only good
for general health, but also important in maintaining your beautiful smile.
In general teeth are extremely strong, however there are ways they can be damaged through trauma, decay or excessive grinding. If a tooth has been weakened, it is important to save and strengthen it again to maintain a natural bite. A crown is often the best way to reinforce and save a tooth. Crowning is a dental procedure that covers or “caps” a tooth entirely. They can be made of either metal or porcelain or a combination of the two. The dentist will take into consideration the area in your mouth that needs a crown and the best solution to get the maximum aesthetic result. Precise Fit - Procera crowns maintain a precise fit,
with no black lines visible at the gums.
One of the latest developments is the Procera® all-ceramic crown. Although industrially produced Low Wear - The surface of the Procera porcelain
using computer-aided machines; Procera crowns is smooth therefore reducing wear to opposing are customized to ensure an accurate result. The Masks Discoloration - Stained or discolored teeth
enhanced translucence that mimics real teeth are easily masked by the crowns and will not thereby achieving a natural appearance. Some other advantages of Procera crowns include: Fracture Resistance - The underlying ceramic
Strength and Durability - They may be placed
core is exceptionally strong and comparable to on any tooth in the mouth including back teeth, conventional porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. which need to endure more pressure and stress If you need a new crown or require and old Cosmetic Aesthetics - Due to the optical
properties of the material used, Procera crowns appointment with your dentist to see if a Procera are highly esthetic and natural looking . crown is your solution. Now with the full range Biocompatible - The polished, gentle surface of
of modern dental procedures and treatment the Procera porcelain is biocompatible and kind available, why not have the best, most natural Dr Dennis Leong
B.D.S., M.S., Cert. Prosthodontics, MBA
Dr Leong is a Prosthodontist, a dentist with specialist training in crowns, veneers, implant
prostheses, full mouth reconstruction and aesthetic dentistry. Dr Leong completed his dental
degree in Singapore and attained a Master of Science degree as well as a Certification in
Prosthodontics at Northwestern University in Chicago, USA.
D E N T A L E X C E L L E N C E N E W S L E T T E R ( S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 6 ) F R O N T 14 The health of you mouth is a good indication of the Soft-tissue responses
overall health of your body. With regards to the use Mouth ulcers, inflammation or discoloration are a of medications, some - including vitamins, minerals, few common reactions the soft tissue can have with and herbals - can have a harmful effect on your oral prescriptions for blood pressure, oral contraceptives health. It is important to inform the dentist if your and some chemotherapy agents. The dentist may medical history has changed and give a list of all recommend an oral hygiene program to limit the medication you are taking including over-the- discomfort associated with such side effects. counter pills and prescription drugs. Here are some Abnormal bleeding
common side effects from medication that impact Reduced blood clotting is a common side effect with aspirin and anticoagulants - often prescribed Dry mouth
for heart disease and stroke patients. However, The most common side effect is Xerostomia or dry they can cause bleeding problems for a person mouth. Saliva is needed to help wash food particles who needs a tooth extracted or periodontal surgery.
off the teeth, keep the mouth relatively clean and Other conditions
assist with digestion. Some medications decrease Teeth discoloration is seen in patients who were saliva flow increasing the risk of tooth decay. exposed to tetracycline medicine during tooth Drinking plenty of water or chewing sugar-free development. A variety of dental treatment is candy or gum will help encourage the flow of saliva available to improve the appearance of stained and alleviate the discomfort of having a dry mouth.
teeth. Speak with your dentist to find out the best solution for you to have a beautiful smile.
As more drugs become available, patients should be aware that they may encounter side effects. Use prescription and over-the-counter medicine only as directed and visit the dentist if you notice any changes in your mouth. Talk to your dentist about the medication you are taking and how any reactions in the mouth may be alleviated. Morning breath can be blamed on your saliva. Bacteria in the mouth that breaks down food produce sulphur compounds in the process. These sulphur compounds give breath its terrible odour, which saliva normally dissolves away. During sleep, saliva flow is decreased considerably resulting in smelly morning breath. Brush your teeth and tongue and limit the intake of coffee and alcohol before sleeping to keep bad morning breath to a minimum.
Dr Sian Jenkin will be joining Dr Winston Tan Myohealth Clinic to pursue her special interest in oral surgery and oral medicine. She will also continue to see patients for general dentistry and for her other special interest in gum disease (periodontics.) Dr Jenkin will be based at The Myohealth Clinic at #10-02 Camden
Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard with
effect from 5th September 2006 and patients wishing to make an appointment with her
after this date should phone 68367986.
Congratulations to Sian and we wish her
every success in this new venture.
Dr Marcus Cooney and Associates Pte Ltd
Dr Marcus Cooney and Associates Pte Ltd
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