Have a plan

Charge rechargeable cellular phones, drills, flashlights, lanterns, batteries.
Have A Plan!
Get a two week supply of prescription drugs Secure your boat by adding an extra bridle or if possible remove it from the BEFORE THE START OF THE HURRICANE SEASON
Continue to monitor the news on the local stations. If the local stations go off the air tune into the Government Emergency Broadcast Station on FM 100.1 mHz Keep a two week supply of prescriptions and special medications.
Get shutters, siding or plywood in place on windows. If you have not prefitted ply Make sure at least one of your phones in your home doesn’t require electricity (e.g. Move vehicles out of flood-prone areas and away from trees. Park in garage or Check flashlights are functioning and radio batteries. Have extra on hand. Check Secure bikes indoors or in a safe place.
them every six months when you change your smoke detector batteries.
Move garbage cans, grills, patio furniture and potted plants into house or garage.
Keep a supply of candles and matches for after the storm. DON'T use candles or Clear yard of loose objects. If you want to do any last-minute pruning, you must take the clippings inside; trash pickup will have been suspended and you'll be creating a Have a supply of sterno fuel or camping fuel.
If you have space, store extra plywood, lumber, nails and other materials to secure Tie down anything you can't bring in.
Prepare your pool. Add extra chlorine to the water to prevent contamination.
Check fire extinguishers are fully charged or have a bucket of sand handy.
Turn off pool circulation pump and any other electrical apparatus.
If you have them check your generator and chainsaw are in operating order.
Submerging aluminum and plastic lawn furniture in the pool.
If you have to evacuate learn the locations of the nearest official shelters Secure TV antenna or Satellite dish.
Learn safe routes to the official shelters.
Secure anything inside your home that can be thrown around by the wind should a window break. Tape or tie cabinets. Remove items from window sills, counter and Check the up-chain and bridle of your boat mooring annually.
Practice your family plan to ensure it works Plug Down Pipes on the roof to prevent salt water contamination.
Check on neighbors, especially the elderly and infirmed Monitor the news on the local stations. Should they go off the air tune into the Government Emergency Broadcast Station on FM 100.1 mHz WHEN THE STORM IS HOURS AWAY
DON'T be misled by storm track predictions; strong winds could arrive hours before
Keep in touch with the news on the local stations. Should they go off the air tune into the Government Emergency Broadcast Station on FM 100.1 mHz Review emergency plans with your family. Practice where to go in the house as the hurricane intensifies.
It is now too late to do many things outside but there is still time to: • Residents living in low-lying areas, close to the water, make prior arrangements to move to another location or higher ground in case of an evacuation. Fill your tub and bottles with water.
If you plan to leave your house, start packing.
Prepare food and water according to suggestion provided in this guide.
Limit traveling to necessary trips. Do Not go far from home or your safe place.
Secure and brace external doors, especially double doors.
Fill up the fuel tank of your car or bike. Make sure you have a spare tire; buy aerosol Move as much of your contents as possible off the floor to limit flood damage.
Store valuables & personal papers (e.g. Insurance, medical records, passports etc.), • DON'T fill gasoline cans; they are a fire hazard. - - Check battery, water, and oil.
in a waterproof container on the on the highest level of your home.
DON'T leave your home or shelter until emergency officials (EMO) tell you it's safe.
Move furniture away from windows or cover with plastic.
You may only be in the eye, with half the storm - sometimes the stronger half - still Continue to listen to radio and television for instructions.
Stay off the roads. It's too late to get supplies, and you'll be competing with people If you're not at home, don't return until you get the all-clear. Roads may be blocked by debris. Wait to learn from broadcast reports or shelter officials which roads are Set refrigerator to highest setting to ensure food keeps if the power goes off.
Stay inside. Conditions will deteriorate rapidly, sometimes hours before landfall and Stay out of the way of Rescue workers. Do not hinder their efforts.
DON'T sightsee. Keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles.
Secure pets indoors or in protected locations elsewhere.
Driving will be treacherous. Roads may be filled with debris and downed power • DON'T attempt to check your boat once the winds have strengthened or the seas
lines. If your neighborhood floods during the storm, listen to the radio for instructions. Rising water may require you to leave even after the storm has passed.
Watch and listen for reports of storm-spawned tornadoes.
DON'T call police, emergency unless you have a life-threatening emergency.
Stay tuned to the news on the local stations. Should they go off the air tune into the Report downed power lines and power outages to utility officials at 955 Government Emergency Broadcast Station on FM 100.1 mHz. • DON'T touch power lines. Watch for downed lines. Assume all lines are live unless
Follow instructions if ordered to evacuate If you have lost your electricity open the refrigerator/freezer doors sparingly.
Watch your step. The area will be covered with broken glass and other debris. If • DON'T use telephone or electrical appliances.
damaged your home, your porch or tree limbs may be weakened and could give Remember to open one window a couple of inches on the leeward side of the building away from the approaching storm. If the 'eye' passes directly over the island Use your cell phones sparingly; they may be your only working phones. Battery life remember to switch windows as the winds will return from the opposite direction.
is limited. If you must call loved ones to let them know you're all right, be brief to free If storm becomes intense, retreat to designated interior hurricane safe room.
• If you fear your house will come down around you, get into a bathtub and place a If the electrical wiring in your house is damaged, turn off the electricity at the mains.
Make a list of damage to your house, contents car or boat. At the earliest If the power goes out leave a light switched on, so you will know when power is opportunity report any damage to your insurance company so that they can assist Check on neighbors, especially the elderly and infirmed • Sterilize or boil your drinking water (see the Water section below for details) If officials order an evacuation, leave as soon as possible Check for gas leaks. If you smell gas or hear a blowing or hissing noise, quickly leave the building and leave the doors open. If you have not already done so turn off external gas cylinders/gas main. Call the gas company, Police or the fire Service Turn off electricity and the main water valve FIRST AID KIT
Elevate furniture to protect it from flooding or move it to a higher floor Gauze, 2" x 2", Triangle Bandage, Elastic Bandage 4", Elastic Bandage 2" Take your pre-assembled emergency supplies and warm protective clothing Vaseline, Savlon Cream, Hydrogen Peroxide, Dermoplast / Bactine Avoid flooded roads and washed out bridges Tweezers, Instant Cold Pack, Ipecac Syrup, Eye Wash / Drops Eye Pads 2", Band Aids, Dressing, Strip, Aspirin or ibuprofen AFTER THE STORM
Absorbent Cotton, Scissors, Disposable Gloves, Adhesive Tape, Stay tuned to the news on either the local stations or the Government Emergency First Aid book", Smelling Salts, "Q" Tips, Thermometer, Swabs, Absorbent Lint, Mercurochrome, Air Way Tube, Alcohol, Iodine Small Trash bags, Safety Pins, “Mosquito repellant” FAMILY PLAN
Discuss the type of hazards that could affect your family. How Bottled water (one gallon per day per preson) vulnerable is your home to storm surge, flooding and wind.
Designate a safe room or the safest areas in your home for each hurricane hazard. In certain circumstances the safest areas may not Canned and powdered milk (you'll need extra water) be your home but within your community. Learn the location of the Beverages (powdered or canned, fruit juices, instant coffee, tea) Prepared foods (canned soups, beef, spaghetti, tuna, chicken, ham, corned beef hash, fruit cocktail, Establish escape routes from your home and places to meet.
Have a single point of contact for all your family members.
Make a plan now for what to do with your Pets if you need to Snacks (crackers, cookies, hard candy, nuts) Post emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children know how and when Snack spreads (peanut butter, cheese spreads, jelly) Check your insurance policies for wind, flood and rain coverages.
Stock non-perishable Foods and an Emergency Kit.
Have an FM radio tuned to 100.1 mHz. Remember to replace its battery every 6 months, as you do with Make sure everyone knows the location of electrical, water and gas shut-offs as well as how and when to shut them off.”Practice your family plan to ensure it works EMERGENCY SHELTERS”
Cedarbridge Academy Gymnasium, 1 Cedarbridge Lane, Prospect, DevonshireBerkeley Institute Gymnasium, Berkeley Hill Road, Pembroke EMERGENCY KIT
Flashlights, extra bulbs & batteries
Battery-operated FM radio & batteries Battery-operated lanterns, extra bulbs & batteries or propane lantern Sterno, Propane or similar cooking unitClock (wind-up or battery-operated) Working fire extinguishers or bucket of sand waterproof containers for important paperwork.
If you are using water from your tank and you think it is contaminated disinfect it with 5.24% sodium An inexpensive rabbit-ears television antenna to use if cable goes out hypochlorite (household chlorine bleach). If there are other active ingredients in your household bleach do not use it. Use the following proportions: Diapers, baby wipes,Pet supplies, food, water, kitty litter, medications Quantity
Water is clear
Water is cloudy
4 x 8 foot sheets of plywood 5/8" to 1/2". Ask for exterior plywood.
Plastic sheeting and Canvas tarpsRope, Screws, Nails.
Duct tape to water proofing items. Masking tape isn't strong enoughSturdy working gloves, Bucket

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