Frequently Asked Questions – Consumer Complaint Portal
1. What is the Consumer Complaint Portal? It is an electronic way to register a
complaint with the Bureau of Insurance. You may:
• Electronically upload documents to support your complaint • View an electronic document (file) uploaded by the Bureau of Insurance Consumer
You must have a valid e-mail address to complete the account registration which gives you
access to the portal. We will communicate with you at the email address you use to set up
your account; therefore, you should use an email address that is not likely to change.

2. How do I know my complaint was recorded with the Commission?
When you
complete the submission process on-line, you should immediately see a message on the
page “Your complaint has been successfully submitted.” It will give you a complaint ID
number. Additionally:
• You will be sent a confirmation email to the address on your account. • You may log into the Portal and view your Complaint Submission History, there is a list of complaints you submitted using the portal.
3. How do you communicate with me? For Portal-submitted complaints, emails are sent
when there are updates to your complaint that may be viewed on the Portal. All emails are
sent to the email address you used to establish your Portal account The following events
and activities trigger emails to you:
• A confirmation email when a complaint is successfully set up on the Portal. • The Bureau staff posts a comment for you. • The Bureau staff uploads an electronic document or file to your complaint.
4. I submitted a complaint on the portal but have not received an email.
Check the
• Check your spam filter. Emails are sent with this “From” address: Virginia BOI
[[email protected]]. Take steps to allow emails from us.
• Log in to the Portal and check that your complaint is listed. Use your email address • Call the Bureau of Insurance Consumer Services for assistance The numbers are: o Toll-free: 1-877-310-6560 o Life and Health Consumer Services Section: (804) 371-9691 o Property and Casualty Consumer Services Section: (804) 371-9185 5. What options are there for sending supporting documentation? You may:
• Upload electronic copies to the portal after you have created an account and submitted your complaint information. (This option is available only if you filed your complaint on-line.) o Life and Health Consumer Services at (804) 371-9944 o Property and Casualty Consumer Services at (804) 371-9349 • Mail documents to: State Corporation Commission, Virginia Bureau of Insurance, 6. I received an email saying a document or a comment was added to my complaint,
how do I find it?
Access the portal to review it. Follow these steps:
• Log in to the Portal. Your Workspace page will be displayed listing your complaint(s) • Beside the complaint on the right in the Action column, there are 2 links—Comments • Select the one you are looking for and you will be taken to a list of all that have been added to the complaint by you and the Commission personnel. • Select the one you wish to review and it will open. 7. I forgot my password. There is a link on the Portal Login page that allows you to reset
it. You will be sent an email from this address:with
instructions on completing the process. You must complete it within 30 minutes or you will
need to repeat the process.
8. What is the password format? - The password requirements are as follows:
• Must have at least 1 lower case and 1 upper case character(s)
9. My login and account information have changed and I have an open complaint.
You may change most of your account information on the Portal; however, the Bureau staff
is not notified of the change. You must notify us if we need to correct the way we
communicate with you.
My name or address on my login account is not correct. Notify the Bureau if
you have an open complaint. Put a comment on your electronic complaint record; that will notify staff. • My email address on my Portal Account has changed. Call the Bureau. We
will work with you to make sure communication continues to the correct address.
10. What types of files are acceptable to upload? The following file types (extensions)
• Images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tif, .tiff)


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