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WEB ADVICE: This advice is meant to be information that you can use at
your own discretion and to possibly save you a phone call. However,
please call us if you still have questions or have any other concerns.
Before the vaccine era, there were 3-4 million cases of measles each year in the
world. In the early 90’s a measles resurgence in LA County affected 440 people
and cost the city of LA 3 lives and 1.7 million dollars. The recent outbreak of
Pertussis in California caused 5 deaths in LA alone among 1337 cases
throughout the state. Fortunately, vaccines usually do not cause serious side
effects however you should be aware of some common reactions seen with the
vaccines your child is receiving.
Please see the respective vaccine information sheets within this website for
specific information regarding each vaccine we offer. You can also see our
clinics specific vaccination schedule within our website as well.

Most common reactions seen after getting vaccines
No reaction at all
Fever for 2-3 days, can be up to 102 especially with Prevnar 13. It is OK to treat
the fever with the appropriate dose of tylenol. Please see our dosage table
within this website for specific instructions. If your child is less than 2 months of
age, please call us for the dose. Your child should feel better in about 30 minutes
of taking tylenol.
Fussiness for 2-3 days
Redness at the site of the injection for 2-3 days. DTaP can cause the whole side
of the injection site (thigh or arm) to become red, swollen and hot. This usually
bothers the parents more than the child. If your child is happy, no need to do
Lump/knot under the site of the injection that can be present for weeks to
months. This is most often seen with TDaP, the tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis
vaccine at the 11 year old physical.
MMR and Varicella vaccines can give a fever or rash or both 1-2 weeks AFTER
the date of the injection
The rash after the MMR vaccine looks like small red bumps that may cover your child from head to toe, but are most common on the torso. The rash should not bother your child, is not contagious, and will self-resolve in about 1 week. The rash after the varicella vaccine can look like mild chicken pox (a few clear fluid bumps on a red base). Because the rash is so mild, it should not bother your child.
To make your child more comfortable:
Appropriate dosing for Tylenol is available on our website
You can also place a cool compress on the vaccination site or do nothing at all.
Either way the redness, heat or knot will all go away on its own.
You can also use Benadryl or topical 1% hydrocortisone for any itching. This
usually goes away in 2-3 days. Appropriate Benadryl dosages are available on
our website as well.
Call our office if:
High Fever (>102) for >72 hours
Inconsolable despite giving pain relievers (Tylenol/Motrin)



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