2011 – 5
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Het ideale boek : honderd jaar
private press in Nederland, 1910
- 2010. Paul van Capelleveen.[et
Illuminations : 54 Esposizione
Internazionale d'Arte. Giovanni
Turning pages : editorial design
for print media. Introduction and
Post monument : XIV Biennale
Internazionale di Scultura di
Carrara. Edited by Fabio Cavallucci:
Publish your photography book.
Expressionism in philosophy :
Spinoza. Gilles Deleuze ; Translated
Behind the zines : self-publishing
culture. Edited by Robert Klanten,
Originally published in France as "Spinoza et la problème de 'expression", Les Éditions de Philosophy and simulation : the
emergence of synthetic reason.
Frieze Art Fair : Yearbook 2010-
2011/434 ,1,DE:L"2011 Met index. A thousand years of nonlinear
Met artists, gallery and magazine index. history. Manuel Delanda
Frieze Art Fair : Yearbook 2011-
Bracha L. Ettinger : Fragilization
Met artists, gallery and magazine index. and resistance. Tero Nauha, Akseli
Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial),
2011 : Isimsiz ( 12. Istanbul
Bienali), 2011. Introduction Jens
Pleidooi voor het treuzelen : over
verbeelding en andere
genoegens : essays. Peter Delpeut
Example: Switzerland :
unbounding and crossing over as
art. edited by Roman Kurzmeyer and
Haunts of the black masseur : the
.With the rise of the classic avant-garde in the swimmer as hero. Charles
early twentieth century, a process of expanding the concept of the work of art began and has lasted to this day. Ever since, the issues of space and time in art have been discussed worldwide. This publication is a geographically specific narrative set within this development. It does not, however, depict a A lustrous examination of life in the water certain scene or art movement. Rather, it uses from Percy Bysshe Shelley to Esther Williams. paintings, drawings, photographs, A dizzying cultural history of water worship installations, and objects to make it possible to see the general meaning behind the Suspensions of perception :
concepts of working with space in relatively attention, spectacle, and modern
culture. Jonathan Crary
Being watched : Yvonne Rainer
and the 1960s. Carrie Lambert-
If you want, we'll travel to the
moon together : twaalf
How Yvonne Rainer's art shaped new ways of verkenningen van kunst en
watching as well as performing; how it globalisering. Redactie Judith
connected 1960s avant-garde art to politics Cartographies of time. Daniel
Façade. Nathalie Faber
Angst : hat grosse Augen.
Artsway's new forest pavilion : a
The human clay : an exhibition
collateral event of the 53rd
selected by RB Kitaj. Introduction
international art exhibition - la
biennale di Venezia.
Kolekcija : sztuki XX w. : w
Human condition : Mitgefühl und
Muzeum Sztuki w Lodzi.
Selbstbestimmung in prekären
Zeiten = Human condition :
empathy and emancipation in
Met biografie, bibliografie en index. precarious times. Adam
Polish art of the 70s. Lukasz
Hybrid ciy : a designresearch-
The following titles in this series
project that explores the
are added to the library
different layers of the city.
Alexander Kluge : he has the
heartless eyes of one loved
above all else
NJP Reader : Contributions to an
Artistic Anthropology. Jin Jung,
Mario Bellatin : the hundred
thousand books of Bellatin
The listening eye: taking notes
after Gauguin
Parabrisas : interventions Belo
Romaine Moreton : poems from a
Horizonte / Brasil en Córdoba /
Cornelius Castoriadis.
Suely Rolnik : archive mania
Trading places: Back + Forth.
Texts & editing: Danielle van Zuijlen, Mariana Castillo Deball & Roy
Wagner : coyote anthropology ; a
conversation in words and
voice of . : public opinion-
Alighiero Boetti's one hotel
forming as citizenship? the word
is the individual's!. ed. Freek
Mario Garcia Torres : a few
questions regarding the
hesitance at choosing between
bringing a bottle of wine or a
bouquet of flowers
Woud zonder genade. Redactie:
Bifo-Franco Berardi : ironic ethics
Griselda Pollock : allo-
thanatography or allo-auto-
biography: a few thoughts on one
painting in Charlotte Salomon's
As a prelude to the 2012
Leben? oder Theater?, 1941-42
exhibition, dOCUMENTA (13) and
Hatje Cantz are publishing a
Mariam & Ashraf Ghani :
series of notebooks, 100 Notes –
Afghanistan: a lexicon.
100 Thoughts, that is comprised
of facsimiles of existing
Pamela M. Lee : illegibility
notebooks, commissioned
essays, collaborations, and
Dough Ashford, Julie Ault : Group
material AIDS timeline.
SF: speculative fabulation and
string figures
Nalini Malani & Arjun Appadurai :
the morality of refusal
On May 13-14th, 2011 the Archeology of Photography Foundation in Warsaw, Poland, De wetten van de bouwkunst :
organises an interdisciplinary conference Nederlandse architectuurboeken
dedicated to the practice and theory/critique in de negentiende eeuw. Petra
of the photographic archive. The conference is in the frame of “PhotoRegister” project. In the wake of the “archival turn” that took place in the last 15 years or so, there seems to be an urgent need to reflect on the role of the photographic archive in Central and Eastern Europe, not only for the humanities, but also Bridges : the science and art of
in the context of art and politics – on the the world's most inspiring
perspectives it opens and the dangers it structures. David Blockley
Artists in residence show. Milovan
Farronato, Angela Vettese

Cutting edges : contemporary
collage. Edited by Robert Klanten,
Re-tooling Residencies : a closer
look at the mobility of art
professionals. Edited by Anna Ptak
Biënnale van de schilderkunst :
het sublieme voorbij.
Frank Gehry in Toronto :
transforming the Art Gallery of
Pintura além da pintura =
Ontarrio. Featuring photographs by
Pintura más allá de la pintura =
Painting beyond Painting. Marco
Belo Horizonte: CEIA, Centro de Experimentacao e Informacao de Monographies
Pavel Althamer. Roman Kurzmeyer,
Amsterdam : stad van foto's.
Becky Beasley :Thomas Bernard
Malamud. Texts: Lydia Davis.[et
The archive as project : the
poetics and politics of the
(photo)archive. edited by Krzysztof
Paralelo Benet Rossell.
Maze de Boer.
Aisha Khalid : pattern to follow.
John Cage. edited by Julia Robinson
The texts include discussions of Cage's work in the context of the New Music scene in Aisha Khalid : portraits &
Germany in the 1950s; Yvonne Rainer's essay vortexes. Editors Amna Tirmizi
looking back on Cage and New York experimentalism of the 1960s; a complex and original mapping of Cage's place in a wider avant-garde genealogy that includes Le Corbusier and Moholy-Nagy; a musicologist's account of Cage's process of defining and formalizing his concept of indeterminacy; and an analysis of Cage's project that considers his Reading Susanne Kriemann.
strategies of self-representation as key to his edited by Hans Dickel & Lisa Puyplat unique impact on modern and postmodern art. Florian Dombois : What are the
places of danger : works 1999-
Susanne Kriemann. Texte: Thomas
2009. Intr. by Philippe Pirotte
Published to accompany the GASAG Art Prize Juan Downey : the invisible
Donna Haraway's expanded
benefits package. Matthew Lutz-
A key protagonist in the New York art scene of Zine accompanying a performance in the New the 1970s and 1980s, Downey combined Museum New York, september 16, 2011. anthropological documentary style. His later Mike Nelson : British pavilion.
work emphasized visual metaphor, collage-like techniques and non-linear narrative to explore European mythology and the roots of Latin American identity. Containing interviews with Downey's family, friends and fellow artists Ernesto Neto : Intimacy. Gunnar
such as Trisha Brown, Luis Camnitzer, Jon Hendricks, Alfredo Jaar, Les Levine, Antoni Muntadas and Bill Viola, this publication includes the first scholarly anthropological reading of Downey's seminal series Video Trans Americas by renowned author Michael Gabriel Orozco. edited by Yve-Alain
Gelitin : all together now. Jos van
Gabriel Orozco's work is sometimes considered uncategorizable; but his sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, and installations are unified by their devotion to the antispectacular, to the everyday, and to the explorations of complexities that are not Ad de Jong : help young worlds.
immediately obvious. Orozco (born in Mexico in 1962) pays meticulous attention to what he calls the "liquidity of things" as seen in mundane and evanescent objects and elements of everyday life—the momentary fog on a polished piano top, a deflated football, tins of cat food balanced on watermelons, light through leaves, the screech of a tire, chess pieces on a chessboard. "People forget that I want to disappoint," he has said. "I use that Martha Wilson's career encapsulates the word deliberately. I want to disappoint the contestations of feminist and socially engaged expectations of the one who waits to be art. In her work and throughout her life, amazed. When you make a decision someone Wilson has explored how identity and is going to be disappointed because they think positioning are not merely given, self-defined they know you. It is only then that the poetic or projected, but also negotiated. The complex nature of her work encompasses conceptually- based performances, videos and photo-text compositions since the early 1970s. Martha Acantilado (Sobre condiciones de
Wilson Sourcebook is a collection of primary trabajo) : un proyecto de video
research materials consisting of rare archival de Jesus Palomino. Maria Peña
documents and excerpts of landmark publications that influenced Wilson. Private Wurm. Karin Altman
Diego Perrone.
Irene Kopelman : 50 metres
distance or more : notes on
representation; Volume 4.
Willem Reijers. Roel Arkesteijn
Notes on Representation Volume 4. A collection of drawings and texts by Irene Kopelman, gathered during a journey to the Met biografie, bibliografie en index. Antarctic from January 6-26th 2010, aboard the expedition sailboat Spirit of Sydney. Donna Stolz in transit. J. Lukas
Henri Jacobs : mutter zoon
daughter petite fille :
Alina Szapocznikow : sculpture
undone 1955-1972. Introduction
De stoel van Rietveld : Rietveld's
chair. Marijke Kuper, Lex Reitsma
In a time fleece : a publication
about Bassam Ramlawi. Mounira
Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor :
all power to the imagination!.
On 29 of November 2007, Mounira Al Solh was named the winner of the W.F.C. Uriôt Martha Wilson sourcebook : 40
years of reconsidering
Lyonel Feininger : at the edge of
performance, feminism,
the world. Barbara Haskell
arternative spaces. edited by
American Art, 2011 2011/495 ,75,FEININGER,5 Recognized for his remarkable synthesis of Didier Fiuza Faustino :
Expressionist and Cubist techniques, Lyonel flesh/bones.
Feininger (1871-1956) has long been considered a leading modern artist in Germany. In his native United States, he is less well known. This comprehensive survey, which examines the artist's broad-ranging Judith van IJken : mimicry. essay
interests and influences including his involvement in German Expressionism and the Bauhaus, will reintroduce his art to American Imran Qureshi : blessings upon
Paul Kooiker : China base.
the land of my love. Edited by
Sharon Lockhart : lunch break.
Wilhelm Sasnal. Dominic Eichler,
Wiebke Siem : Kleider, Hüte,
Teresa Margolles : frontera.
Taschen, Schuhe.
Interfaces : portraiture and
communications. ed. Gerardo
Praneet Soi :" . when you cut
into the present, the future leaks
out"!. Charles Esche, Ranjit Hoskote
Richard Prince : collected
writings. Edited and with
Nicolaas Verkolje (1673-1746) :
de fluwelen hand. Red. Paul Knolle,
Face contact. curator Gerardo
Anna Artaker : secession. Anna
Rosa Barba : white is an image.
Rosa Barba interrogates and decontextualizes Gerard Fieret (1924-2009). Frans
the language of mainstream moviemaking through the medium of film itself and in sculptural installations. This selection of film stills, preproduction sketches and photographs illustrates Barba's preoccupation with the truth claims of mass-circulated cultural artifacts. Fantastisch : observaties over
kunst en werkelijkheid.
Amsterdam: Arbeiderspers, 2010
2011/448 ,82,BARNAS,7
De kaart en het gebied. Michel
Houellebecq ; vertaling Martin de
Amsterdam: Arbeiderspers, 2010
2011/477 ,82,HOUELLEBECQ,1
Een portret van Paul Citroen.

Regie: Paul Kramer
: Ned 2, AVRO, Close up, 2011

Ann Veronica Janssens : los van
de materie.
Regie Jan Blondeel
Brussel: Belgie 2, Canvas, 2011

David Hockney : het grotere

: Ned 2, AVRO, Close up, 2011

Wim Delvoye : Knockin'on
heaven's door.

Brussel: Belgie 2, Canvas, 2011
In het atelier van Mondrian.
Regie: François Levy-Kuentz
: AVRO, Close up, 2011

The saints. 6 films by Amy Granat,
with Fia Bckström, Jutta Koether,
Amy O'Neill, Mai-Thu Perret, Angel
: Les presses du réel, 2008

Andrei Rublev. A film by Andrei
Londen: Artificial eye, 1966

Liste 16 : the young art fair in

Basel: , 2011

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■ Le service économique hebdomadaire du design Lundi 4 juin 2007 > page 1 Design fax 573 R E N D E Z - V O U S Le salon « Meuble Paris » «bien entendu» un des acteurs du salon. «Aujourd’hui, les chosessont claires. Il ne s’agit plus de courir après la survie d’un salon du> Design et services numéri- meuble. Il s’agit d’une course à la qualité p

De jarige - uit waar het geld bleef

Canty - Geld3.bw 29-04-2009 10:14 Pagina 141 De jarige Zaterdagavond in de Sip ’n’ Dip: Piano Pat loeit haar vijf-endertigduizendste vertolking van ‘Take Me Home,Country Roads’ terwijl studenten en studentes – voor dekerst thuisgekomen en er tot nieuwjaar gestrand – aande piano slurpen van hun mixdrankjes en meezingen. Het is tien uur of halfelf en buiten komt de sneeuw metpakken na

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