Microsoft word - medicines 2010.doc

Medicines for Passover 2010/5770
This list has been compiled by Rabbi A
Adler BPharm MRPharms, a practising
pharmacist, in consultation with the
food technologists of the London Beth
General points regarding medication
for Passover:
• In general all solid dose tablets and Califig contain actual Chametz and should P Bisacodyl
• Many liquid and chewable preparations contain ingredients such as sorbitol and NP Califig
This includes sugar free antibiotic liquids D Celevac
• Inedible creams, ointments and inhalers P Dulcolax
D Duphalac
P Eliminease
Do not alter any prescribed
medication without consulting a
P Fibresure
P Fybogel
P Ispagel
D Lactulose
NP Laxoberal
NP Lepicol
P Manevac
KLBD Certified for Passover by
P Normacol
NP Picolax
NP Regulan
NP Regulose
NP Nicorette
NP Senokot
NK Nicotinell
P Senokot
NP Nicotinell
D Senokot
P Chapstick
P Galpseud
NP Beechams
NP Benylin
P Benylin
NP Medised
NK Bronalin
NP Bronalin
P Bronalin
NP Buttercup
P Mucodyne
P Otrovine
P Galcodine
P Galenphol
NP Robitussin
P Sinotar
P Galpseud
P Sinutabs
NP Dioralyte
NP Sudafed
P Dioralyte
P Imodium
P Sudafed
NP Tixylix
NP Imodium
NP Uniflu
D Normaloe
NP Rehidrat
NP Dextro
P Glucogel
NP Lucozade
NP Allerief
P Zincomed
P Benadryl
NP Benadryl
P Benadryl
P Cetirizine
P Bracemate
P Chlorpheniramine
P Cushion
P Chlorpheniramine
P Dentomycin
NP Clarityn
P Clarityn
P Dentuhold
P Daneral
P Dentural
P Haymine
P Fixodent
NP Hismanal
P Fixodent
P Hismanal
P Fixodent
NP Neoclarityn
P Fixodent
P Neoclarityn
P Periochip
P Periactin
NP Phenergan
P Phenergan
P Piriton
P Piriton
P Polident
P Tavegil
P Telfast
P Steradent
P Vallergan
P Steradent
P Vallergan
P Steradent
NP Zirtek
P Wernets
Due to the large number in the market it individual preparations. However all liquid P Diocalm
formulated with lactose. These should be NP Mucogel
NP Pepcid
NK Remegel
NP Rennie
NP Rennie
NK Altacite
NP Rennie
NK Altacite
NP Rennie
NK Rennie
NP Rennie
P Antepsin
P Antepsin
NP Asilone
NP Slippery
NP Asilone
NP Tagamet
NP Asilone
NP Tagamet
NP Benefiber
P Tagamet
P Bisodol
P Buscopan
NP Windeze
P Carbellon
P Zanprol
P Cytotec
P Gastrocote
NP Zantac
NP Gastrocote
NK Gavilast
P Dentinox
NP Gaviscon
P Infacol
P Instant
NP Nestargel
NP Woodwards
The products listed here as suitable for though in most cases contain kitniot. It is P Kolanticon
NP Maalox
NP Maalox
NP Maalox
NP Merbentyl
NP Merbentyl
D Alicalm
D Alitraq
P Aminogran
D Fresubin
D Generaid
D Infantrini
D Introlite
NP Isoleucine
P Calogen
NP Isosource
P Calogen
NP Caloreen
NP Clinutren
D Ketocal
NP Clinutren
P Liquigen
NP Clinutren
P Maxijul
NP Clinutren
P Maxijul
NP Complan
NP Complan
NP Complan
NP Modulen
P Dialamine
D Monogen
P Nutilus
P Nutricia
P Nutricia
D Nutrini
D Nutrini
NP Nutrini
D Enshake
D Nutrini
D Nutrison
D Nutrison
D Nutrison
Flavours containing E120 should be D Nutrison
D Nutrison
NP Nutrison
D Forticare
NP Forticreme
P Nutrison
D Fortijuice
D Nutrison
D Fortimel
D Osmolite
D Fortini
D Osmolite
NP Fortini
D Fortisip
D Paediasure
D Fortisip
NP Paediasure
D Fortisip
P Paediatric
NP Fortisip
P Pectigel
NP Fortisip
NK Pepdite
NK Pepdite
D Frebini
P Peptamen
D Frebini
P Peptamen
P Peptamen
D Fresubin
D Fresubin
D Peptisorb
D Perative
D Fresubin
NP Polycal
NP Polycal
D Fresubin
P Polycose
NP Biotene
D ProSure
D Protifar
NP Chlorhexidine
P Provide
D Pulmocare
NP Corsodyl
NP Corsodyl
NP Reconvan
D Renilon
NP Dentyl
P Resource
NP Dentyl
NP Resource
NP Eludril
NP Eludril
NP En-De-Kay
NP Resource
NP Resource
NP Resource
NP Fluorigard
D Scandishake
NP Fluorigard
NP Sondalis
NP Glandosane
NP Sondalis
NP Sondalis
NP Stresson
D Suplena
D Supportan
D Survimed
D Tentrini
P Tentrini
NP Tentrini
NP Macleans
NP Valine
NP Merocet
NP Nigroids
NP Avomine
NP Oraldene
NK Kwells
NP Paradontax
NP Motilium
P Motilium
NP Retardex
NP Retardex
P Stemetil
NK Saliva
P Stemetil
NP Salivix
NP Stugeron
NP Theramed
KLBD Zohar
used, as other contain ingredients which PAIN KILLERS
P Nurofen
P Panadeine
NP Panadeine
NP Panadol
P Panadol
NP Paracetamol
P Paracetamol
P Aspirin
NP Paraclear
NP Paracodol
NP Brufen
P Paramol
P Phensic
P Propain
P Quinine
NP Crampex
P Quinine
NP Cuprofen
NP Resolve
NP Resolve
P Sainsbury'SParacetamol Caplets
P Cuprofen
P Disprin
P Solpadeine
P Disprin
P Disprin
P Disprin
P Solpadol
P Solpadol
P Feminax
NP Solpadol
P Fenopron
P Solpaflex
P Synflex
P Ibuprofen
P Imigran
P Veganin
P Indomethacin
P Voltarol
NP Jointace
P Librofem
P Migraleve
NP Calpol
NP Calpol
P Nurofen
NP Calprofen
P Nurofen
NP Nurofen
NP Disprol
NP Fenpaed
NP Nurofen
P Nurofen
NP Orbifen
S Highfield
NP Natrasleep
S Highfield
NP Abidec
P Sominex
P Anbesol
NK Becosym
P Blistex
NP Becosym
NP Bonjela
NP Benerva
NP Bonjela
NP Berocca
NP Biovital
NP Fungilin
NP Medigel
NP Calcia
NK Medigel
P Pyralvex
NP Rinstead
NP Calcichew
NP Soothagel
NP Soothake
NP Calcium
NP Soothake
NP Centrum
NP Centrum
Lozenges & Throat Sweets usually contain NK Collagen
ingredients such as glucose, which may be P Confiance
NP Cytacon
NP Cytacon
NP Dalivit
NP Detoxil
NP Efalex
NP Effico
NP Calgel
NP Ephynal
NP Dentinox
NP Dinnefords
NP Feroglobin
P Ferrocontin
P Ferrograd
P Fersaday
NP Fersamal
P Fersamal
NK Floradix
The following are supervised for Passover NP Floradix
S Highfield
NP Foresight
NP Galfer
NK Glucosamine
Best avoided but in cases of medical need NP Wellman
a rabbi should be consulted. Glucosamine NK Wellman
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is an NP Wellman
alternative which is approved for Pesach and can be obtained in Health Food Shops NP Wellman
P Glucosamine
NP Halycitrol
NP Hofels
NP Wellwoman
NP Ketovite
NP Ketovite
NP Yestamin
NP Menopace
NP Metatone
P Cymalon
NP Minadex
NP Cystopurin
NP Niferex
P Abilify
NP Orovite
NP Abilify
NK Perfectil
D Acarabose
P Accolate
P Preconceive
P Accupro
NP Pregaday
P Accuretic
NP Pregnacare
P Acepril
NP Pregnancy
P Acetazolomide
P Acezide
NP Pyridoxine
P Acnamino
P Acomplia
P Actidose
P Actonel
P Acutane
P Adartrel
NK Sanatogen
P Adipine
NP Sandocal
NP Agenerase
P Akineton
P Aknemin
NP Solvazinc
P Aldactide
P Aldactone
P Spirulana
P Aldomet
P Sunerven
NP Alendronate
NP Sytron
P Alendronate
P Alimemazine
P Alkeran
P Allegron
P Baclofen
P Allendronic
P Allopurinol
P Baratol
NP Almogran
P Baycaron
NP Aloclaire
P Bendroflumethiazide
P Alophen
P Benzhexol
NP Alupent
P Besavar
P Alupent
P Amantadine
NP Betahistine
P Betaloc
P Amiloride
P Betnelan
P Amilospare
P Betnesol
P Aminophylline
P Bexarotene
P Amiodarone
P Bezafibrate
P Amisulpride
P Bezalip
P Amitryptilene
P Bezalip
NP Biorphen
P Amlodipine
P Bisoprolol
P Amnivent
P Bondronat
P Bonefos
P Anafranil
P Bonviva
NP Anafranil
P Bradilan
P Androcur
P Brevibloc
P Anestan
P Brevinor
P Angitil
P Brexidol
P Britiazim
P Anturan
P BritloFex
NP Anylopin
P Broflex
P Anzemet
P Bromcriptine
NP Apresoline
P Buccastem
P Aprinox
P Budenofalk
P Aprovel
P Bumetanide
P Burinex
P Arcoxia
P Burinex
P Aricept
P Burinex
P Arimidex
P Aromasin
P Buspirone
P Cabaser
P Arthrotec
P Arythmol
NP Calceos
P Asantin
P Calciferol
P Asendis
P Calcium
P Calcium
P Atenolol
P Calcium
P Calcium
P Atorvastatin
P Calcium
P Atromid-S
P Calcort
P Avandamet
NP Calfovit
P Avandia
P Camcolit
P Avlocor
P Campral
P Avodart
P Candersartan
P Azathioprine
P Capecitabine
P Azelastine
P Capoten
P Azilect
P Capozide
P Capsuvac
P Captopril
P Codafen
P Carbamezapine
P Codanin
P Carbimazole
P Cardene
P Cardene
P Colazide
P Cardicor
P Colchicine
P Cardioace
P Colestid
P Cardiophen
P Cardura
P Colestid
P Cardura
P Colestyramine
P Carisoma
P Colestyramine
NP Carnitor
P Colofac
P Carvedilol
P Colofac
P Casodex
P Colofac
P Catapres
P Colomycin
P Colomycin
P Cedocard
P Combivir
P Celance
P Competact
P Celebrex
P Comtess
NP Celectol
P Concerta
P Celiprolol
P Concordin
P Cellcept
P Convulex
P Celocoxib
P Copegus
P Celsentri
P Coracten
NP Centyl
P Cordarone
P Cerazette
P Cordilox
P Champix
P Corgard
P Chemdyur
P Cortisyl
P Chendol
P Coversyl
P Chenofalk
P Coversyl
P Chlordiazepoxide
NP Chlorpromazine
P Crestor
P Crixivan
P Cimetidine
P Cyclizine
P Cipralex
P Cyclokapron
P Cipralex
P Cyclophosphamide
NP Cipramil
P Cymbalta
P Cipramil
P Cymevene
P Circadin
P Cyprostat
P Citalopram
P Cysticide
P Climagest
P Cystrin
P Climaval
P Dalmane
P Clinoril
P Danazol
P Clobezam
P Dantrium
P Clomipramine
P Clopidogrel
P Dapsone
P Clopixol
P Daraprim
P Clozaril
P Darifenacin
P Declinax
NP Denivit
P Dostinex
P Depakote
P Dothiepin
P Depixol
P Doxazosin
P Deseril
NP Doxycycline
NK Desmomelt
P Desmopressin
P Dromadol
P Desmotabs
P Duodopa
P Destolit
P Duphaston
NP Detrunorm
P Dutonin
P Detrunorm
P Dyazide
P Detrusitol
NK Dyspamet
P Dexamethasone
P Dexedrine
P Edronax
P Diamicron
P Diamorphine
NP Effercitrate
NP Effercitrate
P Dianette
P Elantan
P Diazepam
P Elantan
P Dibenyline
P Eldepryl
P Diclofenac
P Eldepryl
P Dicloflex
P Elleste
P Diclomax
P Elleste
P Diclovol
P Eltroxin
NP Diconal
NP Dicynene
P Didronel
P Emeside
NP Didronel
P Emeside
P Digoxin
P Digoxin
P Emselex
P Dihydrocodeine
P Enalapril
NK Dihydrocodeine
P Endoxana
P Dihydrocodeine
P Entacapone
P Diloxanide
P Enterotabs
P Diltiazem
P Entocort
P Epanutin
P Epanutin
P Diphenoxylate
NP Epanutin
P Dipyridamole
P Ephedrine
P Dipyridamole
P Disipal
NP Epilim
P Distamine
P Ditropan
P Equasym
NK Ditropan
P Erbitux
P Ditropan
P Diumide
P Esmeron
NP Diurexan
P Estracyt
P Dixarit
NP Ethambutol
P Dolasetron
P Ethinyl
P Dolmatil
P Ethmozine
P Dolobid
P Eucardic
NP Domperidone
P Eudemine
P Domperidone
NP Dopram
P Doralese
P Ezetrol
P Famotidine
P Haloperidol
P Fansidar
P Harmogen
P Fareston
NP Heminevrin
P Farlutal
NP Heminevrin
P Fasygin
P Hexopal
P Faverin
P Hexopal
P Felodipine
P Femapak
P Histryl
P Femodene
P Hydergine
P Femodette
NP Hydralazine
P Femoston
P Femseven
P Hydrocortone
P Hygroton
P Femulen
P Hypovase
P Fenbufen
P Fentazin
NP Idrolax
P Feprapax
P Flecainide
P Imipramine
NP Immunace
P Flexotard
NP Immunovir
P Flomaxtra
P Florinef
P Indapamide
P Fluanxol
P Inderal
P Fluconazole
P Indivina
P Fludara
P Indocid
P Fluouracil
P Indoramin
P Fluoxetine
P Flupentixol
P Innovace
P Flurbiprofen
P Innozide
P Flutamide
P Inovelon
P Fluvoxamine
P Invirase
P Fosamax
P Ionamin
P Fosavance
NP Ismelin
P Frisium
P Isocarboxazide
P Frusene
P Furosemide
P Isoniazid
P Gabapentin
P Isosorbide
P Gabitril
P Isosorbide
P Gamanil
P Isotard
P Gastrobid
P Gelclair
P Ivabradine
P GemFibrozil
P Januvia
P Givitol
NP Kaletra
P Glibenclamide
P Kalspare
P Glibenese
P Gliclazide
P Glipizide
NP Kapake
P Glucobay
P Kemadrin
P Glucophage
NP Glyceryl
P Glytrin
P Ketocid
P Lormetazepam
P Ketoprofen
P Kinidin
P Losartan
NP Luborant
P Kliofem
P Lustral
P Kliovance
NK Konakion
P Lyrinel
P Lysovir
P Madopar
P Labetalol
P Lamictal
P Malarone
P Lamictal
P Manerix
P Lamisil
P Marevan
P Lamisil
P Marvelon
P Lamotrigine
P Maxolon
P Lamprene
P Maxolon
P Lanoxin
P Maxtrex
P Mebeverine
P Lansoprazole
P Medikinet
P Medrone
P Lasikal
P Melatonin
P Lasilactone
P Meloxicam
P Menadiol
P Lasoride
P Meprobromate
P Lederfen
P Lederfen
P Mercaptopurine
P Mercilon
P Leukeran
P Mesalazine
P Levitra
P Mestinon
P Levodopa
P Metenix
P Levonelle
P Metformin
P Methadone
P Levothyroxine
NP Lexpec
P Methionine
P Librium
P Methotrexate
P Lingraine
P Methyldopa
NP Lioresal
P Metoclopramide
NP Lioresal
P Metopirone
P Lipantil
P Metoprolol
P Lipitor
P Metyrapone
P Lipostat
P Mexetil
P Lisinopril
P Mianserin
P Liskonum
NP Micardis
NP Micardis
P Microgynon
P Loestrin
P Microgynon
P Lofepramine
P Micronor
NP Lofepramine
NP Microval
P Lofexadine
P Midamor
P Logynon
P Mifegyne
P Lomotil
P Mimpara
P Loniten
P Minocycline
P Loperamide
NP Minodiab
P Lopressor
P Mintezol
P Loratadine
P Minulet
P Lorazepam
NP Mirapexin
P Miraxid
P Mirtazapine
P Neurontin
P Mistamine
P Mizolastine
P Niaspan
P Mizollen
P Nicorandil
P Mobiflex
P Nicotinamide
P Modafinil
P Nifedipine
P Modalim
P Nifensar
P Moditen
P Nimodipine
P Moducren
P Nimotop
P Moduret
P Moduretic
P Nitrazepam
P Mogadon
P Nitrofurantoin
P Molipaxin
P Nitrolingual
NP Molipaxin
P Nitromin
P Nitronal
P Monocor
P Nivaquin
P Monomax
P Nivemycin
P Nizatidire
P Morphgesic
P Nizoral
P Morphine
P Nizoral
P Morphine
P Nolvadex
P Mortens
P Nootropil
P Motipress
P Nootropil
P Norcuron
NP Moviprep
P Norethisterone
P Norgeston
P Myambutol
P Noriday
P Mycobutin
P Norimin
P Norinyl
P Mysoline
P Norprolac
P Nabilone
P Nortryptiline
P Nabumetone
P Naftidrofuryl
P Novonorm
P Nalorex
P Noxafil
P Napratec
P Nozinan
P Naprosyn
P Nutrizym
NP Naprosyn
P Nuvelle
P Naproxen
P Nuvelle
P Naproxen
NP Nardil
P Olanzapine
P Naritriptan
NP Olbetam
NP Natecal
P Omeprazole
P Natrilix
P Natulan
P Navelbine
NP Navidrex
P Opizone
NP Navispare
P Optimax
P Navoban
P Nebilet
NP Orgalutran
P Orgaran
P Orlistat
P Neogest
P Oruvail
P Neomercazole
P Ovestin
P Neostigmine
P Neotigason
P Ovranette
P Neulactil
P Ovysmen
P Oxazepam
P Pripsen
P Oxbutynin
NP Pripsen
P Oxprenolol
P Oxycontin
NP Procarbazine
P Oxymethalone
P Prochlorperazine
P Oxynorm
P Procoralan
P Oxynorm
P Procyclidine
P Palladone
P Progynova
P Paludrine
NP Promazine
P Pancrease
P Prondol
P Pancrex
P Propecia
NP Pariet
P Propylthiouracil
P Parlodel
P Proscar
P Paroven
NP Protelos
P Paroxetene
P Prothiaden
P Pentasa
NP Protium
P Pentasa
P Provera
P Pentazocine
P Provgil
P Perindropil
P Periostat
P Persantin
P Pylorid
P Persantin
P Questran
P Pertofran
P Pethidine
P Ramipril
P Phenobarbitone
P Ranitidine
P Phenoxymethyl
D Ranitidine
P Phenytoin
P Phyllocontin
P Rapilysin
P Phyllocontin
P Rasilez
P Physiotens
P Razoxane
NP Pindolol
P Rebetol
P Pioglitazone
NP Rebetol
P Piroxicam
P Reductil
P Pizotifen
P Refolinol
P Plaquenil
NP Regurin
P Relifex
P Plendil
P Popranalol
P Remedeine
P Reminyl
P Pravastatin
P Reminyl
P Praxilene
P Reminyl
P Praziquantel
P Renagel
P Prazosin
P Resonium
P Prednisolone
P Restandol
P Prednisolone
P Retrovir
P Prednisone
NP Retrovir
P Pregabalin
P Revatio
NP Pregnyl
P Rheumatac
P Premarin
P Ridaura
P Premique
P Rimonabant
NP Prempak
P Risperidal
P Prescal
P Risperidal
P Preservex
P Risperidone
P Prestim
NP Ritalin
P Priadel
P Rivotril
P Priadel
NP Roaccutane
P Primolut
P Robaxin
P Robaxisal
P Stelazine
P Rocaltrol
P Stilnoct
P Rohypnol
P Strattera
P Ronicol
P Suboxone
P Ropinerol
NP Subutex
P Rosuvastatin
P Sulfinpyrazone
P Rovamycin
P Sulphasalazine
P Rowachol
P Sulpiride
P Rowatinex
P Sulpitil
P Rythmodan
P Supralip
P Salbutamol
NP Surmontil
P Salofalk
P Suscard
P Sandimmun
D Suscard
P Sustanon
P Seconal
P Sustiva
P Sectral
P Securon
P Symmetrel
P Selegeline
NP Symmetrel
P Selexid
P Synphase
P Serdolect
P Serenace
P Serenace
P Tambocor
P Serophene
P Tamiflu
P Seroquel
NP Tamiflu
P Seroxat
P Tamoxifen
NP Seroxat
P Tamsulosin
P Sertraline
P Tanatril
P Sevredol
P Tarceva
P Sildefanil
P Targretin
P Simvastatin
P Tarivid
P Sinemet
P Singulair
NP Singulair
P Tavanic
P Sinthrome
P Tegretol
P Sitagliptin
NP Tegretol
NP Tegretol
P Slofenac
P Tegretol
P Temazepam
NK Temazepam
P Temodal
P Somnite
P Tenoret
P Tenoretic
NP Soneryl
P Tenormin
P Sotacor
NP Tenormin
P Sotalol
P Tenoxicam
NP Spiroctan
P Tensipine
P Spironolactone
P Terazosin
P Sporanox
P Terbinafine
P Stalevo
P Teronac
P Tertroxin
P Starlix
P Tetrabenazine
P Staveno
P Teveten
P Thioridazine
P Thyroxine
P Tiagabine
P Vesanoid
P Tildiem
P Vesicare
P Tildiem
P Tizanidine
P Tolbutamide
P Topamax
P Toradol
P Vigabatrin
P Torecan
P Viracept
P Toremifine
NP Viracept
P Viraferone
P Tramacet
P Viridal
P Tramadol
P Viskaldix
P Tramadol
NP Visken
P Tramadol
P Volsaid
P Trandate
P Tranexamic
P Trasicor
P Warfarin
P Trasicor
P Welldorm
P Trasidrex
NP Welldorm
P Trasylol
P Wellvone
P Trazadone
P Wellvone
P Trental
P Triadene
P Tridestra
NP Trileptal
P Trinordiol
P Xenical
P Trinovum
P Triperidol
P Triptafen
P Yentreve
P Trisequens
P Yutopar
P Tritace
P Zamadol
P Trizivir
NP Zanaflex
P Zanidip
P Uftoral
P Zavedos
P Ultrogestan
P Zelapar
P Zemtard
P Urispas
P Zestoretic
P Uromitexan
P Zestril
P Ursofalk
NK Ursofalk
NP Ziagen
P Ursogal
P Zimbacol
P Utovlan
NP Zimovane
P Vagifem
NP Zispin
P Valcyte
P Valdoxan
P Valsartan
P Valtrex
NP Zofran
P Vardenafil
NK Zofran
P Vascardin
NP Zoleptil
P Vascase
P Zolpidem
P Venlafaxine
NP Zolvera
P Vepesid
P Zomorph
P Verapamil
P Zonegran
NP Zopiclone
P Diflucan
P Diflucan
P Zumenon
P Distaclor
P Distaclor
P Doxycycline
P Zyloric
P Erythrocin
P Zyprexa
NP Erythromycin
NP Zyprexa
NP Erythromycin
P Erythromycin
P Erythromycin
All antibiotics in tablet and capsule form P Erythroped
liquid antibiotics should be avoided. If a doctor prescribes an antibiotic liquid for a sucrose rather than sorbitol. You can ask P Floxapen
P Floxapen
NP Aciclovir
P Aciclovir
P Flucloxacillin
P Amoxicillin
P Flucloxacillin
NP Fucidin
P Amoxicillin
P Fucidin
NP Furadantin
NP Amoxil
P Furadantin
NP Amoxil
NP Galenamox
P Ampicillin
P Itraconazole
P Ampicillin
NP Augmentin
NP Augmentin
NP Klaricid
P Klaricid
P Cefaclor
P Ladropen
P Cefaclor
P Macrodantin
P Cefalexin
P Magnapen
P Magnapen
P Cefalexin
NP Metronidazole
P Cephradine
P Metronidazole
P Ceporex
P Ceporex
NP Minocin
P Ceporex
P Ciprofloxacin
P Oxytetracycline
NP Ciproxin
P Penicillin
P Ciproxin
P Clarithromycin
P Penicillin
P Clarithromycin
P Phenoxymethyl
P Clarithromycin
P Rifadin
P Rifadin
P Rifater
P Rifinah
P Salazopyrin
P Salazopyrin
P Sumatriptan
P Septrin
P Tetracycline
P Tetralysal
NP Trimethoprim
NP Trimethoprim
NP Trimopan
P Trimopan
P V-Cil-K
P V-Cil-K
KLBD Certified for Passover by
P V-Cil-K
P Vancomycin
P Velosef
P Velosef
P Vibramycin
NP Vibramycin
P Zithromax
P Zithromax
NP Zovirax
P Zovirax

P Bricanyl
NK Bricanyl
P Bricanyl
P Ventolin
P Zaditen
P Zaditen

NP Clotam
P Imigran
P Imigran
NK Maxalt
P Migramax
P Migravesse
NP Migril
P Naramig
P Paramax
P Paramax
NP Sanomigran
P Sanomigran


Macoupin county maple street dental clinic

Macoupin County Maple Street Dental Clinic HEALTH HISTORY Patient’s Name_________________________________________ Today’s Date_______________________ Street Address_________________________________________ Birthdate__________________________ City__________________ State________ Zip_____________ Sex (circle) M / F Date of last dental exam___________________ Phone numb

Evandro catelão

Anais do IX Encontro do CELSUL Palhoça, SC, out. 2010 Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina TEXTOS ARGUMENTATIVOS SOB A ÓTICA SOCIODISCURSIVA JEAN-MICHEL ADAM: PRIMEIRAS APROXIMAÇÕES ABSTRACT: The experiment conducted by Adam in the surrounding text types and textual genres are comprehensive enough to show many points of view while relating different lines of research linke

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